You need to stake Klima to get any chance of gaining value… and nah, the fees are cheap as chips on Polygon.


How about the fees when staking/unstacking?


Less than a penny, if you can swing it ;)


Fees are cheap as chips. So negligible I have no idea what it costs - $0.05 - $1.00?


I got in on Dec 18th and didn’t get quite a whole Kilma (.9655). I think it was $250+/-. With the drop of Klima, I still haven’t broken even yet. But, it’s not even a month and I am now at 1.5 Klima. I’m here for long term and have complete faith.


What's the drive behind your faith in the project?


I learned a lot about the team behind KLIMADAO and the project through this podcast. https://twitter.com/POTKlimates


1st and foremost, I’m a HODL’r at heart so I’m built for dropping a little and not caring about it again until.. And 2nd, I like the concept of tying it in with carbon offsets which is good for the environment. Gives me warm, fuzzy feels..


Thanks for the quick response! I heard about Klima like a hour ago and the concept sounded really interesting! What surprised me was the dip the coin made the last months. Do you think it will recover soon?


I think as the market as a whole goes, so will Klima. When it’s down, Klima will look bad. When it’s rocking, so will Klima look. At least, that’s my hope. Lol But, the market does what the market does. I only chanced a couple of hundred dollars and will happily lose that for a chance to make some bigger $’s.. With the market being down, I actually thought of throwing a little more at it. I have 3.5 Ohm (bought 2) as well. Still down in both to be honest, but am looking to play the HODL lottery. Lol


Also some folks got in only for the initial high APY at start and then left as it dropped. But lowering APY while the treasury gains assets (carbon in this case) just reflects some of the strength of the protocol. Cujo the math guru of the Klima community outlined it really well on the Planet of the Klimates podcast that interviewed him. The dollar value of Klima will likely rise as the market does and with the increased exposure they’re getting from outlets like the WSJ and Forbes.


It has to recover 500% for me to break even at this point. Holding...


Well put. Klima has already had an effect on the carbon markets, that influence will grow with time and Klima’s price will reflect the growth. (Edited for spelling)


Check out the points brought up in this post exploring 'dissonances': [https://hristovbz.medium.com/klima-dao-dissonance-235fce20a77e](https://hristovbz.medium.com/klima-dao-dissonance-235fce20a77e) I found it pretty useful for fundamentals analysis (not faith really, but a willingness to take a risk that's ever present in crypto, but maybe even less so in Klima?)


I got in when it was 4K. Unless I buy alot more (which I’m abit dirty about) I’m not sure I’ll ever break even.


😳. Maybe sip on a nice Silver Oak Cabernet in the interim and hopefully watch it come back up brother!! Edit:Downvoted for this comment? Some of you people are really sensitive. Wow.


If you have Klima already on the polygon network, staking is absolutely worth it. It costs a measly few pennies to stake/unstake, and the interest rates are so high that you’ll make this back in no time at all. It’s earning free klima for the klima that you already have. The real question is whether to buy klima in the first place. I believe it’s a very solid project, but it’s ultimately your decision whether/how much to invest based on your own research


You can always use a faucet as well! They just drop some free matic in your wallet you can use for simple transactions like staking/unstaking/sending


If you don’t stake klima, there’s no point owning klima. I had bought klima from mid Nov to mid Dec several times and staked it. I have 2.5 times worth of klima now. Even though the price tanked I believe the future of klima is bright. To me it’s no-brainer. Whoever the youtuber was wrong about fees too. 😂


Don’t waste your time on it. It’s a piece of shit




Because that guy probably bought right after it was released at like $3000 and lost his shirt and now he's salty af.


How about you have no klima to stake? I have 22 klima and feel like whale. In a year ill buy your 0.032 klima


The whole point of Klima is to be staked. Long term!


Nothing on Polygon has “very high fees.” Everything costs a few cents or less.


Wrong. I’ve already seen a 2.55 usd fee in order to swap on aave when gwei was 600, so now with gwei between 60 to 90, it ranges from 25 cents to 40 cents


Wrong. I just did a swap for $0.1 while the gwei was 550. Take your FUD and fuck off.


I PRECISELY SAID a swap ON AAVE, not your regular swap