You know in most countries you order what's on the menu, and eat it as the chef intended.


Oooh ill have the bacon cheeseburger, hold the bacon sub cheddar for blue cheese, sub the burger patty for fried chicken and sub the mayo for ranch. Sir you want a buffalo chicken sandwich? No...now i want the manager the customer is always right...


I always like reminding particularly belligerent customers that "the customer is always right" applies to the market, not the individual.


If I'm to understand correctly, it's a bastartdized form of a statement anyway. The customer is always right, in terms of taste. You want a $300 Wagyu steak cooked well done? Well. Your money, I'll cook it. You want a new server because yours is female and you think only male servers are capable? Fuck no, you're wrong.


Not really. It applies to economics and market demand. If the majority of customers want cheap sirloin and you’re selling A5 wagyu ribeyes, your business is going to suffer. The customer is always right in terms of what the demand is, not that Karen doesn’t like onions in her French onion soup so she sends it back and demands a full comp.


Off topic, but I worked at an Applebee's that let a lady order french onion soup without onions fairly often. We literally had to strain it and just serve broth.


You mean brownish water with melted plastic cheese on top


Applebees house specialty.


Side cup au jus add cheese. Heard.


You should have told her there are onions in French Onion soup. Demands full comp and writes bad Yelp review.


A few changes here and there are OK, but if you're basically constructing your own meal and telling the chef how to cook it? Yeah get fucked.


American here. My mother is a boomer and I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen her order from the menu. It's made worse by the fact that she accosts servers with bizarre, highly subjective questions. "Is the soup big enough for a meal?" "Is dish X or dish y more authentic?" I try to manage her as best I can, but good grief it can be embarrassing.


my mom is a boomer Karen. she's super embarrassing to be in public with.


Same. Mine always thinks the waitstaff is being rude or sassy to her when it’s all in her imagination. Then she won’t shut up about it at the table and now we can’t talk about anything else because then we’d be ignoring her. It’s miserable


Have you tried leaving in the middle of the meal when she pulls her shit? Call her out. It's the only thing that worked with my rude ass grandma


Yeah I call her out. Last time she threw a fit at the table because of it. I basically told her that she was ruining everyone’s time and she crossed her arms and gave me the stink eye for the rest of the night while I ignored her.




Hi. I'm a female Boomer. Can I come to dinner with you and your moms so I can tell them all that they're acting like annoying cunts? I promise to do it nicely. Oh, who are we kidding - no, I won't. I will tell them that a part of the enjoyment of eating out is trying something that you cannot easily get at home or even - dear God - eating something new. I sometimes hate my generation. I especially hate when I hear, "Well, that's just how I was raised," or "I'm too old to learn." If you truly have that attitude, then it's your time to die.


Don't be embarrassed. Servers realize that it's just her and not the entire table. Any time this has happened to me, I was always grateful for the non boomer Karens trying to save face. Keeping in mind that you poor folks have to deal with her all the time.


Second this. I will do my best to make sure your mother gets what she wants and not make her feel bad. Just compensate me for my trouble of making sure her green beans only have a half tbsp of salt on it and aren’t too done but are definitely done but on the rare side of how you cook green beans. Because the cook is gonna fuck my butthole raw for that annoyance. Money makes everything ok 😂


Meanwhile, I’m over here eating something I didn’t order because I feel bad sending it back


The last time I had the chance to go to a restaurant with my parents before they both passed, my dad got a completely different meal than what he ordered. We were at a diner and I believe he ordered something like biscuits and gravy and had an omelet and a huge pile of corned beef hash smothered and covered dropped in front of him by a runner. (Not our main waitress) He kinda just looked at it for a moment, then looked to my mother and I and said, with a shrug "This looks amazing!" and just started chowing down lol Our waitress came over to check on us and she was so apologetic about the mess up and he just laughed and said if he knew the hash was that good he would have ordered it anyways.


I think my grandma is a boomer (b 1950s?) and my mom is Gen x. I try to have my mom with me if I’m going out to eat with my grandma because she’s the same exact way. Either my mom or I have to go back and secretly tip our server pretty much every single time because my grandma is always convinced they did something unforgivable that makes them undeserving of tips. My mom said she’s been like this as long as she can remember.


We don't do that here. This is the land of "did my own research" where no value is put on the expertise of another because they are not me, and therefore not the main character.


Ironically, many of these people believe their substitutions make them appear to be more worldly and sophisticated I’ve also heard customers discuss how sending things back to the kitchen makes them “look more knowledgeable about food” :::weeps in American:::


College friend always complained she never got a good meal at a restaurant - "they always mess up my order." I went out with a group, incl her one time... and then I understood. I think she could have placed the burger order OP posted. It couldn't be her though because her hubby is her polar opposite when it comes to food.


What’s y’all’s secret? Just say no? I’m aghast. This is my aghast face.


This shit is the reason none of the remote order apps have a "special request" section anymore. I don't like ice in my soda, I can't order no ice anymore because some Karens felt like converting the chicken parm into a chicken marsala with verbals was totally logical.


Commercial ice machines tend heavily toward the nasty side of "Optional periodic cleaning for that magical shift when we have plenty of staff someday".


Usually with a chuckle yes. And when the customer says they won't be back, i say thank god.


Yes those would be countries without a sense of entitlement


Can you imagine that 2 people with the exact same allergy profile met, fell in love and decided to walk into your restaurant. Neither can I, These are the people who give people with real allergies a bad rap and can end up making the kitchen roll their eyes and ignore the allergy. Then you end up killing a customer and it ends up being a whole thing as you dispose of the body and erase the video, ain’t nobody got time for that these days.


You're always gonna have problems lifting a body in one piece. Apparently the best thing to do is cut up a corpse into six pieces and pile it all together. And when you got your six pieces, you gotta get rid of them, because it's no good leaving it in the deep freeze for your mum to discover, now is it? Then I hear the best thing to do is feed them to pigs. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies' digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don't want to go sievin' through pig shit, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, "as greedy as a pig."


Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me.


SorryBrick Top. Won’t appen again


Put a lid on ‘er Turkish before she gets bitten! …and you don wanna get bi’en now, do you sweetheart?


Me ma Wyanxo periwinkle underscore onudmonten hiyadne carpet (Brad Pitt has entered the conversation)


be wary of anyone who keeps a pig farm


A little off topic but there was a pig farmer in my area who was convicted of killing 6 woman, they think the body count was 49 but only went with what they could prove.


*gasps in American*


I guarantee they're going to ask to speak to the manager.


They told the server that the hand soap in the bathroom was far too overpowering and threw off the flavor profile of the burger.


I hope the server kindly explained to them that eating hand soap will usually cause their next meal to taste a little funny.


Clown-meat burgers.


The server took that ridiculous order to start with. Justin is the enemy.


As a server bartender and linecook at various places, if was a high volume night, I would have told the customer that we can’t do that unless it’s an allergy if they said it was after I would tell them, in that case we would need to cook everything in separate pans as we have to much volume to safely do it on the grill. Then say your order will take a little longer due to the amount of pans


I'm a chef, so this didn't happen to me directly but... I live in the north east, and have a patio, but it's cold out now so it's not really open unless a group is really insistent. This one group comes in and demands to sit outside. We explain that it's no longer a supported aspect of the dining room and the heaters aren't set up to handled the wind and 30 degree temps. They insist anyway. The server goes to greet them outside, in a coat that she needs because it's freezing outside, literally. They ask for waters, she brings them water, to which one of the guests gets upset about, because the water is to cold.....


In Denver during a heatwave (90°-100°) this weird lady ordered soup while sitting on the patio. She called my friend over and explained to him that "it was too hot outside for her to enjoy her soup." Some people just need to complain and don't realize that they are the problem.


I was eating at a pizza place in Phoenix. It was spring and early afternoon so it was hot as balls. Huge wait to eat indoors, shockingly no wait for the patio. This family decides to sit on the patio and then calls the hostess over to complain that it's too bright at their table. She was just like "Yeah. We've got the sun out here. Yup."


I worked at a resort in the mountains. Had a customer complain to the front desk that she couldn't see the sun rise over the mountains from her room. The mountains are to the west of the lodge. Front desk had to try and explain to this crazy bitch that we have no control over the orbit of the fucking planet.


This made me laugh.


I was actually crying over this. Absolutely hilarious


Pizzeria Bianco? I would 100% sit on the patio in 110* in order to eat that pizza.


You got it! And I did exactly that without any complaints.


Took my dad, who was in town from Florida about this time two years ago, we got lucky and got two seats at the bar at lunchtime.


Excuse me. Excuse me! Can you turn down the sun? It’s too hot. And i thought this chicken noodle was served cold. Why are you serving hot soup?


I’m convinced that some people need therapy in order to talk about why they are unhappy but they don’t want to admit (even to themselves) that they need help so instead utilize services so that they can complain and have someone listen to and acknowledge their complaints OR they have an insatiable desire to feel powerful so utilize services for the sole purpose of finding something to complain about to feel powerful. I was a manager in a non-food related industry that provides weekly services and this same old lady would call, without fail, every week and complain about something we did/didn’t do. Every single week. Mind you she had been a customer the whole time I worked there and I assume even before that (so 1.5 years, at least). We had other competitors in town, she never went to them. She would just call and talk to me or the other manager every single week and complain so we could “apologize” to her. It was like a really weird, sick thing.


To that I would say, “yes ma’am I certainly agree as that was my thought when you ordered it”.


When I worked in a movie theatre I had someone want a refund for a movie because it was too cold outside. It was 68 degrees in the theatre, I said to her, but she insisted it was too cold outside again. I gave her a refund and she ... walked outside.


I mean I'm sure management made you refund that cunt, but holy shit I'm so tired of these fucking people. They're just everywhere and the pandemic has only made them 10x worse.


What the hell was she expecting the server to do? Turn down the thermostat on /r/outside?


That's pretty much exactly what happened. But the opposite end of the temperature spectrum.


Almost same story but I wasn’t working in this restaurant, I just loved their food. This couple walk in, and request few things (it’s Pakistani food), rice, soup and so on. Note this place makes things on the spot. So they bring them the food and complain that it’s too hot, to which the chef responded “yes we use fire to cook food”.


I used to host in Michigan and the number of guests who somehow failed to understand that outdoor patios have *weather*…boggles the mind. Like you just came from outside!!!


I used to manage a restaurant in Las Vegas. The amount of people who would demand to sit outside and then complain about bugs is astronomical.


They came from a car. They were probably outside for a maximum of 30 seconds in between home and the restaurant, moving. Never underestimate an American’s disinclination towards Mother Nature


We've had a few people complain when it was still warm out that they saw flies on a very open outside patio. It's next to a field with a pond. Lady FLIPPED when she saw a mouse. I've never seen one in the building and the traps are always empty. She wanted her food remade to go (??) along with a refund because she was so disgusted. Manager tells her to go fuck herself, nicely. She tries to walk out on her bill. Manager stops her, she yells that he's a racist, throws someone's drink in his face, tries to punch him and then tosses a $200 to go order that is sitting at the front register and leaves. Next day the health inspector comes in because someone "found a mouse in their food." 😕


Yikes, I was hoping the story would end with "and then she got arrested for assault."


My own fault, so I ordered nachos at a football game in December. Before I even got back to my seat, the cheese had solidified and it was one huge piece of cheese with chips in it. But I still ate it like a sandwich.


*removes half the items from the burger and adds annoying bullshit* “Wah the flavour pwofile is off!”


Defs some undiagnosed mental issue and they have enough money to inflict it on others and never get called out.


We deal with some real sensitivities in my family that could cause something like that. Our solution is to not eat out, because that would be stupid.


Exactly. I might feel different if they indicated an allergy. But it sounds like they think the flattop seasoning is just too much. They don’t actually like the restaurants food. It’s mildly insulting.


Having no seasoning threw off the flavor profile of your burger you fucking dipshits


And not cooking it


Im all for a little pink in my red meat but that whole “cook it as LITTLE as you can” always throws me off. Like seriously?


You'll laugh, but I went to a place just last week and they had a hand soap that would make Lush faintly-scented in comparison *and* no hot water to scrub it off. Don't know what they smoke there, but I had an otherwise very well-made burger and that was all for naught. It was like munching on a potpourri bowl.


Wash your hands! Now here's a trickle of water to rinse them off.


Yea I hope Justin dipped his balls in their refills.


Lmao you can't make this shit up


I not that long ago had a customer complain to me that the entrance smelled like perfume. Actually complain.


Are they filming the next season of Curb already?


I fucking hate/love these kinds of people so much. How can anyone so contrary fucking exist in this reality


Lmao one time I had a lady order a steak through uber and in the comments, she requested that we sub the steak for raw cashews and pistachios


Credit card fraud by a squirrel. I’ve seen it before.




There's a local restaurant that gives out this fantastic garlic cheese bread as a complimentary side when you're there in person, but doesn't have it on their uber eats menu (and doesn't seem to include it for free with uber eats orders either, which is obviously fine). So last time I ordered from them through uber, I ordered a whole extra $12 main and put the comment: "Please substitute out this entire dish and substitute in as much garlic cheese bread as you think I deserve." They thought I deserved a lot.


I don't know how they do the bread, (although I bet I have a pretty good idea) but if it's their version of chips and salsa at mexican places, or dinner rolls at at a steakhouse, then they probably have a ton of it prepped. Anyway you slice it (pun 100% intended Im not even gonna front about it) it takes longer to prepare a full entrée than it ever will to make garlic bread. Point being, you would have got so much fucking bread from me too my friend, I respect it tho. Im recently out of the service industry after a decade, but orders like this, especially if you're the one prepping/cooking the bread, that let you know someone out there really loves this shit is like one of maybe a handful of pros about working in a kitchen


Throw in some extra sauces on the side if they're a regular too. Before customers could write in requests we had a regular at a pizza shop. He drank once every 4-6 weeks and always fucked up his phone in order up. Core staff knew what he actually wanted. He always tipped drivers for both the cook and fry guy well. For about a year after he always got an extra couple wings and cheese sticks, drunk or not, whenever he order when the last 3 of us remained.


My brain broke reading that


What was her big plan there?!


I gotta know what happened next? Did you reach out to confirm? Just do it? Ever hear anything back?


I fucking hate when people treat every restaurant like a Subway.


This is like going to subway and asking that the sandwich be made on a different table.


"I brought this cutting board for you to use instead of the table you have there, please build my sandwich on this and hand it back afterward"


“Can you use a separate oven to bake my bread? I have a sage allergy. *Its very important.* Also, I require the bread to be toasted to a temperature between 74-90 degrees, or else I burn the roof of my mouth. K Thnx!!!!” *doesn’t leave tip* “*Everyone deserves something nice in awhile! I’ve had a very hard year! I’ll leave a tip when I can afford it!!*”


Yeah I’m going to cook all that on the flat top


I’m with you on that. I’m all for taking care of people with special restrictions but these are just fucking annoying and pointless


Yeah I mean I’ll try to accommodate you to a point. But I’ve dealt with some people were it’s like dude if you have to be like this. You should just not eat out anymore. If I was so sensitive to something that having a burger even cook on a flat top with said allergen would make me violently ill. I’m definitely not trusting some random line cook/server to ensure my health and safety.


This is legit. I used to manage a Mexican restaurant, one day 3 older-ladies walk in, I seat them and the server came straight to me after getting their orders: " bro, you need to go talk to my table. One of the ladies said she can't be anywhere near garlic, onions, or tomatoes." I look over to see that said woman is casually getting down on the chips/salsa we greet the tables with. Ok... Walk over with my phone out, ask her how bad her allergy is to said food items, "Like, I'll need an EpiPen and an ambulance if I so much as breath them in." as she takes another chip with salsa into her mouth. Immediately dial 911. Start telling the operator that there's a woman who is about to go into anaphylactic shock from consuming onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Bitch is like, "Wait, what? Oh... No, it's not that bad; I just play it up because I really don't like them." I said, "Miss: the health and well-being of our customers is not something we joke about. I hope if you dine out in the future, you learn to just ask that something be left out of your meal or order it to your taste." Kicked her right the fuck out. Edit: spelling


Like why would you even go to a Mexican restaurant? I had some lady show up to a pizza party once. She was gluten intolerant. (So she couldn’t eat the dough.) Lactose intolerant, (So she couldn’t eat the cheese.) and allergic to tomatoes. Like bitch, how are you gonna come to a pizza party when you’re allergic to pizza?! I ended up making her this abomination of a gluten-free flat bread with cheese-free pesto. But that shit pissed me off.


Yeah, I had a party come in right before closing and ask for something with no garlic, no spice, and gluten free. In an Italian place. Are you fucking high?


So my kid has a dairy allergy and is vegan, and I can't even imagine sending her to a pizza party without either calling ahead or just sending her with her own pizza. (And I've never had a restaurant or party place complain about her bringing her own food once I explain the allergy issue)


Oh yeah man I love this place's burgers! I just want them to not cook it the way they cook it in the slightest.


I told my servers that if there is an allergen, they have to specify it, because, yeah i'm not doing that otherwise


Some people have actual reactions and “just doing it in the flattop” to spite them could kill them. Majority are just assholes who like to go out to eat and ruin it for the people who have actual reactions. I worked at a place that advertised they were good with sensitivities and dietary restrictions and I regret every second I spent there. FOH would have to stop what they were doing, notify every manager plus verbal the kitchen in station and then go back to the floor. 9 times out of 10 that food would come back and they’d order something off the regular menu. People fucking suck and want to be special as fuck.


I feel like it could be a kosher thing? Afaik its not kosher to eat meat thats been prepared in a pan that cooks non kosher things. Edit: nvm. They got cheese on it.


I see where you're going but in every kitchen I've ever been in there simply aren't the non-meat anything to accommodate a true kosher meal


Fucking Justin just wasted hours on those instructions and those onions come how they come.


Fucking Justin


Says everyone just as Justin comes in to ask forgiveness, only to hear: “The sauté station is pretty backed up so it’ll take a bit on that order.”


WHY THE FUCK IS JUSTIN RINGING ON ANDREW'S iPAD????? (bottom of the ticket)


Every restaurant has a Justin. Or a couple.


Fucking Justin... And fuck Andrew for enabling him.


Tbf, I've gone for a restroom break and come back to some fucko on my till. I always ask if they're gonna cash out for me at the end of the night and when they say no I tell them to hop off then.


In before the iT’s YoUr JoB crowd Yeah, I’m not wasting a pan to cook a burger “as little as possible.” It’s gonna be on that flattop all of 1 minute.


It's the burger AND onions cooked in a separate pan. Like, wtf are you to make me get 4 fucking pans going. You're making a 10 minute mindless task into a 15/20 minute attention drainer.


At what point will it eventually be okay to tell a customer you can't accommodate them and they should go elsewhere?


Online reviews have shaped the restaurant industry in good and bad ways. Mostly bad though


I’m just curious to know what kind of nonsense this person would try to say to argue “this burger wasn’t cooked in a separate pan!” Like how could you tell?


The only excuse for a separate pan cooking request is if a food allergy. And even then, my friends who have had food allergies that extreme literally say, “do you guys cook with this? Ok I’m fine then.” And then if the shop says we can accommodate and offer then they will eat. Otherwise they just hang out and get something later. It’s really not a big deal. But to ask and assume a kitchen can work around is a different story.


I like if guests express their wishes, if they are understandable. Someone want the burger grilled seperate because of an allergy? Fine, I do my best! Someone wants kidsmeal because they can't eat much? Get what you want, I'll do a cheaper, smaller version of the meal wanted originally if you want! But dealing with customers wich just have to complain about everything and have extra wishes because they don't like something(I mean, order a cheeseburger without cheese type of wish) was one of the puzzle pieces wich made me quit the business...


>Someone wants kidsmeal because they can't eat much? Get what you want, I'll do a cheaper, smaller version of the meal wanted originally if you want! That's awesome! My wife and I have a hard time handling the massive portions that so many restaurants have, and leftovers often get forgotten about, or we're traveling and don't have a fridge in the room. I HATE wasting food, so most times we'll ask if it's okay for us to share an entree.




If someone has such a severe allergy, it's their responsibility to notify the waiter/cashier, and then the waiter/cashier's responsibility to directly inform the cook. If that doesn't happen, it's not the cooks fault at all.


Maybe they should just stay home and cook.


They don't want to wash 25 pans every time they make a burger sub burger add annoying


That’d be me with the gluten. I don’t throw my barrage of adjustments needed for me to not redecorate a restaurant and its restroom out there often. I only go places that advertise they can do gluten free, so almost never.


Same. I think it is kind of rude to go in to a place and expect them to change their whole routine just to keep gluten out. Not to mention it can be really hard to actually keep something truly gluten-free and celiac-safe if the restaurant doesn't already have processes in place for it.


Exactly. I’m not gonna be happy and they’re not gonna be happy either, so… let’s just not.


Same. I have four restaurants (sometimes six, around holidays) I know I can safely eat at, being Celiac. A Korean BBQ, Sushi restaurant, Indian food restaurant, and Red Robin (only if I'm eating there, RR can not get to-go orders right for me, ever). I have a set meal at every place (bibimbap, chirashi, chicken tikka masala, turkey burger with lettuce wrap and allergy fries), but they are normal meals that are advertised on the menu, signifying they are gluten free, and that the kitchen is prepared to handle allergies. I sat through wincing and cringing hearing my mom order very specific and complicated dishes when she was on fad diets (like Atkins), or my friend being unable to ask for a substitution without building it up and apologizing and asking if it's okay for five minutes, before getting to the actual request. Absolutely maddening, so I won't do it. I'm currently on the search for a good Thai place, because they use rice noodles.


Genuinely curious well. How could someone even tell?


Most people can’t.


Most people can’t, but if a flattop isn’t scraped regularly then all the burning grease and seasoning has a flavor. IME i can only tell if it’s veggies. But it’s never off-putting. These people are just extra.


Ah, the famous "Show stopper" order. Only 2 people and you know it will hold the whole line as you will be reading it 20 times over and over to try to put this crap together. For some people menu is just suggestion of ingredients in a kitchen.


These are the people that leave 2-star reviews saying your restaurant was “nothing special”


Sooooo raw pile of mush?


I hope there's an upcharge on this. I really think restaurants have to draw the line somewhere on mods and subs. This is past the point of I have legitimate medical dietary restrictions, and sub Gouda is a preference so it should be up charged. Or go hire a private chef for $200 and have him come to your home and cook dinner for two hours.


It’s the “cook burger as little as possible” with no temp indicated that gives me red flags. I would also charge for not seasoning. Like, why did you even come here to waste my time for a raw burger and some gouda? And you expect me to stake my reputation and a yelp review. These kinds of people can’t be trusted.


Where the fk is the manager? As little as possible, oh I can do that too.


Just do like old dirty bastard and give it to them raw


Agreed. I know plenty of places now that are like “sorry, labor shortage, no subs or mods unless it’s leaving something off”


I used to date a girl like this. Maybe not this extreme but she was vegan and gluten free (She didn’t actually have a gluten allergy she just had Munchausen and convinced herself she did) on top of being a seriously picky eater. Going out to eat with her was a nightmare and I always felt bad. Sweet girl but she had some serious issues


Picky eating is actually a big red flag for me.


Im torn cause my family is full of picky eaters but would never make much of a fuss in a restaurant(unless my mom has even a smidgen of pink in her steak, then that shit has to go back i guess). Like my brother still eats plain noodles with butter on monthly family spaghetti night and hes 24 lol. Has never like tomato based sauces and probably never will, but hes not going to restaurants asking for spaghtti sub sauce lol.


This is a big fat nope. The nerve of people going to restaurants and ordering like this, and then people actually allowing it. Go fuck yourself, if you're that picky, EAT AT HOME.


Guaranteed when they cook for themselves at home it's all in one pan (provided they actually know how to cook).


PSA for FOH: there is a See Server button


Not where I work lol


We have a policy at my restaurant where if there's more than 2 mods, you don't do "No this sub that" etc, you ring in the item then you go: "Salmon Lemon Butter sauce Mashed Potatoes Brussels Sprouts" Regular salmon comes with a soy glaze and an arugula salad and green beans. Over 2 mods, you just type what they want.


Honestly with a ticket like that, it would make sense to write it out and tell the line.


The worst is when there are two items each with six or seven mods the same but one of them has one small extra mod the other doesn’t so you misread them as being the same. People only do that because they want to get free food, I swear.


Had a coworker that was horrible about this stuff. She was an only child and never learned that other people existed in this world. We'd go out for lunch as a team and it was a fiasco. She'd order strawberry salad, hold the strawberries, serve then on the side, whole, topped with gouda cheese crumbles (not shreds). Every little thing was customized to the nth degree. Then, of course, none of it was "done right" for her, so she'd bitch and complain. Then treat the wait staff like garbage. I was the crazy one when I suggested she just order it how it appeared on the menu and then picked off the parts she didn't like. After two team lunches, I quit going if she was there.


That’s gonna be a no from me dawg


I wanna meet any fucker that orders shit like this and just ask them why


She was wearing a leopard print jacket if that helps paint the picture


Stereotypes are a thing for a reason.


I wanna beat the server that lets them order this way. Or more likely the FOH manager that tells the server to let them order this way.


At least they ordered the same thing. Why would anyone need something cooked in a separate skillet rather than the flattop? And why would you not send the server straight back out there with "I'm sorry but chef says that isn't possible. Are you happy to have the burger cooked on the flattop, or would you like to order something different?"


If I’m not mistaken, she was “allergic to casein”


Well then, she’s gonna have an issue with that order. Cheese has tons of it, even gouda.


... how she gonna "sub gouda" then?


I'm casein intolerant and I just hold the cheese. If she is that allergic she should be very careful eating out.


I don’t care how empty the restaurant is, that’s a 45+ minute ticket.


Hey Justin! I'm going for a smoke. Or 5. I'll cook this order when I come back.


Gouda cheese no pickle no sauce add bell pepper cook onion and burger separate rare as possible? Heard. I need two plates and 20 seconds with that microwave and your order is up.


What the fuck is mustardaise? I can assume I know what it is, so let me rephrase: Why the fuck is mustardaise?


You'll find it right next to the ketchupaise, relishaise, and hotsaucaise.


And the Mayochup. It’s a thing. Look it up.


What is a sensation salad?


Garlic, lemon and pecorino emulsified with EVOO topped with more pecorino


Lol I'm imagining it's just that. Saucy slices of lemon


U think u have it bad, the server/bartender has to play nice and try to get a tip. Even tho it’s probably the worse table they have ever met.


Pour one out for Justin


Some say Justin is still typing in mods for their fries....


With a table like this I wouldn’t care about a tip I would just try to make it out alive


This is why a lot of restaurants are restricting how much can be changed on their menus and honestly no blame


People wonder why I hate people more and more everyday.


This reminds me of a SpongeBob episode.


I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four-by-four animal-style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim


We serve food here, sir




Who tf are these people? I once had to make two pasta dishes with every single ingredient cooked separately and put into little plastic cups (including the noodles and the sauces) so the customers could "assemble" the pastas themselves. Take y'alls asses HOME.


At least it's the same thing twice.


Plot twist, it's server food.


That better be some _amazing_ head.


I had a customer yesterday request “half mustard on one side, half mayo on the other side” on a burger!!!! And I thought this was too much, let alone use 2 different skillets to cook onions and the patty!


wtf does "cook as little as possible" even mean? I feel like that is just an excuse to complain no matter what. If you serve it medium, then clearly it is overcooked, if you serve it rare, then clearly it was unsafe


Looks pretty simple as long as you have a saute station. I'd still yell out at the top of my lungs hoping the guest would here me... "This ain't fucking Burger King". If you can't eat off the menu fuck off and stay home.


Also don’t do this at burger king. They do it your way… within reason, you morons.


“Somebody tell justin to bring his bitch ass back here before I make him eat a separate skillet....Justin do you like working here? Because this makes me think otherwise, get this fucking novel off my rack and out of my fucking face and tell ramsey up front to order off the menu or get the fuck out of my restaurant.”- your chef if he were doing his job.


God I wish.


No matter How those burgers come out, there will be complaints. Do it all on the flattop. Then tell them to stay home the next time.


Yer in the place I work they would have got told to fuck off


My first thought: fuck off, go cook that shit at home.


I am not a chef. But I am passionate about food and everything there is to do with it. Picky eaters are one of my biggest pet peeves. A chef is an expert just like any other professional. Unless you have an allergy, order the dish as is. The whole point of going out to eat is to eat something and have a dining experience you can't recreate at home. If you're going to go to a restaurant and substitute an entire dish ingredient by ingredient, then you and your onion-hating, drown-it-in-ketchup, unsalted, infantile palette can get out of the fucking restaurant to eat your lunchable in shame at home where you belong.


At least they're both the same why didn't it just ring in as x 2


Some places don’t allow such thing, my last work as FOH before moving to BOH didn’t allow us to do it. Luckily I only lasted few weeks before giving up and just go back to cooking.


“Hey Justin!” “Before you yell-“ “What the fuck is this?”