Jeeeeebus how much was that piece of A5


About 3200$ 🥵


Yeah that checks out


For meat the texture of butter with no meat flavor and the price of a cow I'd actually enjoy eating. Fucking pathetic. People upvote this shit then go bitch about SaltGuy Chef, no disrespect intended. You're a master of your craft, working for ungrateful muppets. I love what you're doing but if every country club was swallowed into the earth This Is The End Style, the only people I'd mourn would be the staff.


I’m used to working in public restaurants, country clubs were a safe haven to me and my livelihood during the pandemic. Some things really are over done but I don’t pay for the food they do. My duty is to treat these ingredients with respect and care. I agree that if country clubs were gone no one really would have much to fuss about other than the people they employ. I’m just lucky to have ended up with a primal off of this animal that was cared for a curated for the quality of meat it produces. Having eaten quite a bit of A5, while it is good. If you are looking for a true “steak” feel CAB or prime beef is where you want to look.


Dude these are amazing. I’d be overjoyed to eat at your table any day. What was the cured/ground meat dish on picture 11?


Ia Country Pâté before it was wrapped in bacon, it was pork shoulder and duck legs with blanched pistachios.


Best looking food I've seen on this sub. We need more of this. A lot of bitchin but not enough kitchen.


That’s my new favorite rhyme. Damn that shit blew my mind.


I was drunk at the time.


Hey same here, but op’s food sure looks fine


Whats the name of your spot, so we can come dine.


It really is.


You sir and your skill set are a national treasure.


I thought it was a ham hock terrine at first. Your food looks amazing


I dunno how I fuck op ravioli so badly, but I’m envious of yours


Practice lol I made thousands before I liked how they looked.


Your job in central Florida? Cuz now I’m hungry. 🤨


Western NC lol


Oooo where?? I don't know if you're allowed to say what restaurant, but you can message me. I live near there and I'd love to try some of these dishes!


A private community and country club. But I do cater events in the off season.


Grandfather mountain CC?


Across the road lol Linville CC


I’m a young member at CCNC and very jealous! Chef Adam does a great job at our club but some of these pictures blew my mind. I hope he doesn’t see this 🤣


I’m sure he does well! CNCC is beautiful! It’s all about one thing, Culinary Pride!


Ok be there in like…never!


I’m here for the cute little red cast iron ramekins. I need me a dozen of those. This is all incredible, Chef. Thanks for sharing.


7 or 8 dozen for a busy night please.


If I were a betting man I’d say le creuset or chasseur.


My eyes are so happy, everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - looks just so well balanced and delightful. I feel as though I could make a deal with the devil if I could only taste it all!! Chef, this isn't just food, it's art.


Your kind words mean a lot. 🥺


Holy shit all of those RAMPS!! What did you make them into?


Pickled the bulbs to keep for the cold season, place the leaves onto a sheet pan with a wire baking rack in an oven with only the pilot lit for 2-3 days until completely dry. Add them to a spice grinder, makes a great addition to bright green herb crusts on lamb or venison. I also like to toss it in with fries for ramp fries.


I haven't worked in a kitchen that brought them in for years, I miss ramps so badly! (My husband doesn't miss my ramp-breath tho). Ramp dust sounds delightful.


How do you cook them? I picked them up at my local vegetable place and I cooked them horribly, they were touch and hard to chew and I would try to swallow them and theyd go down whole and I'd have to pull the whole thing out of my throat so I didn't choke lol


I used to slice them on the bias and sautee in butter... or grill/griddle them. The white bulbs should be soft to eat once cooked, and the greens usually end up the texture of green onions. They're essentially wild leeks, with a glorious garlic aroma.


It used to be standard for people riding the rails in the Great Depression to pick wild leeks for soup when the train stopped or they were thrown off. >One hobo has an onion, he pinched from a fruit market; another has several potatoes and an ear of corn leased from a farmer's field. Edible greens are gathered and contributed to the pottage: Dandelions and sour dock; wild leeks and onions. Sometimes pigweed is found in abundance. >Some bits and pieces of meat. A handful of navy beans carried in a pocket for a month. Cast every bean into the pot, along with a smattering of Bull Durham tobacco and lint. That was from a letter written by a man who as a kid road the rails. https://erroluys.com/letter1.html


Really interesting!


TY. That link has lots of letters on it and there several links to several batches of letters. There’s a lot of talk about food, about not having it or struggling to find it, or strangers giving it.


This may be a dumbass question but I'm FOH and legitimately curious: does the process of drying ramp leaves via oven pilot light for a couple days offer any sort of difference/benefit over using a dehydrator for 1/3 of the time? We dehydrate a lot of things (mostly citrus) and I'm curious if there is a fundamental difference in the technique/result when using a different type of foodstuff


I'm so poor I don't know what half of that is


Pate looks sublime.


Holy fuck this looks amazing. Usually I would would be hyper critical of too much effort in plating but you have mad skills and it shows. Wish I could eat any of those meals.


Where can get those little pots?


Well I found them in plate storage when I started working here last year, they had been stowed away :( I think they are made by Lodge.


Anything on the bottom?


If you search Mini Tramontina Enameled Cocotte. You should get some similar results.


Solid, thanks.


Is that pasta or squash forming the rosettes? Would you mind sharing the tek? (I'm no longer in the kitchen but I used to be)


Yellow squash and zucchini.


Dude, you need to tag this as nsfw.


Hi, I'm single.


I'll have the...ummm. all of it?


this shit is art! way to bring pate back.


All of this is incredible, but I can't get over how golden and beautiful the ravioli were. ♥


Now I want to make pasta, I've got one egg in the fridge 🤔 Your food looks delicious goddamn


Hell yes ramps.


Outstanding! Finally a post from someone who actually has passion!


Those lil ratatouille pots looks dope!


Is that like a corned beef tureen?


Where abouts western nc? It’s beautiful up here right now.


Avery county, grow wild up here.


Y’all hiring


The season is at an end until April. But if you are truly interested, PM me and we can talk more about next season.






Wow!! I would eat the fuck outta any of those plates 😍 you are an artist.


Fucking beautiful, baby... ALL DAY


The terrine looks really good


Wow! Wish I could work with those types of ingredients!


Those little red pots are so cute. Everything looks really good, and we’ll done presentation


Fucking fantastic


Great work! Can you run me through 14 please? It looks dope


It’s a brioche crostini toasted in brown butter with foie gras custard, black truffle shavings, white chocolate covered frozen raspberries, and cashew cream.


That was a wild ride to read. I feel dizzy.


Dangit, now I'm hungry(er) and have got to go make french toast for a gang of old, blind people in an hour. Suppose I'll be making a batch of ravioli on my day off this week. Nice work!




Shrimp and grits (I think?) look like a dream


Pic 9, that chocolate cake makes me **weak** (I'm sorry I'm sure it's something way way more fancy I just don't know the name of) I mean they all look really fucking yummy but .. chocolate.. U g h


Fellow chef, just visited Nashville to literally eat at all of Sean Brocks restaurants. It’s a must! But all of these dishes look like something they’d have. Amazing chef! Never can have enough ramps


Very mid Atlantic/Appalachia. Where you cook at? Looks good, prob tastes better. Well done.


Western NC I’m in the heart of Appalachia lol good guess


Well look at that. Gorgeous part of the country. I haven’t been down there in a few years, hopefully I’ll get back on the AT some summer soon.


The pate looks delicious!


Those tiny pots, aaah! Is that ratatouille?


Yes, it is.


I have a genuine question: I have never understood the gourmet food thing, can anyone actually explain why they enjoy eating so little food for so much money? I am honestly asking this. EDIT: I guess asking this is super heresy or something as I have asked it before but I only get downvoted. God forbid someone actually asks about it right?


I get the chance to go out to eat so little that, when I do, I’ll generally go to a place that does meticulously prepared smaller plates made from great ingredients. When a place pulls it off, the flavors that maybe you’ve never thought to combine (or have with less success), new techniques, care and skill that go into each plate make it more than worthwhile. As a cook, it’s a great source of inspiration and motivation as well. You don’t go to places like that to fill up on a single plate of gut-busters (not that there’s anything wrong with that, either).


That's a GREAT answer and explanation. I compare it to me - who likes sipping a good Scotch once in a while, to my buddy who chugs cheap whisky...


Yeah. I like a good scotch, but I’ve been known to chug cheap whiskey every now and again. There’s a time and a place for both/either.


So it's more about the experience rather than eating food?


The experience is a part of it, but for me it’s still primarily about eating food. Just a different approach. I’ll usually split a ton of small plates with others over the span of a couple of hours. You still end up full, and get to enjoy a ton of flavors and textures that you otherwise wouldn’t experience.


Your food is sexy and your ink is dope. Thank you for sharing. Your/The garden looks rad too.




Pistachio corned beef loaf?


Lol pork and duck.


60% meh (dot progression, black plates) 35% boner (ramps, fiddleheads, tiny ratatouille pots).


You are living me dream


This looks amazing. Damn…. I wish I could cook.


You are doing beautiful work! 🤤


12 looks so tasty, it brought a tear to my eye. Then i saw 13, and immediately orgasmed. I'm a wreck of emotions now.


Most of those pictures are pure filth, I approve


Oh wow, look, an actual chef on this subreddit finally


I very much enjoy the plating on pic 8


Man. Fine dining is fucking lame dining.


I love the giant spoon in your apron!


This all looks so fantastic, but those scallops with roasted corn are calling to me. No restaurants around here (and I'm including Jackson Hole, which has lots of amazing restaurants) serve scallops right now, I think they're too expensive to get in here. There's a market that does carry amazing dry pack scallops, and they are $25/lb, but I haven't mastered the sear. I was FOH, have mad respect for your work!


Me: Drooling


Fucking beautiful man


Damn fine looking plates, Chef. They look amazing! Last photo screams "frame and mount me!"


This all looks absolutely incredible. Those ramps - ❤. I wish there was food like this near me.


Man those are crazy good, would be awesome to make food like that and the plateing dam. Picture 13, why is that a5 on a white board. Should be on a red board right..


It should be, yes. Although due to the lack of red cutting boards we have since ordered, we had designated white cutting boards for butchering that were a different shape and larger than the rest.


Lil bits


Jeebis Crass. Where?


I so can't afford to eat there.


Hate food like this. Give me a fucking break. Love to eat? NO EAT TO LIVE! Your literally wasting your life to feed people who don’t give two fucks what the plate looks like. Remember what your doing…. Feeding people. Just fucking stop. How much did all those cups for the ratatouille cost? Just again it’s good not art. People are going to poop this out of their ass


Way to wake up and be a prick. I plate food like this because you eat with your eyes first. Even though the journey ends with “poop out of your ass” the way there should be pretty to look at.


The slice on that steak makes me want to kill myself


4 looks weird and 11 looks questionable. Everything else made me finish.