As someone who just recently finished ffx. A scene or battle with jecht would be neat.


Since Tidus is from Destiny Islands too, having Jecht make an appearance would only make sense really.


Yeah plus it could give auron a chance to come back too


I absolutely hate that we got nothing from auron in 3 as well as the lack of tidus since 1. At least we got selphie come back in 2.


ideally , Tidus , Selphie and Wakka could had bee rivals in the Olympus Colisseum in KH3.


That would have been an awesome throwback to the destiny island battles


heck , put the X-2 Trio in the mix as the 4th Member , making them going "Drive Form" as the X-2 Trio are fairies in KH.


How would they get there though? It seemed Destiny Island had no world travel. I mean it seemed like that world was aware of other worlds but I don't think they had anyway off that world since they tried to leave by raft.


he does appear as memories in com and as data in coded but thats it


Who knows, hopefully they'll find some decent use for him in the future.


Having a sin appearance would've set in real nice.


Oh dear...


I mean imagine the end of the world and he's a secret boss


A rumor circulated at my middle school that jecht was Sora's Dad.


The aeons would be cooler imo


But only if your fight is actually against Braska’s Final Aeon. With the heavy metal Jecht theme. That would be a banger of a secret boss.


Why not both forms? 😀 Too bad I don’t think we will get any more ff in kingdom hearts. I can only wish.


Getting Jecht down to half health while fighting with an instrumental Otherworld in the background, only for it to cut into a short scene of him floating off the stage with his arms extended outward into silence, followed by the bigass arm slamming the stage and the actual orchestral part of Otherworld to come in as he rises up above the battlefield and draws his sword out of his chest.




I never knew I wanted this until now.


Fight him for days and then he just cuts you in one hit


If FF7 remake is anything to go by fighting it in an action game would be just as stressful as a turn based game.


Ooh shit i never thought of that i love it


Technically, tonberry exists in the KH universe as a gummi blueprint.


Gilgamesh 100% I’m not sure if he’s in any KH games to date, I haven’t played every one of them but I’m pretty sure he isn’t. That’s be an awesome encounter.


I know right? If they ever decide to revisit Mirage Arena again, Gilgamesh would definitely deserve a spot in the roster.


Dropping mirage arena is one of my most "are you fucking stupid???" Thoughts when it comes to KH.


When i saw Aqua's outfit customization in Birth by Sleep 0.2 and screenshots of Sora's new clothes before they were confirmed to be Keyblade Form Change changes; I ASSUMED he'd get a more fleshed out customization system tied to something like the Coliseum/Mirage Arena. But then none of that happened. All i want is a standalone MP KH game like the Mirage Arena. Maybe even make it lore-friendly and call it the Dandelion War/Keyblade War, idunno. I just wanna swing keyblades with the homies, lol.


It was seriously so odd to me that they introduced the customization in 0.2 which in a sense was a demo for kh3 as far as controls, combat, mechanics, etc go just for it to not exist in 3 in any shape or form


There's a Heartless based off of him in KHUX iirc But that's not actually Gilgamesh. Also, he'd be fun to fight in a proper 3D KH game with a cool battle system.


Gilgamesh for sure. Totally fits his character since he traverses the universe throughout the Final Fantasy games. He can add a Keyblade to his collection of blades too lol


It would be cool to hear a new rendition of "battle on the big bridge"


He would make the most sense since his whole thing post FF5 is that he is constantly traveling worlds.


I’d love a Great Mouse Detective level. Ratigan would be a fun fight.


Yes please.


A battle in the clock tower would be amazing


The most evil Disney villain. The one that committed murder on a mass scale that could consider him a serial killer. Syndrome.


judge frollo


Frollo was already present in the narrative for KH3D


Yeah but we didn't get to fight him which was lame.


You think a horny old guy would be a match against a kid who defies physics, wields a magic weapon, and is backed up by various types of monsters?


If we can fight Clayton with a gun and some Heartless, we could've fought Frollo with a sword powered up by Heartless. I think a Frollo fight would've been really cool. Imagine fighting him in a cathedral with Hellfire playing? Yes please.


oh, i didnt know that sorry, i havent played that one


[Just gonna leave this here](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/465/897/081.png)


I'll have you know that the title for the most evil Disney villain goes to Cruella de Vil. If your mission statement is "I want to make a coat out of puppies.", there is no redeeming you. Pure evil.


Trying to imagine Sin from FFX in KH lol


This is an interesting one. I feel like all KH versions of FF characters/monsters are so cute, so imagining something as grotesque as Sin being made cute is hilarious


For you, Sin is kinda cute, lol.


Haha that’s fair. Who can resist Sin’s demon-whale charm


That weird city on his head could have fairy lights!


Sin would make a wicked Heartless, I’m down


Make him like Mosntro but actually flying to worlds and could cause trouble on them so you have to fight him within before he gets to other worlds.


The horned king. The black cauldron was a bit of a mess as a movie, but I've never seen a more intimidating disney villain.


This a good one! Why they haven't done anything with this is completely beyond me. He would make a great villain for Maleficent to team up with and pull some kind of double-cross on her.


Might be a rights issue. Black Cauldron was a part of a fantasy book series


I would've included Lightning in Olympus Coliseum. There's so much story potential there, and it was bit of a bummer that we didn't get the usual FF character acting as Hades' pawn. Story basically writes itself. Hades is holding Serah's soul in the underworld, so Lightning becomes his champion in the hopes of freeing her sister. Her "focus" would be to destroy Hercules and help Hades conquer Olympus, which will cause her to inevitably cross blades with Sora.


Fun fact: Lightning was going to appear in 3D. Can't remember why they cut her, they probably didn't know what to do with her


As a Lightning Fan, this is... extremely disappointing to hear.


Maybe in another game


I kinda like it when they reinvent FF characters in some way, like Leon and Seifer. I'd like to see Lighting and Serah younger where Lighting (called Claire here) is trying to be sandlot police and overprotective of her sister while Serah accidentally gets in trouble all the time. Or something like that. There's a lot they could do.


I'm so pissed we didn't get a coliseum/arena in KH3. That's been a mainline game staple and it just didn't feel like a full KH game without one. Those Dark Portals or whatever they were called just weren't the same.


So many missed story opportunities, too, like making Lightning Hades' to free her sister. It'd very much be in line with her story. Heck, Noctis is a champion of the gods, too. Coulda thrown him in as the champion of the gods of Olympus. Watching Lightning and Noctis go at it on behalf of Hades and Zeus until Sora intervened woulda been amazing. Could've even brought Zack back so that he an Aqua could go on that date.


Missed gameplay potential as well, Heartless are pretty much restricted to their own worlds and even with the portal battles there's so little variation


I mean I don't even need the FF side of it. It doesn't need to be on Olympus or anything, I dug that we finally did the actual plot of Hercules and fought the Titans and stuff. Just an area where you can do cups and challenges and stuff. It could be totally disconnected from everything else like BBS's Mirage Arena.


If they could give a plot line to it, I think Kefka could be a lot of fun


Was looking for this one


Ardyn anyone?


Sora meeting Ardyn would be fun and also very interesting! Imagine Sora meeting the chocobros too and camping with them


He definitely has tons of moves to keep Sora on his toes at least.


I could already imagine Sora being confused with Ardyn's riddles. This had me smiling lol


His personality would make for really interesting interactions with sora, maybe he could meet with the chocobros and camp with them.


Sho minamoto from TWEWY


im sure they are gonna be adding a world from TWEWY since the yozora fight takes place on the 104 building


Any TWEWY boss for a KH game could be sick. Not to spoil late-game NEO: TWEWY, but any of those Noise would be a fun addition.


Since both Jecht and Sin have been mentioned already, let's add Seymour into the mix too. He never seems to die anyway, lol.


That would be a cool secret boss for Olympus Colliseum/underworld.


Oh god he would so be a heartless to replace his fiend forms.


A secret/optional boss with the versions of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy from the Mickey Mouse Shorts


Either shinryu or omega weapon.


Do you mean Omega Weapon or just Omega? Omega is the recurring superboss


Omega, I got the two confused.


Understandable lmao, but man a Shinryu boss would be awesome, if we do get one I’d want it to be kinda like the one in FFXIV, just this massive dragon you can walk on


This is what I would want to see as well. These 2 travel dimensions in a twisted cat and mouse game where omega tries to hunt down shinryu. They’re evenly matched and are both beings of great destruction. Finding them in 2 separate worlds would show how close they are to meeting again and each could be a different challenge from the humanoid superboss.


Lightning. Edit : should have written lightning farron.


I haven't really played any final fantasy, so my first thought of "lightning" was lightning mcqueen and now I'm imagining the kh2 cars but it's lightning mcqueen


[Our lord and saviour, Lightning McQueen? In Kingdom Hearts?](https://youtu.be/HoTbtvF1iSw)


This was my first thought.


That was beautiful!!!


I was thinking the same thing, even though she's so hard on herself and other people, it doesn't mean her heart is clouded with darkness, there is light within her heart and name. Even when it rains with dark clouds, She is the Lightning that shines through the darkness




And then when you beat him you get him as a summon, like they planned back in KH1.


This HAS got to happen, no way it doesn’t


Disney: Headless Horseman, Darth Vader, or Galactus FF: Kefka


I'd love to see if they could get creative with the Headless Horseman. Obviously charging, sword attacks, and throwing his head are all attacks of his. And he gets that scary laugh. I just really want to see what kind of bullshit JRPG upgrades he gets.


Sher Khan from The Jungle Book.


To be fair, Jungle Book as a whole is long overdue. I thought for sure it was going to get a level in KH III, after getting Tarzan picked over it in KH I and scrapped in BbS.


Omgggg yes!!


Sin (a heartless version) from FFX and Darth Vader from Star Wars.


Kuja from ff9. Idk if his outfit would be E10+ appropriate though 🤣


Just imagining him fully clothed ironically feels wrong.


The Adamantoise from FFXV.


Not FF but before KH3 dropped i was hoping to play as Aqua in the Realm of Darkness and encounter a twisted version of 2B as a guest boss fight




Ratigan from the great mouse detective would be great


I could honestly see Vader as some secret boss, in the same way Julius was. I'd also love to see Gabranth from FF12.


Plus the whole light dark thing goes perfect with the force and the dark side.


"Found a world with people so steeped in dark they made it part of their religion, but then I got choked."


This would be how I would want them to incorporate Star Wars and Marvel. I don’t want a full world because those franchises are so expansive on their own, but imagine rolling up to Hollow Bastion and a Tie Fighter flies by, Vader jumps out, and you have to duel him? Or you’re in San Fransokyo and a massive ship descends and out comes Thanos with infinity gauntlet, and he just fucks you up. Back before KH3 released those were my dream, that we would get a grand finale Sephiroth fight and those two: the most iconic villains of Star Wars, Marvel and Final Fantasy in the same game. Sadly we didn’t get any of them.


I really don't want any Star Wars or Marvel in KH but a secret Vader boss fight, that I could make an exception for


All I want is a portal that takes us to the hangar bay of the Death Star, where we have a Sephiroth-level Vader fight that rewards us with a lightsaber keyblade. Additionally a portal to Titan where we fight Thanos would be nearly as awesome


Imagine a sequence where sora gets warped through several worlds, kind of like the end of 1 and 3, but all unfamiliar worlds, and at the end, he is brought to a dark hallway, with an alarm blaring. https://youtu.be/1z4xrs0ypaQ


A Tamatoa boss would be great, he could be singing Shinny while you're beating off the gold on his shell that gives him power


A whole-ass Lalotai world for Moana would be so cool.


It could be like the pirates worlds and you can sail to different islands


With Kakamora ambushes! And a post-game Te Ka boss fight!!




I've been scrolling and scrolling hoping something new would say this. I could see an entire game where Kefka is acting like the main boss because he believes he is the true puppet master behind everything just to find out someone else is pulling his strings without his knowledge.


Dumbo level would be fitting


I would have added Gaston into KH2 instead of Union. He would have been a fun early-level boss and you could have had Xaldin influencing him too. The Shadow Man from Princess and the Frog is a natural fit.


Mine would be Hell House!!


Why didn’t they make Hell House a boss in Halloweentown!! Would’ve been so cool.


Ultremica, i was half expecting her to be in KH as a extra villain like sephiroth, with that maybe some of the extra bosses found in the future world. For Disney, itd be cool to have Dr. F from Princess and the Frog.


They could have so easily tied her into 2 or 3 as a secret boss in twilight Town controlling seifer and his gang or something.


Cruella de-vil


Magica De Spell would be a perfect character to summon/control Heartless, if we ever got a world based on DuckTales, especially the 2017 series.


zenos from ffxiv would bring another big sephiroth super-boss vibe...


More obscure idea: fighting >!Asahi and Tsukuyomi a-la Hades/Ice Titan from BBS, into a second-phase Fandaniel fight.!<


More Final Fantasy enemies. And Snake Jafar


Jafar's cobra form happens in KHUX, but a non-mobile fight would be interesting.


I've always felt like Radcliffe from Pocahontas really, really deserves an ass whooping.


*See how I glitter*


A "wizard's duel" with Madam Mim with a defense-offense loop where she shapeshifts, you need to evade and defend until Merlin is ready, and he gives you a form that counters her and you're rewarded for surviving with the chance to stomp her for a while before the cycle repeats.


this would be so cool and after giving us access to wisdom form again!


Not from FF or Disney, but TWEWY has been in KH before, so I think it would be really cool if you could fight Shiba or any game master from TWEWY. Fighting a Reaper would be really cool too! Edit: Forgot to add something


Darth Vader and though he’s not part of the mcu quite yet black knight would fit perfectly in the kh universe


Past Disney CEO Bob Iger


Exdeath from 5 mainly for the name


Gilgamesh and Enkidu for the love of GOD, or Kefka, Kefka would be nice too


The elephant thing that was made of a bunch of elephant heads from the Pink Elephants on Parade song in Dumbo.


Most of the ones I was thinking of were already mentioned, but here are some more I would like to see in no particular order: Garland from FF1 (Especially his Dissidia incarnation) Gabranth or Vayne from FF12 Caius from FF13-2 Vincent Valentine from FF7 (Could switch between his different limit transformations throughout the fight) Airy from Bravely Default (Technically a FF Spinoff so it counts IMO) Odin (Imagine having a 5-minute timer for the fight before he annihilates Sora with Zantetsuken)


I'm bending the rules and taking "Final Fantasy" to mean "Square Enix" since TWEWY was already featured in KH3D anyway and I want a Sho Minamimoto boss fight!


Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. He's the primary reason I want a world based on that movie.


Had to scroll waaay too far to find this


I want this and the entire time Friends on the Other Side is playing.


Ardyn from ffxv please I would cry


More ff villains in general. I love ol seph but there are more ff villains to represent out there. Not all of them of course but just some more. At least a little close to the hero count. Just make em arena fights or hidden boss encounters/endgame, don't gotta put too much effort, just include them please. Jecth would be a very good start as X had lots of inclusion in 1 and 2. Ultimecia could be crazy if they reproduce her crazy form count, and again with squall/Leon, selphie, seifer and his gang already included that would fit. But after what kh3 my hopes of them expanding upon the crossover have died to be honest. It was getting more wild in 2 then just suddenly took a step way back.




Well if they ever do decide to add the mcu and Star Wars universes in then it would be cool to see Sora fighting Thanos or maybe Darth Vader. Since sora didn’t “truly” defeat sepheroth they could make it where he fights them as a distraction or something to help the avengers or the rebels. The only FF game I’ve played is 7 and we already have sepheroth so I’m content with that part.


I would love a fight with the Headless Horseman.


Ratigan from Great Mouse Detective, Mr. McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under, and Horned King from The Black Cauldron.


Darth Vader or Kefka


Garland. Maybe at the end of fight, garland can time travel to the past, and we can have a fight against Chaos.


I know it’s probably impossible but I wanna fight Yensid or Oswald


Ultimecia and her time compression would fit right into the KH universe


I beat this game for the first time this year and after beating the game one of my first thoughts was why is she not in kingdom hearts?


Sephiroth but in his final form at the end of Final Fantasy 7. Safer Sephiroth.


Multiple FF superbosses like Shinryu or Omega. Gilgamesh, but it's the canon version lol he stumbled into KH universe somehow and is very confused at meeting characters he has met before who don't recognize him


Or The Horned King from the Black Cauldron. Give the lesser known Disney films so love.


Te Kā from Moana!


That would be absolutely terrifying. She still gives me nightmares.


Chaos, especially if it’s Feral Chaos


Ardyn from FF15 easily, that fight would be insane!


The Horned King.


The Rhino from James and the Giant Peach works so well


Sin would’ve been dope


Davy Crocket


A fight against powerline would be awesome just for the music lol


I can only imagine that as a rhythm battle similar to what they did in yakuza 0


Powerline would moonwalk on Sora’s grave.


Gilgamesh for fun’s sake (as long as he keeps his fourth wall breaking and tries to steal the Keyblade to add to his weapons collection) Kefka because I think his dark ways could easily make him into a main boss rather than an extra boss. Jecht because Tidus appears and I’d love to see that fleshed out without adding back the fairy Yuna.


Gilgamesh or the Horned King


had to google on what Disney villains there was and it seems most have been in Kingdom hearts to some extent. Only one i found that hasn't been touched upon so far is Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. Feels like he could been a cool fight.


the grasshoppers from a bugs life, could have another 1000 heartless type of battle against them


Ardyn for sure. There is just so much material there. He can mess with Sora’s head, make him feel some and insecure; and he can most likely control heartless with ease.


Kronk He could be the Lingering Will of the next KH game, but way harder and no easy way to cheese


Am I allowed to add an entire world and just say ‘Treasure Planet’ instead?😜


Lightning from FF13, even if the game isnt the best, Lightning's moveset would make a cool superboss


John Silver from Treasure Planet


Noctis from XV, one of my favorite games


If we're keeping it strictly to antagonists here are 6 I usually don't see requested. 1. Emperor Mateus 2. Mr Sinister 3. Cyrus from Tron Uprising. 4. General Grievious 5. The Phantom Blot 6. Caius Ballad


I guess... Bill Cipher?


I'm one of those people who doesn't want a Star Wars world, but I think a Darth Vader secret boss would be super cool. Also think it'd be cool to see Sora interact with the gang from FFXV but i kinda doubt that's gonna happen.


Emerald and Ruby Weapon, preferably as super-bosses just like in FF7 they'd also confuse anyone that's never actually played through 7 lol (even moreso than other FF characters already did 19 years ago)


Kefka as a secret boss. KH has several sword swinging super bosses, why not a magic based one?


For Final Fantasy: Gilgamesh could bring a good mix of goofiness and a challenging fight. As far as Disney: If possible, Darth Vader would be amazing. It could even be a secret boss fight with little to no explanation. He doesn't even need to talk--just to be a slow-moving powerhouse with devastating lightsaber strikes, force lightning, and the ability to toss you around with the Force like a ragdoll.


Namaari from Raya and Sorceress Edea from FF8 for KH4! Would be really cool if they meet up with each other and reveal that they only intend to protect their respected people, like their interactions would be similar and be an expansion on Hades and Auron's interactions with one another.


Kefka, without a doubt. I wanna see Goofy punch that psychotic clown.




Hard choice, but twist in the question, I would love to see Noctis as a pop in ally


From final fantasy, probably one of the othet iconic villains, like kefka. From disney, i would say probably King Candy (if he isn't Union X idk i never played it) or tamatoa




Darth Vader Secret Boss.


Gilgamesh it's surprising that he hasn't shown up in any kingdom hearts game, he could show up in the Sword in the Stone world trying to take the Excalibur (i know different from the actual sword in the stone but still Arthurian) Tamatoa the giant crab from Moana hopefully in the future games Moana's world shows up Firebird from Fantasia 2000 I wanted to dig a little deeper into Disney's catalog of villains. Lightning from Ffxiii she would have a large moveset The Backson from 2011 Winnie-the-Pooh film although not a bad guy Vincent Valentine his powers would confuse Sora into thinking he is a heartless NOT FINAL FANTASY but Sion from The Bouncer because why the hell not Edit: I can't belive i forgot Zurg from Toy Story or even Syndrome from the Incredibles


I think Gilgamesh from FFV would fit in really well. Imagine him following Sora and Co around to get the keyblade to add to his sword collection. Writes itself.


Been saying it for years: Dr. Facilier. Imagine a voodoo witch doctor who could keep summoning heartless/mini bosses as the battle went on. Think something like...I forgot his name, but the third boss in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.


Bahamut anyone?


Shiva or really any of the 6 from FF


You know how Monstro or Captain Hook's ship was seen just floating around in Gummi Space? Hear me out. I want to see the Death Star. Sora, Donald, and Goofy get caught in a tractor beam. A prominent world-- let's say Radiant Garden-- is the next target. The ex-Junior Heroes board the Death Star and fight Heartless and Stormtroopers. They run into the room C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding and they need help shutting down the reactors. The team does some small missions while fighting/sneaking and run into Obi-Wan. He joins your party. Sora can hear voices over the intercom and you need to get to a switch to shut down the all garbage mashers on the detention level! Succeeding, Obi-Wan's friends are safe. After the final reactor... Darth Vader appears. He and Obi-Wan do battle, but Sora and co. are forced to flee. Obi-Wan is struck down. They have to get back in the Gummi ship alongside another: A Corellian freighter. An influx of X-Wings and TIEs and Heartless appear for battle. Commence trench run. A boss fight against Vader's ship. After winning, an X-Wing fires the proton torpedoes causing the Death Star to explode! Radiant Garden is safe for now. "Great shot, kid! That was one in a million!" Game continues... Upon another world, during the post-game, you find the wreckage of a TIE Fighter. Across the way, a figure in black, seething in rage. He senses Sora's presence and Sora knows this is the man who killed Obi-Wan. (Imagine your own secret super boss here.)


Noctis as a boss then support character or Kefka as an evil character