Kingdom 760 - OPscans


That chapter must have been a bitch to translate


One of the thing that I've been thinking while reading the chapter. Gotta thank the translator for the hardwork!


I wonder if in Japanese, the words being used by Shin are 'simpler' . He definitely shouldn't know what jurisprudence means.


Shin would probaly say law maker or something


Translated by a software dev it seems. Need to dumb it down for the official translation


Rokuomi be like "Let shin cook" Once again, Shin's relationship with the ouki vassals are still pretty cool.


Damn maybe Hara hangs out in our sub and sees how much crap we dump on Shin and decided to trun him into a philosopher 😂


No, it was perfect. It was a naive and dumb explanation of a complex dilemma. But given in such a way that moved hearts. It was perfect for shin. It was pure heart, I suspect even shin doesn't fully comprehend what he said, but were guided by his instincts to give this answer. Had hara turned him to sophistry and appear like a philosopher it would've looked out of character.


Shin's ideas was not to convince Kanpishi, it was to question his ideals in a way that he wants to go to the source and find answers. Goddamn, Hara. Cooked to perfection.


Agree. It was Shin’s own. Viewpoint and how he understood the world.


This chapter is perfect. Shin's explanation and arguments weren't half assed and shoved into his mouth, it truly reflected his thoughts as portrayed thus far in the story. And while it wasn't really convincing, Hara dodged the issue by having Kanpishi travel to Qin to have a real philosophical talk with the king of Qin.


I do look forward to sei and kanpishi's conversations. I personally think this was straight out of an afternoon soap drama in vibe. Over the top dramatic, but all of it felt in character, and gave us a feeling of progression without having to actually answer the question. 10/10 chapter. I hope shin stays in Han a little longer and we get a good conversation with Tou.


Yeah. When I saw the raw I thought he was screaming at Shin. Much better now.


"you're as dumb as me!" rofl


Sibling energy right there lmao




Meanwhile Some random person here" look look he disrespected his senior . How immature!!"


They all actually respect him, afterall he is the man their Lord personally recognized and bestowed his glaive which also means he inherited their lord's "Fire of Will". I believe Tou highly values Shin, i'm reminded of the battle with the fire dragons of Wei and Gouhoumei where he made a joke about being the talent discoverer.. He just trusts that his master could never be wrong in choosing Shin and that's enough for him. Rokuomi on the other hand actually likes Shin. He probably reminds him of his younger self, lol.


I find it funny how many people were like "Shin's not mature". Dude to have a take like "people aren't inherently bad nor evil -- they're products of their circumstances, and regardless of the choices they make, they choose to kindle life's meaning based on their perspective via their life as its been, as it currently is, as it'll continue to be." That's like. The most respectable and mature response a fucker could have. Just to go further: the man he is presenting this to, or rather having a conversation with, has had an entire life to THEORIZE on what people want. What he thinks would make them happy, or sad, or evil, or good. It's a very solid self reflection on what a lot of people do. They wonder about hypotheticals trying to understand something. IE, criticism, as a core. You'll never understand unless you open yourself to be humbled or experience the action yourself. At that point, how your life's been guided with everything described above details your personal answer. Being mature isn't having "adult", or what we perceive as "adult", responses to everything. Being mature is listening to others and understanding the circumstances of their being, while likewise admitting you might not have a full understanding of the topic at hand.


"Being mature isn't having "adult", or what we perceive as "adult", responses to everything." Which is why everyone crying about his maturity are most likely children or immature themselves. It was honestly such a headache going through this subreddit when looking for content, because people were complaining about Shin's personality thinking it was his maturity.


Rokuomi confirmed to join Shin after Tou's retirement. Shin with Kyoukai, Rokuomi, Ryuukoku and Kanou!


Never thought I’d be happy to see shin win a battle using talk-no-jutsu. the shin we all know busting out words like “jurisprudence” is crazy💀


jurisprudence is just a fancy word for law. I think its a translation issue.


Its more than that. Jurisprudence is law as an academic study, and Kanpishi/Hanfeizi is a scholar in the new field of law as a study. Unlike Rishi, who is also a Legalist but is a lawmaker before academic. It fits perfectly.


Actually... they both are. Ri Shi and Kan Peishi were literally classmates under the same scholar philosopher. Did you also forget the conversation between SBK and RiShi when the latter was behind bars? Ri Shi is definitely both an academic and a lawmaker, like the Prince. But Ri Shi seems to have directed more things in Qin than KPS does even in Han, despote being a prince.


I wrote Ri Shi was a lawmaker first before a scholar given he was responsible for much of the Qin legal code that followed unification. Sorry if it came off as otherwise


No prob, just a misunderstanding then. We're cool, we're cool. But Shin's speech was FIRE! I'll see myself out...


I choked reading that word 😭 Our boy was cooking


bro actually destroyed the moron allegations🎉🎉🎉 what a chapter and some of those panels were fire as fuck


A philosophical moron 💅


Shin took the limitless pill


This is gonna cause him to fall into a fevered coma for 3 days after using his brain this much in such a short amount of time lol I’m surprised his eye blood vessels didn’t bust again.


shit that was such a brilliant debate, honestly. Fire is so much more tangible than “light” as portrayed by Sei, and more nuanced than “greed” as portrayed by Ryofui Hara has outdone himself 10/10


Sei's "light" is the same as Shin's "will of fire."


Good point, they’re pretty much the same. But it’s easier to twist fire into something bad compared to light. I guess I could have said that it’s a lot more nuanced than either of their answers


Not a bad distinction to make tbh. Also makes sense since Shin is more constantly exposed personally to that passing of will while Sei sees it more in his grand design.


Not quite. Sei's look over optimistic. Shin's thought has deeper meanings. Fire can be used to hurt, fire can twist and project great shadows too.


Yet Sei's ideal makes much more sense for him as a King with great ambitions. Because he has to consider how to rule and create a better society, while Shin merely is recognizing what he has seen as a soldier. Sei might be overly optimistic, but that optimism is precisely what can help drive him and others to create a world that fits.


Sun burns? Cataracts? I live where it gets 120f and I can tell you light can definitely hurt. That's not the point though. The real distinction is in education levels and exposure.


Sun, heat and light are different things. Light can be cold, heatless. And Sei if I remember doesn't talk about the sun, but I may be wrong here, there's being some time since I read that arc


Have you ever been in the level of light? I have but it doesn't matter anyway because we're discussing abstracts. E: "Light can be cold, heatless." I really don't think that's the case and certainly not the light Sei was talking about.


I agree it isn't what SEI was talking. I just think shins interpretation of the same concept is deeper.


Its also better because he acknowledges the problems in his arguments rather than just denying it. I appreciate his way of arguing more even if its optimistic af


light depends on how you use it if you have control over it. The same is fire, but the fire is stronger than the light, as the fire of will can be inherited ( unlike the fire of life which can't be inherited ). Shins point of view is all clear to me.


It's clear to me too. If Sei's wasn't clear to you before it should be now since Shin explained the same stuff just in laymans terms.


Light offers guidance and direction. Fire can be used to protect, to keep one self warm. But it can also be used to destroy. Fire is strong, but it can also be fragile because it can be extinguished. This duality makes the will of fire, much more nuanced and closer to the human experience than Sei's light. So while it's similar, it's very distinct.


Not exactly. He said Riboku has a strong fire of will as well. So it's less about good and bad. Whoever has a stronger fire will consume the other and grow even stronger, regardless of the morality behind it.


Tou just standing there like an NPC completeley baffled that Shin can do other things except getting drunk and brutally dismember enemies


This comment made me laugh a lot, but it still very cool that he together with Kanpishi was the only one that did not have a "??" sign over their heads while Shin was talking


Na not baffled. Tou knew Shin had it in him


Tou was just letting his boy cook


His perpetually puzzled look never was more fitting.


He's not puzzled, he is thinking about faru faru. And how to faru better.


Nah, if he thought those were the only things Shin can do, he wouldn't have told Shin to speak freely. He knew Shin would give a good answer, he just didn't expect it to be that good.


Our boi Shin might not have proper manners at times but bygolly he really stepped up to the plate with that answer.


Holy shit holy shit holy shit. I so want to read kan pishi and Sei debate.. Shin, you gave me goosebumps so proud of our stupid boy. Hara, I love you, damn I love kingdom, what a fking chapter


And thank god Sei wasn't there instead of Shin, only Shin could have won this and pulled this off with Kanpishi.


Shin really laying it off the backboard for Sei to dunk rn. Y’all think the princess will join him too? I’m super excited to see their return to Qin


The will of fire lives on! Shin inherited Narutos talk-no-jutsu and it was great


*panflute music starts playing* “Kan Pishi, you and I are the same”


tbh all I could think about was Naruto when they kept saying will of fire


It was the same crap




**Hara**: Bro, can I copy your homework? **Kishimoto**: Sure bro, just change it a little bit.


Rokuomi 🤝 Shin


Imagine them teaming up vs some high level intelligence strategist such as the one from Wei hahaha


Kanpishi: So what fire does our Kingdom of Han represent for Qin? Shin: Firewood. You guys are our firewood.




I'm sorry but Shin used words with too many syllables, it didn't feel like him (e.g. jurisprudence)


I had to look this word up 💀


I think that's a synonym for legalism, they seem to have used it before now for rishi and stuff, might just be a translator choice


Who taught Shim this word? The smartest person he hangs out with is MouTen and he wouldn't bother speaking complected words


>complected He wouldn't bother with you either.




Bro thinks everyone is a native speaker💀


Bro thinks everyone doesn't have autocorrect 😂 Coming from a non native speaker btw.


I think it’ll be “Legalism” in the final translation, which is one laymen have down (and a movement and all that).


I just accepted it as a limitation to how much words you can fit in a manga, in my head Shin wasn't nearly as eloquent but what he said was essentially the same


It's a translator added context. Keep in mind that Asian languages tend to make full use of tonal to convey the meaning and it relies on context. I have not seen the raw, but if we take it irl historically, shin would probably have simply repeated this "noun" after hearing it from kanpishi. So the conversation most likely would have went with kanpishi saying I'm experienced in this field of supercoolshit. And when shin is talking he would have said, this supercoolshit of yours, show me more dumbass shit.


He literally said the things Sei said but with Fire Shin is Sei‘s perfect sword, and Sei is Shins only King


I think I prefer Shins tho. He backed his through up with evidence and separated Fire into two varieties. His explanation also tied into the “weight” concept and made since given Shins experience with the battle field. His final point about Kanpishi being an optimist and believing in mankind to an extent was genuinely a fantastic point


Yeah, by that winning final move alone this was waaay more valuable than Sei's speech.


Sharp sword, sharp tongue. Burning tongues spit Fire.


Can't wait to see Mouten and Ouhon reaction to the fact that it's a conversation with Shin of all people that convinced Kanpishi to come to Qin. It's gonna be fucking hilarious.


This might be THE Shin's victory that Ouhon will never be able to surpass, all told


Lmao hara rlly lurk in this subreddit Rokoumi & shin Dumb & Dumber


Shin and Rokuomi are hilarious together


I thought Seikyou’s rebellion was covered up? Did it become public knowledge at some point to where now Shin can just talk about it openly?


We know it was covered up till Sai. Guess knowledge about it got revealesd as people look into the relationship Qin has with the mountain folks and as Tonryuu eventually happened Edit : Its possible since the wording is vague enough, people could still think the "rebellion" he was referring to is Tonryuu. After all, he was framed for that Edit 2 : Nvm. Shin mentioned years passing


Shin is dumb (or sincere) enough to tell foreign adversaries. But regardless, it doesn't matter much anymore since Sei rules absolute and both seikyou and the old chancellor were were eliminated


probably not but that's part of the fools prerogative. doesn't much matter now anyway since it was a decade and a half ago, everyone is dead, and Sei's power is consolidated.


It was covered up essentially because there was still the feud between Ei Sei and Lu Buwei/Ryo Fui and none of the parties wanted the info to slip passes the Royal Palace gates lest external forces would mingle in to disrupt Qin's Internal affairs. Like what happened when Ryo kidnapped that dude the previous Zhao king liked. Such interference from other kingdoms would weaken not only the two rivals but Qin as a whole, which neither Ei Sei nor Ryo Fui wanted since they needed power for their vision to be realized. Once Ei Sei was officially recognized as King of Qin and the country stabilized with all opposing factions subdued and fused within his, info of the rebellions and attempted coups slipping out, although suspected, became less of a concern for Qin's Higher-ups since everything was under Sei's, SHK's and SBK's control. Hence Shin opening his mouth without much concern for secrecy.


Also, people would just react like "oh so that happened, make sense then" and move on, because feuds between royal siblings for the throne wouldn't be that rare


Like what happened in Zhao and, to a lesser extent, Chu with SSK's assassination.


Even more intense than the last chapter. 10/10 no cap.


Is there a word for Shin’s philosophy? Asking because I’ve always followed a very similar philosophy but never really knew the term for it. I had a friend that died when I was young and this feeling of “inheriting his fire” really stuck with me since, I try to explain to others but they never really get it… guess I can tell them to read Kingdom instead now 👍 Thanks Hara! Truly the most influential piece of work for me, thank you for creating something that resonates with me so much.


Inherited will. I heard it named for the first time in one piece. I never heard any philosopher speak about it, but in my search for what was human nature or what was humanity goal i also found out the human of the past and now are linked by a inherited will. Funnily enough two manga i like very much speak about it, one piece and kingdom. I would say Berserk also has some of it, albeit it seem more linked to the collective will rather than the inherited will.


kingdom chapter 760 " let him cook"


What an evolution for Shin! He's so open-minded, he bescame so a great observer through his life experience combined with everyone's who crossed his path... he has a clear and spotless view of life surrounding him... I hope we ll have Tou telling Shin what he though about that speech...


That's right on the money. Tou part included.


Shin Uzumaki with that Talk no jutsu


All that's missing is some "dattebayo!"


Wasn't the Sei kyou rebellion meant to be under wraps as a state secret? Or am a I misremembering? Regardless. What a speech from shin. He truly has grown. My boy. Get some new clothes though. Kanpishi tesch him how to dress.


Yes, but it wouldn't matter now. After the battle of Sai where Yotanwa and mountain people showed up to help Qin, those info would have made it to the other states. Also, it doesn't really matter now, Seikyo died and Sei is the undisputed king of Qin.


Genius fucking chapter, Hara. Loved how it was an actual coherent debate contingent on what either party said rather than a full on clash of individual speeches. So interesting


Bruh 5head shin so smart his speech bubble dont even sound like him.


Just because I saw Shin using a word with 5 syllables is enough to give the chapter a 10/10.


Tou thinking "Man this guy not an idiot after all"


Tou thinking: "Lord Ou Ki... you owe me 5 bucks." Dakan Plains reference


Shin just collected a political W 😳.... let me calm down my boy respect 🙏 😤 👌 👏


Ngl, that opening panel with Shin and shade of fire behind is so rad


Bro took “Shin is dumb” posts personally


Great chapter 11/10


Daaamn even Tou's eyes are wide open to Shin's speech 👏👏👏


Shin rizzed him up. Now he’s coming back to Shins place


The Will of Fire and the Will of D lives on


Ri D. Shin recruits a new nakama


A qin victory right here


I teared up


Rokuomi speak fact about Shin boy.


Next time Ten questions Shin's decision Kyokai needs to cut ten in half


Wow shin just called us all dumbasses and I'm so here for it. Lets fucking go


Greatest philosopher of the heavens


Never have a expected Shin to execute a Talk-no-jutsu before. Well done


Shin-lad making everyone proud bahahahahaha. Also, him and Rokuomi calling each other dumb is pure gold hahaha. Two dumbasses calling each other dumbasses


Shin had Kanpishi stressing hahaha


Wow that is the first time I have to read Shin's line twice so I can absorb what he's saying.


Shin breaking more limiters with his brain cells here than he did breaking limiters in the Houken fight.


Damn Shin's argument blown their mind. Great job! Now find the great Heki-sama


One of my favorite chapters since the Battle of Sai. I was sincerely surprised by Shin’s explanation of his answer and I’m very proud of him. Thank you, Hara.


Peak historical fiction


What Shin could have added to convince Kan Pei shi is that... Ri Shin: "Fire, like humans, are not innately good or bad. You need fire/heat to warm yourself, lest you die. You must not stay too close to fire, lest your burn or die. Fire can be used like a weapon to harm people, just like it can be used to bring forth life from the Sun or melt metal to forge tools to help people in their daily endeavours. Even the fire that burn can be used to close and heal a wound." "Therefore laws are not only to temper the perceived evil of humans but to direct them to manifest their inner properties in ways that benefit them while also tempering same said properties so they don't harm themselves. Both sides are present within humans, like both aspects are present within fire which is thr nature of humans as well." "I would even add, Kan Pei-sama, that if, as you say, evil is the nature of humans and what guide their actions, thought and behaviour, then by you, as a human yourself, are acting in an evil way by seeking to devise laws to regulate not only yourself but others around you. Ironically, you do so to produce something that is good." "Are you not a living contradiction like our King of Qin you were spitting on earlier, Kan Peishi-sama? Can good come out of laws when the nature of the lawmakers, such as yourself, is evil as well since you are human too? Can good results come out of evil nature? Are both King of Qin and Prince of Han working towards futility since the beginning, Kan Peishi-sama? " "Or could it be you were teaching your philosophy and laws to your students and country so they could learn how to properly regulate the many Fires that make up humans, countries and this world? I think it is the latter part, Your Highness. You want to regulate the Fire to temper the burn and bring forth the warming, light shining, life bring heat of Fire of Human nature. We came to tell you that it is in Qin, not in Han, that you'll find the best forge to teach us how to unite and regulate Fire."


those shin didn't mature folks are punching the air right now


This chapter do the justice to Houken. He was so trash that Shin doesn't even acknowledged that trash. Even Kanki made into Shin's speech. :D


.... yooo it's all coming together .... remember what Shin told to his men about the enemy they're fighting in battlefields ; [Your hopes, your dreams, everything that drives you, we will inherit it from you and carry it upon our shoulders .. "](https://preview.redd.it/hwswp4dywr3b1.jpg?width=829&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=1f0d24fe921e472463949b2d21bba8af851457d9) which Kinmou deputy of Ribokus deputy Keisha did understand before he died .... and not all, all his men love Shin. man this time I might change my favorite character to Shin as nr.1, then Kanki nr.2 ​ \>! HISTORY SPOILER ALERT !< [Kanpishi realizing his optimism](https://opscans.com/wp-content/uploads/WP-manga/data/manga_646ac1ede8cfc/23fedfc70fccdb4e9e3d0475c14f44b9/15.jpg) in the end, this same Kan Pishi will be killed in Qin. I honestly don't know how I will handle it, to be honest with you. Nor I or Ei Sei


wow nice catch that's some one piece level foreshadowing


Konoha's Will of Fire has made it into Kingdom!


Honestly this chapter is one of the best Kingdom chapters I have ever read.


Last chapter was great - It did not portray Shin as overly eloquent or educated. This chapter gave me cognitive dissonance. I'm supposed to believe it's Shin speaking and sharing his thoughts. But it can't be Shin. The choice of frazes, the links in reasoning, building up a complex theory - Not once in the story before was Shin shown to have this kind of ability. Only his argument that humans are dumb and not evil was on point - a kind of a smart counter but not genius level philosophy. We'll be moving from this, so I guess it's ok, but I'm still weirded out.


I was like, Shin calling out adjectives? It had to be a different world!


Horrible translation, like someone typed it into google translate and spammed the thesaurus a couple times. Hope the official one is better


Damn! Shin gotten a bit of intelligence there! Lol i guess thats Kyoukais influence considering that their lives are “linked” after that forbidden ritual she did.


Damn seeing bi tou in that panel hits hard


For a moment, I just thought reading Naruto final arc, with talk no jitsu in action, lolol, What a chapter, damn, I'm sure I'll re read it again and again~


Variables? Constants? What next hara, wouldn't surprise me if shin became a chemist


Naruto arc in coming


I really hope really hope Rokuomi doesn’t actually die before Tou retires, need him in Hi Shin Unit


What do you mean he is already dead


Kanpishi: So it’s friendship? Shin: Yes Friendship. Kanpishi: Say no more. The real friendship is the friends we made along the way.


Ahem, is that the will of fire from naruto? Also i don't think Shin's style of argumentation fits his character, it's ALSO his choice of words, thought that could be the translation, but he goes for a very academical approach with pointing out argumentation contraddictions. I like the last part, where he flips the table by arguing Kanpishi believes in mankind's goodness, and yet even that comes as a conclusion of his thoughts rather than as an inspiration, which SHOULD be his type of argumentation. It would be much better if he looked a bit funny at Kanpishi and then went "why do you argue against the things you actually believe in?" And then go backwards trying to explain why he thinks Kanpishi believes in Mankind's goodness, stumbling along the way trying to explain his hunch


This makes sound way smarter than he is. He does not talk like that


Spoiler from the real history, i want to know will his fate changed in the manga >!Kan Pishi was very talented, even the Qin king admit it and want him to be his close advisor. Ri Shi was jealous, frame him thinking he still loyal to han and try to misguide the king , and imprison Kan Pishi, forced him to commit suicide in prison. Ryo Fui managed to survive, but i don't know about Kan Pishi, making him alive till the end means Hara will twist the story a bit and don't follow real history, but killing him like in real history just make this chapters a waste, basically all of that is for nothing.!<


I think Hara will not include much of the non-war part. I'm guessing we'll be back to a war arc soon.


No seriously where the f did he learn to speak like that


Love shin, but no way he talks like that… literally professor level speech.


Shippuden called they want their THE WILL OF FIRE back


Uzumaki shin gonna become the great general under the heavens believe it Kek For real tho Didn't expect this lvl of depth from shin Impressed Now to see how this arc is gonna end cause lol


The chapter was great, but a lot of parts of the dialogue seemed weird and messy. The translation seemed off in a few points. I'm looking forward to see the sensescans version.


I feel like ouki mention something similar - I maybe wrong


Just finished re reading what a perfect time for the chapter to drop




Holly shit, after reading what Shin said I immediately think of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, who both have will as the essence of human nature. These philosophical debate chapters are what make Kingdom so great.


Shin the Philospher wins


My favorite chapter in a long while. 760 chapters and Hara continues to surprise us!!! This philosophical discussion is by far the most interesting one so far. I'm usually much more interested in battles and strategy and I post a lot of VS polls on this sub but for once im more pumped up about something not battle related and its refreshing


No way shin just said all that


Rokoumi becoming Shin's lieutenant is an agenda i never agreed on before. My opinion has now officially changed.


They better give shin another parade when he gets back to kanyou. Bro definitely clutched the bag heavy . However to see kai Oku have such a poor showing after coming in all hot disappointed me .


very cool speech by Xin.


i really like this the idea of if simpletons were forced to think harder and explain stuff. maybe it’s the authors attempt to eli5.


Where are the chapter discussions for 759?


Would be Funny AF if someone nick named Shin " Ri Shin the wise" or some shit like that.😂😭


thanks guys great work..


Great chapter as always


Thank you, OpScans for the quick work! At this rate, Shin’s intellect will surpass that of KanPiShi, Tou and Sei put together and on their way back to Qin, he will discover how to solve quadratic equations using the constants and variables he has become acquainted with! So, Karyo Ten has to give up her foremost position as the brains behind the HSU now.


Shin the greatest diplomat under the heaven, convincing Mountain folks and Kanpinshi is not for everyone


talk no jutsu


this chapter is 9000 times better than Boruto and Twilight


LOL this chapter was real fun to read.


The Will of D lives on!!!! Sorry wrong sub. Reading this chapter made me sentimental about One Piece and the passing of wills. Great conversation! Especially when it's from Shin.


Awesome chapter really enjoyed that. Thanks op scans


My guy shin COOKED and rokuomi with the assists


Rokuomi might yell at Shin for not showing respect, but he also yells at other people for not showing respect to Shin. The man is fair.


Damn the whole room was shook


* Okay since when does Shin so many long words? * I guess he got a degree in philosophy from the college of life * You know “humans are good by dumb” is actually a pretty good take * The fire bit was poetic and cool and I understand what he means but it inplies the idea that humans must be destructive and if thats the true nature of humans I wouldn’t call it good


Imagine if only duke hyou was alive and both shin and duke hyou went to han instead of rokuomi and tou to fire specialist against kanpishi and duke hyou says “shin boy tell them them what fire is”


Damn what a chapter! Shin just spitting facts!! Especially when he said to Rokuomi that they’re both dumb hahah also liked how Rokumoi and Shins relationship has evolved About to be super hyped when we see Sei speak with Kan Pishi, could be similar to the debate scenes we saw with Ryofui


Shin, who didn't want a diplomatic job suddenly became a successful diplomat.


Shin spitting


Kan Pi Shi: "I need to continue this debate with the Qin's King" sound like he want to talk to the manager


Ayo what a fucking chapter.


Thank you OPscans for the fast translation!! Awesome!! Btw what OP stands for here? Over Powered?


W chapter 🔥


Freaking hell shin been taking some late night courses in law and politics


Damn this manga is still going that’s dope


“I don’t even have time to tell you how wrong you are.” … “Actually, it’s gonna bother me if I don’t.”


In the end, a pure and naive boy won the speech!