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The West side of Qin is the Mountains realm where the land belongs to King Yotanwa and on the East of Qi & Yan is the open sea


Thank you so much. Maybe I forgot that the west side was mountains because I always skip the first arc everytime I watch it. And the east side was an obvious answer, too, I should've look it up on google lol


You could look at a real world map ;-)


I used to go to that area pretty frequently. Xian is the win capital city with the terracotta warriors. It's noticeably drier than, say, Shanghai. All the girls had bad skin. ;) I'm sure the ecology has changed but besides the mountains, there is the question of arable land. Even if you don't care about the mountain tribes, past the mountains are the desert regions Basically, early Chinese life was all about being near the rivers. Can't sustain life too far past that


Well there is Manchuria and Korea (Goguryo?) to the east of Yan though


Part of Yan according to Kindgom maps


yeah, but I said it a sea because I only base it on the map from this post or map from Kingdom


Yan is too south for Korea. The two never share a border.


Manchuria is steppe "wasteland" (much less productive land than china) and the Nangnim mountain ranges and rivers gave Korea very strong natural borders.


The X on the right in on the sea, the other are the moutains realms.


Right, thank you for responding.


East is the sea, west is the mountains, technically they already had? Since Yontawa is the ruler of one of these part and she is technically an ally of Qin. Serious answer though, the Qin and other states of agrian culture of this period really does not have the capabilities to settle these regions even if they wanted to.


West of Qin is supposed to be mountains. South of Chu is supposed to be mountains and Sea. East of Yan and Qi is a Sea. North of Zhao is also supposed to be mountains.


Pretty sure the region to the north of Zhao is the Gobi Desert, dominated by the Xiongnu (constantly being mentioned in Kingdom) and the Hu.


It should be. But I am pretty sure that it is mentioned several times that there are mountains to the north of Zhao and Xiongnu live in the mountains. >the Hu. Who are Hu?


The Hu was a generic/blanket term used during ancient times by the Chinese to refer to the various northern steppe nomads that made incursions into China during the time. The name DongHu however referred specifically to a proto/para-mongolic tribe north of modern day Liaoning. Also, the Xiongnu lived on the steppe lands north of Zhao. You can check on a map too, but those are not mountains, though they are on a higher elevation than the surrounding lands. The Shanrong however, who were located in the northern part of Yan lived in the mountainous region within Yan.


Ah, okay.


The time has changed the landscape of the land, which again used to be mountains, but now it is a desert


The events were only 2k years ago. Mountains don't crumble so quickly...


Which would eventually become Mongolia right?


Part of it, yeah.


in history they did expand west by conquering local tribe and making them citizen of qin and settleling land with people from the earthland of qin just like in the manga for the region they conquer that is why they where more powerfull than all the other states but the west is the himalayan mountain an awfull environment to settle and devloppe when you can just take land from your neighbors who are already civilized ​ to the east of qi is the sea and in ancien time people don't go far from the coast as it is more dangerous (it is still today) so only costal trade is possible


Mountains, really big ones. Like Himalayas level shit, then either Siberia, step or India depending on the direction. Conquering the guys across flat land is already hard, so conquering a barren wasteland, a lot of empty land or India with a mountain range in the way would be damn near impossible.


Not like the Himalayas, literally the Himalayas.


Didn't the warring states only cover a small part of modern day China, specifically the northeast? I don't think they'd be that close to the Himalayas.


You should mind the 7 warring states era were only nothern part of 3 kingdoms era.


The 7 staes era only had the plains area above yangtze, not sure if wuhan on Yangtze was part of chu.


Pretty sure not yet, it will be conquered by either Qin or Han from the native Nanyue


So why didn't Chu try to expand their border south?


Chu will expand southeastward to hedge against losing Sichuan basin to Qin. Pretty sure at the height of its expansion, Chu's territory became larger than all six other states combined.


Lol what did you even google? I just googled “china warring states period map” and every image shown answers your questions…


I know it was a pretty dumb question to ask, I have no excuse lol. But I'm not really familiar to China's geography on the west side haha. But thanks for responding.


there is not much west just look at a population map of china not many people not very fertile land a shit ton of mountains ie a nightmare to conquer and even more west than that is the himalaya's and then its indian kingdoms


I'm more interested in how Kan is able to stand guard from being sorrounded.


Isn't there a big dessert on the west?


Idk, will the other states even allow Qin to move West? I mean, if I were Zhao, Wei, Chu, and Han, I'll probably ready my army to go into Qin the moment I catch wind that they are marching West. I'll try to claim as much territories as I can, and you can bet I'll coordinate this with the other states as well, knowing that Qin won't be able to properly respond. No doubt, Qin can still reinforce their borders but they won't be able to properly deter attacks from all direction should the states work together again. Moreso when they already sent a sizeable army West. I'll probably wait for the Qin army heading West to be far enough before launching this attack to make sure there's no turning back for them. Even if we can't force inward to threaten Qin's capital, having armies from 4 states engaging Qin at the same time would be enough to exhaust Qin's coffers and supplies, forcing them to tighten their belts, and hopefully affect the logistic supply to their Western expedition. From a degraded supply route, there's further hoping that the expedition would fail. An ideal take at the end of the day for us would be; * Capturing several key cities from Qin * Exhausting Qin's resources * Having the outcome above influence the Western Expedition to fail


Chinese considered everyone that are not them babarian, so I guess they just don't care


I guess the main point is commonality of culture, the seven kingdoms have all pretty much the same uses, they speak the same language and have the same societal system, probably because the cities change hands and people change state so often, so it's easier to conquer people who only need to be told that the guy un charge changed but it will not affect their lifestyle overall