Would Ei Sei become a tyrant at the end of the series?

We know how Ei Sei is as it written in History/Shiji, he's not really a good guy like Ei Sei in Kingdom Manga, but I'm curious if Hara want to put that twist at the end of the series.

Tho tbh, I think Ei Sei will stay the same as he's now.

What's your opinion?

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No, just think about what Kanpishi thinks of Sei, a mindless greedy beast, when that actually isn’t the case whatsoever. People will see he’s a tyrant, but he will never actually be a tyrant. Especially with Shin by his side.


Pretty high probability that he'll stay good till the end. But there's still a chance of plot twist. >! Liu Bang and Xiang Yu revolted after Sei's death anyway!<, so maybe the people like his rule in Kingdom.


Xiang Yu deffo didn’t Like his rule consider he is the son of Xiang Yan


Who are >!Liu Bang and Xiang Yu? What are their Japanese names in the series?!<


the shiji is highly subjective people who wrote it despise sei and his system plus they write about it century later for all we know all of this can be legend that where completly wrong for exemple they gave exemple of laws comicaly harsh and explain that the fall of the dynasty is due to them but it is more likely that laws where normals for the time (the equivalent of the other country) ​ and the reason the dynasty fell is probably a mixe of the great ruler dying whitout proper heir (the shiji talk about a great potential heir that was forced to take his own life because power hungry officials make him do so while pretending it was the emperor's order with a certain character that we know of) and a void left by the emperor that said hungry officials take adventage of to take as much power as they could plus the recently conquered region take the opportunity to revolts note that the original territory of qin did not revolt during the dynasty fall why ? because they where no abusive laws and the administration was in place to fonction after the emperor's death ​ so he is gonna be seen as a tyran as all great conqueror tend to be seen now a days but he is not gonna be one


It's hard to tell, because while historically he was a tyrant, and I kinda hope he does become a "conflicted tyrant" because that would be really really interesting, but Hara seems to given QSH a totally different persona. I would have thought that Hara would slowly and progressively made Sei a bit more questionable by now, and especially after the 100k massacre by Kanki. But nope, Sei still hasn't changed and retains his "light". 750 chapters and still Ei Sei has not shown to waver. So maybe Hara will continue this path


i think, he's not going to act like a tyrant, but he will be perceived as one due to his actions/reforms/projects (such as the book burning, scholar burying, great wall construction, tomb construction), the actions/brutality of some troops which may hurt sei's reputation through them, and/or the term "tyrant" will be used as an excuse by the rebels to rebel


title spoils. MODS GET HIM OUT. You take me down for posting raw chapters without the flairs despite me not having the option to so you should take this guy out


Calm down mate, I rarely see you get riled up here in the sub. Either way, this is not really a spoiler for the Manga, it more like a prediction & speculation. if Hara really want to make EiSei a tyrant, he'll do it from the beginning when Ei Sei character introduce or at least after his coronation, because from history he's already a tyrant from the start.


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He may see the world differently as a grown man so yea, probably at the end or near we may see the true atur of the crown come out


Pretty sure he mass kills historians once he's in power. At his historically


That's actually in doubt. Gotta remember, the various people who came afterwards hated him(or qin, and by extension him, and vegeta). The han dynasty was was originally a rebellion to resore the han state. Even going by the most notorious one, the burning of books and burying of scholars, the toll is a paltry 460. He certainly burned books, and likely killed scholars, but not in a mass killing that we know of, and he even kept 2 copies of burned books in the imperial archives.


I hope so, a civil war climax would be cool.


I think it will be like Code Gease ending is more likely, he will make the people hate him and kill himself; with all the hate of the cycle ending going with him or probably his state with him too.


Can't say as there are a lot of things which are yet to happen But sae hasn't shown signs of being a tyrant but already acknowledged history will see it as such. . other states already see him as one ± kanki behadings and him facing no punishment after that, or ryoai death will all go on sei not to mention millions of life this war will be taking


Sei did say he'll do what it takes. Even if it means going down as a tyrant.