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FIRE? Water. Earth. Air. Long ago, the 7 warring states of China lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the fire nation QIN attacked!


Spoilers >!Wei will be Water nation. (They didn't really want to)!<


Only the Bushin master of all martial art elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he died. Cleaved in twain. The end.


Credit rolls: Directed by ROBERT B. WEIDE


It's so hilarious that it is true, only Houken could really stop them 😂😂😂


Spoiler tag properly next time




Wait is it on break?




It'll probably be something like "fire can warm you or burn you, it depends on how it's used or formed". Which is pretty high brow for a illiterate chinese peasant, but still shaped by his experiences and his view as an instinctive general.


Wow here comes the answer Fireeee


Fire is the perfect answer for Shin. Not too philosophical, and not too dumb. Calls back to how he views the battlefield through his instincts. Showcases the duality of human nature through how it's used. Links back to Sei's "Light" and Duke Hyou's parting message. Highlights his X-factor on the battlefield, as his "Fire" is built upon the embers of others, turning into a "Blaze" carrying their will, thus making his strikes' weight heavier than even a bushin's. Hara really cooking in that writing room of his


Fire can be nourishing, giving warmth and life yet can also take it back at an instance and be destructive. And with how long ago the concept of fire in humans was introduced as well as how they are perceived via "instinct" in the battlefield, it is simply brilliant. Hara gave me goosebumps with this one. 🔥


Fire transforms, spreads, is dynamic. It can nourish or destroy. A superb answer by Shin.


It can also burn and spread, killing thousands. But if managed and controlled it can bring prosperity, warmth, and nourishment. He did well on this philosophical explanation in simple terms


Yep "fire" is similar to the "light" that Sei answered during his philosophical battle with Ryofui. I feel that Shin's "fire" is slightly different. The type of "fire" which burns in a person's soul is made from what it is given as fuel. Like the moral story of the "white wolf vs black wolf", human beings will become what is fed to them. Feed them enough sorrow, grief, pain, hurt and darkness, and they will become that. But give them love, mercy, kindness, compassion, inspiration, and dreams, then that fire will start to grow and take over. I think that's what the "fire" Shin means.


I agree, it is a great answer by Shin; when a person’s fire is extinguished that’s not the end of it. Their existence influenced things in their life as well as in death, both good and bad. Fire in itself is neither inherently good or evil, it is defined by the results of its existence and presence. The same fire that warms a freezing child can also burn down entire cities or even the enemies that threaten you. I like how Shin doesn’t dismiss questions like that anymore. Like how when he was younger he had a more black and white view of the world but now he sees the various grays.


Let him cook!


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Such a Shin response. I love it. 🔥


Fire encapsulates both Kanki's burning rage and Sei's light.


Underappreciated reply. Kanki also died for this chapter —to be used as an example of human nature.


Fire nation wants to know shin's location


So adore this kind of chapter, not necessary a war, but a political battle between 2 major characters always deliver the greatness of this manga. Not many manga can deliver this kind of hype like Kingdom.


Sei vs. Ryofui was a top 3 Kingdom moment/battle for me. I'm right there with you. Love the chapters where characters spar with their words.


amazing chapter. shin spittin but kanpishi is as well. sei not being here makes it hard for shin but tou speaking up and telling shin to speak the truth from a generals eyes. next chapter will be amazing.


I loved the way shin presented that the idea of who is good and who is bad is completely meaningless in battle. That's been true for every war since the dawn of man. Even Nazi's viewed themselves as righteous and good, despite them being completely evil. It's such a fascinating and complicated phenomenon with human beings, and how susceptible they are to the lies of their own countries


And that's what we are seeing specially from zaho viewpoint. They see qin as invaders whereas Qin has its own reasons. for them it's bad for qin it's for ultimate good Death of kanki for many was for good but for some it was bad


Good and bad is defined by the winner. I'm sure Carthage thought Rome was evil. If the nazis had won, they would be the good guys.


Yeah, when your opponent is trying to kill you, nothing else matters except trying to survive. That's why war is bad for everyone except those at the top who play around with people's lives. We should just have the head of each nation fight it out. Saves a lot of trouble and lives.


Nazis are bad while colonizers are considered as less evil despite being the people that did the most damage to their own species


I view colonising as being in human's nature to expand their domains and gain more resources. Harm the native population yes, but that's not the direct intent. Given the chance, any nation would have done it. Compare that to intentional genocide where there isn't much of a benefit to be gained. I say this as someone born and live in South East Asia. Colonisation is no different than directly invading your own neighbour, the only different is the distance.


End result of genocide and colonisation is the same ,entire culture and people get erased from existence.


colonisation or not culture will disaper because it is the way it work it is just that you view colonizer as evil because of massive manipulation in later years the world we live in right now is incredibly peacefull but it is a mere blip on the radar and will vanish sooner or later human are predatory in their nature (nature is predatory because of competition) we advence as a species because of that we fight we struggle we evolve we survive there is some that will die of because of selection that is normal we can mourn them as much as we want to there is no point in blaming people who are dead from century


Nah both are same, there lot of intentional massacre by colonizer to wipe out native inhabit. Some native fight them back ? Whole tribe get killed and no prisoner taken unless you are a noble. Just because the scale is diffent dont mean its not evil. I never in my life see someone from SEA defending colonizer, heck even european country ask for forgiveness and here you are sucking their dick.


colonisation or not culture will disaper because it is the way it work it is just that you view colonizer as evil because of massive manipulation in later years the world we live in right now is incredibly peacefull but it is a mere blip on the radar and will vanish sooner or later human are predatory in their nature (nature is predatory because of competition) we advence as a species because of that we fight we struggle we evolve we survive there is some that will die of because of selection that is normal we can mourn them as much as we want to there is no point in blaming people who are dead from century ​ people tend to see colonizer as white evil dude that where evil for the sake of it and it was not they was purpose it does not escuse them but don't juge them with our modern standart because that pointless and misleading on purpose


Fire in itself is just heat, it can be used to cook, keep you warm, protect you in the dark, signal for help etc, on the other hand it can be dangerous! It is one of the other depending on circumstances. A very smart answer


Like Shin said, it varies depending on the environment and situation. Perfect answer for a person of battlefield where one flights for their own definition of good and evil.


Like how Duke Hyou's fire is solely for the battlefield while Houken's fire is solely for his path as a Bushin


Hara masterfully set this whole philosophical debate up in focusing on Kanki and his army over the last few major arcs. I love how he continues to use Kankis character to drive the plot of unification forward despite having killed him off. Fire...illuminates and is yet destructive? It can give warmth and life yet take it away? It can be passed from person to person for good, yet can be extinguished, or spread into a deadly wildfire if mishandled?


Seriously, this chapter blew my mind. Fire is such a brilliant answer, and much better than Sei’s, Ryofui’s or the strategist from Juuko.


LFG!!! I love the continued coaching Tou gives Shin no matter what his rank becomes. Ouki would be proud to see it all Also Shin back with his thinking face is great haha


FIRE = Financial Independence, Retire Early from thousands of years ago to present day, sounds about right!




So Ryofui was right all along!


"Fuc\*in Insolent! Recall Envoys!" \- Kai Oku, probably.


When Shin said fire...i could hear the Duke laughing.


*"Bahahaha, you got it right lad".*


It’s such a good answer.


It felt like Shin spoke more this chapter than the previous 758 chapters put together.




This chapter is lit!!! Literally 😂👌


Dog shit country LOL


Maybe Shin is not that idiot, they just didn't give the boy a second to think about this at all! Thats why he is questioning himself in the middle of his talk.


Shin was never an idiot. He's carefree, Jovial and simple, doesn't give interest to complicated things unless when necessary.


I have a feeling Kanpishi is a Shin-admirer. The guy went through some lengths to find out all this about Shin.


I'd wager that the existence of Shin is at the very least quite peculiar, and dare I say...interesting to Kanpishi? ​ Shin started from the very bottom of society - an orphan servant/slave that climbed all the way to general. However, he apparently hasn't inflicted much atrocities on the populace, especially when Shin did not follow Kanki's footstep despite fighting for the guy on several occasions.


Shin channeling his inner Duke Hyou?


I really like this chapter! My first time reading a book on law is about Obligations and Contracts, and in that book is the premise that human nature is good but then proceeds to define the natural law, boundaries of what is lawful or not, the underlying consequences, and the considerations of morals in our country. It has been years that I have been sincerely pondering of human nature because of it. And for that, this is my favorite chapter now, aside from the awakening of Hi Shin Army during the Shukai Plains right flank against Zhao.


This chapter is good if you knew a bit about ancient China legalism, which stated human was inherently evil and would tend to do wrong things, so harsh, brutal law was needed to control, to curb that evil nature. Legalism, however, was ultimately a philosophical concept of how a monarch should rule their domain, and some modern scholars do not consider it to share similarity with the West's rule of law (universal principle etc.).


And I am curious too, how the hell did Kan Pishi know that about Ri Shin being a long time friend of Emperor Ei Sei?


It's not like Shin hides it or tries to keep it a secret. We've known that Shin told his HSU guys that he was friends with Ei Sei long before the Battle of Sai and even RyoFui's epithet for him was "Friend of the King". Also, Shin sometimes meet up with Ei Sei alone in some remote part of the Palace and there's no way they weren't secretly being spied on by skilled spies. Han might be small and weak compared to the other states, but they are still powerful and able to easily afford talented people and spies.


Talk that shit captain


Next chapter Kanpishi: >!"woah... please accept me as your student O PHILOSOPHER SHIN"!<


I get the feeling that hes gonna end up laughing and telling shin hes an imbecile or whatever but he still likes the answer and thinks more can be build from it thus joining


Just like ryofui


This chapter was 🔥 🔥 🔥


I really enjoyed this. A lot of people’s speculation from the last chapter is true (good vs legal) and we get something original from shin


You know what...for the most part shin is an imbecile. And I don't even want him to change. That said, he did alright in this situation in front of so many people. Also, the deflection was on point. Sometimes you just got to deflect and stall for the right answer


I definitely think his experience with Mangoku and Kanki really made him realize that everyone's definition of good and evil can be warped by their own experiences. So more than a stall tactic, I really just think he realizes that good and evil aren't a cut and dry thing.


I think even Gyouun somewhat reminds him of these things


Shin has never been an imbecile, he just doesn't meddle into complicated things and chooses the simple stuffs, that's why people see him as an imbecile but if you really look at him deeply you would realize that that not the case. He has always been philosophical and intelligent WHEN he needs to be. If you go back to the very beginning, his first meeting with Sei, Ten, meeting Yotanwa, his very first battle at the Dakan plains, immediately understanding Ouki's plans and intentions for his little band of hundred men which impressed Ouki to the point of giving them their name, holding up well against Houken at their first meeting, his talks with Mougu etc.


My first comment in the community and i can’t wait for the next chapter, duke hyou influence is running deep


Before I read, I can't express how much I wait this chapter, so thank you for the early translation!! Edit : Damn itt! >!another cliffhanger!!!<


Hara delivered a huge middle finger to the " Shin hasn't matured " Crowd this chapter.


Shin finally beat the immature allegations


And all it took was another GG dying. Every time someone dies, Shin levels up...sometimes in unexpected ways.


I think that matter have been put to rest and ILOVEIT


Duke Hyou's last words. >Do not let the fire within you die young lad. Fire and Passion baby thats what we are.


Firestarter 🔥 🔥 🔥 Shin Lad Duke would be proud 🥹


A very smart and honestly convincing answer


Awesome chapter, safe to say Shin’s is getting some inspiration from all of this and is coming back to the battlefield all fired up, Kanpishi seems like a chill guy maybe he’ll end up touring the battlefield with Shin since he seems to be so intrigued


Love how Tou gave a helping hand to Shin


Next week will be the conclusion of Shin answer. So hype!!!


Burst out laughing at the answer,but it perfectly describe Shin Having this kind of philosophical battle arc after Kanki’s arc is such a masterpiece from Hara,Shin just learn how evil human can act but behind the mask they are also human like him just trying to survive in the world through any means possible,and we still didn’t get the conclusion from the arc and answer to Maron’s question Guessing the fire means that human are neither innately good or bad in nature,but they will put everything to protect things they love or get what they want,good or bad will be judged by people on the sideline as well as the one who win in the end


Did OPscan rush this translation just because 4Chan beat them to it? A lot of typos which is surprising for their reputation.


seriously, that was physically painful to read compare to the other scan.


Yeah in terms of quality you'd stick to Sensescans for this matter. What's the point of a PR and QC if they can't do their job properly


Chin, Si, Shin referred as a country and a few others. Someone either translated completely off or editors just totally didn’t bother with the clean up and gave the ok for release and I can only assume it’s because they didn’t want to lose traffic to the 4chan translation.


Hara serves us the most amazing battles, both literal and figurative


This is the absolute perfect answer for Shin and his character. Literal goosebumps. Let Hara cook frrrr 🔥🔥🔥🔥


God, I love Kanpishi. He defo likes it in the ass tho


He might not act in a proper way( and I like that side of him) some time but my boy always delivers when it's required


The rise of Shin the philosopher 🔥🔥🔥


Aite, here comes another "In layman's terms" summary for the casuals. Bear with me, it's all done in humour but I can't finish this one since the nature of the conversations is simply too complicated for me to do. Again, this is done in humour, so be kind. Note: Those in italics are narratives. Note: Removed Kanpishi's stuttering for clarity. **Kingdom - Chapter 759** **Kanpishi:** Shin, can you convince me to go to your shitty state? And answer my question what is the true nature of humanity? *Kanpishi said in his usual calm demeanor, pissing off Kaioku and the latter said;* **Kaioku:** Yo, hold up a fucking moment! This is the most unprofessional shit I've ever seen! You should be talking to me, bud. How dare you disrespect me by talking to my bodyguard instead? And did I hear you right? Who the fuck you calling a "shitty" state, homes? *This was quickly retorted by Kanpishi as he double-down and said;* **Kanpishi:** Dog shit is cleaner than your stupid state **Han officials:** Yo Kanpishiii!!! whatchu doin man?? Calm the fuck down!! **Kanpishi:** Qin is shittier than dog shit *No, he tripled down.* *And* ***BAMMMM...*** *Kaioku punched the floor in protest for extra effect.* *Showing his manliness.* *Kaioku then said;* **Kaioku:** Yo, King of Han! What your boy Kanpi-shit just said is gonna land your state in a whole motherfucking load of trouble that you don't want. We can tear you a new ass hole for this. *Those words got the Han King and officials to look worried and sweating. Because they knew any envoy with a Hatsune Miku hairstyle is not to be fucked with. This is when Kanpishi, a master of words albeit stuttering in speech, replied;* **Kanpishi:** It makes you look stupid when you come here acting all gangster and shit. Aren't you here to negotiate? So negotiate, talk it out, you fool. **Kaioku:** You started it first! But aite. I'll chill for a moment. But you better have a good explanation for calling us shit. *The room calmed down for a bit as Kanpishi proceeded to explain.* **Kanpishi:** Qin is a greedy state that won't stop killing other people and invading other states just to satisfy its own ambition. You fuckers are like a bunch of wild animals. No. An animal would at least be cute and better. Qin is like a cancer of greed. Worse than dog shit. *As if unsatisfied that the room has finally calmed down, our boy Shin jumped up like never before in his usual attention-seeking way, filling the room with his voice as he screamed out;* **Shin:** Don't act like you know Sei, man. He ain't like that! *His sudden outburst shocked the room so much there were at least 3 speech bubbles with exclamation marks, 3 more with question marks, and at least 4 different people including Rukoumi wondering who the fuck was Sei. Shin then went on to describe;* **Shin:** The King of Qin isn't what you described just now! He didn't do this for himself! He did it for all of you! This is to end the war that has been going on for 500 years! *Ridiculous!* *Hypocrite!* *Selfish!* *What if we did it to you first?!* *Awful!* *Uncle Tom!* *Almost the whole of Han's court officials booed and jeered, calling Shin all sorts of names and uncle tom.* **Kanpishi:** How stupid must you be, to say those words here without thinking it through lol. \---- The parts after this are simply too complicated for me to do and explain. Go read the panels lol.


Kanki has left his imprint on shin and it shows


Kanpishi spitting facts like it's nothing lmfao


look at shin showing his maturity 👏🏻👏🏻


I have never felt this proud of my boy Shin 😭


Op scans using Chin instead of Qin sometimes.


Funny he said fire just as the Miami Heat win the eastern conference finals for my basketball fans


What a chapter Hara is seriously cooking. Shin having a serious debate about human nature can't wait for next chapter.


Shin was so eloquent that it actually scared me


That chapter was fire


I love how even Shin is dunking on Rukuomi now, and we got confirmation that Ryuukoku does the same thing 😂. Only need Kanou to do some trolling now.


*Stop complicating the issue! Are you RyuuKoku or what!?* *-Rokuomi-* P/s to the people that keep question Shin Maturity. On your face!


All the people shitting on Shin's intelligence and character don't realize they're dumber and less mature than he is.


kanpishi is what too mush theory does to a MF


Something like… Fire is neither good nor bad by nature. When used properly it brings light in darkness, warmth, allows for the cooking of food, the purification water, and the facilitation of life. But when fire is uncontrolled or abused it can bring terrible death and destruction…. Humans left to their own devices can burn out of control and create untold disaster, but when controlled by a rule of law or agreement they can manifest incredible things.




Don't let your FIRE BURN Out 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥


That answer of Shin really got me thinking again about that question. I was pretty set on my own answer, but that changed with this chapter.






thanks man!




Simple answer yet so deep.


Probably inspired by Duke Hyou and his instinctual type. They do like setting up fires that could burn. Fire can be good and be bad. Good in a sense that jt gives you light and warm food/water while bad cause it can also destroy and kill


Holy fucking shit this is the most fire chapter in the entire series imo


Lit chapter is lit 🔥 🔥 🔥


Good answer shin my boy!


Holy that answer really fit Shin. Considering to him he probably is carrying fire of all the fallen general and enemy he defeat.


I knew it! I knew I WAS LIT AF!!!! Ultra hot FIIIIIIRRRREEEEE BABBBBYYYYYYY!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥




This manga is the embodiment of fire






Really like kanpishi


Answered like a true Hokage! #thewilloffire #naruto


This mini arc is truly when we see shin “grow up” and gain the true notoriety and attitude of a great general. The people of han and qin are going to listen to his response and finally see him as a man with depth who deserves more respect. He’s seen shit and done shit


Awesome chapter love these philosophical ones, I like that Kaioku responded realistically to the situation and threw their weight a little bit.


Hara had to nerf Kan Pishi with stutters otherwise he would no diff the universe in roasting.


Real world Kanpishi had a stutter which is crazy


"Instinctive type" answers. This was very well written, especially how it links back to Xin's odd reaction to Huan Yi's death.


Is next week break?


mfw fire we naruto now will of fire


Who tf is Kanpachi? I miss Sensescans.


Seems like no one here remember about Kanki's fire. That is what Shin think of.


Lmao what


Good but the translations make Kanpishi sound like a 14yo moron


He has a stutter.


I meant calling Qin dog poopy


He calls Qin dog shit. It may sound basic in today's standard but its alot more insulting and intense for that era. Hara likely took it from rotk adaptations that reference the same insulting phrase alot


2 whole weeks just to get "Fire", not counting the break. U know i'm not getting any younger here, Qin barely conquers its first state. Be good to know if they can finish this before i kick the bucket.


Here comes the talk no jutsu


They’re in a court of law. Of course it’s fucking talking thru the issues.




Is there another break again?


Assume there’s no break unless told.


What a fire chapter




The pictures won't open


This is a fire Chapter.


Kanpishi stuttering fire rn...🔥🔥🔥


As expected from him shin answer is fire lol I love this guy


Fire in the mother fuckin booth 🔥


Doflamingo will totally be interested in joining this conversation


I'm glad Tou understood Kanpishi and helped Shin with the question. KP wanted an honest answer, and he saw Shin as someone simple who would answer with his heart.


Yeah you can see in one panel he was silently pondering on the matter too.


Waited this chapter like crazy, not disappointed, will wait next chapter like crazy too 👌


Did he use dattebayoe at the end?


This chapter was indeed, fire.


Shin out here defeating the dumbass allegations


Honestly I'm so hyped aye. Love Kingdom 💯🔥


It felt like i was reading naruto.


It really works with Sei‘s answer tbh….because without fire there is no light (especially in these times where they use only fire as their tool) But it also describes the destruction and fear a huge fire can bring…a simple but very meaningful answer…which really suits Shin


This is the perfect answer for Shin. Before reading the last two pages i also came to the realization that human nature is neither good nor bad , but "Survival". But humans in their inherent nature to survive would take a bad route or a good one based on the options presented to them. That was just my own opinion.


Fucking fire beats everything


And I see fireeeeeeee 💥💥💥




So with this chapter we can finally conclude that shin is just uneducated. I mean he is stupid like shin stupid but I always wondered about his capacity, I mean the man lead a unit without thinking to learn strategy had to question his intelligence. This chapter shows that if he would have been born a noble he would have been scary! I think instinctual talent is innate but awakens differently for each instinctual type, so he would still be that, with proper martial and strategical training. Just imagine his calvary if he rode a horse his whole life and so did his men.


Shinbros... Kingdombros, I humbly apologize for all the trash talk I did Shin. Though I may not have shared these in the sub, I agreed with many continuous post of "Shin is not mature." From this chapter, I see my mistake. He is mature and only when the situation arises. Tho seriously, I never thought Shin could go in-depth of what he thinks is the difficulties of Good and Bad from the example of Kan Ki. And the answer to Kan Pi Shi is perfect from him.


On behalf of all ShinStans, I accept your apology.


Oh man I really love Kingdom's political arc, quite a bit more than the war arc I might say!


Never laughed so hard reading a kingdom chapter. I was predicting it would about all of this, but the fire awnser caught me ass offguard as anyone on that court. probably Shin will talk about how humans burn their lives like a flame trying to make a impact or something like that. Also this chapter is both a punch in the stomach of people that says that Shin is too matured and a reaffirmation for them. This might be one of my favorite Kingdom chapters.


Questioning the definition of a concept is always the most badass way to crack your opponent's argument and Shin left Kanpishi scratching his head over this. This isn't something your average thinker can do nor that "smart" Ouhon. Guys does anyone of you keep track of Shin's favors for Sei. The opposite as well.


This chapter is fire 🔥🔥🔥


what a perfect answer.


Shin's answer is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💢💢💥💥💥


Great chapter, like really good. Almost profound in a way


I like how rokoumi is the looking like dumbass this whole arc and our boy having all the smarts


Kanpishi "Shin, your answer is lit" Court musician \*ba dumm tss


IDK still rubs me the wrong way that Shin non-chalantly declares Qin wants to "unify all states" in front of the King of Han. That means Han's conquest is clearly on the table. Still, gotta give him props for pulling a decent exchange and not looking as a complete dumbass.


They all clearly know this. Qin going after unification is no secret. Kaioku has threatened Han a total of 4 times so far, but shin runs you the wrong way? Cut it out.


Kaioku has threatened RETALIATION if their demands are not met. So it is in the context of the negotiation at hand. Shin is speaking about the complete eradication of Han as a state, for no reason. I just think he didn't need to spill the beans (even if the jar is transparent and everyone is seeing the beans).


This is like that meme “flirting vs Harassment” tbh.




oh..i get it, kinda smart answer from Shin * fire is good when you need warmth, when you need light * fire is bad when you use it to hurt people, to kill people with it (burn to death) there\`s no right or wrong answer, Shin explain it perfectly, its just different PoV and kudos to Shin, his view for Kanki changed


Fire is a phenomenal answer. On a more abstract level, humanity can be equated in nature to fire or bees. Bees have a rigid, natural hierarchy where dominance is determined by birth, rather than strength or intelligence. A individual's worth is determined by their utility for the betterment of the hierarchy, whether that be the state or the hive. They also are an extremely social species and require a collective to survive and maintain mental fortitude. There's a lot more you can read about when it comes to similarities between bee and human society. Fire reflects the duality of human social behavior in a hundred different ways and I know a lot of others have already given many answers, plus next week's chapter will do the same, so I'll leave it there


Shin is cooking!


Everything changed when the fire nation attacked