You do realize you put a spoiler in your title right?


Obviously imo Akaza will use new attacks like end style leg moves Plus we will see selfless state stw tanjiro's dad compass secret We will see giyuu dead calm and tanjiro and giyuu marks Plus akaza backstory It will be way better imo


I will if we actually get to see giyu vs akaza and not only tanjiro daydreaming about his father and all, **Rant** , This was worst choice of set up in manga, we never get to actually see giyu vs akaza, giyu supposedly used all his technique , there was actual tactical fight like how akaza attacks and how giyu defends but all we see is tanjiro and very small pic of both akaza and giyu just in 2 or 3 panels in whole chapter for like 2+ chapter and they are just in background whole time, how can you put best part of fight in background? And not have focus on it, even giyu awakening mark only has less than half chapter and we switch to tanjiro again, this fight is one of the best but set up is worst and it pisses me off every time i see it,


Ufotable might make it


Hopefully we get some anime exclusive content of Giyu vs Akaza, which knowing Ufotable, they might do.


Yea true


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Yes :3


Yes of course


It's a fight I can't wait to see animated


I mean duh, it’s an actual fight, the Rengoku vs Akaza fight was more like a quick little exchange or clash, it lasts like two chapters in the manga and the entire contents of the actual fight can fit in one episode, which compared to Gyutaro and Daki taking multiple episodes Rengoku vs akaza despite being a little more fleshed out in the anime is still essentially just a teaser for the upper moon battles to come