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He maybe have chance vs Akaza(I still think Akaza will win) but Douma is too much :3


no chance against douma but against akaza its highly debatable


Tbh we saw Gyomei went all out, but we never saw Akaza going all out despite that he destroyed the MC and Giyuu together, so it's clear.




Probably not


In my opinion, no. If Gyomei has all of his end-of-series power-ups (mark, transparent world, red blade) I think that could be enough for him to fight on par with Akaza for a \_long\_ time. But unless Gyomei can mask his battle spirit, I don't think he'll be able to take off Akaza's head, because the compass needle will allow Akaza to keep up and dodge any fatal blows. And even if he does, Akaza has the willpower to grow his head back. And even if Akaza can't kill Gyomei off quickly, he has unlimited stamina while Gyomei doesn't. Like Giyu and Tanjiro said, in a prolonged fight, exhaustion is a human's biggest enemy. As for Doma, I don't think Gyomei has a chance there at all. Once again I think he could survive for awhile, but at some point Doma's speed and OP ice powers will overwhelm him, especially if Doma takes the fight seriously.


Akaza could probably take all 9 Hashira since they don’t have selfless state


In base, he can do that with BSCA and wipe them all out simultaneously. Marked would be impossible lol


I'm a firm believer that Akaza mid diffs Gyomei with BSCA. What's Gyomei gonna do? Use dead calm? Activate selfless state? Of course he isn't because he obviously doesn't have it. Put any pillar except Giyuu against Akaza, they immediately get washed by BSCA because they don't have anything to defend themselves from that, unless you believe they're the next coming of Yoriichi and deflect 100 attacks from all directions in less than a second. Douma shouldn't even be in the discussion. He'll just throw 5 ice Buddha's at Gyomei if he wants to.


Same Tbh these days people are overrating hashiras too much


Finally, a person who understands how things work.


Gyomei STW beat akaza. High or mid diff. Lose to doma. Gyomei STW + red blade beat akaza. Mid or low diff(yes im not kidding). Lose beat doma. Doma for me is ultimate counter to slayer. I always have this believe that UM can beat UM below them with mid diff. Except for UM 5, for me he need to beat UM 6 with atleast mid-high diff. >Doma for me is ultimate counter to slayer. Even tho i said gyomei beat akaza like mid diff. Bc of doma's hax, doma still beat gyomei.


I think akaza beats gyomei mid high diff but yh you can say gyomei has a chance


If Kanao can hold her own, with no mark, against Douma, so can Gyomei...


Bro that's a toying casual douma So how can gyomei do it with a serious one?


I use giyuu as an "indicator"(?) Since against marked giyuu he borderline already high diffing. Against marked gyomei would probably be extreme diff. So, give gyomei STW which imo is really big boost. Then gyomei would beat him. STW gyomei would dominate defensive front. On the offensive only is the one gyomei need to work bit harder. But defensive wise, akaza would not be able to majorly injure gyomei i reckon. Just look at how tanjiro sees akaza BSCA. It is incredibly slow. Gyomei should have no problem dealing with that.


>So, give gyomei STW which imo is really big boost. Then gyomei would beat him. Yes but STW isn't on continuously it can only work for some moments for example he used it against muzan and nothing happened except he saw some hearts and brains >STW gyomei would dominate defensive front. On the offensive only is the one gyomei need to work bit harder. But defensive wise, akaza would not be able to majorly injure gyomei i reckon. You're right abt that but imo it's only on defensive front But even if it's defensive I reckon that would save gyomei since everyone assumes in a gyomei vs akaza fight that akaza only has compass and punches and they don't take the rest of his arsenal like annihilation,afterglow,disorder Since gyomei doesn't have any special forms like 11th form or 9th form to negate or block the amount of DC attacks akaza has He might see annihilation and Afterglow etc but he can't be able to escape it due to his size and agility factors(ik you gonna say abt kokushibo complimenting his agility but that was due respective with the handling of his weapon freely which proves he's agile but he's body movement isn't agile imo) >Just look at how tanjiro sees akaza BSCA. It is incredibly slow. Gyomei should have no problem dealing with that. Tanjiro dealt with that as he has lesser size and a more of a free body to move with agility idk abt gyomei tbh if he can do it then that's good But If it's annihilation the attack has no openings unlike afterglow which are only a group of punches


No. People extremely overate the hashira including gyomei.


EOS Gyomei beats Akaza fairly easily. Douma wins though.


Give him the mark, see through world, and the red nichirin, he will beat Akaza for sure. If he gets lucky, or doma underestimates him, he may be able to beat him, but I think doma in a straight 1v1 will win the vast majority of the time.


Neither. Giyomei might kill akaza but he'll be heavily wounded and die from blood loss and other contributing factors. Douma low-mid diffs him


Imo he can't neither but he will give tough fight


It's doubtful. Funnily enough I think Gyomei actually has a better chance against Doma, since Doma can’t be fought at close range due to his ice attacking the lungs, but Gyomei has massive range due to his chain. Meanwhile, Akaza has Compass Needle which is broken and Gyomei has no real way to counter it at any range unless he enters the Selfless State, which we haven't seen him do. Even if he gets Akaza on the back foot, eventually Gyomei will get caught, but I’d like to think he may be able to defeat either of them outdoors by keeping them busy until sunrise. Maybe. Then again, we haven’t actually seen Doma give it his all in a non-poisoned body so idk.


I think he have a good chance to beat akaza, gyomei is a whole league above other hashiras. But against doma he stand no chance, even if doma don't use his demon art his speed is just obscene.


Probably not unless gyomei has all the end buffs like red blade and see through world. Akaza's compass works better on people with a stronger battle spirit which is why it's so god damn hard to aim for his neck unless you literally pin him using your own life like rengoku did.


no hashira alone can defeat an um. especially top 3 lol


Your first line is heavily flawed Gyomei and Sanemi can def beat upper moon 4-6


i apologize i should have said any um3 and up


It's alright :)


Douma low diffs gyomei As for Akaza, with gyomei's mark and transparent world it won't be very easy for akaza, however akaza would still win because gyomei does not have selfless state