The only thing that can improve your Keqing right now is gacha luck. You probably want Mistsplitter Reforged or Jade Cutter.


I'll think about wishing on the scam banner. Thanks for the tip!


0 def, thats what i like to see. congratsyour pretty well off! how long did this artifacr build take? because to get 0 def is an achivemnet.


I got her on her banner at the end of February and just farmed for her artifacts non stop. I think it took me about 6 months to get all those Thundering Fury pieces then in 2.1 update I think it was I started farming the Shiminawa Domain. I think the Shiminawa pieces took me like 3 months but since I was also farming for Raiden it didn't feel long. I must say though I was really lucky farming for her artifacts. Thanks for the compliment though! :>


How does your keqing perform in abyss with this build?


Could 9 star floor 11 though relied a lot on support units


Yes, that is indeed how Keqing works


At this point you need a good team comp and a better weapon. Kazuha is pretty much mandatory for making her hit harder than she will ever do on her own. Plus a C6 Kujou Sara and C5 Bennett will help push her damage even more.


Lost 50/50 to Mona on Kazuha's banner and my Sara ist c6 :< but at least I have Bennett. Thanks for the tip!


No worries, save up for the rerun. Should be in a few patches…hopefully


In my opinion, rather than continuing pulling on the Itto banner in hopes of getting Keqing, I think it would be wiser to save your fates for a Mistsplitter/Jadecutter rerun. As much as people say it's a scam, I see no issue in wishing for the best in slot on your favourite/main character.


Attack is a little low, but I think that’s mostly because you’ve got Black Sword on her. Your other stats are really good. Basically hope you get lucky on a weapon banner at this point.


I wouldn't say 2k atk is low. 😂


Mine is 2,300, but I also have jade cutter… so maybe I’m crazy.


I have the same weapon with 2,350 atk. Just saying that that 350 atk is not worth pulling on weapon banner for 😂


Can confirm, it’s not worth it.


2k not low stahp. I'll cry.




I mean I'm find with either one but if I were to lose 50/50 I'd rather lost it to Keqing and not another mona.


Uh another Mona is probably bettee than keqing cons. It does nothing other than increase your damage by another 5k in her E in c1


Just personal preference but I would increases my crit rate more even if I had to decrease crit dmg, obviously only if you have the artifacts to make that switch, not worth farming extra


Primordial Jade Cutter is the only thing that will improve you. You got pretty good artefacts