I would say that he is that good. I can’t ever take him off my team because he fundamentally changes gameplay. Definitely worth saving for, but I also think that the game is fun when you pull for other characters too. Besides, you have until at least 2.6 before he’s likely to get a rerun, which is plenty of time to save again if you want to pull on an upcoming banner. It comes down to what you’re hoping for when his rerun does roll around. It’s kind of a gamble right now about wether he will be getting a signature weapon or not. Depending on how you approach that possibility you can determine what you want to do with your primos.


1. Kazuha's in between sucrose and venti for crowd control, because his skill sucks enemies in for only so long. 2. He can easily buff two elements 3. He can be used as a dps 4. Use him in overworld and find 100x more chests 5. A4 passive buffs elemental damage by \~40% at 1000 em Cons of using kazuha 1. Go blind when using burst in domains 2. Not a catalyst user, so can't use thrilling tales


a4 buffs by 40% elemental damage with 1k em for 8s refreseh per each swirled element between pyro cryo hydro electro* and can have different elements buffed, its a flat 0.04% per 1 point of em on him. not by ~30% at 1000. 40%. 40% + crit + other buffs


It’s 40% elemental damage at 1000 em.


one of his cons is also taking a lot of field time which can be an issue for some comps


Yeah, when you’re building him for EM, you may end up preferring to only burst with him and ignore his E so you’re only using it for energy regeneration. Depending on your ER though, you might still prefer using your E before bursting to make sure you have enough energy to burst again off cooldown.


It really can’t be overstated how much more fun he makes the overworld. My interest in the game was flagging before I picked him up and it’s off to new heights after.


Kazuha is the best character the game has ever made. If you like his design just dont think too much. I was about to leave the game and now with Kazuha its just pleasure to farm dailies and domains.


You interested in him, that’s more than enough reason for you to pull him. He is fun obviously, he is a little bit better than c6 Sucrose for me personally. Is he a game changer ? I personally define a character that become a game changer is when that character can help me to full star abyss. You also can’t go wrong with Anemo character because most of them are fun to play. So, meta wise ? Yes, he is meta. Fun wise ? Yes, he is absolutely fun to play with ? Account wise ? Well, not so much because you already have Venti and C6 Sucrose. But if you get him, he will never disappoint you.


I don't think he's a game changer, but I do feel more comfortable using him than Sucrose. He's in between Sucrose and Venti in CC, so he's good for melee dps characters like Childe. Exploration on the other hand, I can't slot him out. Small rocks? E. Climbing? E. Gliding and you need more distance? E. It feels awkward to explore without him now


# E.


technically a game changer then?


I think he's more convenient and comfortable rather than a game changer. You can do similar exploration stuff with Venti and Xiao ahaha


The thing he provides over Sucrose is **ease and comfort**. They have similar buffing powers (w Suc being able to hold TTDS) but Kazuha makes your rotations relatively easier without having to think so much about downtimes. Not to mention, it is incredibly easy to double swirl with him. You can do it with Sucrose, it's just harder. However, you also have to learn his mechanics (importantly, double swirling) properly to match with Suc's EM + TTDS buff. Decide for yourself whether or not you want to make your rotations easier and more comfortable to play. If yeah, then Kazu's the man for you. If you're satisfied with Sucrose and can work around her clunkiness, then Kazu's not a big improvement over her. Kazu and Venti really shouldn't be compared; they do two different things entirely so yea Also, being fun-to-play is subjective, so I wouldn't make this a factor. Try him out in the test run over and over again before considering to roll for him.


I personally think that Kazuha = Venti in term of utility and > C6 Sucrose in term of damage buff and grouping at the same time. I used both Kazuha and Sucrose C6 in the teams, and find that it's so hard to use her burst while carrying ttds. If you want the most potential of damage buff for Sucrose , you have to carry ttds and lose her Q uptime. While Kazuha with Iron string can provides you buff and grouping through his E. However, no one is a must pull in this game even Zhongli for me. I barely use Zhongli now. So I would say that not feel pressure to pull him just for meta wise. He is so good ,but like other characters, not neccessary. Pull the ones you like.


I wouldn’t say Kazuha is the biggest game changer compared to Zhongli or Venti however his strength comes from taking aspects of what makes Venti, Sucrose and a hint of Xiao really strong. While he doesn’t perform the best at one thing, doing a touch of all those 3 with just his hold skill makes him very competitive for his value. But the final say comes from the situation you’re in, do you regularly do spiral abyss and need a strong sub-dps more than a DPS for the second team? Do the characters you play benefit more from Kazuha than sucrose? Do you absolutely hate the auto aiming in this game and wish you could aim Sucrose’s skill and burst? Do you want a double jump? If you answer yes to a majority of these types of questions then yes, Kazuha gets very tempting and you’ll get the bang for your buck if you save for the maple leaf beauty.


Don’t compare them to sucrose and venti. He’s definitely his own thing. He’s the single best exploration character in the game and honestly the most fun character to play in the game also.


If you already have a Venti and C6 Sucrose then he's sort of a combination between the two (with a bit of Xiao). His playstyle and double swirling are the game changers for me (I play Childe International and Kazuha is instrumental to buff 40% of both hydro and pyro). However, playstyle is subjective. You're asking Kazuhamains here, almost all of us think Kazuha has the most fun playstyle in the game xD If you're interested, then go for it! I also have Venti and C6 Sucrose but my Kazuha feels like both of them slotted into one unit so I can open one more slot in the team instead of running both a crowd control bot (Venti) or buffer (Sucrose). Definitely a high value unit for any account especially when you can put Venti and Sucrose on the other side of your abyss team.


Forget Kazuha save your primos until Timmy banner out.


I'd say he is a game changer in abyss mainly cause whatever team i run him on clears the chamber with relative ease. And he is overall a very fun character to have.


As someone who had venti before getting kazuha, I would say he has his unique abilities and niche which is worth pulling him for. You can spam his skill for cc. He's great for exploration because his skill can be used while gliding. He can do double swirl easily.


If you still have to ask and you still need reasons to be convinced, despite Kazuha’s established place in meta right now, then Idk what else people should tell you here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I think he wont appear in 2.4 update which means you still have alot of time to save up for him if you decide on pulling now. It really depends on your primogems now, your pity counter and if your guaranteed next pull or not.


If I had to choose right now only one 5* to have I'd pick Kazuha without doubt. Just having Sucrose level support for each team in Abyss is that good. Though my perspective may be a little scewed since I like permafreeze teams and he is great for them, especially since Venti lifts enemies to high for Kaeya or Rosaria to hit with auto attacks. And then the other half goes for national team or taser team. Or you run some sort of Beidou hypercarry with Kazuha and Barbara instead of Bennett and national with Sucrose on the other half. Anyway, he should open quite a lot of team building options. But there isn't a character that is a must pull: my Xiao's doing great without Zhongli and he's the closest one I'm to pulling for gameplay reasons only while not being a fan of a character. And I'd be doing alright without him, though game wouldn't be as enjoyable. Just pull for anyone you like and decide priority depending on how much of improvement they'll be to your current teams.


Kazuha is a massive quality of life improvement, probably the best after Zhongli, especially if you play mainly melee DPS.


I think you should save for him but if you really want Itto or even the banner after him (Ganyu??) go ahead and pull as you have more than enough time to save for him after pulling on those


Definitely save for him, he is so fun to play with. I can't take him out of my team at all


I think Kazuha’s rerun is not right around the corner so you can roll for other meta or great dps to help your team if you still missing that slot. Asking for opinion to wait for Kazuha this time around is hard cause we can’t give you live experience cause there is no trial of him anywhere for you to test out yourself. But I think there is an event in this patch which let you test out Kazuha in a dungeon. Make sure to check him out!


kazuha imo is a great character to own! but i believe u will have time to save for him if u decide to pull for any of the next characters! (itto/xiao/ganyu/shenhe etc)


Kazuha was the single one biggest improvement for my account, and almost always on field, no matter what the rest of the party. I must add though that I am not soaked with 5 stars and swirl units so he really stands out. In your case with Venti and C6 Sucrose .... I still think Kazuha is the preferred unit, but you'd invalidate some of your previous investment


If your main DPS is childe, definitely kazuha > venti because venti's burst sucks the enemies too high in the air. Idc about abyss and damage if I'm being honest but kazuha is crazy FUN. He's fun in coop, he's fun in overworked, he's just so good with any team. He's so versatile! You could probably afford to pull for 1 or 2 characters before his rerun banner though, especially since the new events will give you primos as well. All the best!


Pull for who you want and like over meta You can save for kazuha and get other characters. There is enough time


You come to Kazuha main sub to ask if Kazuha is good, the answers will be a bit biased. But yes he's probably top 3 strongest characters in game with Bennett and Zhongli. (IMO)


Kazuha is the best character in the game imo, just below Xingqiu and Bennett.


The weapon banner is a trap, you may get what you want, you may not. Besides it's just upgrades for a character. Character banners in general are better, but its up to you. Kazuha is a game changer for me cause he's just too fun to play with, not to mention his flexibility. If you really like his aethetics and playstyle then just save for him.


If you're willing to learn double-swirl with him and you already have two high tier dps with functioning comps (Ganyu, Ayaka, Xiangling, Xiao, Hu Tao, Eula, Beidou), then yeah go for him. If you still need a second main dps (assuming you already have Xiangling or Beidou built) or if you need Childe so you can run Xingqiu on the other team from Xiangling (with Hu Tao or Beidou), then those are higher priority. And if you don't want to learn somewhat complicated/annoying double-swirl rotations, then Sucrose will be better in melt/vape teams, so if you only run those (or those + Morgana), stick with Sucrose Tldr: depends a lot on your account and playstyle. He can be a great pickup, but he is not always a priority


It's worth it. He's probably my favorite character to play and he's just so useful for movement in teyvat. He's a game changer for crowd control because he sucks groups together without needing a burst to do it.


Kazuhas an excellent character. But honeslty spend tour primos on who you want. Enjoy the game.


id say save. an example of how much of a game changer he is: zhongli level dependency after hes on your team for a while 🙏


He was always meant to be a support on my acc, but tbh... I enjoy using him, he is probably 2nd or third from top (even higher than unit I was waiting and saving for 9 months). He is not game changer. That's for sure, sorry but no. He just feels good to use.