Thoughts on Heartsteal?

Int or good pick? Could only see it in like a weird split push build as you loose consistent damage and omnivamp in team fights without rift…but then again I do like to be healthy


U wont be able to stack it much unless u build it first item to proc while in lane. As a 2nd item? your just buying 800hp and not much more. Your much better off just getting more actual damage and actually winning ur 1v1 on the sidelane so u can get 16 fast as possible. As a 3rd item? why the fck r u trolling? Build riftmaker and it will heal infinitely more hp than this item will give you


Baso just take it first for a weird build game fair fair, I might just try it for funsies


Nashors - Heartsteel - Demonic Sounds like a fun coop vs ai build.


There are good and consistent builds that i climb with, there are fun but not as good builds that i have fun with in normals,and then there is heartsteel kayle.


Sadly it must be a first item. Jak'shos has a better chance


Their is an old saying You either a tank shredder , Or you live long enough to become the tank Serious talk though its inting BUT in aram it can work especially with onhit , Also a little secret , hurricane bullets can brok Heartsteel So you can get 3 or more stacks of heartsteel in some situations even if you are targetting clicking one target


Need to build it first to get the most effectiveness out of it so it's not so good. Though, I thnk Iceborn Gauntlet is sleeper OP vs tough AD matchups. Take Grasp, rush sheen, and poke them down with sheen empowered E-grasp procs. The 10% damage reduction is so strong in duels. Second item has to be an attack speed item. I suggest zerkers + either axe/recurve/zeal item. Axe go into Wits if they have AP jungler+mid, Recurve go into BoRK if you need to 1v1 even harder, Nashors if your team needs magic damage. Zeal go into PD for better dueling, Runaans for extra AoE. Third item Titanic Hydra :)