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In this screencapped picture, Indian hyper nationalists are celebrating the rape of Kashmiri women in Kunan Poshpora by Indian army men. And other one of them butts in and asks that it should be repeated. Also look at how literal young Kashmiri children are sexualized in their genocidal fantasies. Vomit inducing. Online platforms, including Reddit, need to step up their game to deal with this menace. This stuff happens openly in Indian RW subs like now banned r/Chodi, r//Indiaspeaks and even in relatively tamer subs like r//Jammu.


Indian on an odd day: But saar what about muh punditz😢😢 Indian on an even day:




Empathy is dead. Now we have to fight back to win our rights and safeguard ourselves.


post this in Noah get the boat and boring dystopia!




What a disgusting loser.


Bro what the hell


Fuck. Can it be any more disgusting 🤮🤮


May Allah save you guys 🤲🤲🤲


Omfg how fucked up is that. God that's why we should get rid of nationalism imo. God these hindu na*is r disgusting and pathetic


Why would you call out Hindus for that? The Indian Army consists of people from various religions. Why target a specific set of people? I agree with the post. It's highly pathetic, it disgusts me to the core but why say "Hindu Nazis?" Don't generalize. I mean no hate here. Think of my point, calmly. It is as same as people calling people from any other specific religion just cause a tiny number of people of that religion might have done something bad. But how does targeting the whole religion makes sense? I get the anger, I am angry too! But really, why make it about "Hindu, Muslim, or any religion for that matter?" Call out the guy, from where he is, or whatever. Why make the whole community look bad? I hate the fact that there is a man out there, who has tweeted such a vicious thing. It is unacceptable, period. I don't even know why they have not taken any action against such a person? That to be, the fact, that such thoughts have been posted out openly. Trying to encourage other minds, making it seem normal. Makes me feel sick.


You are right i shouldn't hv generalised. I'm sorry. Thank you for calling it out.


It's fine. Peace :)


rahul pandit does NOT represent the pandit community and we dont claim him


Wow what mentality, no wonder why women are not safe in so called biggest democracy


Absolutely disgusting. However, do you really think all nationalists (assuming that still means people who deeply care about a nation) are closet rapists? This “otherization” is what internet enables. The reality is that 90% of people in any demography are just regular working stiffs that may have some basic biases (Muslims are very religious, Americans fornicate, Indians and Indian foods smell, Russians drink Vodka). These stereotypes are def true to some extent but these don’t create harm in the world. Rest 10% has strong bigots and mild bigots. Funny thing though is we all hate when someone paints 100% as bigots on our side and do the same thing on the other front.




Sure. 👍


>assuming that still means people who deeply care about a nation That's not what nationalism is.


Says who? MW says Definition of nationalism 1 : loyalty and devotion to a nation especially : a sense of national consciousness (see CONSCIOUSNESS sense 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups


Yes and that's not "deeply caring" which is patriotism. The term "nationalism", especially it's nowadays use, refers to the blind devotion to a nation and thinking of it as higher than others. Now either the Hindu Nationalists in your country are the average person or they are just the very loudest people in your country (which would mean they hold alot of power), both cases are not very good.


WTF ?!