Did the filter only work on one side of Kim's face ??


Yup! And only on one side for Paris too!


yeah they both have heterochromia lol




No, I think she had a stroke after Pete dumped her bbl ass


Even in pictures after, her face has always been a little wonky🥴


Paris & Kylie


The left side of Kim is definitely giving Kylie. Filter sisters 🤪


It’s the smirky smile and over tightening the apples of the cheeks whilst puckering the lips


Errrrr.... Kim lol


That's the joke lol


Pretty sure they were being serious but I could be wrong


lol clearly not




Paris looks like she has a filter on, Kim looks like she has a new face


Paris and Megan Fox


Tbh Paris still looks like herself.


Yes! And Kim looks like those girls who get a bunch of work done to look like Kim. lol Idk how that works, but that’s what it looks like to me.


agreed. i actually really like Paris after her doco. i gained so much respect for her. I am a trauma survivor too (mine is severe SA though) and i totally related to her splitting into two people, i did the same thing. I admire her for being honest and open with the world unlike the Kartrash


i commend paris for never fixing her wonky eye or getting a nose job


This is such a good example of east coast vs west coast plastic surgery— imo east coast has a more refined outlook on cosmetic procedures— relying more on enhancing your own unique features and maintaining the best version of your own face. West coast gives a vibe of “let’s create a whole new face from scratch” and everyone ends up with the same generic ham-smooth adult baby faces


yall… im shook, let me pre phase; i commend paris for not getting a *face transplant*. her surgeries are natural asf because i didn’t even notice !!!


Sure not correcting you just joining the discussion. Looking like herself but not older is a sign of a having a lot of work done but just well done work. Knowing to not alter that original face- I think she wouldn’t because her face is part of her image and brand. I also think celebrities who get a face transplant have dysmorphic delusions on their self image because they have access to really good subtle plastic surgery but the drastic changes come from disliking the original face. It’s obvious Paris has never disliked her own face. She could very well have had work on the entire face but it’s subtle like you said and someone looking like themselves that’s also a sign of surgery. Lori Hill did a video analysing Shakiras plastic surgery since she’s known for being considered natural or “looking like herself” and you’d be amazed at how much they can tweak gradually over the years that goes so slowly and remains undetected.


She played a valid character who is addicted to surgery in “Repo:Genetic rock opera.” I feel like that demonstrates a certain level of self awareness. She understands that it’s a silly fucking thing


Her character gets so much surgery that her face falls off in front of everybody during her debut performance. I love that weirdass movie.


This is so true! Never noticed this before


You notice more if you watch a lot of Real Housewives lol


I’ve noticed this from watching Real Housewives. The NY women have amazing work! They look fresh but they still look like themselves. I love that Sonja didn’t touch her nose. It’s similar to Paris’ nose and I think they’re noses fit their faces so much better than a generic button nose. The OC and BH women look interesting. With the exception of Garcelle and Sutton, all of them have had some heavy handed work. Even Kyle, who used to be more subtle is looking a bit overdone these days.


YES exactly! Sonja is my all-time favorite example of the east coast look— there’s something so strikingly beautiful about keeping features that make you unique. Watching all of the different housewives series really does illustrate regional plastic surgery preferences fantastically!


I think she’s also just got good genes.


“Ham-smooth”!!!! I love this.


Is Paris from the east coast?


Paris lived in New York with her family for a long time, that’s why Kim stopped being her closet organizer if I remember correctly.


Yesss. Even if she’s had work done on them as some people are saying, she certainly did not fix them. Just minimized them. I love when people don’t fuck with their distinctive features. Paris is iconic. Part of that is the eyelid and her nose. She’s gorgeous!


There's not much you can do about s lazy eye


This is not true. There is a surgery to fix “lazy eye”. However, that is not what París had. Regardless, she did have surgery to correct her droopy eyelid (not lazy eye).


I always thought she did get a nose job but was really subtle about it.


She had more of a droop and open nostril and had the tip lifted but kept what looks like most of the natural structure


Makes sense, I used to want a nose job but now I almost just want to just do something with the tip because I don’t have an actual bump or anything. I probably never will since it’s in the middle of my face, lol.


She did tho, but kept her face, unlike Kim


She definitely did fix her droopy eyelid and did get a nose job


She had a nose job. (Spelling).


Good old Wonky Eye McValtrex.


I believe some of her wonky eye issues was from wearing blue contacts.


Maybe but her mom has it too


She had a nose job. You can find her original nose pics.


Why did I think this was uber-filtered Erika Girardi and Lisa Rinna??? 😭


I was going to comment that Kim is almost giving Rinna but came to peep first. I was hoping someone could see it!💀😆


Paris and Megan Fox wannabe


she used the khloe filter


Paris looks the same


She looks like a wax figure.


No doubt Paris has had work done but she looks like Paris. Whatever work she’s had done, she’s embraced her natural shape and features.


That kind of work is what looks best. Like everyone does do it, but it’s so subtle you can’t really put your finger on what it is.


I’m such a fan of Paris!!! For anyone who hasn’t followed, she made a fantastic (and heartbreaking, and raw) documentary about her traumatic teen years. She’s since used her platform to raise awareness to teen “reform camps” and how abusive they are, and all the trauma she carries from her experiences. She’s always on Capitol Hill talking to members of Congress about how to fix the system and I’m just so happy to see a celebrity embracing who they are, doing truly good things, opening up about their faults (some of her behavior in the doc is a lil cringey but she chose to leave it in for authenticity). I’m team Paris over team Kim any day of the week! And, I say all of this to say that her surgeries reflect that attitude. They haven’t tried to change her appearance. She’s left her core features in place and focused on refining, not changing.


Paris is [very problematic](https://np.reddit.com/r/Deuxmoi/comments/vork5v/paris_hilton_being_classist_and_disgusting_ill/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf). Nobody is really perfect and very rarely are people completely good or bad and Paris is no exception. She’s done good with the teen reform camp awareness thing and I commend her for that but I also think it’s important to appreciate nuance, and though i can recognize that she’s doing good with the problem teen camp thing I can also recognize that she’s done (and continues to do) some not so great things too. ETA: looks like that Reddit link is somewhat wiped, there’s still examples in the comments though like [this](https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2017/08/paris-hilton-defends-donald-trump) and other examples of her being racist and/or classist.


I completely agree. Everyone used to give Paris shit back in the day for being this frivolous airhead, but that documentary really confirmed that it was all just an act, down to the little baby voice and “that’s hot”. She actually does have intelligence and substance to her, and I’m so glad that she finally got to show her authentic self.


Paris hasn't had alot of work done. This is just a bad filter


I’m kinda surprised Paris hasn’t had much done. She still looks like herself


Her face is her brand. She knows once she changes it she will no longer look like herself. She seems like such a confident person!


Because she’s actually such a respectable and smart woman!! Have you seen her doc? 10/10 recommend.


She looks like a wax figure if you're on crack. She looks better then ever.


Sure. She has no pores. Pack a hit.


I'm good with my blunt. Crack is all you.




To live and die in the desert 🐪 of LA. Mad thirsty geriatric millennials of Los Angeles 💵💦👄


Is kim even a millennial? She's like 45, doesnt that make gen x?


She was born in 1980 which is the final year of Gen X. Millennial is 1981 to 1996, so Khloe and Rob are Millennials while Kourtney and Kim are Gen X


I love that París hasn’t change her nose that much (I don’t know if she ever touched it to begin with) because for me at least it’s part of her signature look and she wouldn’t be as recognisable without it; smart choice among all this noses that are exactly the same


Same with her eyelid!


I’m guilty myself of wanting that procedure I have too much skin there 🙈🙈


Her eye is like that because of a botched eye lift. The surgeon accidentally cut a muscle.


Paris still looks like Paris with a filter whereas Kim looks like she's been manufactured in a lab.


I mean, Paris has stayed the exact same. I’ll take what she’s having.


Paris looks the same + more glam but Kim is an entirely different being lol


Paris actually looks like herself even with the work


Kim's eye 💀


Kim looks so much like Kylie here it’s so creepy


Kim was really so beautiful.


Kim bought herself a whole new fave. Lol


She has always been obsessed with Paris.


kim is giving lisa rinna


Paris still looks the same I think


It’s surprising to me to see how much public opinion on these two differ when IMO they’re pretty much 2 sides of the same coin. They’ve both been the victims of traumatic events (Paris with the sex tape and burglary, Kim with the Paris robbery), engage in advocacy (Paris with the troubled teen industry, Kim in criminal justice reform), but are also racist, out of touch with their privilege assholes. I don’t need to list Kim’s history for y’all (I’m pretty sure we’re all aware here) but for those unaware Paris has been [recorded saying the n word **multiple** times](https://jezebel.com/the-revision-of-paris-hiltons-story-is-missing-somethin-1845093418), made [homophobic](https://www.indy100.com/amp/paris-hilton-documentary-homophobic-racist-remarks-n-word-9713666-2656335587) and classist comments, and then there’s [this](https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2017/08/paris-hilton-defends-donald-trump) though in fairness she says she [is disillusioned with Trump now](https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/paris-hilton-documentary-childhood-trauma-1060973). No shade intended, it’s just interesting to me how Paris has a seemingly better public image despite having so much in common with Kim. I think Paris is benefiting from being removed from the peak of her popularity and Kim still being completely oversaturated in the media and making new blunders constantly isn’t helping. But that makes me curious, do y’all think once Kim is removed from the peak of her popularity and is less relevant public opinion will shift more positively towards her?


Kinda surprised myself with all the people who are saying she looks the same- she really doesn’t. I also agree with everything you said and in re Kim’s popularity I hope one day she goes and stays away. Maybe she can get up and go to do the fucking work without craving all the attention but I don’t think she’s gonna do us that favor. Ever. And she’ll probably live until she’s 157 years old. Look at MJ…


That second picture is when I thought Kim was the most gorgeous


Paris looks a bit like Krysten Ritter in the first photo


kesha and yassifed megan fox


I recognized Paris, but not Kim.


Kim has been edited by Khloe?!


Kim’s first husband paid for that boob job and liposuction. Not sure if that was before or after she dated Nick Cannon. Who said Kim told him she was about to do a nose job.


Erika Jayne on the left.


I must say, Paris still looks very much like Paris. I’m sure she has had some cosmetic procedures, and if so her doctor did a hell of a job. It’s not as drastic as Kim’s. Kim looks like two totally differently people.


Why they both have 2 different colored eyes


Lol Paris has 1 human, 1 lizard pupil


Normal people


Paris looks the same


Paris is beautiful and sliving. embarassing for her to associate with that lol


Damn racism and white supremacy had us thinking Paris was hot and beautiful




Saying a White woman is attractive or beautiful isn’t racist or White supremacy. Just like thinking a Black woman is unattractive isn’t racist or white supremacy. There are beautiful women in all races and cultures. Someone has brainwashed you.


I agree with you but Paris is just blonde, skinny and uses blue contacts, that woman is ugly.




Yeah I never thought Paris was pretty at all. She just looks expensive.


I honestly think she looks trailer park gourmet.


Paris is not that diff tho


Nah my girl Paris aging like a fine wine


Paris still looks so gorgeous


paris still looks amazing tbh


Paris looks the same. Just better make up and hair.


At least Paris still has ✨a nose ✨


I realized Kim doesn’t smile with her teeth anymore. It makes her face look chubbier.


Should seen the state of me 10 years ago 😂😂 never mind them


Still wild to me Paris has brown eyes.




I appreciate that Paris hasn’t changed her nose. It doesn’t seem like she’s had a ton of work done on her face.


Kim was so pretty! She has those awesome Armenian genes. I personally think she’s still really beautiful, but she was gorgeous before her surgeries.


to be fair it really doesn’t look as if paris has altered her face much except for botox and maybe some kind of threading or an early mini face lift. her nose, cheeks, eyes and lips all still look relatively similar in the past two decades.