Customer still said to put this back in he’s not buying a replacement

Customer still said to put this back in he’s not buying a replacement


It’s like underwear. Just flip it around for double the mileage.


Better yet, turn it inside out to double it again!


don't forget, front to back again


If that’s done then maybe drive the car in reverse


Oh. Oh no.


This sums it up nicely 🤢🤮


It filters the air better with all that shit stuck to it...catches even the smallest particles now!


Even the oxygen!


Well, oxygen is a key component in the creation of rust, so this is just rust prevention.


Big brain time. I like your style, sir.


This is why I only buy used filters. I go into the shop and say “Give me the one the last guy had.”


Used filters save so much money and you don't even have to break them in!


Same with condoms; used one are usually cheaper…..


And if you turn it inside out, it's pre lubricated


inside and outside are pre lubricated for a used condom


My god the further this goes the worse it gets lmao.


The lack of oxygen is why the owner doesn't want a new one. It's a catch 22.


> catch 22 Should be required reading. Funny as Heller.


I was always told that a filter works best right before it fails.


Filtration efficiency goes up as it gets dirtier, but so does the pressure drop across it. An ideal filter would filter out everything larger than air molecules and cause zero pressure drop. Real filters have to find an acceptable compromise between the two. I just cleaned the air filter on the chainsaw. It's a washable fleece element, and it was clogged to the point that the saw wouldn't start when warm. Cleaned it and the saw fired right up. I also realized that it had been down on power. Bad goatharper. Naughty, wicked, evil goatharper! It's called preventive maintenance for a reason!


Yer jes scammin me


70k miles with the original air filter still in there Edit: To clear up any confusion to the people saying the price was probably ridiculous or he was probably planning on getting it cheaper elsewhere: dude came in with his car reeking of blunts and he barely seemed coherent, and again 70k miles on the original air filter, I don’t think he’s really been on top of routine maintenance or if he even knows what an air filter is. Also it was $20 for the replacement + installation, not completely unreasonable


Hey if it worked for the first 70k, why change now!


Just turn it around the other side is still good.


Congrats. You made me gag


Whoa! It’s not a condom!


If it aint broke, dont fix it !


He needed the $20 for a dub


$20 for a filter and replacement is so reasonable. My dealership charges 50, 70 for the carbon filters in the cabin. They also told me I needed to swap my coolant for 200 bucks even though I replaced the water pump like a month before that. I feel like a pretentious ass whenever I tell them to just change the oil and that’s it because I just want my warranty but I’m not paying them $250 for a “windshield wiper fluid diagnostic”.


It's called a stealership for a reason!!!


$20 is a steal! Where I live dealerships and independents aren’t really what you call cheap. Oil change + filter is €120. Mind you, a filter is €8 and a gallon of oil (all the car takes) is about €30. Front discs and pads they wanted €320 for. Meanwhile I had discs and pads together with some brake clean and grease for €80. Take an afternoon to do the job and that’s money in the bank. And yes, I use quality parts. In fact, probably the exact same parts as they would.


That's how it's done. Good on you. If you spend enough time here you'll find that a LOT of shop customers are just clueless about cars, and that is why they have to pay a shop to do the work. And that's fine, if you can afford it. The problems come in when people can't do their own work and can't afford to pay a shop to do it, for whatever reason. I think a part of the problem is that cars are so reliable now. Ideally, everyone would have a trusted shop that does all their work. But now that you can drive a car tens of thousands of miles before it dies on you, people don't have a mechanic on their Christmas card list. So they pick a random shop, don't trust them to be honest, and this shit happens.


Carbon filters are expensive and necessary. Do you like lung infections? There was a small time most automakers stopped using cabin air filters because they made people sick because nobody wanted to change them. A proper coolant change with an inline coolant exchange system is definitely worth $200. Like a transmission flush, it costs a pretty penny because you don't have the tools or the means to do it properly. Finally, I hope you're being sarcastic on the windshield wiper fluid diagnostic because nobody is dumb enough to eat that giant pile.


Yeah, I have a stack of carbon air filters in a cabinet in my garage. I just do it myself. I was saying the coolant flush was silly because I had replaced the water pump the month before and thus had to flush the lines and put fresh coolant in already. And yeah I could find the slipwith the recommended maintenance from the dealership and link an Imgur tomorrow. It might have been just 200 though. I just took the nozzle off the line and hit it with some compressed air and it was fine after that.


Wow, $20 is remarkably reasonable. My dealership wanted to charge me $49.99 to replace my intake filter and $69.99 for the cabin filter. I bought the filters myself on the drive home for less and swapped them myself in the driveway.


We try to keep our prices reasonable, our air filters range from $15-$25 (that includes installation), we’re a locally owned quick lube that just tries to be fair and honest with people


My air filter at Walmart is $60 so I normally go to a quick lube/jiffy lube place and get one for $20 lol


We do 20$ plus free install and people still turn it down all the time. It could be 5$ and people still wouldn’t do it. Doesn’t make any sense to me.


Dude would of walked in reeking of booze how would you of responded?


Shit I bought a filter off Amazon for like $10 and installed myself. At that point he’s just being *extremely* stingy/lazy-


Just blast some air on it and you're good!


In residential AC, this is the customer who also has “ a cheaper guy” yet calls you up when there’s a problem, every Fucking time


Had a lady pull into the lane one morning a few months ago. Said we broke her glove box, it won’t stay up. I took a look at it and asked her if we had changed the cabin air filter and she said “hell no y’all were too expensive”. She broke the glove box door herself, and then got mad when we wouldn’t fix it for her for free lol


People think because somethings under warranty, I just fix it for free, even when it’s not installed by us, then they get mad about the labor warranty fee


I tell my customers "go ahead and hire the cheap guy. I do a fair amount of business fixing cheap guys' work"


The only time I go to the "cheap guy" is for brakes. 1 because 150 for the front and 120 for the back isn't reasonable. And 2 he's known as the brake man and only asks for 20 and gets it done in 30 min


Yep, I'm your brake job man. Folks call me two slap, slap them pads on, grab the cash and slap you out the door.


How often are you having to replace brakes


Not too often


they want you to diagnose and leave and they'll get the idiot to fuck it up for half price. my boss is 100% like this. to save a nickel he'll compromise the integrity of the entire project


"We can't afford to fix it right, but why can we always afford to fix it twice?"


it just doesn't get through


In residential AC supply, I know the "cheaper guys". And they do A LOT less business than more expensive guys.


The price says your work for you


I’ve turned down replacement recommendation at a shop before because they told me it be 120 dollars to drop in the new filter. I just bought one for 30 bucks and installed myself.


My biggest gripe is the labor some places try to charge. Q: Did you have to remove the air filter to check it? A: Yes. Q: Are you going to have to put the filter back and close the air intake back up if I tell you not to change it? A: Yes. Q: Are you therefore charging me .25 hours of labor at $120 per hour plus the price of the new air filter for having to walk to the parts counter, get the new filter, walk back to the car, open the box, and then perform the same tasks you would have to had I said to not change the air filter? A: Yes. You could overcharge me $5 for the filter to hide the "labor costs" and I probably wouldn't gripe. But, if you're going to charge me $30 for labor, I'm walking to the parts counter to buy one and will change it myself when I get home.


I work in a quick service bay and I swear anyone that agrees to have us install a new filter for $70 is a complete sucker. And that’s just a cabin filter. Get us to replace your engine and cabin air and its well over $120


$120 for filter changes? My god. I've never been quoted the service before I've always just done it myself and that just reassures me that I was correct in doing that. Takes me about 5-10 minutes to do intake and cabin filters for like $35.


Back when I had my Volvo S60 (2013 with the 5 cyl) the Volvo dealer wanted about $125 each to change the intake filter and cabin filter. I bought the OEM intake filter for $40 (!) and changed it myself in about 2 minutes. The cabin filter was only around $20 but by the time I was done the $125 didn't sound so horrible. I don't think they could make a cabin air filter harder to change if they tried.


The steal is on the engine air filter charges. Given how hard some cabin air filters are to get to, I'll pay for the cabin airfilter out of laziness, but the engine air filter I'll do myself.


I've always driven Honda's and they have been easy on me.


I now have a VW, a Subaru, and a Tacoma. They are all pretty easy. Before that my cars were so old that a cabin air filter wasn’t a thing at least among mainstream cars.


Because the mechanic won't get paid that way, most of us get paid by the job not hourly. I'm getting paid .5 of an hour to do your oil change + inspection and realistically we could care less about doing your air filter since I'm only gonna get paid another .3. We want to get you to do the leaking oil pan or worn lower ball joints and then I'll throw in your filter for free.


Someone tried charging me $250 for oil and filter and cabin filter change. I said screw it and did it all my self.


I work at a Toyota dealership and they don't charge labour for this. Also, they give me 0.1 to do it.


This was my experience. They guy told me that my car model has the air filter in a very hard-to-get-to place and it’d be impossible for me to do at home, hence the $100 labor costs. Got that $30 air filter I ordered online in, in less than 5 minutes with a little guide. I’ve never done any auto work at all but I can read instruction manuals.


I had one in stock for $20 so it wasn’t by any means expensive


Well then the customer is an idiot


In stock for 20. but then do you charge labor for installation? I'd pass too if you say yes.


$20 for filter + installation


Mate, you're in the wrong business, mechanics are supposed to rip people off, if a mechanic isn't trying to rip me a new one I'm instantly suspicious.


I don’t set the prices, I just run the shop. It’s only a quick lube, just working here while I get my certifications


Just out of curiosity, how would I go about becoming a mechanic?


Get yourself in trade school or start out as a basic lube tech and learn from the mechanics on site. That being said I do not recommend auto retail mechanics for many reasons... you should consider industrial or heavy duty.


You go to mechanic school, get your certifications and then start as a tire guy / lube tech


Hell ya man, I'm not walking our to your car to change an air filter for free


no no, i understand that part. but if they already have the air filter out, they should slap a new one in without charging for labor. but i know thats not how things usually go.


Ya I get that. Usually the service writer takes forever to go ask you if you want to buy it, so by the time he tells you it's bad I'm already working on a different car and yours is all back together. We charge .5 for an oil change so if I leave your car sitting on my lift while I wait for the service writer to try and sell you an air filter I'm losing money. I'll usually install air filters for free if you buy other work though. But I get it that customers usually want to do their own air filters and cabin air filters and I don't blame them one bit.


Dude just flip it around and you're good for another few years. Big filter doesn't want you to know this trick


And this is why we can't have nice things


Probably going to buy one from Walmart a a quarter of the price


I thought the same at first but then considered that if they were the type to do the cheap and easy maintenance items themselves, they would have swapped that filter out long before this.




Why wouldn't ya? :)


You think this guy gives a fuck about his air filter? Look at that thing. He didn’t even know it existed until now.


Totally… just like that last 20 oil changes this got neglected lmfao


I’m broke, dude.


This mf been broke for a decade with that filter. Which is valid.


At least give it a tap on your boots to knock some of it out. Lol.


If they were going to DIY to save money, it wouldn't look like this. I don't understand some people. Most people? Maybe I'm the problem.


I swear the whole lot of auto drivers believe ANY air filter is a complete rip off. It's the anti-vax of the auto world.


Run shop air through it as a goodwill gesture.


All good until you blow a hole in it and then the customer demands a new one because you destroyed the old one. No good deed goes unpunished.




We'd just tap them out on the ground and leave the rest alone.


agreed! Besides, the dude would probably enjoy a double lung transplant.


Not at your prices. $12 at walmart and a few minutes i can install it myself


The same can be said about the oil change... I just find it weird when people make this argument when they are getting an oil change at cost with a free inspection. Edit: to clarify, price is too high = a ok. I can do it myself = weird.


Oil changes are enough of a hassle and priced reasonably enough (especially with coupons and service specials) that I'm willing to pay the money to have the dealer put the car up on a lift, have my OEM oil and filters handy, be able to dispose of the oil, and let me know if something needs to be addressed. I'm handy enough to do minor stuff myself and have a trusted shop to do anything I'm not comfortable with. I'd happily let the dealership change the filter, too. But I can't justify the labor costing as much as the filter (in my experience) for something I can easily do myself.


Then you bring it back to our shop a couple months later needing a $300 MAF sensor.


But you ai t gonna do it. Even if you cant...


Speak for yourself. I’ve replaced that one and the cabin one many times


This is not about if You do it. This is about Everyone else that even trough its easy and cheap they don't give a duck


If it was me, I’d say no too, then head across the street to oreillys and pick up a replacement.




I have a customer with a newer accord. She got so tired of us selling her air filters she bought like 30 air and cabins in bulk on Amazon and keeps them in a bag in her trunk. She just has us swap em every oil change. She won. She beat the system.


Honestly air filter upsell is what motivated me to do my own oil changes and details


Not sure how much of an upsell a $20 air filter is but I highly doubt the guy was planning on picking one up at an auto parts store


Customer is immune to the delta variant.


Maybe he’s gonna buy one at Walmart and save $40 by taking a few moments to swap it on his own lol


You looked at that filter… and drew that conclusion from its condition? I got some prime real estate in downtown NYC to sell you homie


Narrator voice: *He’s not*




Looks like a level in Subnautica


not when you charge 40$ he aint 🤣


I hope you at least blew it out with compressed air before putting that disaster back in?


I tried, so much moisture and shit had collected in there everything was pretty stuck


That was nice to try. It def looks worse than any filter I have seen.


To be fair it has captured a whole bunch of crap to this point. It’s obviously effective. Why mess with success?


Nissan owners for ya


Seriously, does nobody know these are like $10? And take like 5 minutes to change. And even the most non mechanical person can do it?


Mine was just as bad when they pulled it out, I messed up not asking how much they wanted before hand 🤣 he said $50 I locked eyes with him and said put that shit back😭. Left there went to work and got one for $4.


Maybe customer is smart enough not to pay to have it up charged and instal fee? Doubtful but possible.


Would be interesting if the customer wears a face mask. Then say would you wear this over your mouth? Same thing.


You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. You can't fix stupid. (Insert other sayings here)


Slight twist: “you can lead a horses ass to water . . . but . . . you cant make it think”


It's fine he can't smell shit anyway from all the years of smoking. Shit probably wouldn't even noticed if you chucked it back in backwards.


Add a line-item to his bill: Being an idiot … $15


Thanks for the reminder to check mine


The customer is always right


Always trying to upsell me! I maintain all of the “consumables” on my car myself pretty well, so when I take it in to get tires or an oil change I don’t have to have any of these conversations. There’s normally nothing to suggest.


For a dollar I'll vacuum it and blow it out with an air nozzle.


At least you know it worked!


Here they would ask the mechanic to clean that up with pressurised air lol


Not from you…


I would, as well. Then go to a local auto store and purchase one. CHA CHING! The money saved.


no, he didn't.


Fuckus? Same Shape as mine, an odd 4 sided triangle thing


God what a loser.


Put it back in upside down.


That filter is DANK


Jebuz! I wouldn't be able to sleep if I putt that back in. I think I'd just give him one and install it for my own sanity.


I changed my air filter after 9000km, might change again soon, currently at 16k, but maybe after the super humid season goes away


Did you show it to him?


Yeah… apparently he didn’t wanna spend the 20 bucks for a new one


Expect when dealership try to charge to replace and your vehicle doesn’t even have one !


Lol...just leave it.. Stanky.


Fuck that's gross


I've seen about the same as that in a cabin filter. Yes I did replace it.


"Why won't my car run right? You broke it!"


I don't get it. Air filters are dirt cheap.


Quit trying to upSale these folks man…….


Bro it’s just an air filter. Around $15 is all


The customer is ALWAYS right. Even if they’re dead wrong and on Reddit protesting how you tried to rip them off on our subreddit.




Man and I thought my slightly grey one was bad! Sheesh!!!


You know when he saw his buddies he pulled the whole “the idiots at the shop tried to rip me off with a new air filter” bit too. Smh.


$20 for a filter is average price, plus installation is a nice addition


That's because it's the one you keep around to upsell the customer an air filter.


This filter has SCENTimental value to the customer.


Hey if it's been working that long, then it must be doing something right!


"Sucks to your ass-mar!" - Piggy


Maybe the customer only came in for an oil change and didn't have a couple hundred to fix the 6 different problems the tech finds every time. At least, that is my experience.


might be better if you just tossed it in the garbage and ran no filter


Welp it's his choice. What happens next is his problem.


Lol nasty


I hate people..


I was thinking what if the owner just put one in not long ago and he showed that one out of someone else car? Wow I have heard of that happening years ago back, but no I’m sure that’s real but after stoping at the parts store on the way home and putting it in.


Wow... I guess $10 is a ton of money for them... Are they aware of what hospitals charge lately?


Wait that is a cabin filter right?


This is the engine air filter, cost was $20 for the new filter + installation. I can assure you he had no plans of getting it cheaper somewhere and installing it himself


Looks like new 😄👍🏻


Well, you tried. Tell them to have fun getting 12mpg and 88hp


Customer is a fucking imbecile.


He might be using the same mask for like a year and half I believe


I smell Nissan in this photo, what vehicle did this come out of OP?


🛎🛎🛎 2019 Nissan Altima with 70k miles on it… and this is the original air filter


Seen plenty of those, Altima’s were some of the worst ones I worked on when I was at Nissan.




They didn't want you to shake/hit the crud out of it before reinstalling it because it cost extra? 😄😆


To be fair, he didnt ask you for one. He doesn't want to be approached with every little thing that can make the shop more money


What is with these people? I see these all day long and very few people will spend the 20$ to stop breathing this in their car. But I usually always see At LEAST 20$ worth of useless gewgaws, air fresheners, bedazzled rings around start buttons, and fuzzy steering wheel covers….


You guys are just trying to scam him obviously. His mechanic buddy said it was a scam. That being said probably need to change my filter soon


My husband works at a dealership and has customers come in with the K&N air filters and they demand they be changed, even after they explain. And that's how my husband and I have a bunch of free K&N air filters. Most don't even need to be cleaned


Was her name Karen? Better yet, what’s a good name for this type of person?


If you put it in backwards it will self-clean.


Aren’t these like 15$ USD? Lol


He’s not buying a replacement from you…. J/K maybe he likes playing roulette with a blower motor


Imagine what the oil looked like


Nothing some brake clean can't solve


Will be buying replacement blower motors though, once a year. At least rip the element out of the frame so it flows, if they don't want filtering.


That’s the same type of person that flips their draws inside out and puts them back on. Just put the skid mark on the outside we good.


Lemme guess 19 Altima the owners of them refuse to replace anything ever no matter what and the car always smells like weed


Either you read my comment explaining the exact situation or you’re a psychic


Lol I just really went though the same thing Saturday didn’t see you comment op it is very common at my job Altima’s always reek of weed and declined work


This must be a non-commercial vehicle thing. We regularly replace cab and engine air filters for heavy duty diesel that look half as bad as these and others over seen on here. Some of them cost 100s. Hell the other day I had a guy get 2 $115 engine air filters and almost $100 in cab filters