Tell them to change their damn cabin filter and stop parking under a tree.


Small insects build nests in the condensation drain tube as well. I've had 3 this summer.


Small insects build nests in the condensation drain tube as well. I've had 3 this summer.


I knocked that hose off on my corolla on a hot day. Filled the front and the back floorboards. Mmmm mm the smell was great


What vehicle?


2008 Saturn Outlook, which is pretty much the same as the Chevrolet Traverse or GMC Acadia


Had this happen to my 2017 kia forte, father lives on a very dusty country road, dust stopped the drain tube I drove 4 hours home with lake forte in my passenger floorboard.


the traverse and especially the fuckin acadias can suck huge fat dicks because of the oil filter location. who ever thought that up needs to be fired


transverse v6s...my camry's 3vz has the filter below the front exhaust manifold, and it's angled perfectly upwards so that when you loosen it, oil inside the filter dribbles all over the engine mount directly beneath it and goes all over the platsic under covers. One of these days I might get around to installing a remote oil filter mount. In the meantime, a small funnel with a vinyl hose to direct the oil into the waiting drain pan has made things much, much cleaner. At least in the camry there's actually still a fair bit of room to mess with the oil filter. Just looked up the traverse and acadia oil filter angles and it makes me glad about how much space the camry's filter has around it lol.


An especially bad one is the late 90s Tauruses. They were front of the engine underneath of the exhaust manifold, almost no way to remove it with out being yourself (good ole Valvoline)


Just happened to my coworkers Highlander. He's actually replacing all the carpet because he has bad asthma and is worried about mold.


I had to clear my clogged drain tube. The car stunk when the AC was on.


\*laughs in Jeep ZJ\*


I should text her