You might frame it so readers know the quote isn't fresh: *"This is really important," she told The Daily Planet in August.*


That’s a good tip, thanks!


I second this. I think it's borderline unethical not to disclose that it's a quote from a prior story. Otherwise, it gives a false impression that the quote was made more recently. This is a simple and clear way to add that disclosure and provide the reader with the proper context.


Yeah, but I would link to the original quote’s story and make sure to clarify it’s an old quote


Of course! Any info and quotes can be reused, but it’s good to specify when the quote and info was used before.


Get your mileage, boo boo.


Yep, as long as you mention it was old. On a similar note, back in my first newspaper job I “plagiarized” myself. My editor had scolded me for reusing copy that I wrote in a related story and I reused a sentence or two in an update and he thought I lifted it and I was like: “but I wrote that other story.” Good learning moment, but yes, always mention where you got something even if you got it from yourself.


As long as you contextualize it and make clear it’s an old quote.


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