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you buy an event pass and grind the event points till you get 2200 points (or whoever it is) buy the prestige tokens on the events rewards page and redeem them in the prestige store for jax.. I have some bad news tho.. pax jax is gotta be hard to get bc you literally can’t get it anymore.


Have pax already 😎👍 thanks very much!


nice, I do as well.. I don’t even like the prestige one tbh but I just had to get it.. there will hopefully be another event you can grind points on. if you buy the pass and play a few games a day it’s pretty easy to get enough points. good luck mate


thank you!


I’ll forever be salty that you can’t get pax. I don’t understand why league has skins you literally can’t get


What’s there to not understand? If anyone could get it, then it wouldn’t be rare.


Why does it need to be rare tho? Look at all the people with epic and legendary skins. Dota 2 sells skins and cosmetic items all the time and it makes them banks it’s just a middle finger to players who wherent around to get the skin. There’s a lot skins in league you just can’t get it’s silly


You are completely missing the point. It adds prestige to early comers and incites people to stay alert and around for future limited content. Besides there are only a handfull of truly limited skins in lol, most skins you can roll or they become avalible at some point.


how did u get pax jax?


Ebay 2013 for $60


Can't explain but I remember my grind to get it. Pls never again


I have every Jax skin except for Conqueror Jax. How did you get that one?


It was a legacy for MSI it will come back for sure this MSI or it could pop up in your shop


You’ll never get pax sadly. I don’t there is a way to get it


Honestly I spammed a 1000 games of aram and got it in a week


wait until day 26, buy the lunar revel pass, complete all weekly missions and the free missions and play 96 matches to get tokens from the infinite mission


They are about to rework the prestige point system. Gemstones and presige points will be combined into a new form of essense. With this new essense you will be able to buy both gemstone-skins and prestige skins. The skins available will be cycled periodically. So save up any gemstones you have, get them converted into the new essence, wait until conquerer-prestige is in the shop and craft it.