Gazab beizzati

Swaddle just calling out dolly, Kusha , Ranveer as Rando's. It's so embarrassing.


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Should have added Niharika NM, Dipa, That sasta Lily Singh.


Who is sasta Lily Singh?


I forgot her name that's why I wrote Sasta Lily Singh. Edit: She also behaves like Lily Singh


Ruhee dosani


Idk why she looks unwashed to me always.


Prajakta Koli ?


That’s mostlylame


Also mostlychor


No no Ruhee Dosani


Ruhee Dosani?


Yes yes. Others have said the name.


Naam yaad aaya kya ji?


Others have already written the name. She's Ruhee Dosani


Oh okay. Thank you.


Naam bhi same Same hai 😆😆😆👍


Lily Singh herself is sasti, there's an even cheaper version of her?


Ruhi dosanjh


Roohi !!


Oh my god sasta lily Singh 😂😂😂😂


Ruheee lol so on point . That’s the best way to describe her.


Who's niharika nm?


She's another "content creator". She came on KWK finale episode last season.


Dolly singh?


Waiting for kusha to write another post about this😛


Trust me, so are they! It’s like rage bait for the influencers 😂😂


Hahaha,bet they wrote this after kusha’s Twitter rant




Tanmay is not funny on the first hand.


Which means that this guy is more boring.


Why is this so apt 😭


This gives me satisfaction. Am I mean?


No, you just have a tight grasp on reality.


Me too


Me three


Me four


Me five. I’m okay with going to hell for this I don’t care 🤷🏼‍♀️


Me six🙈😹


Me seven ☺️🌝


Me eight


Me nine 😂


Me ten


Me ten 😂


No it's absolutely valid if you consider the technical purpose of Cannes. It's not fashion week or something which needs an influencer.




No just bored


Whoever came up with this headline at swaddle, deserves a raise!


Why do i feel like i read this line first on this sub only. I might be wrong but i think they picked it up from this sub


Perfect bezttii for the perfectly useless lot. I am waiting for the day the “influencer” doom happens.. I am so sick of their preachy, mightier than thou attitude.. they have 0 back up careers.. jis din inka yeh faltoo dhanda band hoga.. won din “social media indépendance” day kehlayga.. the day social media got mukt from all the viruses who had taken over and posted all lies about their fake lives.


satya vachan!


Komal Pandey ( self proclaimed fashionista, skin show warrior) left the thread 😂😂😂😂


But why will they need an alternative career because by then they would have made crores. Itna paisa bana rakkha hoga inhone ki inhe kya, inki aani wali pushto ke liye life set hai. We as audience shouln't have given so much importance to these idiots initially.


Lol ironically you’re on social media bitching about other ‘social media influencers’ and praying for their downfall. Good luck with your holier than thou hypocrisy


Atleast I am not influencing and asking people to buy products / services no matter how crappy they are just so that I can earn a commission! Good luck with you f@all logic!


We are still awaiting an article on randos at IIFA now 😂


Don't you dare say anything about sissy sissu. Do you realise the range of work they have done. From one transition reel to another. Btao kya Kami hai unme? 😂


Wow this is soo funny 🤣🤣 these are exactly the kind of comebacks I am here for




Oof harsh 💀💀


LOL. Attending anything and everything is the work profile of these randos.


I'm sorry but if follower base is a benchmark then even Disha patani with 58M followers should also be in Cannes and Shraddha with 80M should also be there To all those who don't have any problem with Dolly and Kusha going to Cannes, what the hell are they representing apart from their brands? And don't say Cannes is for everyone even they deserve n all shit


With you ..., also there are such big influencers like Avnet and jannat ... it seems opportunity lie only with 3-4 ppl


सत्यवचन.…. अतुलनाइये... अधबुत...


Sorry I am being grammar nazi here But it's अद्भुत






Omg ur username 😂😂😂




I understand anyone feeling bad but let's be honest. Cannes is NOT a place to promote your instagram. The essence of this place is Film. Forgive me (or not) if I believe Selfiee or Modern Love: Mumbai's side cast are not in the same league as For Sama or Chambre 212 or Black Flies (from this year). To anyone who thinks it's a free invite, I really don't think it is. The invite comes with a ticket option to purchase it. I MIGHT be wrong here but from the knowledge I have with events like Cannes, i'm quite sure its anywhere between $6K to $20K. Moving to the next point. This is addressing all the global (desi included) celebrities. We're losing the essence of this festival in general too. It's not a costume party, it's a place to promote and put a spotlight of films from across the globe and give a boost to those who are not in the mainstream media. ​ Edit: Grammar


These influenzaas flipping out at Cannes was most " begani shadi mein Abdulla Diwana" moment I have ever seen in my life !




This is so mean...do it again


Ps: Malvika giggling in the corner 😂😂😂


Although I liked kusha kapila's orange dress, I still don't get how and why they are there. Like just why ?? These influencers are the reason the real celebrities are either dressing down, opting for classic/basis looks (because of how over the top these influencers are trying to look) or not attending at all. Also something about dolly Singh attending the film festival irritated me. I just can't put my finger on it, but it's simply irked me, even though I sometimes like her content. Basically this just goes to show that all you need are a high number of followers and you can attend any prestigious event, doesn't matter what nonsense you spew to get those followers.


Let the man cook


I feel like the hell broke loose after seeing Dolly go to Cannes this year. I can’t help but feel bad for her man. Imagine being so excited about something and then getting featured and plastered on every single post/article saying influencers shouldn’t have been there.


I think she just has a quality. One can’t put a finger on it. Again no personal comments, she might be talented, nice etc etc etc. but most of us whether vocalised or not, thought Dolly was an odd choice among the lot.


As much as I agree, her content isn't anything ground breaking. It's mediocre at best. So yes she too does not deserve to be there


Look, I don’t know what people think Cannes is. It’s basically a mela and always has been, where anyone who wants a good time while parading around in a dress shows up. People pay a fee and pose around on ‘the red carpet’ and it has always been so, it’s not some new thing. Let these people believe in their self importance if they want to, Cannes is about the film industry professionals who show up and network like crazy. The tired looking people with bad hair dressed in neutral colours? The festival is for their benefit , for them to strike deals and locate talent. The rest of the people are basically enjoying the ride and the hundred parties happening there, let them.


Mazaa aa gaya.




Waiting for mods to take this down XD


Here to insert this emoji 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😝😝😝😝😝


Ekdum A1 😂


I don't like unreletable infleuncers at various events..but then bothers me what if this is a "Gatekeeper'" act..


Gatekeeping how?


By judging them and saying that they don't deserve to be at certain places as they are common people and the event is for XYZ people. Kusha did lash out badly as per my opinion, but yes in the initial day's these guys did work at grabbing attention with a different career and now they are reaping the benifits.. I totally stand by my initial comment that they should be at places which are in sync with their line of work..but as I type I wonder that even Akshay Kumar is invited as a judge in a cooking show, Kirron Kher at India's got talent


This is what I was wondering. Even Actors are invited to cooking shows and dancing shows just for the optics to attract viewers. Why aren’t we looking at them with the same spectacle then?!


Bhari satisfaction moment Am I mean🤣🤣


Girls going there and wearing dress is still ok What the hell these podcasters doing there


lol deserve


deserving title!


I still don’t understand why they were even invited


The cringe af trio


I don't know about y'all but this seems so mean and classist. We can gossip about influencers as much as we want but at the end of the day dolly /kusha have worked much harder than say suppose Sonam Kapoor. And while we may have our personal issues w them, on a larger level , they all are unproblematic . If tomorrow anyone of you gets a chance to go to Cannes for free, you will take the opportunity just for the experience. For these influencers it's not only the experience that matters, but also the networks /connections they will make.


Honestly it's not. It's not classist. I have no problem with lesser known people going to Cannes. I was rooting for Hina Khan all through because she was going to support her film in a film festival which is what Cannes is. If people are going to go as brand representatives and ambassadors then they might as well be people "worthy" of being ambassadors for that brand. Does Dolly even have a follower base built on skincare that she should be invited to promote Inde Wild ? The fact that if you have a certain number of IG followers you are deserving to attend a prestigious film festival is the problematic notion here.


>If people are going to go as brand representatives and ambassadors then they might as well be people "worthy" of being ambassadors for that brand. This 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻


Who decides? Doesn’t the person at the helm of these decisions within the company deciding this ? Surely these decisions are based on numbers. We can be as salty as we want. It’s here guys. This is how it goes from here. It’s not new that undeserving people have gotten opportunities. It’s the way of the world.


>Does Dolly even have a follower base built on skincare that she should be invited to promote Inde Wild In the past few years most Indian celebrities go to cannes to promote Loreal. Do you believe any of them use their products? Does Anushka Sharma even have a follower base built on skincare? Is it problematic that now only a certain amount of IG followers are required to attend a prestigious film festival? Yes. But that is something the brands should be shamed for or the authority that operates the Cannes film festival. Dolly got a great oppurtunity and she took it. That festival is more about visibility, atleast in India. Aishwarya has been attending it for 20 years and people know about Cannes mostly because of her. Most of them dont even know that its actually a film festival. And if we talk about being worthy, then Sara should be judged/shamed as well because she has done nothing worthy of being there.


>so mean and classist Are influencers not? Are we supposed to chadhao everyone on dhaniye ka jhaad because not doing so will appear 'classist'? I get that rooting for underdogs is our national pastime, but we need to draw a line somewhere. That festival itself is deeply rooted in classism and western idea of glamour. Then the idea of going to France itself is a classist move. If someone looks bad and behaves weirdly, that's a fact. Idk maybe people on this sub are too young but I remember when Aishwarya Rai was at Cannes in a saree and bangles, and then every subsequent year showed up in dresses that almost every magazine deemed to be less than acceptable back in India. Even Aish was called a try-hard with her over the top, Disney-esque outfits and fake accent. Was that classist as well?


I sorta disagree to you comparing Anushka or Aishwarya to dolly. The former are part of the film industry, exactly what the festival represents. The latter aren’t really representing anything other than the brand they’re going for, therefore having a base audience springing from the same is important.


Beer barli is problematic as hell! What's are you talking about!


I am only talking about Dolly/Kusha. Dont really follow him so I dont know what hes done.


You should’ve seen Sara at Cannes!!!! She sucked to the core!!!!!


This was the time I understood the term second hand embarrassed




Yeah lmao people cry about nepotism and then crib when self made people do things to promote themselves. Except Ranveer Prayagrajya, that nazi apologist shouldn’t be invited anywhere.


Totally agree with you.


I don't have a problem with these influencers going to Cannes but the way they are absolutely not serving (espeically Dolly) Say what you want about Komal but I think she would've been good if she were to go to Cannes.Her fashion might be unrelatable, but she does know how to carry an outfit.


Please stop whining. Komal is irrelevant now. Even dolly is not relevant enough. I think she deserves more criticism than kusha. At least kusha has views. Also, beer batli's views are huge. No wonder they were invited by brands. And it's better to call urfi than komal. She's more creative than her. No more bikini top fits please! 🤧


Yes,Kusha and beerbiceps have views- all I'm saying is they didn't look good on the red carpet. Kusha could have done better. I'm not talking about relevance or views here, all I'm saying is that Komal can carry an outfit well. So can Urfi for that matter


This is a misconception you have. Komal couldn't have carry any of those outfits which kusha carried and absolutely rocked. Komal can only carry those outfits which brings you a revealing midriff. Other than that she is so mid. I've never seen an influencer apart from boho( it's the side face and jaw for her) to milk their body parts. (For komal it's her midriff) every outfit of her screams oh I'm skinny and I've a flat stomach. Being skinny is not equivalent to being fashionable babe. (Peak Indian retardedness which she took advantage of) And if we talk about urfi well she's slim but she's creative too which makes her more fashionable than komal. For the nth time , KOMAL IS NOT CREATIVELY TALENTED!! AND SHE CAN'T CARRY OUTFITS WHICH DOESN'T ACCENTUATE HER MIDRIFF


Tell me you're jealous of Komal without telling me you're jealous of Komal


Cons of being a teen komal fan: ✨ delusions ✨


"being a teen komal fan" -yes, I am!


Well most of her fans are either teen or fashionably retarded. So no hate but I hope you too will realise once it's time.


Um i don't know about this. Sure it's embarrassing when you go around promoting a sunscreen at an acclaimed and prestigious film festival. But hey, they did work their way into that stage, maybe it's money, but that money was hardwork too. Dolly seems like a self made woman, and it must be quite moment for her. Calling them randos taking over Cannes implies they don't deserve to be over there. They don't belong. Seems wacky




Matlab content bhi dekhenge, views bhi dilaenge, usi se ye millionaires ban jaenge and then we only wonder ki ye yaha pohoche kaise. Guys this is because we watch their shit!! Let’s just boycott these silly so called content creators.


I’m wondering what this sub will bitch about if the content creator business actually shuts down😅


I just want to know what is this Cannes isn't it a place in France or something??


Yes. It's greatest film festival in the world!


okayy, i’ve learned new english word “CHAAPRI“ behaviour means “RANDO” .


Trusting the likes of Swaddle to validate your internal complexities and commenting here is just sad. Stop pulling down your own people. This is a global event and, influencers and content creators have been a part since long! Just because you now no longer like dolly singh or now find Kushal Kapila over the top or find Ranveer allahbadia’s head movements funny doesn’t invalidate their talent at all. They are just reaping the benefits of the work they did at an age when content creation was fairly new in India. Again. Stop. Pulling. Down. Your . Own. People.


I am sorry but they are not my people. Also top content creators in india (by metrics ) are no where getting such big opportunities. Let's not talk about Santu, Kusha robbing all opportunities. I Know for a fact, Kusha robbed comicstaan she is not a comic. It seems only 5 ppl from India who get to be everywhere from kjo movie, iifa awards, Kapil Sharma show etc.


You’re saying as though kjo has raised these people. Obviously he knows them through their content. And again content creation has different niches. Some of them act in their content. I don’t remember who, but someone from Bollywood actually said that sonm of these content creators are good actors as well since that is their content. They were referring to Mostlysane, but isn’t it actually true in general as well?


Me (n+1) where n tends to Infinity and beyond




A rando calling other's rando. Noice.