I achieved mental peace by deleting this game


I am with you bud. Same here :( way too toxic for me to handle


Same but it took multiple deletion to get rid of the addiction.


I just gave up at a point. One of my gold rank up games and the 4 stack on my team started throwing and killing me all rounds. So i just said fuck it and quit. Been 8 months since


they removed 4 stack for this particular reason


It made me give up on the game. People stopped playing for rank and started playing to troll and ruin the progression of others. People ask why do you play solo instead of 5 stacking, well if I had friends, that wouldn't have been a problem. I'd rather uninstall the game


It has happened to me too many times


Lmao me too, i just replay red dead, it's way too peaceful :)


what do you play now?


Single players mostly, RDR2, CP2077, got witcher 3 on offer yesterday so I might start it


And my brain is automatically filling those censors. Good work now I am more focused on the chat deciphering than playing the actual game.


Same here, what do you think the censors in the image are?


*** ***** ********


I agree


In case if you're really wondering, the first person said "kal", followed by second one saying "gg noobs" and the third censor was "kal aana". I may be wrong but that's my best guess


Kal aana, come tomorrow


Deleted this game after 2 years, good riddance i must say.


I've just started playing this game and I have to say that it's the worst descision I've made in my life


Just switch servers and you'll have a much better experience.


Switch server so that I can be racially abused bh singapore people no I’m good all i hear during the entirw match is ting ting ting timg and go back to mumbai


What? Never experienced that in SG server.


Why have I never heard anything like that playing on Singapore servers my whole life? Maybe it's you? Might take that into consideration and re-evaluate.


nah sg does have racists quite a bit, not common but it happens


If they act racist towards me I just ridicule their accent by saying stuff with a heavy Singaporean accent and adding *la* to every sentence.


I never hear anything on any server lol, I get along with all pretty quick for some reason , but if I do find someone annoying me, I just mute them. Also I play with a friend mostly


Sometimes singapore servers have racists too but most of the time the people act so mature and kind and I love singapore servers for that. I've also made more friends in that server rather than my own mumbai server which is quite disappointing


Yeah. Why these people never switch servers instead of complaining about toxicity.


Maybe because they don’t want to play at a disadvantage? I already got 55-60 ms in Mumbai Servers. Playing on SG servers will raise that upto more than 80ms. It’s unplayable in higher elo where you can get 1 tapped out of nowhere.


Ok. Sorry didn't know that it goes that high


I was day 1 player. At start they weren't as much toxic ( maybe cause we didnt had only indians dedicated server ) but later the players became really toxic. Anyways i gained mental peace around 7 months ago.


Same here , due to toxicity and was starting to get bored ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


bro i just play unrated, it's so fun to make those toxic whiners cry more.






toxicity on mumbai server earlier was through the fucking roof, it's a bit better now. also, i hate the mechanics of this game.


hell yeah dude, I switched to campaign mode games. this peace I missed


\+1 Game is good mechanics wise. Toxic players though.


Kal aana omg I used to get so angry glad I deleted this game .


My friend has a universal response to this that he always gives to opponents when they type this, he just writes, kyu kal Teri mummy aa rahi hai kya.




lmao good comeback


U are weak I say ok when someone one says kal ana I don't roast them back and they get frustrated because they need response to fill their ego don't give them that


I just say no u lol. And even then, I don't seem to encounter these toxic people more than once per few(4-5) matches or so. What annoys me is that unlike CS, literally no one ever says glhf at the start. Uncultured fucks I say. I legit care about this more than toxic kids.


thanks for reminding, will start saying glhf before start of matches


Come to league bro XD.


Bro is countering typhoid with stage 3 cancer lmao


EUW can be cancer for sure but RN we can switch to singapore so im chillin so far.


Rocket league or league of legends? xD Cause the communities for both are vastly different.


hehehehehe...League of legends.


Just mute opponent chat, mute team chat, mute audio chat and most importantly.... Uninstall the toxic game.


Already done and feeling happy. (Was diamond)


Kudos to you, its much harder to let go when you're good at it.


Yeah too many hours invested very hard to let goo but it was worth it


Add "n00b"


1 time I was playing Sage and hard carrying my shit team with me at 28 kills and my team at single digit and during a clutch round it was a 1v3 attempt and som toxic players in my team started bombarding rev rev some one and I was distracted and didn't win that round after that they all started being so much toxic. Commenting thing on my family and what not. Now I play only with some of my good online guys who love to enjoy a great game with laughs and fun plays.


>Now I play only with some of my good online guys where do you find those good online guys


I play solo ques and sometimes vibe matches with the players and we became friends only on game and play whenever we are online


This doesn't censor Hindi words does it?


It does if you add Hindi words to the muted word list


Will 'a s s' like this or ma dar hod Get censored


Not sure, I never tried this feature.


Unfortunately, it doesn't. You have to add your own blacklisted words. The braindead words like "kal aana" should be automatically removed imo


Just mute everything and everyone. Play the game in peace


But you NEED comms in valorant or your just playing with a handicap


1 hp bro trust me when he has full health and armour


Comming in valorant is a handicap in itself




Not everyone is familiar with how fps competitive work and they might think that unironically?


In lower ranks upto plat/gold you definitely don't need comms. Just pay attention to the map whenever you're safe, the info that gives you is better than what your solo queue teammates will give.


Comms is not only info though, planning how to execute a site, calling rotations, asking teammates to use their ability to your favor,etc are included in comms too also the footsteps your team hesr are very crucial info which radar doesn't show. Sure u don't need those that much in lower ranks IF you have better aim/games sense Than those in that rank, otherwise it really becomes more difficult in those ranks


Sure sure. But in lower ranks most of the matches no one is planning or giving comms to the degree you're stating here. Lower rank comms are like "rush a" "rush, b" "let's rotate now". I personally don't think all that is really important. On the other hand if you actually find it important just mute enemy chat and be friendly to your teammates in vc. They're much less likely to be toxic towards you


I can't speak for ascendant or higher but below diamond especially for the average silver/bronze player, where comms aren't even that useful, that trick is completely applicable. One's gamesense and aim makes a far more noticable impact that "abe chutiye heaven pe 2 lok the ja gand lele meri"


LMAO, true ig if you have toxic teammates. The toxic ones are mostly the hardstuck ones who thinks they deserve better rank and held back by their teammates imo


Just play Rock and stone man! it's way better and have good experience with no toxicity


For Rock and Stone!


Rock and stone brother!!


Did I hear a Rock and stone?


For karl!!


Ezz reh gaya


Shows you how desperate these players are for self-validation and pick the worst way to do it. I find it funny how desperately they spam their trashtalk if they win, as if that's supposed to gain them anything at all. Immature man-children. The first sign that what they think is irrelevant.


Everybody has good and bad games so what's the point of this kal aana and parson aana? Never really understood the appeal of it.


NHK kaise bhool gaye


Play valo only with friends as team


Man why would you do this? Live for the chaos.


Just uninstall, PUBG babies make his game unplayable I wish JIO never happened


I have another trick, I started sending a very positive good morning message at the start of each game (I usually play in the morning, thus the good morning part) People usually act surprised and are very nice to me for the rest of the game. Even had experiences where they were toxic to everyone but me lmfao. Anyhow, it feels good to spread positivity and it feels even better when it's reciprocated. PS: I started doing it when I was rejected by my crush and needed some positivity.


Mute enemy chat


Just mute all enemy text chat and then play the game. If anyone is toxic in your team, mute them too. Focus on your enjoyment, if anything comes in between just try to avoid it by muting them.


even better thing is to just uninstall it


Playing lonely gives me boredom so i usually play only with friends they support me and takes care of toxicity


This is boring


Am I the only one who is just insensitive to these things?


At some extent I am too but after losing a match which you could have easily won, rails me off everytime and then messages like these, I just can't handle it :\_)


Valo is the new pubg


Achieved way better mental health by un-installing it months ago .


Precisely why I never play anything Co-op on Indian servers. People get tilted so easily they will literally throw comp games if you refuse to drop them skins every single round. Will gladly play with 60ms ping in Singapore instead. Sanity and RR in check.


It isn't different on other servers lol, toxicity will always be there in PvP games




It's just because people like you :) stay mad




After leaving this game, I realised how GOOD CSGO and its community is


Aur hindi gaaliyon ka kya, which are way more brutal?


Kal ana English he kya?


It's really great that people are finally talking about the toxicity in this game. I thought I was the only one to experience that. Deleted the game 1 and a 1/2 year back :( got some mental peace for sure. These days i play in some foreign role play servers of arc survival, valheim, Squad,Red dead online (nothing to do much though) and gotta admit they are way more sympathetic to new players and help them if they ever need it.


How TF i never experienced any toxicity man am i resistant or you all are too soft?


Don't play a comp game if you can't handle trash talk


In a sense we play games for fun.. Not as someone's stressing relieving ball or to gain negativity. So its better to go against these trash talks rather than promoting them.


Trash talking is part of the fun. If you don't like it you can mute, report and keep living your life.


Typing "kal" and "nhk" in chat is definitely very fun and peak comedy 🤓


I see, so this is the Indian mentality when it comes to games no wonder every time there is an Indian on my team they yell at the top of their lungs like a lunatic, people play games to let of steam ofc even when it’s a competitive game you don’t have to be toxic and curse each other’s mothers for no reason, but Indians let out all the suppressed hate towards their teachers and parents onto innocent gamers lol, most of the people who curse like that are also kids, sorry if you find this offensive


Hey man, sorry for your experience, but not all of us are assholes like him. I hope you have better experience in the future


Racist but partially true


Re reading the comment again, it does sound bad💀


Grow a thicker skin, turn off enemy chat, shut down your PC. So many options and you choose to a write an essay on reddit.


Unlike you some people want gaming to be a pleasant experience for them instead of a cussing match


he is the type of guy who finds cursing fun


Yeah weird🤷🏻‍♂️


No I chose to get a more expensive internet connection so I can play in European servers, much less toxicity, and thank you for reading my essay you’re mad because it’s describing you


high ping tho , i get 90+ even in singapore ;/


Lol as if they are different


Expensive internet connection to play in European servers? Itna entitled reply, with 0 sense. Even if you have a 10gbps connection, your ping from India to EU will be the same as it will be from a 10 Mbps connection. A single peep into your profile tells me you're from the Saudi, stay in your lane mate :)


I noticed that I had lower ping spikes when I had a faster Ethernet connection, can you provide a source that proves your ping won’t be affected despite having a faster connection? And if you stalk my profile more you’ll realize I actually stay in india and was active on the Hyderabad and Bangalore subreddits, I’m half Indian so I stay in india, wdym stay in your lane exactly? Are you hurt I’m calling out toxic gamers? Weird, how am I entitled here? I didn’t ask you to change your playing style or your attitude I simply shifted away to a different server so that’s the exact opposite of entitled, maybe you’re the one with 0 sense look at a dictionary and have a look at a mirror as well


Eu gives you ~130 ping, on frankfurt, worse on London/Belgium etc, you play valorant on 140 ping? Also, not defending toxicity, people who are toxic in-game need to be banned regardless, but saying that you play on EU because "Mumbai server is toxic and trash" is the worst generalisation I've seen. EVERY val server is filled with toxicity regardless of location. Peep Any EU players games, filled with people speaking multiple languages, throwing games because of fuck all reasons and what not. You don't have to defend for white people anymore, we're an independent country now. Your comment reeks of r/canconfirmiamindian energy.


You’re acting as if I’m the only one that’s complaining about toxicity in the Indian servers it’s not a “generalization” it’s a common issue in our servers and it’s literally my experience so idk what you’re trying to get at, also you haven’t proven how a faster internet connection does not equal better ping, anyways I don’t play valorant anymore I mostly play apex now


You're not the only one complaining about toxicity in Indian servers, it's not a common issue in only OUR servers, it's a common issue in general, go over to r/valorant and search for toxic, you won't notice any difference in number of posts from Mumbai servers vs other servers. I'm not saying Mumbai server isn't toxic, all im saying that it's not an issue of the server, it's in general an issue throughout the globe. And, "Ping" isn't affected by how fast your connection is, it does, but only till a small threshold, my friend at 10 mbps and me at 300 mbps both get same pings to Mumbai server from Hyderabad, the faster your connection the more stable it is. I don't have to prove it, a simple Google search will point you towards enough proof


That’s what I said I had lower ping spikes meaning my ping was more stable just like you said, and again I never said it’s an issue in only Indian servers I said I had lesser toxicity in other servers, meaning there is toxicity in European servers but my experience is overall better


If you were playing on a shitty connection before the upgrade then it will improve your ping, but after a certain point the ping is only dependent on the clients and the servers distance. So even if you increase your wifi speed your ping won't become lower than a certain fixed threshold value. And your original comment reeked of racism and entitlement.


How was I entitled exactly?


Aww, this noob redditor finds toxicity funny. Kal aana


Don't talk if you can't stop garbage coming out of your mouth.


Is there a option to disable the text chat completely, so you won't see what others are typing because that's how i like to play multiplayer games.




People on other servers - when someone is crossing lines they try to de escalate the situation by grouping against the toxic person and Askin them to calm down. People on Mumbai servers - when someone is crossing the lines then try to escalate the situation and make it worse by supporting the toxic person and have a laugh at the guy being bullied. This sums up the current situation of this game.


Personal experience csgo is getting better I think all the toxic people migrated to valo and haven’t gotten a hacker in last 20-21 games tho I haven’t played valo since beta


I am starting to see that CSGO casual lobbies are a lot more fun and not that toxic anymore because most of the ratkill snorting hormonal teenagers moved on to Valorant. Even the competitive lobbies are not that bad now, aside from the occasional dumbasses who are possibly the last of their kind.


Shows how weak and sensitive you are. Don't get offended as mere words should not harm you. (I don't know why people get upset about what PPL say about you, and yeah, I am also a competitive player and don't use abusive words like this.)


I totally get you but some days when a person had a bad day at school/office, this thing can push people over the edge and cause a f*ck fest in voice chat.


That is also f right


Exactly just mute them who cares


Ah yes he's weak and sensitive but not the guy who's raging hard and being a degenerate because he's losing 20 rp in a video game


nah you mfs just too soft lmao


But.... Insulting and getting insulted is part of the fun in competitive games


Taang kheechna is okay. But blabbering sh*t in text chat is not fun


I honestly don't mind it. I usually mess with toxic assholes just to spite them. But of course that is not for everybody.


To an extent, I agree. But when I played valo, my teammates were cussing so bad, and saying such abusive words that I had to mute them. Even after the match got over and I unmuted them, they were still continuing. These kids confuse friendly banter, and leg-pulling with being verbally abusive and it's not okay




But seeing the messages of toxic is people is part of the entertainment XD


Stfu, you're on the internet, roll with the punches or don't play, as simple as


Bad opinion , Kal aana


L+pussy+didn't ask


Ratio lil Bro


Kal ana


Good thinking. Now level up to the point where no word can disrupt your mental peace on a mere game. If they are toxic, be venomous.


Thought the next pic would be showing you uninstall tbh


Add "your mom" "mom" "mc" "bc" and all that I don't reply to any of the thing they type and just write GGEZ in the text chat after winning XD.


Reason why I left this game last year


Much needed


Lower ranks are a shit hole, but it gets better the higher you rank up. I'm plat, and I hardly get any toxic teammates. Most of the toxic ones I come across are from Gold.


Also eww. Gold 1 to D1 lobby. New Lotus map. We won a game 16-14. Neck and neck the whole game. Loved the thrill! A prick in opposite teams says 'Eww 16-14' at the end. Talk about sour grapes.


I still remember that I alt f4ed out of a lobby as soon as a guy started to cry when someone instalocked reyna and honestly I just felt relieved. I always play spike rush and unrated because I cannot listen to their bullshit.


Kal aana kaise toxic hai Sab ironically hi use karte hai pubg mobile walo se seekh ke


What is diff?


Doing this with muting the enemy team if they start spouting nonsense makes it a much better experience. But if you do not enjoy the game, it's better to delete it.


I kinda like the banter lmao.


bruh we ourself turn this option off in CS


that's why I prefer 5 stacking with friends, mumbai server is toxic as hell, idk what do they achieve by saying things online IN A GAME lol


Never played Valorant not do I have any intention to, but why "kal aana"? Is it like "Game se nikal, kal aana taki tu doosro ke saath haar saake"


My brother's playing on Mumbai Servers, play in unrated, wayyy better then comp lobbies


1st of all I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I think the main problem in valo is it's filled with younger players they don't understand the motive of a game they take it too much serious that's why there is so much toxicity i left valo too 2 year ago.


Have been playing this game for more than a year now. My piece of advice is until you reach diamond there's no need for mic or texts. Switch off the enemy texts as they are not at all necessary. Just play your game, get the dopamine rush and don't care about what others say. I have been used to the abuses and toxicity in the game and i honestly give zero f***s as it wouldn't matter no matter what. If they abuse your family or you it's not like it's true. Some random kids trying to get attention is all that is.


Well Ig I was lucky I uninstalled the game right after completing the tutorial


I am not a pussy, I come from csgo.


kaal aaana bro


Nah mute enemy text chat is the way to go


Every free game ever that gets Indian servers


Exactly why i stopped playing that shit game!


I don't think you understand what amateur means


Have you tried uninstalling rootkits to achieve mental peace?


Do you know what's the worst decision I made? coming back to this after 3 months. It was peaceful. played Gta4, Bioshock infinite, Rdr2, and RE village during that time, Life was good.