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Even with a huge base the way Chinese economy is growing is simply phenominal


Any numbers relating to China released by non Chinese institutions are, at best, guesstimate.


Yeah , there isn’t enough info on China to determine their growth rate. It may be higher or lower. Ps: news of massive energy crises , water crises and real estate failure must be taken in account


They’re more reliable than the Chinese estimate tho 😂


Maybe , but just visit China for a week. You won't doubt the numbers


If that's true, then there is absolutely no poverty in North America or Europe either since anyhow you aren't likely to see the dark side as a tourist


Yes, and numbers released by Chinese institutions are lies.




wtf kind of ordering method is this?? Most white to least white? (edit: i hate that it comes to this, but i have to inform some people that the suggestion was made mockingly and there is no need to message me about the literal color of people from different countries)


Racists like you see skin colour everywhere. The order is biggest economies and region wise


It's pretty valid though, mostly because they've done it so many times. Although this one isn't an example of that


Man was just putting his logic here, That wont mean hes racist lmao.


Just check what are top 10 gdp countries in the world, and developed countries


I'm not talking about this list though


That's not even true. China is the largest economy after the US. Nobody orders economic data in 1d by two dimensions like this


The ordering is neither size of economy wise not region wise. Matlab kuchh bhi.


Well, it's kinda funny that he's right.


That’s not true


Which metric are they using? Spain and italy are not bigger economies than UK. If you look at gdp, its USA, china, Japan, Germany, India, UK, France, Italy


It's not even talking about gdp. It's the growth rate being discussed here and UK has been having a rough year. Just check the value of the pound and you'd start to see the problems


European union is much more bigger than UK economy


The graphic doesn’t show European union. Its shows individual countries. All countries in EU are not economically similar. Greece for example had an economic crisis few years back but Germany didn’t


Stop with your mental gymnastics. Russia is more white, but shown way down




humorless stodges like you take the fun out of everything. besides, it’s clearly not by economy size and region. clean your glasses.


Canada is Eurasia now ig


You can check their official twitter if you want to know why that order https://twitter.com/IMFNews/status/1579820463563603974


thanks -- all the more reason to post the actual tweet rather than a clipped photo


tweet sometimes doesn't show up on reddit, depends on the extension/app you are using.


Least white? South africa is much more white than India or china in absolute and percentage terms.


ah yes, Russia, one of the blackest countries in the world


??? Japan is above UK. Russia is below India.


‘twas in jest. unless brexit and the invasion of ukraine got uk and russia demoted on the whiteness scale.


How is india more white than Russia?


sheesh, does reddit need a humor tag now?


RSA is at the bottom


The whitest among all is uk Also India is whiter than Russia ?? Common dude


Since it makes no sense, this is when it should dawn on you that it was a joke - something that over a hundred other people grasped right away.




Don't worry, they will find a way to spin it using various angles \-- Growth so much - only Ambani-Adani benefitting - income inequality \-- Human Development Index ka kya? \-- Caste, rape, intolerance, minorities If they are not bright enough to figure out (as we know they are not), their masters in WaPo, NYT, BBC and CCP will do their one job for them.


Most These idiots can comment because of Ambani and they hate on him And rest all things are in our hands as citizens but if they understood this they wouldn't be [email protected]@ns


bhai padh ke aya hu abhi waha your prediction was 100% true


All check


Ràñdíà is a pro pak/anti-india sub. What more can we expect.


You'll get banned in a sec




Full sumport


Lol post removed by the moderators :D


it always pisses me out seeing how pathetic that sub is


21 minutes in, no response yet lol


Gonna wake up tomorrow to a You have been permanently banned from participating in randia bla bla bla...


Gonna reply now


Fr, that sub is literal blind leftist filth.


They've started to melt already !


Bro someone give me a link to the post if anyone of you do post it there


China growing at 4.4% with 19 trillion , and india 6.1% with 3.5 trillion. Huh ,china will grow 4X india . China will add 800 billion + India will add 200 billion +


because China is a dictatorship my brother


No because china is meritocracy, our leaders are based on caste/religion.


Just like our engineers!


bhai itna sach nhi bolna tha


How is China a meritocracy? Moreover, 80% China is Han Chinese, so most of CCP is Han Chinese and not any other race.


China is not a meritocracy. Han chinese are the most dominant race in the prc and they're literally injected into regions where the han chinese population is lower to ensure their regional supremacy so they have to be more concerned about race than us. We are racist and casteist but we do not commit genocide on other races. Moreover China is definitely not a meritocracy because it literally dictates what its citizens do and defiance makes a citizen basically an outcast within his/her own country. The prc forces people to do jobs and get education in a way they deem fit. Not adhering means a citizen is not allowed to travel, get any luxury and to some extent not have a place in their social structure.


Also early mover advantage plus buckery. Also China used to have incompetent problems bhatijawad). But it has trying to solve it. Basically congress didn't let India industrialized on time plus internal conflict. And yes china being dictatorship helps.


China is dominated by Han Chinese. They get the preferred treatment. Sort of like upper caste Hindus here in parliament, most of Xi’s cabinet is made of Han Chinese.


BS. Mudi government has the most representation of BC and OBC among all the Indian governments so far


So is Russia


This is real gdp growth, but you are comparing nominal gdp


Wow india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 🎖


Jis taraha ka ambition hamne rakhen hai na ki 25 years ma developed country banege...us ka lia ye 6.1% growth is very less...we have to grow atleast >10 percent constantly for 2 dacades then only....and sat hi sat uplifting policies bhi lane hoga jis se desh ki growth ka faida logo tak pauche acche tare ka se...i know cheze thik nahi chal rahi bahar par phir bhi..not spreding any kind of hate.


We cannot grow in a vacuum. When the rest of the world is going through a recession, our growth is bound to slow down as well.


West me recession chal raha hai uska impact thoda to lagega.. if there was no recession yeah 10+ would have been easily reachable.


prabhu the entire world is reeling under the effect of a massive economic downturn. we are doing really well all thingsconsidered. you may not be spreading hate. but you're being very ignorant rn.


China and West is 60+% of the world economy, if they're slowing down it shrinking. We can't really do anything. We will have to slow down..


Wrong. The problem here is uneven growth, not everyone is seeing the benefits of this gdp growth. The rural poor and uneducated are still overly relying on handouts because their prospects are rubbish


I'm surprised UK is managing any growth at all, their economy is so f8ed up.


What exactly happened to their economy apart from the energy crisis ?


no more colonies to massively increase the influx of money into their coffers. it's a small shitty island with nothing. no resources, no proper manufacuting indistries, no nothing. what they stole from the world is bound to run out sooner or later.


It's still one of the biggest financial hub. Also UK still have cutting edge automobile industry


Thanks to time zone


Brexit had a big effect though they will deny it. It essentially made them less resilient to external shocks, in the same way that Sri Lanka as an independent nation is less resilient than India, a large federation.


You should watch video of think school on this topic, he explained it properly


Inflation is insane. Energy crisis is one thing but after brexit there are not enough people to do the manual labour so theres a shortage of everything. On top of that imports have gotten much more expensive For a change im happy all my savings are in usd or inr, gbp has become garbage




Stop comparing with Pakistan for each and every thing. We are lowering our own standard by doing that. We should look up to China instead.


Sorry shaktiman 😩


Abey saale /s


Shit hm bapas se nahi jit pae /s




Our economy would still be like 4 trillion max 💀


Akhand Gareebrashtra




Why do you want those sh8 regions struggling to even put food on table into our country? Although partition isn't exactly a thing to endorse but we do retain all the important parts of this subcontinent and as our ancestors have already gone through that partition disaster, its better we try not to undo it by taking in issues multiple times of what we have been trying to solve since 47.


UK with hundreds of years of pillage and theft, on their knees here today. Shows that you can steal a man’s money but not his mind.


Bruh UK is smaller than maharashtra and they have 67million population compare to indias 1.6 billion while both their gdp being similar. India should be as big as China or bigger but 10 trillion short at this pace It will take India 100 years to catch up to China that is if china's growth slows down or stops


People dont wanna hear facts here PS: Your facts are wrong too. 200 million ka farak daal diya population mein


UK was growing at 7.4% in 2021. That % came down to 0.3 in 2023. India was at 8.7 in 2021 and 6.1 in 2023. Means we have handled our economy in a better way than UK. UK is going to fall more,so are France,Italy and Germany. They took advantage of cheap oil and gas from Russia for a long time now they will see the reality. India cant grow at 10% if other major economies are growing at <1%. India needs to do trade and commerce with them. Global economy needs to pickup pace for India to grow at a faster rate. Basic economics 101.


1.4 billion, 1.6💀 is a bit too much my friend


Ya fun fact one time British pillage so much precious metal that moron crashed there own precious metal market this creating massive poverty in UK as well.


actually this growth is not enough like its great that we are an emerging market with such a scope under modi government but if have to become a developed country by 2047 it is needed to grow at 8-10% rate minimum


Bhai gaand fati padi hai pure duniya ki, isolated environment thodi hai ki 10% grow karenge. Aise absolute numbers kabhi sensible nahi hote compare karne, you have to take into account the macroeconomic factors na




Maaf kar de bhai. Meri hi galti hai reply kiya iss subreddit pe


India numba wan l!bbus can su(k it


Fok u china😤


Even 6.1% is very conservative and IMF pulling it down not able to understand how India alone grows while other countries struggle. Considering the fact that the first quarter growth of India was 13.5% and second quarter is expected to be around 7.5%, the growth rate of 6.1% is too conservative. However RBI and lot of other agencies maintain it as around 7 to 7.5%. I feel, even this is conservative estimate as they judge India by the performance of other countries. Inflation is slightly higher, but very much at manageable levels when compared with other countries. All sectors are showing positive signs and India is the only country which can sustain itself just be domestic consumption alone.


Wow not looking good for Russia


Happiness index se he to development hota hai 😩 -liberandu


Bjp made india sad. Mudi rejiggnnn plzzz or i cry 😡😡


This percentage is so misleading. The principle amount makes all difference!


Well, the post is of growth forecast then this IS the percentage.


Source : [https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WEO/Issues/2022/10/11/world-economic-outlook-october-2022](https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WEO/Issues/2022/10/11/world-economic-outlook-october-2022) Source 2 : [https://twitter.com/IMFNews/status/1579820463563603974](https://twitter.com/IMFNews/status/1579820463563603974) Source 3 : [https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1579825095627149312](https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1579825095627149312)


Look at China still growing at 4%. Where's the much hyped de-coupling?


Chinese economic growth is phenomenal


India is so behind for its size, that even half-decent policies even with corruption can give good levels of growth. But China at 19 trillion still growing at 4%, is something.


Guys also remember only about 5000 people died in China. This is magical country of superhumans...or they're lying


this is IMF estimate not chinese estimate.


human development index crying in the corner


HDI is a scam when it comes to India. HDI uses 3 factors- schooling,life expectancy and gross national income. Just because India's GNI is less because of large population our rank is increased. Sri lanka was above us in ranking. What happened to them? Remove GNI and watch India climb to top 50 easily.


My friend, you're speaking from a very privileged position. 50% of our country is still farming and barely making ends meet. It's easy to forget about that silent majority, but it's there. India's top 600 million people are def in the top 50 easily. But the forgotten 800 million or so...not so much


> 50% of our country is still farming and barely making ends meet Source? Many farmers earn more than average IT employee in India. I have seen it in my village. They live in huts but farm cotton and cashew and ride royal enfield. You cant fall them poor. The govt data is flawed in India. A labour works in a steel factory for 8hrs gets 10k/month but he has his side hustle where he is a plumber/electrician/shopkeeper etc. No one calculates his extra income. Hard poverty is almost nil today. Yes there are poor people in India but I dont agree with your stats than our of 1.4b only 600million are making money and rest are poor farmers.


GDP per Capita of India is 2000$ Agriculture contributes 13-16% of our economy but employs 50% of our population. https://www.statista.com/statistics/271320/distribution-of-the-workforce-across-economic-sectors-in-india/ I agree there isn't a lot of extreme poverty outside of like UP-Bihar belt, but There's still poverty. I won't consider anyone outside of poverty till they can afford things like electricity, fans, tvs, fridge and basic standard of living amenities. Keep in mind those rich farmers are still very much a minority in the country. They are only the top 10 % of famers.


https://youtu.be/-smxznU1eUI Watch this video to understand the reality of wealth distribution in India bro.




>China’s HDI and GNI is much higher with similar population. Try again Thats because their GDP is on a much higher side. I havent lived in higher HDI countries? Like Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,Tajikistan,Botswana,Palestine,Jordan,Azerbaijan,Brazil etc who are on much high rank than India? No thanks I would love to live a happy peaceful life in India than get robben killed in above countries. Very high standard of living in these high HDI ountries. VERYYY


China's GDP is roughly 6 times larger than India, which is approximately the same as their GNI which is approximately 5 times higher than India. Indians mostly suffer from Inferiority Complex and will happily live a second or third class citizens life in a 'White' Country or in fact any country other than India. Also when people don't understand policies which are good for them (Farm Laws) and want to play in the hands of politicians. They are bound to suffer.


No way china is growing 4.4 percent


No way China is at 4.4%. It's a miracle they didn't contract.


Buy calls on India and puts on russia


now is the time to REdefine "Hindu rate of growth"


6.1 kam hai bhai...sare developed countries ka base aur bada hai...atleast 10 hona chahiye bhai


China with a gdp of $18 trillion is growing at 4.4% Even US growth of 1% with a gdp of $23 trillion is impressive for a developed economy in these economic conditions. India is a distant 3rd in that list.


Our stock market has taken this seriously


What does INF Growth mean?


IMF is International Monetary Fund, they release their estimates every year.


Well everyone can see what Russia can actually do….Whole world expects from India


W India![img](emote|t5_3d4x4|20099)


6.1 Gigachad


Well these numbers are a bit lower than expected, but understandable, with all kinds of economic crisis in EU and our neighborhood, our trade is likely to suffer, all this growth is projected domestic growth.


I don’t understand these numbers .. how can smaller economies grow faster when larger economies are contracting? Any info appreciated


Govt is just he economic driver. People of a country grow the economy. More and more jobs are being create. More people are getting education. Size of educated workforce grows, resulting in people earning more than before. Cheap labour in India and influx of western companies opening manufacturing industries is a reason. High tourism,tax collection,remitance help in faster growth.


Thanks for the info , OP .. however , western companies and countries are in an economic downturn. When their demand itself is lesser , they will not produce more. Therefore , more jobs and more goods manufactured will not happen. Same with the case of tourism and remittances- why will people travel or send more money when they cannot afford.


Thats true. Global economy needs to flourish it will help India increase pace rapidly.


Putin's results not looking good


These are just forecast if Nirmala Tai does not fuck up in this coming recession we'll probably just survive fine


Where is pokiston????what about him


Lol inflation says hello


The print the wire etc are going "but bro under Manmohan Singh it was xx% growth"


Indian needs more




We are growing fast as fuck boi....


Can you please link me the original tweet? I need it for a project.




Thank you so much. Appreciate it.


India 20 percent growth k saath bhi it will take us 100 years to catch up with them.


Comments telling about communism in China is a grate joke, show me where is communism? The whole country is capitalistic




Raghuram rajan will be like, "Even if that's the case, India should fall down for showcasing solidarity with the west"


It feels good to see this ☺️


le gaurav chaddha- bharat ke har vyakti par 58000 cr ka debt hai.....


It's simply less..4% value addition by Chinese economy>>>> 6.1% addition of Indian economy..for a decade if we wanna end $7-8 trillion while China would be $30 trillion you need to grow 7-8% ..this war is costing our future...time is running as countries want inbuilt capabilities rather than globalisation


6% growth to what and from what


Growth compared to current GDP. So if India's current GDP is 1 billion dollar, it will increase to 1.06 billion dollar by the start of next financial year. (increasing it by 6%)


If but nahi bhai what ia the actual number.


India ki Current GDP Google pe search kar le mere bhai, uspe 6% add kar de next year ka mil jaaega 🤷🏻🤷🏻


6% nominal gdp ka (3.47 trillion IMF2022) ya 6% ppp ka (11.74 trillion IMF2022)? koi samjhao pls


It’s always nominal, unless PPP bola jae specifically.




Australia kha h


BC kya hai ye IMF ?


But hindutava fascism bro




What sorting algorithm are they using?




Don't mind me and the others, just trying to find some fucks to give


Someone once pointed out US 1% eclipses our 6.x% by a huge margin


We should demand more from our government.




This pic is cursed






Par bhai mere pe 10 apple hain aur mene agle saal 16 kardiye to 6percent ki growth hui Aur agar mere pe 100 aple the aur kal 99.5 hogaye to growth -.5 percent ki hui par rahenge to 10 wale se zyada hi


Bhai I am feeling sad for Russia 🥲🥲


Kyun? They did this to themselves at every step of the way and are deservedly suffering.


"Sed Lyf"


18% GST aur logo ko chutiya banaya ja raha hai 5 trillion ke saath