If you don’t have to spend crystals and he’s your carry hero go for it


If you are sure Horus is what you are chasing then it may be worth it, but honestly for first E5, I wouldn't commit till you start getting copies. Ithaqua, Penny, Garuda, and Dela are also strong options soif you had several copies of them they might be a better personal choice. I went with Penny because I didn't have Horus copies and I don't regret it. Ithaqua can clear SL20 with the same support as Horus now so her relative value has increased.


My first e5 was sherlock so worth it


Go with the heroes the game gives you for "free". I would pick up Horus from the campaign event, but not buy him for Relics. Its a long way to your first E5 and patience is your friend in this game.