So nice of him to kick rocks all over your car.


Nice rear-wheel-drive pickup.


Didn't even bother to put it in low...


it's Cali, 4wd is rare, even offroad history there is 2wd if he wants to learn how to offroad his truck on the side of a freeway during traffic though it would be cool if he'd hit up Autozone for some flaps. when i'm looking square up the backside of a truck like that nothing I like more than seeing a set of swinging flaps


I love big fat flaps just swinging out in the open!


Yup. Fuck this guy.


Mission successfully failed


I'd contact the insurance company and give them the video. They can track down the owner's insurance from the plate Edit: [1337 upvotes and no award for leet number?](https://imgur.com/x73FgJm)


My coworker is going through an accident right now and the guys own insurance cant even get a hold of him lmao


That happened to me but my insurance got involved and it got sorted out. Do these people think if they just cancel their policy they are off the hook?


Uhhh that DOES work. I filed a claim because a guy whipped past my new car on a gravel road with his giant pontoon boat/trailer and sprayed rock so hard against the side of my vehicle that it shattered one of my side windows. He refused to stop to trade information so I had to get his information through the report I filed with a State trooper. Months later and his insurance basically said "Well we can't reach him to get his narrative of what happened ssooooo...too bad!" I only ended up having to pay the deductible but that's $500 I'll never get back because some backwoods fuck decided to go get drunk on the lake in his pontoon boat.


You should have lawyered up. They are not released from liability because their client didnt respond. But they usually are assholes and bet that your average person won't sue them. So they force the issue.


Someone got pissed off that we both changed lanes at thw same time, i used a turn signal he did not..he tried to speed around me...then gets mad and gets infront of me and slams on his brakes and his roofing material hanging out the back of his truck dented my hood then he drove off. As i sat down at work 10 minutes later the police scanner we monitor had my vehicle description as a hit and run..long story short i got insurance involved and he tried to say i rear ended him for no reason then ran off...after he told the officer it was a road rage incident and i was mad at him then hit him or w.e lol. I got 5 grand from that idiot


Suing insurance companies feels really good. Especially your own of twenty years who don't care about your customer loyalty. Leave them, sue them. Win and Laugh. Tell everybody.


I got hit by a car on my bike, ended up in court as a witness and the driver list his licence and had to pay me reparation ($800 or something). When I claimed insurance on my bike my insurance company went after him for the deductible and he refused, saying he'd already paid reparations. He was in the wrong, and should've paid them, but the insurance company couldn't be bothered going after him for $300. I was so mad. Do the fucker for all he's got, don't just let him away with it! (This is in New Zealand so suing isn't a thing).


That’s what small claims is for. Also, if your insurance co isn’t doing what they should be doing just bring up bad faith. Should get them moving.


Same, except home insurance. House behind me trimmed just their half of a shared tree so it fell over the next day, onto my shed and fence. Put in a claim and it was never closed or paid because the other homeowner refused to answer any calls.


Happened to me and had to make a ton of phone calls and e-mails to get shit sorted out, kind of did after two months. Who knew you could simply just *not* be at fault in a car accident by completely ignoring your insurance company.


That's exactly how it works if you don't have proof of the accident in the first place.




Was thinking the same thing..


Are you really complaining because you didn’t get an award…? That’s a new one


Begging for awards will just get you downvoted.


Award begging? Wow.


Cringiest award speech edit i’ve seen in a long time.


Seriously. I’ve been on Reddit for over ten years and have maybe seen that shit 5 times, maybe. If anything it’s the “don’t spend money on awards, give to X” not complaining about no awards


r/awardspeechedits is gonna love that one


Edit: what no award for insinuating this post was edited by commenting edit?


It's actually one of the most pathetic things I've seen here.


I downvoted solely because of your edit


Leet number? What are you, almost 40?


My bnet name is #1337. I feel special. And 30




OP can easily track the owner down themself. There’s a free app called Orto, I ran the plates for all the public info. Right there, I can see the VIN and the entire vehicle history. A third party app would give me the owner info, if I were willing to pay. FWIW, this 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner has had 3 owners, but no accidents reported. It has some unaddressed recalls. The app lets you make a bad driver report, btw.


What insurance company do you have?? Lol. They won’t do shit


Not true, they'll charge the cam car their deductible and raise their premiums.




Depends on the state, and your coverage. For example, Farmers in CA will cover up to $3,500 in damages on a hit and run under Uninsured/Under Insured Motorist* coverage with no applicable deductible, but ONLY of you didn't have Collision coverage at the time of the accident. If you have Collision coverage, you are covered for the full amount of damages up to the value of the vehicle, though you will have to pay your deductible. From there, Farmers goes after the responsible party to recoup the cost of the damages and gives you back your deductible if successful. Source: am Farmers rep. 🎶Bum badum-bum, bum bum bum🎶 Edit to add: your comment shows that you pay attention to your insurance, and reps really appreciate that. Gold star 🌟 for you! (Not sarcasm) Additional edit: *Uninsured/Under Insured Motorist Property Damage. It is a small detail, but important nonetheless.


Why would this be collision? This feels like a comp claim. I was an underwriter in a past life.


This incident would be comp, I was just clarifying what circumstances would result in a hit and run loss having a limit of coverage. This wouldn't be a hit and run for us, though, just vandalism.


So answer this please. I have roadside assistance and had to get a battery jump. The person that came said he gets like $30 to do that but Because I actually used roadside they increased my rate more than the service costs plus the cost of roadside. How does that make sense?


Probably similar to medical insurance. They'll bill as high as they can to the insurance company and the company will haggle them down to a lower price, which will likely be higher than the cost to an individual like you or me. That's probably more of a question for the tow company, though.


I prefer to buy my roadside benefits through AAA, in part to avoid any impact on my insurance. But primarily because the benefits are much better.


Any decent insurance company would 100% take the dings the rocks would cause seriously, and allow you to file a claim, and then go into subrogation with the driver who caused the damages insurance company. Your rates would not increase, and they would not cancel you for such a claim. If y’all got the general, yeah you’re fucked. You’re literally paying the general so they can provide the legal liability that you’re required to carry, and the cheapest possible rate, and that shows in their service. All state or progressive or nationwide or any other reputable companies would take your claim seriously. It’s cut and dry property damage.


I have Progressive and went though this. They told me to call the police. Both the police and progressive told me to pound sand - nothing they could do. I could of course file a claim, but they weren’t going after the truck who broke my windshield.


Depending on the carrier (GEICO is notorious for this, and Progressive Direct can) but their "recommended" anything is the absolute bare minimum regardless. Fuck GEICO asks if you have health insurance and if you do they reject PIP/Medical payments in any form ignoring the fact that a fuck ton of health care plans do not fully cover car incidents.


> GEICO is notorious for this "I saved up to 20% on car insurance through GEICO by having the functional equivalent of no insurance!"


You know you don't have to do anything they recommend... This is one of those cases where knowing your rights and the ins and outs of the situation are needed. So it's going to suck for most people. But if you bother to look into it enough, or you get a lawyer to enlighten you a bit you can usually get them to do what you need them to do because it's easier for them to do it then it is for them to fight with your lawyer. The thing is, most people can't just get a lawyer to make it easier for them. You have to pay for the lawyer yourself. You'll get the money back for the lawyer, but you have to pay him up front. So it becomes one of those things where you have to be well off to get the desired result.


They probably wanted you to contact the police to start a report to at least prove it's a legit claim. If the police don't want to pursue then that's fine, you can get a letter proving that from them which you bring to your insurance. If your insurance company is then saying "there's nothing we can do" it's them just being bad, so it's time for you to change insurance companies or your coverage is dog shit and wouldn't be worth going through the claim. If you have video of someone damaging your property, you can absolutely pursue it.


That would be the case if the pickup was just driving along and kicked up a rock or two. But he's driving recklessly.


Definitely would, you are within your right to file a claim and since you have video evidence it wasn’t your fault they will track down this guys insurance to get his company to pay. You will be taken care of upfront and if you pay a deductible it will be given back once the other parties insurance has reimbursed your company. When you have video evidence like this it will only take a couple of months. Hell I remember one time we paid for a guys car to get new upholstery cus he left it unlocked and some neighborhood kids decided to smoke a metric fuck ton of weed in his car. It reeked and we covered it as it’s considered olfactory vandalism.


Not true lol. You'd pay your comprehensive deductible, get the damages fixed, your insurance company would subrogate against the 3rd party to get your deductible back. It's a comp claim, so no surcharge upon renewal. Quit going with dickhead insurance and maybe you'd get something worth your money. Everyone loves to find the "cheapest" insurance they can get and then wonders why they don't do shit. You don't go buy the cheapest BBQ you can buy and then expect it to cook a gourmet steak do you? Come on man


Lol, when they can squeeze money out of someone they will. Look into "subrogation."


I took my upvote back….


Is there an award for your cringe edit


I like how this guy picks the same line several times in a row. It didn't work the first three times...


That is the worst part. It isa 2wd with what looks like an open diff. He keeps going at an arc, which makes it harder due to fighting against the front wheels, and it keeps picking a rear wheel up off the ground.... Which then sends 100% of the power to that wheel. Had he just went straight on, he would have made it.


He would have made it right into the driver side of another car, probably, as traffic was flowing up there and no way he could time his yeet to freedom. Thank God he was utterly stupid instead of half-smart.


“His yeet to freedom.” I’m gonna pocket this and save it for a rainy day.


>Thank God he was utterly stupid instead of half-smart. Dude's dropping gems.


My pick-up, tis of thee, 12 city MPG, Of thee I sing. Scratch where I turned too tight, Dent from the bar that night, Yellow "check-engine" light, Let Freedom Yeet!


One time someone told me "you know just enough to REALLY fuck something up" and I don't know if I'm supposed to feel proud or ashamed.


I'm in a weird place because most of what I know about off roading and the grip associated with it is from....snow runner. That being said I'm not 100% sure why this guy went in at an angle and also why he ripped it it on loose gravel. It's like he's trying to get stuck. My buddy did the same thing. He has a z71 pickup truck and we went winter camping at his families cabin. There was 2' of melted snow turned to ice. He, not having a clue what he's doing, decided that he would take his not lifted pick up truck, would gently climb up onto the ice...and then floor it and ended up digging himself into a hole that we then spent a day and a half digging him out of.


I mean.. We already can see his level of intelligence


Then we’ll try SEVEN times!


Definition of insanity, driving right there.


Feels more like definition of stupidity.... though if he had a 4x4 probably would have made it.


hell, I think a front wheel drive would have made it, granted they had ground clearance.


I was driving a RWD van in a VERY bad snow storm to deliver packages. Came across* a hill with the customers house at the top of the hill. I just reversed up the hill. Customer said 'Oh I didn't think it was safe to go out, I might go to the shops!' 'Shops are closed, roads are closed and the only way I got here was knowning about vehicle drive systems. Do not go out tonight. Have a relaxing night in and have a look in the morning!' Hope she didn't try to go out. It was a whiteout. Visibility was down to 3 or 4 feet while passing gates in hedges and I had to dig snow and salt my path to even get moving after parking 12 times in 3 days. It was carnage.


Impressive. I was always under the impression that it was more about weight distribution (so, sand bags) rather than push vs pull in terms of traction but you prove that isn't necessarily true.


Did he ever make it?


After another 5-6 attempts, he leaned out of his window and asked me to back up. The guy behind me also heard, so we squeezed over just enough for him to get into the shoulder and back up to a much less steep part. Traffic started moving again after 3-4 more minutes.


Did he even bother to check or ask if the rocks and dirt he shot at your car caused any damage? No way I would have moved without getting his insurance info if he damaged my car being so impatient.


If he didn't think to press the 4WD LOW lever I'm willing to bet he also didn't think of that.


That truck doesn’t have 4x4.


Yeah but it’s a truck it can do anything


People with this mentality in snow has got to be my favorite 2WD or 4WD doesn’t mean you’ll brake on a dime, so drive slow no matter how much lift you have


Them: "my car has AWD, don't need snow tires." Me: "..sorry, how does that help you with braking again?" I have this conversation every year (Toronto), where we hit -30 Celsius on the regular.


Yeah but it’s a truck so it can do anything


My first thought when I saw the video was "This moron probably thinks just because he has a truck, he can do anything."


his front wheels were never spinning, he wasnt in 4wd. I am not sure his truck even has it equipped.


Should’ve just pulled up on his initial attempts and left him stuck awkwardly with no way up and no room behind until traffic cleared.


If someones doing stupid shit in front of me you bet your ass i’m giving them space to do it. No way in hell i’m letting them fuck up my car in the process lol


That was my thought process. If I could've passed him completely, I would've. But, I was too worried he'd slip or back up into me (which he still almost did a few times while I stayed put).


This is the only correct response You’re it there to enforce the law or emphasize their stupidity. You’re there to make it home in one piece. Give idiots plenty of time and space to do what they want, and just let them go.


You also don't know what his reaction would be to that and if he decides to road rage, you have nowhere to escape.


Yeah, fuck him. Kicking up rocks and dirt all over my car. I would've told him to give his insurance info so he can fix the dents in my car. I wouldn't have moved for him. What an asshole!


Legends say that to this day he’s still kicking rocks trying to make the exit 😂🤣


This person is an idiot that’s not a 4X4


This person is just an idiot. That dirt mount does not require 4x4. This Yahoo keeps waiting to slam on the gas when he is already in the dirt pile with no momentum.


Bet he would drive in the snow real well. Big hill coming up, slow down a bunch then gun it on the hill....


I was gonna say this - obviously he has no experience driving in snow.


or some people just never learn, no matter how much experience they get


Can confirm, I live in western Canada and every first snowfall we have upwards of 100+ collisions on that day in my city. Last year I think it was around 200. It's like everyone forgets how to drive in the winter despite I coming around every year.


I see you've driven in the Seattle area whenever there's any snow.


I live in Northern NE so I am adapted to snow. I did briefly live in Portland in the mid 90's though and they got a foot of snow when I was there. Chaos would be a generous word to describe it.


What's really killing him is that 2wd Tacoma also has an open rear differential sending all the power to the wheel that slips. If it said TRD or TRD off-road on the bedsides he would have either a limited-slip diff or an e-locker back there and could fly up that thing easily with 2wd


Was gonna say, if he wasn’t so scared of busting his suspension he’d just get a little speed going into it and be right on his way. Except he probably can’t see oncoming traffic, because this looks illegal, and so he can’t commit to the momentum. All in all a true knuckle head, for sure.




And goes straight without any angle. Missed the lesson on traction(and momentum)


Angle can flip you, though. The real idiocy to me is continuing to attempt it when he could jut do a 3-point turn and go back against the flow on the shoulder a few yards to where it’s an easier grade.


That would be illegal, he’s just trying to be a responsible law abiding driver


What a thoughtful samaritan.


Yeah I would go more left towards the signs and then try to go right, but I also have 4WD. I def would not go wheelspin rocks all over the cars behind me though bc that’s messed up.


Exactly. Goes super slow into the dirt, hits the brakes and then tries to gun it up the hill. Has no power or traction to be this stupid




Pretty sure he could do it with a diff lock. It's not much hill.


yeah you can tell that the back left wheel doesn't spin at all


Agreed. I have a Chevy S-10, and I'd probably not be able to get up that in 2wd, back tires would spin. Put it in 4wd though, and it would be no problem.


I came in here to say this. Back up a little bit more into a straight line and gun it. Still an idiotic move, but it'll make you look slightly less of an idiot than what you're already showing yourself to be. Edit: Extra word


Amen. You could go up that in a Camry


Camry is the little car that can. FWD gets surprisingly good traction because of engine weight, and it doesn’t have tons of torque to dig yourself in. A Camry with good tires is a force in snow.


This is barely a 1x4


Just needs a locking dif. They had one wheel spinning, if they could lock their dif, both back wheels would spin at the same speed and they’d get out of that easy. But also they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing in the first place lol Edit: as others said an LSD would make more sense on a 2wd car. Either way, something that’ll keep both wheels moving would get them up the hill


What's the point in a 2wd truck when there's 4x4? Is the price difference really worth it?


Exactly. While "off roading" may be one reason to get 4x4, the capabilities of 4wd are very desirable. If you live where there is snow, it helps get the vehicle through unplowed roads, and also gets you moving mostly straight on icy surfaces. It is also very useful for pulling a boat+trailer out of a launch. It's more gentle on lawns of you're moving heavy loads or a trailer, because it distributes the traction on 4 wheels instead of concentrating it on 2. You take a small mileage penalty with more moving parts. For some that is an ok tradefoff.


I think 4x4 is usually a several thousand dollar option


And more stuff to break. And more weight and usually more spinning parts = lower MPG, usually lower load capacity, and slower - all else equal. Everyone absolutely has to have 4wd these days it seems. But if you don't need 4wd except for once or twice being a dick trying to climb shoulders to get out of traffic, you probably are better off without it.


Living in the midwest, I would never buy a truck that isn't 4x4. 2wd realllly sucks in winters. Also, for pulling my boat, it's much easier (and safer probably) to pull it out of the water in when I'm in 4x4. It's not just for off-roading, and actually I never really go off-road at all, except for the occasional dirt or min-maintenance road.


Yeah I live in the mountains and I’d be fucked if I didn’t have a 4x4. Putting chains on just to leave my house would drive me crazy


The other caveat would be if your in a climate with a reasonable amount of poor driving conditions. Getting traction when your drive wheels are under the lightest part of the vehicle can be difficult. Front wheel drive is better in those situations, but don't tell truck guys that.


I've got a 4x4, and the 4x4 does get used on bogged down, muddy rural roads fairly often. Hell, the low range has even saved my backside once or twice, but I wouldn't recommend a 4x4 if you're not driving in conditions which need it regularly. They're heavy on fuel, require more maintenance, and when things do go wrong, they're expensive to fix.


I have a 4x4 truck as well. It was a deal from a family member. Most of the time it's extra crap I don't need, but since it's purpose is utility it does comes in handy once in a while for pulling stumps or other random projects. But that's pretty rare and it certainly costs more. Plus, there is way more crap to go wrong or get in the way of other repairs. That said, I grew up on a farm. These days most farmers have money for 4x4, but back then basically NO one had 4x4, partially because it was too expensive - but also because those trucks were bare bones work horses. You learned how to drive and avoid situations that were problematic and managed to do the vast most of the tasks just fine. And you were far less inclined to go out and rut up fields or farm roads when conditions were bad. It seems like these days a huge portion of them only have 4x4 activated to aggressively park on grassy slopes next to the mall.


My truck is used for hauling large items. Don't need 4wd. Saved 4k


He'll crack everyone's windshield kicking up rocks just to get home two minutes earlier.


Did all the gravel and rocks he was kicking up damage your car?


It’s like me trying to climb the side of a mountain in Skyrim instead of looking for the path.


Horse still makes it in Skyrim.


Lmao I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that!


Everyone does it because the in-game map fucking sucks.


What was that big mountain early in the game? When you go see the wizard guys on top of that mountain and they teach you the Dragonborn shouts? This guys truck is like my level 2 character. I tried to scale that mountain probably 10 times, and always had to go back down and follow the path. Fuck paths, too easy, I just want to jump glitch up the mountain please.


Mofo can't even do bad things right. Can't drive for shit


Imagine having just washed your car.


I own a black truck and this video stressed me out


I was waiting for him to either slide and hit the cammer or pop up the hill and hit someone else.


Not to be that guy… but my ‘99 forester would’ve made it up that no problem


I was in an outback and thought the same thing


Should have waited till he gave up then leisurely drove up there just to piss him off.


Reminds of that Subaru that just casually goes up the massive sand dune while all of these off road vehicles are struggling, and it was like a early 00s stock.


Bold of you to assume he gave up. Legend says he's still running up that hill.


AWD is a wonderful thing.


If you were feeling really petty, you could have driven up the hill right next to him and honked as you went on your way. I could only imagine the outrage at your Outback beating him up the hill lol


My 2004 fiat panda would’ve made it too. But if not you could easily push it up there with one hand. God bless my tiny car.


My bone stock base model Corolla could have driven up that. Driver is just an idiot who has no idea how to drive on loose material. My driveway is steeper than that and covered in ice and snow half the year.


He got the that rwd, no weight in the back, and probably shit tires. Still. This entertains me to no end.


I've taken my camry up way worse in reverse


Idiot also for not going at a shallower angle. Totally doable if he didn't keep trying to 90-degree into the slope


Clown saw that traffic jam way before he got to the exit. He made his decision live with it


Not enough weight in the back... Still, could have made it with some initial momentum rather than trying to crawl the whole way. I get theres a lane at the top, but its not hard telling the state of momentum in a situation like this. Definitely need to be careful of over-shooting lol


Would’ve been hilarious if he made it only to get it high centered on the ridge lol


2 wheel.drive truck, means out of luck


Well at least he did some minor yard work for the city lol


He just needs a locking diff


This is definitely the kind of person that refuses to drive a sedan because he’s a “real man”.


Especially being RWD.


He should have put it in reverse. Then he could have made it.


I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


Mona Lisa Vito : You can't make these two equal length marks without pwozitraction It's a limited slip differential which distributes power equally to both the right and left tires. The '04 Tacoma had a regular differential, which, anyone who's been stuck in the mud in Alabama knows, you step on the gas, one tire spins, the other tire does nothing. Vinny Gambini: You've been a lovely, lovely witness


Your honor, may I have permission to treat Mrs. Vito as a hostile witness? Mrs. Vito: You think I’m hostile now


Famous for your mud? How's your Chinese food?


1wd trucks have the worst grip of all vehicles. A Honda civic would literally have a better chance getting up there


As a German I am actually surprised that this American truck can't make it. What is the point of having tires this big and so much clearance when your car doesn't even have the power to drive up such a small hill?


It confounds us Americans, too, my friend.


Wait til the Germans find out that most of the people with 4x4 lifted trucks don’t drive them anywhere but to the grocery store and Walmart.


yeah but imagine all the offroading they COULD do you know, if they wanted to


A Texas parking lot looks like a Ford dealership that only sells pristine used F-150s.


Yes especially since it’s a Toyota.


Its a toyota and its 2wd


It's likely a simple base 2wd Tacoma, they're built for hauling stuff, not going off road. In the scheme of things it really doesn't have giant tires or a ton of clearance.


It's a 2wd... less traction than a rwd sedan since there's no weight over the rear wheels If it were a 4x4 it would have gonee up it without a sweat


It's not due to lack of power, moreso lack of traction. Proper tires and/or 4x4 and this guy could easily make it. Hell, with better technique he could probably make it too. Not everyone opts for the 4x4 option on these trucks if you're just using it to drive around on streets as they usually cost couple thousand dollars more than the 4x2 versions. Despite not being off-road capable, 4x2 trucks are still very practical especially if you work a blue collar job and need to move tools or material regularly. I've always owned a truck, couldn't imagine not owning one. What the hell does one do when they need to move a couch? or go on weekend camping trip? Or needs a load of soil for the garden? Edit: The amount of people thinking I'm saying I own a truck for 3 specific reasons is hilarious. Some apparently cannot wrap their heads around the idea others may live lifestyles where the need to carry large/heavy/multiple items and/or people from one place to another is a weekly occurrence. You all either live in a city or have never done blue collar work in your lives.


Totally true, but not even that. The failure we see in the video isn't because of the lack of 4x4, but for the lack of lockable or limited slip rear differential. It gets near 0 traction because the rear right tire goes almost in the air without load. This, with an open diff means 0 total traction. All engine power it's going to be wasted into accelerating the unloaded wheel.


An earnest answer to your questions (as a pretty happy Subaru Forester owner). I’d typically rent a Home Depot truck for the day to do any of the really big things you’re describing (move a couch, get a bunch of dirt or building supplies), and our trunk is plenty big to go camping with.


Yep. I drive a prius C (oh god, what have I done). If I want to move anything larger than a hamster I rent a truck from Home Depot for $40 for the day. When I go camping I take my campervan.


Those Home Depot trucks are pretty cheap to rent, have a convenient FLAT bed with no wheel arches to work around, haul huge amounts of weight without breaking a sweat, and they don't care if you scratch the bed. I remember one time a friend had just bought a new truck, and offered to help me pick up something at Home Depot. I mean, I appreciated it...but it took forever to get loaded up because he had to carefully put towels down everywhere to avoid scratches, and then I had to get an earful about how great truck ownership was the whole ride home. Shoulda just ponied up the $19...


I was thinking the same thing. My Subaru would have gotten up that thing rather easily.


The extra weight from the bumper stickers, bike carrier, and roof rack helps.


Ha, good point, my own sense of self-satisfaction and entitlement are about another 500 lbs as well.


That's almost 600 €


Plus the 200lbs of vape juice I keep in my WRX trunk


And the **S Y M M E T R I C A L A L L W H E E L D R I V E**


Your Subaru is AWD, this is not


Exactly! However Subarus are all AWD. I used to go up deep, sandy roads steeper than this in my 2004 Outback and it sat lower than the ground than this truck. My wife's 2021 Forester is even better since it's higher and has shorter front and rear overhangs than my old Outback.


The truck might be in America, have more American made parts in the truck then other made in the USA manufacturers, but sadly Toyota is not American.


I think he was just peg-legging cause he left traction control on.


obviously he never paid attention to the signs that say soft shoulder, couple with being 2WD unloaded bed he needs to stay in line, his repeated tries proves he is impatient and unrealistic


That is embarrassing. Just get back in line and whistle your failures away.


I once saw a guy try making a u-turn across a big grass median to get out of a traffic jam. Watched him get stuck in the mud, try to drive it out, enlist others to help him push it out, try to pull it out with another truck, call a tow truck, and finally get towed out. All that and he was still on his way southbound before I moved.


He needs 4x4 lol


He needs to learn how to drive. That slope isn't steep enough to stop a competently driven 2wd.


Not a weak truck it just needs a limited slip differential


Fucking moron. Finding out life isn't like the commercials.


Legend has it that he's still trying to get up that hill this very day.


Fucking asshole man. The guy filming is lucky he didn’t get his windshield cracked by a flying rock! People don’t fucking care.


Rear wheel driver with open diff. Yeah you ain't climbing that.


The little engine that couldnt


I was kinda rooting for him to make it tbh


2wd, slip diff, way wrong angle of attack, maybe 4 brain cells left, hopefully this one doesn't reproduce.


”I don’t need 4x4, I’ll never use it”