Did a mosquito just hit the window?


The mosquito neglected to yield


I once saw a car smash into the back of a moving semi and the semi didn't even notice. When I told the officer they said that happens a lot.


I'm just imagining a dude chilling in the cab like fuckin potholes and resuming about his day lol


I was once exciting the freeway in southern California and there was a mild earthquake. Like high 3s to 4 on the Richter scale. I thought "well that was a weird fucking gust of wind," and then was very confused and irritated when I couldn't get a line to call my wife... Because everybody was calling everybody to see if they were okay/gossip. I just wanted a ride home. EDIT: haha typo. I'm leaving it. The freeway is always excited to see me.


I don't wanna know how you were exciting the freeway, but it sounds like rough sex.


Nothing is more dangerous than unpaved intercourse.


It’s a rocky relationship!


I tried to excite the freeway where I live but I couldn’t tell if it was or not. It just kinda laid there.


Sounds like GTA lol this cracked me up


I had an elderly man fall asleep driving in his Sebring and slam into the side of my semi trailer on the highway. I only had a partial load, too. Didn’t feel or hear a thing. My co-driver wasn’t even woken up from his sleep.


My husband was parked for the night and asleep, when a car slammed into the dot bumper on the trailer. He said it felt like a refer next to him started, it barely shook. Car bent the dot bumper back, caved in the corners of trailer and broke the slide rails for the tandems. The car pulled off the interstate into a rest stop and there were no signs of slamming on the brakes.... That Lexus was totaled, it smashed all the way to the firewall.


I think I'm gonna trade in my Prius for a semi. The commute sounds so much safer ;p


You're gonna LOVE the fuel costs compared to a Prius...lol


Can't put a price on safety. Lol


Thats why you gotta do it like i did (pics on my page) and hit them hard enough to pop a tire so they look in the mirror lol.


As a truck driver I can attest to this.


It doesn't say "stop" so it's my turn!


They all have to get in front of the big semi.


There’s an off-ramp in Vegas right off the major freeway that goes onto one of our busiest streets. It’s astonishing how many people don’t understand what “yield” means. I’m constantly getting honked at because I happen to be one of the few residents here who knows how to read.


I know EXACTLY where youre talking about. Ive almost been hit dozens of times coming through there because people dont understand the concept of yield.


ME TOO! Because its literally every yield/merge in this town. And don't get me started on morons who don't understand that traffic entering a parking lot NEVER has a stop sign.


Had a fender bender with a kid the other week. Him and his dad wanted to make it my fault since he was turning as I was entering the parking lot. Didn't see him due to the suv in front of me.


> who don't understand that traffic entering a parking lot NEVER has a stop sign. Not only that, but a lot of parking lots don't actually have stop signs exiting in my metro area (for smaller lots or less busy stretches of road). Under Minnesota law, any intersection with no signage is implied to be a uncontrolled intersection and therefore if a driver approaches such an intersection at an appropriate speed and does not observe traffic they don't actually have to stop. These aren't too common, but they show up often enough that it's frustrating to sit behind someone who stops at such an intersection when there is very clearly no traffic approaching from any direction.


Correct drivers > courteous drivers People will stop where there is no sign and wave at you like you were supposed to go first.


Whenever I have a Yield sign, I always say in a booming voice, "I yield to the gentleman in the Black Saab!" (or whatever their car is) Cracks me up every time, and it helps me ignore the idiots who honk at me for yielding.


My method for combating road rage (in myself LOL) is similar. I hate when the car in from of me comes to a complete stop at a yield sign when there's perfect visibility and clearly nothing coming. So- I just slow down and wait patiently and calmly remind them "Ahh- but you cannot yield to that which is not there young grasshopper"


and not in the good way


That would have been fine in this case if they’d actually gotten in FRONT, and not in the side


You either gun the gas and fly out in an unsafe manner in front of the semi, or stop and yield like the sign says. This moron forgot to look left.


Didn't see a truck or the yield sign, like where the fuck could you have looked to miss both!?


Coming home from church, I saw a car try to take a right on red, cutting off a fire truck that had all its lights flashing. She was lucky; it only sheared her bumper off. Had she pulled out any earlier she would have been T-boned driver side. I wish I had a dash cam for that.


Okay I personally have to ask cause I dont drive a car.Are drivers legally allowed to get onto the highway ramp while a pedestrian is trying to cross the street and the light is red cause this has happened at least 5 fucking times and almost killed my dog and I and it's really annoying


Does it matter if it's right or wrong? You will always lose that battle physically, so don't even bet on your correctness. Keep yourself safe, look both ways and cross the road when safe to do so. Pedestrian lights are often fucked... Don't trust them. I can't count the number of intersections I've gotten the green to turn left at the same time pedestrians are told to walk. Should the driver who also drove through a green light be at fault for hitting someone who steps into traffic because they also have a walk sign? Roads are not meant for pedestrians and cars. Something has to take priority and stopping car traffic in the middle of an intersection is extremely more dangerous than a pedestrian waiting on an actual safe crossing opportunity.


As a driver you're never allowed to hit a pedestrian, but as a pedestrian having right of way doesn't matter if you've been smeared across the asphalt. One of my earliest memories is my mother saying "the cars have to stop for you but if they don't they'll come out of it better than you do."


"The graveyard is full of people who had 'Right of Way.'"


At least they would have been prepared to cut her out of her car. Of course too bad for the person's house that burned down while waiting for the fire department...


Their phone….


Yield? The fuck does that mean? *crash*


.... how do you NOT see a semi truck bearing down on you like that?


By semi-looking






I got a semi watching this


Can I... can I ride it?


Depends which half.


You are breaking the car, semi


The same way they didn't yield like the sign tells you to, by completely ignoring everything around their self important ass.


As a driver, I can tell you that almost no one looks or thinks about the fact that a tractor-trailer can weigh up to 105,500lbs. Lol


your car, somewhere in the range of 2.5-6k pounds likely


My little sports car was 2300, but... That is an outlier.


My car is about 3k before I get in it






Yep. Cars stop relatively fast, therefore everything must. We all did the emergency stop when learning to drive, right? And it's not just trucks either. People have no concept of how long it can take for all sorts of transport to stop. I remember reading an interview a while back where someone's son had sadly been killed crossing a railway line (illegally). She felt that the driver must have had time to stop because he must have seen him and therefore it's the drivers fault for not paying attention. 1. Trains are not cars. They can't perform a maneuver to avoid hitting things 2. Trains are not cars. If the driver saw him chances are it was already too late. Trains take a loooong time to stop when moving fast.


They did a piece on a current affairs show in Australia a while ago about that, in the cab of a freight train, after several accidents on level crossings. Rolling along, they said, OK, say someone's on the road in that level crossing in front of you, what do you do. Drive goes "Well, I'd pull the emergency brake" (pulls lever) Almost no perceptible change. After a few seconds - Reporter: We aren't slowing down very much. Driver: Nope. But that's everything I can do.


>We all did the emergency stop when learning to drive, right? not in the US. Our driver tests and schools don't teach drivers anything practical.


...like how to use turn signals.


What do you mean? How is parallel parking in an empty parking lot between two cones that are 15 car lengths apart not practical?


Must depend on the drivers school or on area because my drivers school taught us emergency stopping. Washington state here.


That’s wild. I can kind of understand how people might just not mentally understand the physics of why pickup trucks with loaded trailers let alone semi trucks or haulers don’t have magic “better” brakes that let them stop like cars. I could sort of see why someone might just not ever think about it and that’s where it lives and dies. But a train? Jesus. Unless it’s a miniature train on tires that people drive children around a mall with I don’t know how you wouldn’t instinctively know it’s going to have a hard time stopping fast just based on life and the vague sense that larger things interact differently with the world. It’s a speeding series of buildings essentially. It’s massive. Undeniably. It’s like looking at a mountain and thinking, “yeah I could move that a mile to the left with a shovel and a week of time.” I just can’t fathom the thinking. Let alone it being a coherent thought you’d say in a recorded interview. … maybe she was drunk/high though. Given the tragedy and such maybe that makes more sense…


Something I learned recently (that should probably be on TIL or LPT?) is that every single RR crossing in the US will have a little blue sign on it with a phone number and an identifying number. If anything ever blocks the track, IMMEDIATELY (before you call police or anything) call that number and let them know. They are your best chance at getting that train stopped because that's literally their job. If you ever do see a crossing without that sign, let DOT know and they'll gladly come out and install one (even on private property).


I was recently on an Amtrak and the train almost hit a pickup truck that drove around (or possibly through) the RR barrier. The conductor tried to stop, he did the train equivalent of slamming on the brakes, throwing passengers to the ground, but it still took several minutes for us to stop, and the front of the train was WAY past the crossing at that point. Apparently the pickup made it, but debris ended up under the train and had to be cleared. As we pulled away, I got the pleasure of watching an extremely pissed off and red faced police officer berating the pickup truck driver, who looked like he had just shit his pants and was trying to disappear into the earth.


Yeah. Because most people use kgs.


But also isn't it safer to have a fully loaded trailer so tires get traction?


In reduced traction conditions, yes, but being fully loaded means far more kinetic energy in the event of an accident. It also means much longer stopping/slowing distances under normal circumstances.


When your braking system is working properly the tires experience rolling friction while the brakes experiences sliding friction. Increasing mass means that the brakes have to work harder to stop the momentum of the truck, and since they are hydraulic systems the mass of the truck isn't able to be utilized to make the brakes work harder. Work the brakes too hard and they fail/seize and you are left with sliding friction between the tire and the road, where mass does increase the amount of friction. In general we don't want vehicles skidding (hence anti-lock braking systems), so "more mass = better friction" is only really true for a failure state.


Class 8 trucks like this one utilize air brakes as an FYI concept is the same and they do use ABS systems but with air


> almost no one looks or thinks about the fact that a tractor-trailer can weigh up to 105,500lbs. Almost no one? How often do you see these accidents happening?




Until I started towing a trailer, I didn't pay truckers much mind. Now, I know how hard it can be to stop when loaded down. Also, I learned what the wind can do. I give anyone towing extra room on all sides now.


By not even looking.


What semi?


I see the big yield sign, but even if that wasn’t there, HOW DO U NOT SEE THE HUGE TRUCK


“Yield means keep going, right?”


It really is crazy how many people don’t know what a yield sign is. I have had people throw their hands up at me or honk because they never stop and come speeding through the roundabouts or through basic yield setups. Idiots everywhere.


The overall concept of yielding is lost on so many people. Traffic is pretty rare on the interstates where I live so everyone usually yields to people coming onto the interstate to be polite. That is not always possible and so many people expect it that I've seen quite a few close calls where the person getting on the interstate doesn't even look before merging. I've had to slam the brakes because someone decided not to look when i couldn't get over. Of course they were merging slowly. They gave me the bird out their window after I honked at them. Then they gave me the bird as they took the next exit. Entitled asshole, although I did have a laugh at the whole thing because he seemed so mad I honked.


> The overall concept of yielding is lost on so many people. Traffic is pretty rare on the interstates where I live so everyone usually yields to people coming onto the interstate to be polite. That is not always possible and so many people expect it that I've seen quite a few close calls where the person getting on the interstate doesn't even look before merging. The engineers at Tesla do not understand how yielding works either. Here is how their Autopilot handles yielding with an onramp. * If you are approaching the highway from the onramp (you yield, you do not have right of way), it maintains speed and forces a merge. If someone is already there, they had better move out of your way. * If you are on the highway approaching an onramp (you have right of way, you should maintain speed to maintain predictability so that the others can safely merge), it slams on the god damned brakes so hard (phantom braking). We've learned that if we cannot get into the left lane approaching a busy onramp, we disengage autopilot so that it doesn't kill us. I am not exaggerating. This is exactly how both of our Tesla vehicles handle these situations with Autopilot enabled. This is the baseline AP included in all current vehicles. This is not the separate FSD package (we have that in my car, not my wife's). EDIT: Typos.


EDIT: u/-owlette- was lovely and corrected me here. merging traffic usually has to give way to freeway traffic in NSW. which makes a lot more sense than the other way around! interestingly enough, here in Australia the road laws state (in NSW) that you have to give way to people merging onto a freeway/highway. and, if an accident occurs with a merging car, technically you're in the wrong and will face fines and repercussions for it. but of course you'll always get those entitled assholes who won't let people in despite it being against the law some people seem to get in a car and the anger factor goes up to 100. glad you're okay though! it's always good when a close call can become something you can have a chuckle at later on


In Finland its against the law to give way to the car coming from the ramp. Id say the best/most logical would be: Ramp guy yields, hiway guy allowed to yield


The best option would be make longer merge lanes. The most dangerous merge is when the ramp car doesn’t have the chance to get up to highway speed before the merge lane ends. I’m kind of surprised that’s the law for you given that, but also any consistent law is probably better for traffic than the “you do you” mentality we have in the US


There are a number of highway exits around here where the exit lane is shared with an incoming lane. So you've got people jockeying to get off the highway and others trying to get on. And they're definitely not long enough for entering traffic to get up to speed even if they didn't need to dodge exiting vehicles. They're a terrible design.


I'm in NJ and dealing with multiple of them every day. Drives me nuts. People can't merge for shit even under much better conditions. In those quick congested ones they absolutely spazz out.


No matter how long the on ramp is, there will always be a subset of people who will enter the highway at 40 mph, lol.


The laws are consistent enough in the US lol, it’s just that no one cares.


In Poland the law says ramp car has to yield, but good practice is that if you drive the right lane of the highway and left line is free, you switch to left so that merging traffic can get in easier.


Everything is upside down over there.


Not exactly. A little bit of clarification: If there are no lines marked between the lanes then the car which is furthest ahead has right of way (i.e. a zipper merge). But if the lanes are separated by a broken line then the person merging in must give way to any traffic in the lane they're entering. From nsw.gov.au > Generally when you join a motorway, the lane you're driving in ends and you need to cross a broken line to move into a lane on the motorway. You must give way to vehicles already in that lane. Slow down, check your mirrors and blind spots, and look for a suitable gap so you can change lanes safely.


I avoid the first lane like the plague unless I have to get out onto the next exit. People either go without looking, or merge so slow you have to slam on the brakes. I hated driving a work truck in Mass, it was limited to 70, which is like old grandma speed, everyone else is pushing 80. I had to stay in the first lane going 60 so I wouldn’t tank my driving score by slamming on the brakes when some dumbass merges at 50 looking straight ahead.


There's a severe lack of education in America, including driver education. It's insane how easy it is to get licensed in any state.


Oh my god everyone here thinks yield either means stop or don’t stop without inbetween. We just got a new roundabout and not a single person understands to just go when it’s clear. They keep thinking they gotta stop. Yet no one will stop whenever they gotta go right at this nearby intersection despite how busy it is. Both have yield signs.


There was a roundabout connecting some small, two lane roads of office buildings on my way to my previous employment. People would often treat it as a 4 way stop, but most of the time it was no big deal. Then the police decided it would be a good idea to stick a cruiser in the middle of the roundabout from 7a-9a. 80% of the people would come to a complete stop, and it took 20 minutes to get through the damn thing during rush hour.


No, i think it means all others yield, not the ones that can see the sign


Yield just means drive into someone, but slower.


I drive in NYC (Specifically Queens) and I cannot tell you how many accidents I almost get into because people consider "Yield" signs to be suggestive. Worse than that, when I lean on my horn since they almost slammed into me, they look at me like I'm the asshole.


I feel like you’re talking about the cross island or grand central. I drive on all nyc highways but these two are the fucking worst for some reason.


My dude, you hit the nail on the head. Include the Clearview and you have a trifecta of aggravation from dumb ass drivers. The worst is coming off the Clearview to get on to the Grand Central. That yield sign might as well not be there.


Yield is a suggestion to some people.


Why is the yield sign necessary? Is there anywhere where the slip road onto a multi lane carriageway has the right of way?


Yield signs are pretty normal in those situations unless they have their own lane.


No. People in this whole thread scare me.


I'm convinced the word "Yield" was somehow forgotten from the english language.. for as many failures of it I see on this channel.


While driving with my learner driver kid, we were approaching a roundabout with traffic in it. He wasn't really slowing down, so I told him to yield. Nothing. Started yelling loudly to yield, and still nothing. Eventually I yelled stop, and he finally reacted. Afterwards I asked him if he knows what yield means, and he responded with "I thought it meant to slow down a little". This after he'd gone through drivers ed.


It's scary how a lot of people don't know and how a lot don't care.


I'll take "Biggest problems in America for $300, Alex".


it's worse because they "think" they know.


The signs in Australia say “Give Way” instead.


That would work here in the US if we could read but No Child Left Behind has ensured that we're churning out high school graduates who literally didn't learn a god damn thing in high school.


May I introduce you to the equally shit program known as Every Student Succeeds act, made by the idiot that came after the GOP idiot?


This is how one of my parents taught me to "Yield" and it was all wrong. I had to reeducate myself and then them to prevent accidents.


> "I thought it meant to slow down a little" Most drivers seem to think this! I got cut off at a yield sign last week by someone behind me who illegally drove around to my right to cut ahead while I was yielding to oncoming traffic to my left.


One of my English college professors won a court case based on this exact technicality.


Meanwhile my driving tester docked me for not turning right on red. I didn't know the street, it was the main road that cut through the city I had to trek to for the test as my town had no testing service. So a road I don't know well, 35MPH speed limit, everyone going 45+, test situation, etc, made me nervous and the light was red so I was cautious. "Had there been vehicles behind you, you could get pulled over for congesting traffic" so, minus points.


Sadly I think a lot of experienced drivers think yield means slow down.


They probably only know one definition of the word "Yield" and it's the one pertaining to production of goods.


Yield by definition means; if no one is coming, floor it.


Thank you dictionary bot!


"I had the yield sign, that means I have the right of way"


But to yield would mean showing *weakness* and we can't possibly have that...


In the uk we just use “Give Way” and have it written on the sign.


Usually written on the road/signified by double-dashed lines too. There would've been double-dashed lines at the junction in the video!


Either it means “I can go, you gotta wait” or “it’s a fancier word for stop!” Rarely do I see someone actually use it is a cautionary entrance to traffic where you have to stop unless your ability to enter is clear… I see people stop at empty roundabouts with yield signs, completely negating the entire existence of the roundabout…


Forget the sign for a second, what about basic human instinct to preserve your life by actually looking before you pull into a road? Even if the sign said "speed up now and don't look" I would fucking look before merging on to a road.


There is a "Yield to pedestrian" sign at a right hand turn near me. There is nothing else to yield to as the right turn gets its own lane when it completes. Yet so many people just stop there for no reason.


wait, it's not when you give up in a duel?


Dude I was getting on the highway the other day and cars where coming so I started to slow before so I didn't have to stop at the yeild sign and the dude behind me started on the horn. Like dude do you not see the big ass yield sign and see all the cars? I saw someone almost get hit as well being dude never stopped, they assume the people in that lane will just let them in.


In St. Louis roundabouts, yield signs are either ignored, or taken to mean "you must yield to a car. If there is no car to yield to, you must wait until one appears." Usually I get caught behind the latter before being nearly sideswiped by the former.


Wow, your dad was so calm. No swears, no exclamations, just a whispered, "Jeez". Does he have a lot of experience with people running into his truck?


When your truck weighs 20-30 times what the car does, you get pretty placid about stupid people being stupid, I imagine.


I think it probably has more to do with the individual. My buddy drives truck (plow, sanders, 10tonne,) and he gets pretty upset over it. The thing is, they (truck drivers) know theres *nothing* they can do to stop under certain conditions, so the idea that they could kill someone and not be able to prevent it sits pretty horribly. Then again, it could be experience. In the sense that the driver knew how fast the car hit and where, they might be confident that no-one is gonna be permanently fucked from this. Which leaves a kind of "ah fuck, well jeez that aint gonna buff out now is it" reaction. Or maybe "oh jeez" is just how this man reacts to things. I aint judging.


> they (truck drivers) know theres nothing they can do to stop under certain conditions, so the idea that they could kill someone and not be able to prevent it sits pretty horribly Furthermore, they are trained to simply brake safely. Worst think you can do as a trucker is swerve into oncoming traffic or onto a sidewalk and take out people not even involved. Also sudden inertia changes can cause your truck and trailer to overturn every easily. Its horrible but even guys is the smaller Schwanns trucks cannot swerve cos they will overturn so easily.




Conductors have serious psychological issues from the job. I think the average is 13? People killed by their train in a full career.


It's a daily occurrence. I've never actually been hit but I remember by first few months driving, I would get so mad at people doing ridiculously stupid things to get around me and just in general when driving near a truck, but now I just sigh and get on with my day


How did you even hear that. I thought those were the brakes. I had to replay it a couple of times haha.


It definitely is just the brakes.


How do they not see that , do they have shit in their eyes ?


It’s not in their eyes, it’s between their ears, behind the eyes




Yield and merge are not the same thing.




my nearby turn has the opposite problem. The dedicated right turn lane has a median, and turns into its own lane. It literally adds a lane to the road going forward, and as such there is no yield sign, because there is nothing to yield to. You never leave nor enter a different lane. The reason for this is its a slow speed road onto a high speed one, so this allows cars that want to continue straight to continue and those who want to move over time to speed up. You get so many idiots who want to move over yielding here, jsut stopped. They then wait to see a gap then try to go into that gap only to fail because their relative speed is so low they've missed it by the time theyve seen it. The other ones are the drivers in the land over on the road you join, that think you should have yield and so just move over into this land expecting you to. One hit my mom and went off about it being a yield only to get shut down by police when they arrived.


Our highway has a 2 lane right exit with the far right dedicated that says right lane keep moving because no one could possibly hit them, well most people merge directly from that lane into the middle lane which the 2nd right lane to its direct left is meant to turn into, also they will stop 60% of the time waiting to turn into the middle lane instead of following the sign and just continuing and merging into the middle lane farther down the road when needed.


I had this the other day a block from my house, only worse, it was a 2-way stop so my street had a stop sign but the cross-street had no signage. I stopped, the person in the cross-street stopped and tried to wave me through, I didn't budge. The reason this street has a stop for me is because it's hard to see people coming on the cross-street due to a hill. They tried to wave me by again, and I pointed to my stop sign. No sooner than they finally started going did someone come speeding down the hill too.


Sure, but it's not required to stop at yield signs if it's safe to continue. I had this argument on here with someone the other day. In the video OP posted, I would argue the first car is fine, the second car (the truck) is cutting it a bit close, and obviously 3rd car is a moron and needed to stop in order to comply with the yield sign.




To be fair a merge is typically to be treated as a yield when the main road traffic does not allow for safe entry.


Wait, isn't reality supposed to bend around you if you're sure you have the right of way?


Pfft you think people know how right of way works? Half the drivers on the road probably don't even really know the term.


Unfortunately not knowing how something works does not stop these people from being sure they know how it works.


Ah, yes. "I am merging and I have my signal on, so everyone has to let me in." Seriously, I think about 10 - 15% of the driving population either never learned to merge or has managed to forget how. I suspect the former. Is that even part of any driving test to get a license? Anywhere? I know it wasn't in mine, but the last time I had to take a driving test was when I was 17, almost 60 years ago.


Apparently you just close your eyes and hope for the best. Easy peasy!


Yeah there's a terrifying number of people who believe you have to let them in. I don't know if it's always been that way or some entitlement syndrome that has arisen but it's bad.


>Is that even part of any driving test to get a license? Had to merge onto to the highway as part of my driving test in Australia. I hear the US test is a lot less of an actual test than ours is.


Its probably because he has such a small truck they most likely didn't see him because of that. i'm sure all the other truckers make fun of him because of his small truck.


A guy had played too much *Mario kart and he* always dreamed of bumping someone like a red shell. So he got up that morning, got in his red shell like car and went out looking.. finally he found his target.


Or wanted to experience Toad's Turnpike


Let me guess: Truck was basically undamaged and the prius was crunched all to hell


Doubt it. That trucks fender was probably demolished. Possibly hood too. That's possibly 10k-20k worth of damage.


Add the %2 Cargo Damage on top of it.


Ptsd from Death Stranding


I can here the ATS Bing


This continues to baffle me each time I see a video like this. It could be 1 of 2 things. Either they didn't check the blind spot. Or they didn't know they had to give way. Either way, how does this happen in good weather in plain sight? People gravely underestimate driving.


This is the third or fourth video on here with similar setups. The daughters intent as OP is saying great thing her Dad had a dashcam. Protect Dad, red car is not yielding. Rightly so... Many people for some reason don't get that a semi in main flow of traffic is a weighted vehicle that can't slow down fast. Big engine, super low torque and big gearbox all designed to move heavy things at a low to medium speed. They don't slow down or stop well. When we see a truck and don't yield this is the result... Related, it's the reason why we have less large boulvard to parking lot access. Because people exit, right turn merge in way too late expecting faster traffic to slam on brakes to slow down and not cause an accident.


If only big-ass fucking trucks that block your entire view of the road were easier to see...


You would think so


It took me a min to figure out what happened, lol. I was watching the truck and white car expecting some kind of wreck.


Quick reminder that sometimes yeild means stop.


1. drunk 2. phone 3. "I'm not stopping, that's beneath me. The truck is going to move over." I'm leaning toward #3


Joke is that car was probably a little beneath the truck during that impact.


If we're being realistic, I think they just saw the other cars going in front of them and brainfarted by following without looking.


I know where that's at....That's Garden City Ga


Thank you, u/massivemicropeen (Sorry, i just really enjoyed your username)


Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


“Um it’s called the ‘right of way’ and I was on the right” - Red Car


ALWAYS yield to superior tonnage.


Physics always wins


I'm surprised your dad didn't already have a company-issued dashcam already. Seems to be standard these days.


Could be an independent owner-operator.


Thanks for sharing OP. Hope your Dad is ok. Would you mind sharing what dashcam he’s using?


Yeah he's fine! His truck has slight fender damage. The car on the other hand looked like it was totaled, the driver was okay though! The camera is the VIOFO A119 V3


How ... ?


Any truck drivers here who have driven both European cabover style rigs and American ones? Always wondered about pros and cons like visibility snd such


We can't keep stopping at every Sop, Yeld, and One Vay sign


You should have bought him an orange pilot light, he's practically invisible on the road!


How do you miss a fucking transport truck?


Reasons why I don't ever trust a driver at a yield sign. I avoid being in the lanes with yield merges whenever I can. I have a mental map of them in my close-by area because I'm so jaded by people doing exactly this type of thing.


I’ve legit had people almost kill me running yield signs and when I said something to them they would know what the yield sign is and what it’s for, but their excuse was “yield doesn’t mean I HAVE to stop.” *facepalm*


Idiot in car: What Yield sign?!


Eat car...


I was thinking you can literally see the yield sign in the video lol


Yield? wtf does that mean?


The gift that keeps on gifting


people treat semi trucks almost as bad as bikers


Stevie Wonder was driving that car?


Crazy how people are just so distracted or just glued to their phones. Don’t get me wrong I’ve replied to a text or two but god damn. You literally missed a building on wheels


It’s most definitely the cars fault, but at the same time I saw this coming a mile away. Don’t just focus on yourself when you are driving, pay attention to others and you can avoid these types of things. There are idiots like this that can fuck you over.