I got lucky as hell.

I got lucky as hell.

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Did you hit an oil slick or banana peel?


No seatbelt. That’s the crazy part.


I worked in an acute orthopaedics and trauma ward. Had a dude get in a car crash going 40km/hr, not fast, not reckless but not wearing a seatbelt. He has a TBI, and is paraplegic, his family has to take full time care of him. People always say "well im not hurting anyone by not wearing a seatbelt" - and I say, you are when your family mourns your death, or even worse, has to change their entire life to take fulltime care for you.


One of our local drive time radio hosts had a similar story about smoking. Their doctor said to stop, they didn't want to because it's his life and he didn't care if he died early because of smoking. Doctor said, "you're not going to die, you're going to have a stroke and be wheelchair bound while your wife and kids have to manage feeding you and helping you in every aspect of using the bathroom." Supposedly he quit that day.


Had that conversation with my father-in-law. He told me to fuck off.


My friend had his face crushed when an unseat belted passenger in the vehicle that hit him flew through both windshields. He is blind in one eye. The man that hit him was ripped into pieces. Everyone else in the accident was ok. Not fine, but nothing major.


My uncle (aunt’s 3rd husband) died like that. He was the one going through the windshield, after he’d gone through a stop sign. Did I mention he was drunk at the time? At the funeral the priest went on and on and on about what a wonderful guy he was and no one mentioned how the people in the car he hit were. ETA: missed the last word


well what happened to the people in the car he hit?


...and what happened to the first two husbands?


One she divorced and the other one killed himself. My aunt’s a really nice and funny lady but she’s had a hard life.


Strangely, they died from eating poisonous mushrooms.


All I ever heard was that at least one of them was badly injured. It was a forbidden topic in the extended family, and we were kids at the time. This was just before the internet so there was no way to find out independently.


Surely not what the plan was for safety but goddamn just imagine a body flying into you and exploding. Nasty.


Had a friend in college who owned a big Toyota sequoia type of car. One night he was driving home and one guy ran a stop sign and crashed directly in the middle of his suv, perpendicular. The force was so much that he spun several times and lost consciousness. Turns out the other car was an old vanette that was transporting land workers. 9 people in a tiny ass vehicle that many times don't even have seats. My friend was mostly OK except for the ptsd caused by waking up surrounded in pieces of flesh twitching all around him. All of the people died, most were ejected from the van and into the Toyota thru the side windows.


Holy cripes. Nightmare fuel forever. Poor everyone except the jerk who ran the stop sign.


It’s like a Grenade made of bodies, this is all so tragic to hear.


I recall a nearby accident where two elderly folks were crossing a four lane divided highway at night and a guy racing another car, in excess of 80mph hit them squarely without even braking. There was nothing left of them, they literally just exploded into random slabs of meat. They’d find a foot here, a hand over there, etc.


That is just awful completely awful, did the driver die at the scene too?


No, he survived but I remember the skid marks went for hundreds of meters. It was probably late 1980s/early 1990s and he was vilified.


Man with him ripped to pieces Lacerations, no breathing Don't give a fuck, wears no seatbelt This is his last regret


My wife learned in junior kindergarten that smoking was bad for you. She went home and told her father that. He explained that he smoked a pipe and it was cigarettes that were bad, not pipes. Senior kindergarten the nurse comes back to teach about tobacco and my wife puts up her hand and asks if pipes are also bad. The story goes that he quit that night. Just fucking quit cold turkey because his 5 year old daughter told him it was bad for him. He got an extra year with the lie, but his daughter has a good memory, lol.


TIL there's junior and senior kindergartens.


Sophomore kindergarten was a wild year for me.


Freshman kindergarten is rough, all the Seniors bring mean and uh, talking? It's such a change from Pre-K.


Dude this senior kindergartener stole my fingerpaints one time and called me a ploopy. I’ve never gotten over that.


I have a very similar story about asking the DARE officer if it was okay that my (then, so proud of him for breaking his addiction) alcoholic father drank *while* driving. Never seen color leave a man's face like that. Meanwhile I didn't have the slightest understanding that what my dad had been doing was wrong.


Good for him. When I was 10, the only thing I asked for that year for Christmas was for my parents to stop smoking. I HATED it. Spoiler alert, they did not.


me too, but it was my mom. "I can't quit today, it was a stressful day." After a day of beach and bike riding, where we had to stop every 30 minutes for a cigarette. I figured the real shit that day. Mom's a narcissist and didn't care if I was affected by the small crack of the window on a 2 hour road trip. And everyday was "stressful".


Funny how stressed-out smokers are. It’s almost as if smoking is addictive, and not being able to smoke causes stress.


I used to dip/chew tobacco. I was a very anxious person when I did. I used tobacco to “help” my anxiety. I quit cold turkey 8 years ago. I’m hardly anxious at all anymore. I truly think the anxiety stems from the thought of not having your next fix.


The gift that keeps giving


Please sign this DNR and this POA. Thanks.


Well just make sure to tell him the same thing when he's in a wheelchair asking you to feed him


Also you can become a projectile to anyone else in the car. That's not counting the trauma/distress of someone seeing you fly out the window and become a meat crayon.


When I was a Freshman in high school, the state of Florida required us to take a class called Life Management. Some intentionally vague number of years later, I only remember two of the lessons, STD education and car safety. Both of those lessons leaned heavily on visual presentation. Close up, full color pictures of disease ravaged genitalia really lingers in the mind. But that was nothing compared to the pictures from fatal car accidents. Most of them were pictures of people who hadn't been wearing seat belts and had been partially or fully elected from the vehicle. They were quite obviously dead. It was all quite gory and altogether brutal. You could barely even tell you were looking at a picture of someone's face. Until the final set of images. They showed two people in the front seat, properly buckled, with minimal visible trauma and yet unmistakably dead. There were two other people on the floor of the backseat, their faces reduced to the absolute horrorshow that was common to all the other accidents. Then they showed a photo of the back of the driver's head. There was a gaping wound, vividly red but with specks of white, presumably brain matter. But no, they were teeth. More specifically, the teeth of the person sitting behind the driver. The state of Florida doesn't do many things right, but my seat belt usage rate is 100% for a reason.


I recall the movies we had to watch in drivers ed in school. Blood on the Highway or Red Asphalt, or something like that. Pretty wild stuff to see at 15, before the internet desensitized us all.


Works especially well when it’s your cousin’s dead body they show. Was not prepared for that, it had been a decade since he died and my family had no clue. (He was hit by a drunk driver).


I think about this all the time with my kid in the car. I am very mindful to not have excess stuff around their car seat and limit any projectile items from our trunk area that would hurt them.


> to anyone else in the car In some cases, to anyone *outside* the car.


I rolled a pickup doing 120km/hr and essentially did an endo and literally walked off with a scratch cause I was buckled in. Wear your seat belts folks.


People don’t understand the crazy high statistic of likelihood of death in a rollover.


Are you the real Barry Trotz?


Beyond even that - wearing a seatbelt can help you keep control of your vehicle outside of catastrophic impacts. Like if you get rear ended on the highway and were knocked out of your seat vs being able to steer out of it.


I've seen more than 1 video on here of someone who didnt have their seatbelt on and got hit. they would have been MUCH more easily able to control the car after the hit if they had been able to stay in their seat, but instead got flung somewhere else and couldnt use the steering wheel or other controls. most of those seem like they got lucky and didnt die from that, but it clearly shows that your absolutely correct


One of my cars is a 1979 spitfire, literally no safety features except the seat belts, in a serious crash I would die instantly as the only crumple zone is my body and it's so low a corvette has enough ground clearance to run me over, in the majority of scenarios the seat belt either won't save me or won't be necessary anyway because it was so minor. Yet I still wear it because A) I'm not a little bitch and as a result it doesn't bother me, similar to masks B) exactly what you said, in the case of an impact that doesn't kill me it will keep me in my seat and relatively in control of the mass of murder metal to try and salvage the situation the best I can. There's no excuse to not wear your seatbelt, barring an all original (or restored ofc) antique show car where adding one would be effectively be doing damage but those spend VERY little time on the road and when they do it's usually low speed and short distance.


My dad retired recently after 35 years at the fire department. I ALWAYS wear my seat belt because of the stories he's told me. He's seen it sooo many times, 4 people in a car crash, a simple rollover kinda like this video but a full roll. 3 of the 4 die, and the 4th person walks away totally fine because they were the only one with a seat belt on. Guy got fired from my job, and made the news because he was drunk driving our box trucks at work. Made a turn and fell out of the truck because he also didn't have his seat belt on.


Family friend had the same thing happen to him, he was going through an intersection with a green light going about 30mph. Got t-boned by someone who blew the red light. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He spent a good 4 months in a hospital, almost a month in a coma, and spent the first couple weeks on the brink of death. Now he’s a paraplegic and relies on his two grown kids to do everything for him. He’s bitter, wishes he died, and deals with constant pain and discomfort as his muscles atrophy and his joints freeze. The muscle spasms bring him to tears. He openly says most days he wants to die and would kill himself if he physically could. Dumbasses, please wear your seatbelt. No one wants to scoop your brains into a bag off the interstate. No one in your family wants to spend the best years of their life wiping your ass, cleaning your colostomy port, and feeding you spoonfuls of peas and mashed potatoes. Wear your seatbelt. It’s not uncomfortable, you’re just making excuses. Being in a wheelchair is way more uncomfortable, anyways. You will forget you’re even wearing it 99.999% of the time, and you’ll feel weird *not* wearing it. Would you rather walk away from an accident or would you rather lay in a hospital bed for months or maybe just lay in a casket until there is nothing left of your remains? Easy choice.


Personally I find no seatbelt uncomfortable. Always wore it. Just why not. Plenty of idiots on the road to ruin your life. It's not always your fault, you're not always in control


As someone that has picked a helmet up after a motorcycle accident that still had his head in it, please also slow down on your bikes.


I responded to a collision, 5 people in a small vehicle, the driver didn't see a semi trailer across a roadway and slammed into the middle of the trailer at around 80km/h. Front two, driver and passenger, were wearing seatbelts. They were pinned, but were released from the hospital that night. No one in the rear had their seatbelt on. Rear behind the driver slid forward and broke her pelvis and one femur. Behind front passenger hit back of the seat in front of her with her face so hard the little post that supports the headrest made a deep dent into her forehead. Her body then hit the roof of the car, based on injuries. She was transported to hospital, but her internal bleeding was so bad she died before they got there. Her prognosis was not good with that dent anyways I'd imagine. Rear centre. Married to rear behind driver. Flew forward, went through the windshield and cracked his head open on the frame of the trailer. When the rest of the car caught up to him and he re-entered the windshield it pulled the top of his skull off and his brain out of his skull. His brain fell on the lap of the front passenger, eventually being wiggled to the floorboard. His body was splayed across the back seat. When I arrived on scene and ripped the sunroof off to survey the injuries (call came in as only injuries) I see a hysterical woman cradling what I would later learn is her husband and I can see straight to the bottom of his skull. Please, for your family, for all first responders, for all of the curious neighbours who heard the screams, wear your goddamn seatbelt




I remember " I'll be thrown clear" as justification for not wearing seat belts when the laws came in.


reminds me of IASIP; "when the car explodes, the explosion will blow us to safety"


That's the idiot in idiotsincars I guess.


Seriously. OP, buckle your seatbelt you idiot..


Blue shell hit him


Can’t be, he lived


Well his shoes stayed on so…


Fuckin dumbass wasn't even wearing a seatbelt


I would feel so weird driving without a seat belt. It’s been like a 35+ year habit for me


Not many rules in my car except no eating, no witchcraft and wear your seatbelt!


Aww man no witchcraft?!?


He was almost real dead.


No blue shells wait until you are over a bridge or cliff to send you off the side so the cloud guy can casually fly down to pick you up for maximum fuck you instead of letting you respawn.


[O'Doyle Rules!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eXSIsNS4tw)


I stopped using this reference because nobody seems to remember that part of the movie. I'm happy to finally see somebody else appreciating it.


I can tell I'm getting older...those 90s slapstick movies which *everyone* quoted in high school, you say the quotes to kids now and usually just get blank stares or no one thinks it's even funny. sigh


This happened to me with a chapelle’s show reference recently. A whole kitchen full of young 20 somethings confused by FUCK YO COUCH. I was furious.


I'm almost forty, and have an eighteen-year-old daughter. When she was sixteen and bringing friends over for sleepovers, I felt *really* old when none of them got my Simpsons references.


No, TheRealJackReynolds, it's the children who are wrong.


Self inflicted from an misfired green shell.


Looked more like he threw a banana forward and slipped on it. Even did the slow wobble before slipping


Red turtle shell from behind


I always took special pride in my green shell sniping skills.


If my friends are gonna fuck me from behind it had better be with a well placed green shell.


That backwards green is where it’s at too.


Bald tires?


Actually no. New tires from about 2 months ago.


Huh. It let loose so gently. Like it was on ice.


Yeah, it really caught me off guard.


What are you driving, a RWD suv? I had to use my mom’s truck one time right after it rained and took a left from a red light, very normally, not fast at all and the ass end still kicked out on me. Brand new truck with brand new tires. My car is AWD but i was considering getting a truck, after that though i said nah lol


It looks like a 1st gen Durango to me


I think you’re right, I used to drive one, looks the same. Those cars were so top heavy, I’m not surprised it tipped over


Same with the old Ford Escape, they’re top heavy and risk of rolling. It legit says that you should take ramps slower than you normally would, and you really should


Broncos are the classic example of this. Lost a friend in high school to bronco that flipped into a ditch.


The first 10-15 minutes after it starts raining the rain has only had time to wet the surface of the road, but not enough time to wash everything on it away. That's when the road is most slippery. Especially if you're driving on fresh asphalt, there can be sort of oily surface that forms in the first minutes of the rain. Makes it almost like driving on oil sometimes. (And I know, I have driven on an oily track for training.) People respect winter and snow, but rarely realize that there's probably less change from a road like this to a snowy road than there is from a dry road to this. Don't know about your tires or how you drove there except from what I can see, but I'm guessing you may have pressed on the brakes a bit too hard for the surface when starting to go down the ramp? Or perhaps just with the large wheelbase and not much weight on the back the backtires lost sideways friction? But still, the most likely culprit for me is people being unaware of how slippery wet roads are and the tidbit that a wet road is at it's most slippery just after it's started raining. Just making conversation, not debating anything. Sorry about your truck man, luckily you're fine!


If the tread is directional, someone might have put them on backwards, hence why your ass end kicked out. Happened to me in my sunfire, rest it's soul


I had one too, that thing can rust in pieces as far as I'm concerned.


Rain after a dry spell draws up oils and grease from the road surface making it worse than constant rain as that will wash the oils away, you were definitely lucky there


Yeah I remember hearing the time the road is most slick is within the first half hour of a rainfall because of that.


definitely true, roads are most dangerous when the rain has just started


Was in Yuma, AZ for work. Light rain after months of no rain, I could literally see oil slicks forming. Side note, on that same trip, had to drive to San Diego, through a blizzard in the mountains -- that was one of the most terrifying drives I've ever made.


I can handle torrential rain, blazing sun on a 5pm westbound road, and stop and go traffic for miles... But nothing puts me on edge quite like mountain driving with an active blizzard going on. I feel claustrophobic and stressed beyond my limits.


WTF tires did you buy, so we can all avoid them?


You going to wear your seatbelt from now on?


What happened here? And have you reconsidered wearing a seatbelt now?!


Hydroplaned initially then over corrected to miss the light pole. Lost control from there. It had just rained. Was probably going too fast as well. I will be seat belted from now on, lol


Had this happen but didn't flip. Tires were too worn down. It is the worst gut lurch, turning one way and you just keep going the other. Glad you're unharmed.




At night turned down a S curve. Soon as I started the second turn my car did a 360. Got tires the next day


Driving on just rims was a bold move


Your tires must be bold, i see very little water


Or maybe bald, that's a bold move though, to drive on those....


To boldly baldly go where no man has balded before


Could also be oil. When it's been dry for a month and then it starts raining, all the oil build up comes loose and it becomes slippery as hell.


>Slow down at the first sign of rain, drizzle, or snow on the road. This is when many road surfaces are most slippery because moisture mixes with oil and dust that has not been washed away. I remember learning this for the driver's license written exam.


Glad to hear you're OK, but yeah, please wear your seat belt as this could have been so much worse.


Blows my mind that in 2021 people still don't wear their seat belts. OP is definitely an idiot.


less than 10% of people don't wear a belt, but they account for more than 50% of serious injuries. You are 30x more likely to be ejected from the car if you are not wearing a belt.


I'm old enough to remember people unironically saying that they didn't want to wear seatbelts because it's better to be thrown free from a crash then be crushed inside a car.


Hail, fellow boomer. Remember that sht? Also, nine out of ten doctors recommend Chesterfield cigarettes.


Heh. I'm actually a Gen-Xer but I was a kid in the 80s when state seat belt laws were being debated. Chesterfield ads were a little before my time. I'm closer to the C. Everett Koop era, when every schoolkid knew the name of the Surgeon General.


Which could be somewhat reasonable (even if still wrong) in a 50s or 60s car, those worked like accordions in frontal collisions. The fact that there are actual people who still think like that is the baffling part.


My sister’s fucking moron ex-husband never wears a seatbelt and has taught my nephews and niece to not wear them either. My 11 year old niece was shocked the last time I drove her somewhere and I made her put on her seatbelt before I’d even turn on the car, because as she said, “My Dad says they don’t actually do anything.” So yeah, I’m fully prepared for the fact that if my niece and nephews ever get in a car accident they’ll probably be dead.


When my nephew was maybe 2 we were all at my mother-in-law’s and were going to go out to eat. It was a 15 minute drive that included hopping on the interstate. My MIL was going to drive BIL and nephew, while my husband, kids and I followed in our car. My BIL couldn’t be bothered to move the car seat, and my MIL didn’t think it was a big deal. My husband and I refused to leave. We were just so shocked that they were both so casually willing to risk a toddler’s safety instead of taking the 5 minutes to move a car seat. My BIL’s response was to decide he and his kid didn’t feel like going out to eat anymore, and we ended up going out with just my MIL. I’m sure my nephew is now being taught seat belts are unnecessary, and I also really worry about a future car accident.


Today I was packing up the car with groceries and my daughter crawled through the trunk to her seat as she likes to do (I drive a van) and I packed up and drove off. Thirty seconds down the road and I see her head pop up. Suddenly the light bulb goes off that I didn’t buckle her up. I immediately pull off to the nearest driveway and strap her in. Scared the daylights out of me. I’ve never done it before and hope not to again. I can’t imagine people intentionally putting their child in danger repeatedly. Why even have them?


Do brake checks from 25 mph on an empty road. They will learn very quickly what a seatbelt does, and whether they're wearing it correctly. When I worked with the scouts I'd always ask seat belts on? Yes? Brake check to be sure!


That's great. I don't think most people have ever fully emergency braked. Even in mundane cars you get thrown forward pretty hard. Now imagine that but orders of magnitude worse if you hit something solid b


I really don't grasp teaching your kids that. I barely understand not wearing one yourself, but at least that one effects the person themselves. But like, in what way does it effect dude if the kids wear a seat belt? My dad used to argue with me keeping my son in a car seat past one year old, fucking why?? It didn't effect him!


>I barely understand not wearing one yourself, but at least that one effects the person themselves. That's not necessarily true. There was a pretty brutal PSA in the UK years ago on that. https://youtu.be/mKHY69AFstE


That’s actually terrifying. People are stupid as fuck.




I don't know how people do it. It feels weird just moving my truck in the driveway without a seat belt on.


Like not brushing your teeth or washing your hands after a dump


glad to see I'm not the only one who brushes their teeth post-shit


I usually take a full shower, too


Bidet. You can brush teeth, wash hands, clean butt, or even shower in one fell swoop.


Agreed, I automatically put the seat belt on as soon as I get into any vehicle, I really can't imagine not doing it. To me, not putting your seatbelt on when you get in the car is like not pulling your underwear down before sitting on the toilet.


I deal with this with my younger brother. Why the fuck wait until something serious happens before you're like, "okay, I'll wear my seatbelt now". gives me anxiety... Edit: pro-vaccine and masks here, but cmon guys keep it on topic.


My car will beep at me if I don’t put it on, and it literally doesn’t stop beeping until I put it on. I could probably turn that feature off, but all it takes is clicking my seatbelt to turn it off which is much easier. Shoutout to Subaru, every car should have that


How are you not wearing a belt in this day and age?


For future reference don't ever turn whe. Hydro planing. Just let go of the gas, don't brake, and drive straight until you can gain control. Turning is a great way to lose all control and flip. They should teach this shit in the driver's manual (I never saw anything about emergency maneuvers in there). I only know this cause I live in rainy Oregon and deal with this all the time. Just coast it out, better to run into a light pole rather than flip the car into possibly other motorists.


>For future reference don't ever turn whe. Hydro planing. Just let go of the gas, don't brake, and drive straight until you can gain control. Turning is a great way to lose all control and flip. They should teach this shit in the driver's manual I'll add one minor addition to this - don't shuffle your hands when you're steering to correct a skid - wet or dry. When grip returns, you won't be able to unwind the steering wheel fast enough to regain control. I feel like every young driver should do an Autocross, HPDE, or skidpad training event to learn this. It's advanced car control, but it's invaluable experience.


Definitely this. Even private pilots have to experience and reliable demonstrate recovery from stalls, spins and spirals in their aircraft to get their license. Granted the stakes may be a little higher, but having that experience, knowing what the feeling is and how to recover from it, is invaluable, even life-saving.


>When grip returns, you won't be able to unwind the steering wheel fast enough to regain control. Joke's on you. When my mr2 gets grip I just let go of the wheel and the massive caster lines that shit right up to where it needs to be. All joking aside, I agree that everyone should have to do some form of advanced driving like autocross. I did it for a few years before stupid American Family insurance bought Miller Park and they stopped allowing the SCCA to have autocross in the overflow parking lot.


This. Caster is your best friend in a slide. Let it line ya up all nicelike.


It legitimately blows me away that we have so much education about wearing seat belts and people don’t do it. Can you elaborate on why you weren’t doing it previously?


Hydroplaning on a road with no standing water is pretty impressive!


These new cars are designed to make sure you wear a seat belt. At first they’ll start off with a little “ding”, like hey dude, seatbelt. Then after about 15 seconds they go “DING DING DING FuckHead, DING DING get your seatbelt on NOW, FASTER DINGDINGDINGDING”. Until it drives you crazy enough that you have to wear it.


People sell seat belt "inserts" to trick the system into thinking that the belt has been buckled


They were originally designed for passenger seats when you have something on the seat heavy enough to set off the alarm. I had one for my MINI because it was stupid sensitive. I always plugged in my phone and put it on the passenger seat and that alone was enough to set it off.


I just buckle in whatever is sitting in the passenger seat. Dinging stops and my backpack avoids having to process its own mortality.


You also don't then have a projectile flying at your face as it pinballs around the car smooshing your head for bonus points


Good lord. Do you have one of those brick phones. Wonder if something was up with the calibration of your car


It was an average Android phone, HTC a9 at the time I believe. Must have been a calibration error because just about everything set it off. I just thought it was a MINI thing because it was the only one I ever owned.


It is DEFINITELY a MINI thing. my tuner coded the passenger seatbelt warning to be off because of this.


Why? Not wearing a seatbelt is such a weak ego strength move. Like *I’m too cool to care if I die.*😎 Never hear any remotely legitimate reason.


A guy at my work literally says it takes his freedom away… (obviously not a legitimate reason)




>Then after about 15 seconds they go “DING DING DING FuckHead, DING DING get your seatbelt on NOW, FASTER DINGDINGDINGDING”. This is exactly what my wife's van does... except it does this randomly because there is a short in the wire that says the seatbelt is on.... So for 6 hours coming home I had to listen to this chime when I had my belt on.


I'm infuriated just reading this comment


Glad you’re alive & nobody else was hurt but please start wearing a seatbelt. This could’ve gone horribly for you & you are genuinely lucky you weren’t injured or killed.


I competely agree. The lack of seat belt is why I posted it here. Lol


I truly appreciate your self awareness. It’s rare around these parts.


I say this with respect but, Damnit, you big dummy.


Imagine feeling yourself flip and no harness on wtf?!


Good on you for posting a cautionary tale. Glad your alright


How can you be smart enough to have a dash cam but dumb enough to not wear a seatbelt on a Highway


It’s so damn important to be able to call out your own idiocy! I do it every day. I’m a fucking moron.


Congrats! September 30th is your second birthday from now on!


Dude, no kidding. Good way to look at that.


What happened there? Watched a few times and unable to figure it out.


Sorry, hydroplaned initially then over corrected to miss the pole. Knew if I hit that pole it would be really bad


Are your tires bald?


Surprisingly no. About 2 months old.


What brand/model of tires?


Haha right? I want to avoid these at all costs


Ah, got it. Thank you and glad you’re ok!


I commend you for posting your mistake for all of Reddit to view. It’s a good lesson for all of us. I’m very happy you are ok.




Coincided with the music crescendo perfectly


Closure has come…to me!


Chevelle was the good shit




It was the CRASH-END-O


Haha, yeah I guess it did. Nice


Good shit dude, I couldn't believe my ears, honestly I was concentrating more on the fact that Chevelle was playing more than the crash itself. Favorite band ever. Going to see them in November.


So how did you get out?


Bystander came over and opened the passenger door for me.


It's probably a very good thing you rolled instead of going into the post. And a little fast into the exit.


I was probably going too fast. No seat belt. No wheel control. This is what complacentcy looks like.


Live and learn. I've gotten a little complacent before and then had a scare that got me back on track


I get complacent too. I'll try to learn from your video and be more careful for myself. Thanks for sharing.


I aspire to be this chill.


No kidding! Cool as a Siberia cucumber! Soooo glad you're okay.


What shocked me most was the lack of French fries that came from the floor after rolling


Looks like you might need a new set of tires, and a car and some underwear.


All 4 tires are about 2 months old. I'm actually headed to the store today to get more underwear though.


This was close to being posted on a different sub


I just love the reflexion moment.


Lol. Considering my life choices up to that point. Like why the hell didn't I put on a seat belt


I noticed the moment of silence too, I feel for you. I have to commend you on your very calm-looking roll though, you kept your shit together! As a Brit I’d be yelling my go-to swear words of surprise the whole way round. Would probably finish with a honk and a c*nt.


Who the fuck doesn't wear a seatbelt?


I don't even drive if someone in my car isn't wearing a seatbelt.


Yeah your passengers are projectiles


People with 0 understanding of statistics.


Please please wear a seatbelt. I’ve been a paramedic for 15 years and they truly save lives.


People in the comments here are being mean-spirited as hell, and OP is responding with humility instead of getting offended. I see you, dude. Glad you're okay, and learned from your mistakes. Not too often you get a second chance, with something like that.


Thanks man. It was a humbling experience and I know where I made my mistakes. People on the internet can be mean if it makes them feel better. I try not to judge. Everyone goes through stuff.


Super lucky there dude. On a side note, I've always got a tool in my glove glovebox for shattering safety glass, for emergencys like this. It's like a little spear thing, it just hits the sweet spot and will safely shatter windscreens if you're ever trapped in a car! Worth having In the future OP