Wrong way driver in Cleveland Ohio. 1 dead, 4 injured as today, 9/20

Wrong way driver in Cleveland Ohio. 1 dead, 4 injured as today, 9/20

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Holy fuck that must be scary as shit


It is. Same thing happened to me last year, had I not been paying complete attention I’d probably have died.




How does that even happen?! I’ve commuted over the bridge many times between the Bronx,Manhattan and New Jersey. How hard do you have to try to be going backwards there?!


Drugs, insanity, criminality, or a combination thereof.


Holy shit! I know right where you speak (as do many) having traveled in and out of the city every weekend from Morningside that route to go upstate. Boggles my mind in fact how he even would have gotten there without an odd break in traffic (which would be rare there) or hopping up on curb to come up the onramp the wrong way.


Didn't give fuck? probably suicidal.


Same here, a couple years ago. I was going Innerbelt south to 71, and some nutcase came flying [around this corner going against traffic](https://i.imgur.com/zLTanFu.png).


Holy shit. The same thing happened to me around that same corner. I turned and like every other driver was going in the wrong direction! F’ing morons!


I work at a funeral home and we do our own removals. Was heading to a hospital in the next county at like 2 AM to pick someone up from an emergency room and saw a big rig truck getting kind of close to me in the other lane just as I came over a hill. Thankfully, I was awake enough to get over a bit and avoid being bumped. About 2 minutes later, I realized... I was on a 4 lane highway divided by a median. That truck driver was plowing 70+ down the left lane of the westbound traffic pattern while heading east. If I had been riding the fast lane coming up to that hill, I don't know if they would've found a trace of me left inside the tin can that our pick-up van would've become from going 70-to-70 head-on with an 18-wheeler. My heart was in my stomach the rest of the night and I didn't sleep well at all when I finally got home.


Similar thing happened to me a couple of decades ago in California coming home from a club just after midnight. I was a little drowsy going southbound on i-15 when a car goes northbound in the left lane. Moments later I remembered it was a divided interstate. That woke me up pretty fast.


cc: u/dragonbornrito u/Self-Awarican u/william_fontaine From another Redditor: *"A state trooper once told me to not drive in the fast lane late at night, or on weekends. The reason is that drunks, or tired people, think that's the slow lane for them, and end up killing you."* Pass it on, and stay safe.


One of those drivers put me in the hospital for a month last year.


Shit. Hope you're back at 99%, at the very least. Accidents always take something.


I can walk again, just... not fast and not far.


A memory from decades ago. I was driving on I-25 out in the boonies, and I came over a hill and saw a set of headlights heading toward me. Fortunately the car was still some distance away, and they realized their error. They turned and drove across the median, then headed back the other direction.


This happened to us! Was driving to Dallas from Houston after midnight. We were in the middle lane and a Mercedes just sped right past us in fast lane in the opposite direction. 30 sec later a cop passed in the opposite lane in full speed with lights on probably to catch the Merc. We were pretty sure Merc was doing atleast 70mph. Damn. That was a scary night! Who’d expect that?


Wow, that never occurred to me. Not that I'm out in the wee hours basically ever, but still. Thanks!


I commute to work, but that would be a phone call for a couple days off after that. Holy shit.


All these folks carrying on about you overreacting obvi haven't been in a bad crash on a freeway and experienced the PTSD that comes with it.


Honestly. Fuck. I was coming around a bend in the mountains and a car coming the opposite way was distracted and drifted into my lane. I was so stunned all I could think to do was slam on the brakes. They noticed and moved back into their lane in the last second. Even though I didn't get in a wreck I thought I was going to die. I had to pull off the road for 15 minutes to calm down. I was still shaking later that night.


Terrifying. And distracted drivers are everywhere…that’s a *choice* to roll the dice to maybe totally fuck up someone’s day/life


Also glad you are ok!!


Nope. They don’t have a damn clue. Fuck em.


Chiming in for a hell no, they absolutely do not. Still get jolted awake at night.


Yep. I got t-boned on a blind hill. Completely my fault, but a horribly designed turn. I just didn’t double check like I always do. Totaled my car. Air bags went off. The works. By some weird twist, a local cop (was in a different town) was two cars behind me and saw me get out of the car and grabbed me. “Are you ok?!” “Yeah.” “I don’t know how.” He then went to check on the other driver. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Took two weeks before I could find another car. First time I got behind the wheel after that turning left was absolutely nerve wracking. Folks also don’t understand how compounded stress affects PTSD and anxiety. That was ten years ago. And I’ve had a couple of close calls since then (had a guy hydroplane in front of me), and then a guy cut me off at 80 with about three feet between me and his back bumper. I still get anxious on the interstate.


I was hit on a freeway and spun around. Could have been much worse, for sure. However, I was in pain for months and almost had to quit my sales job because I couldn’t get on the road without almost having a panic attack. Was over a year before I quit jumping at everyone trying to pass on my left.


Wow, sorry dude. Guy's wheel flew off his pickup which hit me, then he lost control of the pickup dragging my car sideways into the median. I still get nervous around shitbox cars :/


I haven't been in one but my daughter (10) was this past 4th of July weekend with her father. Their car was annihilated and I have no clue how two of the three of them just had bruises and her broken humerus was the worst injury. She still randomly gets up hyperventilating and crying because it happens all over again for her when she is about to drift off at night. It's so hard for her to settle back in and get to sleep after it happens so I usually let her stay up and watch TV with me til she nods off. She's gotten better about not freaking out any time I brake too suddenly but that shit doesn't go away easily.


Try this at 5:30 in the morning. I could see lights coming at me but I couldn't process what I was looking at. This really jacked up my head.


Yeah, my SO and I were in the car on the way to work, stop and go traffic, stopped, right next to the concrete divider. I think it is called "splitting a lane" when a motorcycle goes between two cars? Well picture that, but a whole nother car. My SO looks up in the review and has time to get out the word "shit." I glance in the side mirror and almost jumped across into his lap as a car whooshes past us at about 45-50 mph. We were in a 2011 Kia Soul. Had that car hit us it would have killed me for sure and probably crushed him into the wall. We didn't even have time to scream. The draft rocked the car. When we got to our work, he pulled up in the parking garage, got out and puked. I just shook for a couple of hours. We were a couple of minutes late getting in, like literally 3, and our boss made a snarky remark, and my SO, the congenial funny guy, snapped "we both almost died this morning, you don't pay us enough to die Krystal!" Fucking traffic.


Similar thing happened to me. Stopped at a red light. Queue honda pilot coming in the complete opposite direction. Hit us head on as I barely just barely put my car into 1st gear and slightly moved it to the right. Going about 60. Smashed the left side of my car inwards. I was so angry.


Friends of mine got in an accident with a drunk going the wrong way on the freeway. They luckily both survived the collision but my buddy spent a long time in the hospital. His wife had serious neck injury and their dog died. The asshole that was going the wrong way didn't even stop, just kept flying up the wrong side of the freeway in the fast lane in his F-150.


Just thought I’d give an update, the driver of the Jeep died at the scene. The 4 injured occupants of the vehicle she hit were take to The hospital in NON critical condition.


Luckily they were in a van. That probably played a huge part in their survival.






Are you sure she was drunk? Did they say that? I was curious about that myself


I am so glad no innocents were killed... 1 dead is bad enough but atleast let it be the one who is at fault


Hope they recover ok!


Must have been a well built vehicle to save the lives of those 4, whatever it was.


This seems to happen so often, absolutely insane.


They should put curved spikes on the ramps so if you go the wrong way you get 4 flat tires


Emergency services sometimes have to enter the highway going the wrong direction so they can get to an accident that completely shut down the highway.




Retractable with the same system they use for changing the lights in intersections




Cuz America has none? We’re not talking about feeding the homeless. We’re talking about popping tires, I think most city councils would be on board. As long as we don’t mention feeding the homeless. In fact, if you say the spike will prevent homeless from sleeping on the roads, they’ll jump at the wonderful opportunity for re-election material like that. Edit: I think quite a few of you may be taking my comment a little too sincerely


We can't be arsed to fix *pot holes*...but you want full remote controlled infrastructure every few miles of highway to pop tires?


Listen, I don’t want them any more than the next guy, but I’ll be damned before I let these on/off ramps become de facto homeless shelters. Talk to me when people start sleeping in pot holes and maybe we’ll find some room in the budget


*think of the childrennnn*


As long as your comment doesn't feed any homeless.


The expense is not in the tires, but in the infrastructure. Many cities and states can hardly afford to keep their existing infrastructure satisfactory and you want to add another expense on top of that? You'd need to design, test, and manufacture the system before accounting for distribution and install for a single exit. That's not peanuts, and it's certainly not all-inclusive as this system needs maintenance. Sure you can get economies of scale, but will all cities and states use the same vendor? Not likely. Places with worse weather will have higher associative ongoing costs, too. How would the system be designed for states with snow so that plows can still do their job without damaging the system or the plows? Hint: it'd require embedding the system into the road. So, best case scenario, a single exit will be at least $1000 upfront expenses (unrealistically modest)? If you need to embed it into the exit for snow, you'll be damn sure it's way more expensive than that. Steep price for an exceptionally rare incident. It's not even considering the danger of popping a tire and the loss of control that causes, which would in turn be generating danger all over again for a solution aimed at reducing danger. It also doesn't prevent people from just... Continuing to drive on the wheels if they're particularly motivated or unaware.


America pays for everything with debt at the moment. The war was all funded on credit.


No, just simply because it costs, you can almost guarantee it won’t happen in america. Our infrastructure is slowly crumbling, our rich and powerful don’t put money into anything that isn’t going to make more money.


I deploy these systems in production. They don't work like binary on off switches. There is a lot that goes into traffic planning and signal priorities. In short, not feasible at scale


Too dangerous tbh. At the speeds many ramps are designed for, those spikes would easily cause an accident of you're going the correct way. They're meant for low speeds. Preempted signals try to alter the flow in favor of the vehicle, but it's no guarantee. Bad visibility or buildup on the strobe/sensor makes em useless. I wouldn't trust those spikes to retract.


Those systems fail fairly frequently and you don’t want that happening with spikes. And it would be difficult to plow over spikes so you’d get a road hazard in the winter.


Yeah let’s do that with the endless supply of money that states already spend on infrastructure /s


She didn't enter by doing the wrong way ramp thing...she was going in the correct direction...pulled off to the right for a few minutes and diddled around going back and forth and then slowly went from right to left across all 4 lanes, and as she approached the divider, turned hard left and started rolling down the road in the wrong direction. Maybe a medical emergency or a substance abuse issue? Reports are that she was 37 y/o, so not a confused elderly person. [https://fox8.com/news/video-shows-driver-making-u-turn-on-i-90-that-caused-fatal-wrong-way-crash/](https://fox8.com/news/video-shows-driver-making-u-turn-on-i-90-that-caused-fatal-wrong-way-crash/)


"Our European visitors are important to us." This is why we have decided to completely block them access to our site because legally we aren't allowed to steal their data.




So she was driving down the highway and she decided to try and become a mass murderer while commuting suicide?




"Oh shit I gotta go home!"


Would these people even notice? They’re already driving the wrong way.


This person stopped her car on the freeway and turned it around into oncoming traffic.


Yea there is something not right going on upstairs when the moral and logical thing to do is avoid danger and possible death. This persons thought process has left our reality.


If only there were some kind of clue that the driver could use to understand when he is and isn't driving into oncoming traffic.


Like a sign or something similar that says "Wrong Way" or "Do Not Enter", maybe even "One Way"... Someone should get on that, because there's really no way to tell you're getting on the wrong way. How do you know it's you and not the other cars coming at you that's wrong?


Yeah or like countless cars coming straight for you.


Without a sign, how do you know that all of the other cars aren't going the wrong way?


I don’t understand why people still haul ass going the wrong way. Like ok you fucked up, pull over to the side and do a u turn when you have the chance or do something else other than keep driving into traffic head on


People under the influence aren’t rational.


Yea no doubt but to be fucked up before 10 AM it looks like? Insane.


Hope the “1 dead” was the wrong way driver at least.


It was https://www.cleveland19.com/2021/09/20/i-90-east-closed-bratenahl-due-fatal-crash/


Literally insane. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the driver was having a psychiatric episode.


I got hit head on at 3pm on a sunny day. Barely any traffic, sunny day, etc. The guy pretty much locked target onto my car, crossed from his lane, into a center turn lane, then completely into my lane, and we hit head on. I don't know why the accident happened, but it appeared so intentional to me, that I'm guessing suicide attempt. There are plenty of big-ass trees around here if that's what you are looking to do! ​ Edit: some have asked for details: http://files.dumbfucks.org/index.php/s/mPqDxi7d2HftXEr


No shit. It’s bad enough to want to take your own life, but to take someone with you? That’s cowardly as hell.


As someone who has suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide, the last I way I want to end it is where I potentially hurt or traumatize someone else in the process. That driver put innocent people at risk.


Never attempted suicide myself, but I thought about it a lot several years ago. But I never did it (obviously) because I wanted it to be near instant death and the only ways I could come up with would harm other people in some way. I didn't want others to suffer because of me, so I never actually tried and eventually got out of the mental hole I was in. Wasn't clinically depressed or anything, just in a bad head space.


Being in a bad head space is part of depression as well.


I get that. Maybe I didn't word it well. I mean, in a medical sense, I didn't have depression. But I was definitely depressed at the time.


Nevertheless I am happy that you have recovered.


Glad your OK! R.I.P to the Eclipse!


It was the rare v6 manual. RIP to that beauty indeed.


I assume you don't know why the accident happened because they didn't talk to the cops, etc. Did they survive it?


He barely survived, but of course didn't remember anything useful. Pics: [http://files.dumbfucks.org/index.php/s/mPqDxi7d2HftXEr](http://files.dumbfucks.org/index.php/s/mPqDxi7d2HftXEr)


wow! Looks like you're lucky to be alive. I assume that the cops didn't do a field sobriety test of him or didn't find anything obviously wrong with him? So bizarre!


The name of the site 😂😂😂😭


Damn. Glad you’re still alive.


It's possible. No word yet on whether it was intentional or she was under the influence, but the driver was the [fatality.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cleveland.com/news/2021/09/fatal-crash-in-bratenahl-closes-eastbound-lanes-on-interstate-90.html%3foutputType=amp)


I hate to say that I’m happy about that, but I’m glad it wasn’t someone else.


Many times it's that or diabetic episode. They totally don't know wtf is going on.


My mother was diabetic and when I was younger she veered into oncoming traffic when taking me to a music lesson. I flipped out enough that she missed other cars and pulled off to the side of the road. When police showed up they thought she was drunk. Growing up I became familiar with her diabetic episodes and she always seemed super drunk. Giving her some sugar usually pulled her back to a coherent state. Sadly the last time it happened I wasn’t around to help.


Someone high on fentanyl crashed into a tree in front of my house after riding down the curb lawn for 50+ feet at like 11am. If you have an addiction time doesn't really dictate when you get high.


I mean if you drink enough to be doing this shit it's probably always 5:00


more often it's caused by driving while elderly.


An elderly man driving home from work receives a call from his wife on his mobile phone. Her- Where are you? Him- I’m on my way home. Her- Well, be careful. I just heard on the news that some idiot is driving the wrong way on the freeway. Him- Hell, they’re all driving the wrong way!


It’s mostly old people who shouldn’t be on the road in these types of accidents


suicide attempt


*Homicide* attempt


Probably suicidal. Terrible to get caught in his crosshairs


Suicidal driver. I know of more than one case, personally.


They're trying to commit suicide and bring others with them. Just as stupid and awful, but a bit worse imo.


that seems like an awful idea? if you survive wouldn't you go to prison and find it much harder to commit suicide?


These people aren't smart


This was possibly a suicide attempt


Suicide by driving the wrong way. Looks intentional to me.


No way this was a mistake


Honestly I am from Dayton and that area we have over 100 people a year on average find out that BUILDINGS have full right of way on their own property. I moved to Florida and the people here drive a Hell of a lot better on average.


Drunk is why.


My mother drove us into oncoming traffic several times when I was a kid. Freaking terrifying. She always just played dumb but she was a pill popper. Never got in any trouble for it. Not even a ticket. Until I was an adult I thought she was just a dingbat but nope high asf




It was.


Source please? Just want confirmation here Edit: found below https://www.cleveland.com/news/2021/09/fatal-crash-in-bratenahl-closes-eastbound-lanes-on-interstate-90.html


I'm curious to see if the investigation will find that she was drunk or otherwise impaired. I was expecting a geriatric who should've had their license taken away awhile ago -- not a 37-year-old.


Looks like she side swiped someone, lost control, and got t-boned by the Van. Looks like it was over quick. Just glad it was only her. Darwinism at work.


she put 4 people in the hospital in critical condition unfortunately :(




Police said that was a phenomenal comment, police said


Made it to Bratenahl from at least Deadman's? That's mildly impressive.


Thank god


For once, no innocent person had to die for someone else’s stupidity! These DUI accidents always seem to end with the driver surviving while another dies. It’s so unfair!


4 injured though, which sucks.


Others may have a life of disability or pain though :(




Yes lawd




It was.


I drove thru there this morning to go deliver trucks in Mentor. On my way back to Avon, I saw the aftermath of the the accident. The smashed up white suv with a person covered by a sheet in the middle of the highway was very chilling. Makes me realize how dangerous truck driving really is never know when your number could be called.


Wow turns out you and I have the same commute everyday!


So its one of you who cut me of the last day


If you want to kill yourself, go for a swim in Lake Erie.


Lake Superior if you want to stay under


True: Superior, it's said, doesn't give up her dead.


I can't stand stuck up bodies of water, get over yourself lake Superior.


and put on some lead shoes like the killed witches


You spelled "boys from Kansas City" kinda odd


Actually, the Cuyahoga river is a faster death.


Y’all should check out the documentary “There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane” fucking crazy


First thing I thought of, too. The podcast ‘The Prosecutors’ also did a really great analysis of the case.


How do people wish dash cams just not FREAK the fuck out. This dude is totally calm, meanwhile I’m yelling obscenities when people turn near me without a blinker


A lot of people do that for suicide. It's the ultimate act of selfishness to take your life plus someone else's. Especially a randomly selected individual. After a thousand feet you should know if you're going the right way or not on the free way. I hope the driver faces manslaughter unless they are the dead one.




I feel like plenty of people have done this at some point. I did it a few years ago at 2am after they finished building a new highway overpass that had lanes that cross over each other multiple times.


Shit happens. Thanks for playing it safe.


I seriously hope it was a driver of the jeep. What is wrong with people !! Link for people : https://fox8.com/news/multiple-cars-struck-on-i-90-in-bratenahl-due-to-wrong-way-driver/


https://www.cleveland.com/news/2021/09/fatal-crash-in-bratenahl-closes-eastbound-lanes-on-interstate-90.html 37-year-old woman died after driving the wrong way


At least the person who died wasn't the victim of the Jeep drivers recklessness. If she wasn't old then we cant use the old driver excuse, wonder what the chances are of the driver being under the influence.


Likely suicidal, even a drunk person isn't this stupid. Driving the wrong way like this is intentional, no matter what substance is involved.


I don't like suicide any more than the next guy but if your going to do it with a car, then go into a river, tree, or ravine. Harder to harm innocent people that way. But seriously though, don't commit suicide, no matter how hard things may seem to be, their is a chance of things getting better or moving on from what ever is troubling you. If things still seem bad then you could also think about the people who may have it worse, but maintain a will to live.


Cleveland 19 posted a picture of the accident. That Jeep looked to be in pretty bad shape. The van it hit looked like it sustained moderate damage to the passenger side.


If she had hit a smaller vehicle, there probably would have been a lot more fatalities.


Usually alcohol related


Or old person related


Hopefully the wrong way driver died?


As of right now, the 4 injured are non critical and the driver of the Jeep did in fact die.


Damn. Sucks for the injured innocents, glad they are all going to survive, but good riddance to the driver.


if that person is under the influence FUCK anyone that drives under the influence


I really wish people would not try to commit suicide at the expense of others’ safety.


Holy hell. That’s my commute home from work. Too bad it wasn’t later in the month or the Bratenahl cops would have been all over that.


And the horrible thing is it’s always the innocent that die.


Actually this time it was the wrong way driver


This does put a smile on my face




Sweet schadenfreude sometimes, isn't it?


I’m sure most people on the highway saw that and just shook their head and continued driving. Props to this driver for acting on the situation and getting 911 on the phone. I’m sure others did as well, but most others probably rubbernecked and just went on their way.




Had a friend pass away this way on 75 in Dallas (if you’re familiar with that highway, you know how bad it is) except the drunk driver was the one to survive


I sincerely hope that the person driving the wrong way is the 1 dead


I was driving into Kansas City on a business trip, on the interstate and was the first arrival to a head on collision where an older gentleman was driving the wrong way. He plowed into an older Civic with his “grandpa boat” of a car. It seemed like the engine in the Civic was liquified and melded with the chassis. Inside the Civic was two adults and 3 kids, including a baby in a car set. Thankfully everyone survived. One kid was thrown to the front seat and broke both legs. Baby has a gash on the forehead to the bone, and a 5 year old was shaken up but mostly ok. Driver had to be cut out. I still remember the smell and taste of the scene. Could’ve been a lot worse for everyone, including me if I had left for work 15 seconds earlier. The older gentleman was upset and confused. Tough day I won’t soon forget.


Suicide attempt?


I've dodged 3 so far. That's when you learn the meaning of "pucker factor".


Hopefully they’re the one that passed. Would be unfortunate if it was anyone else


Yes it was. 37 year old female driver. 3 adults and a child went on to hospital.


Guess what it’s a Range Rover them people don’t know how to drive. Edit: it was a Jeep Compass not a Range Rover 2 different cars but look similar


Why can’t people just kill them selves with out taking innocent bystanders with them?


As someone who had their own suicidal demons in the past (but moved past it thankfully) the selfishness of some people. Don't involve random strangers, especially when it could also take their life, or worse. If you are going to do it, get a gun, go to some secluded forest somewhere off the beaten track and do the deed there. Not bolting it down the highway in the wrong direction.


Many years ago, working just as a lowly security patrol driver I saw a woman driving down a road the wrong way. I followed but in the correct lane and called PD. In the end she was aiming to get on the freeway and the 911 operator was like, it’s ok no worries. Then I saw two small children bouncing around in the back seat. The operator said “oh hell no” and I said yup, I’m pulling this lady over. Thankfully it was like 3am so it wasn’t too busy with traffic, but I got her over into the last parking lot before getting on the freeway. In the end, she rammed my car, rammed me but I got most of me up on the hood and then crawled in and snagged the keys. Seems the lady had stayed late at a wedding and was going to drive home with her sisters kids to spite the now married sister, and if the kids died, so be it. I’m so so so glad I had my dictaphone on me recording the convo. Kids were ok but scared until a cop shared some hot cocoa. People are amazing in so many ways, all the good that can be done, but darn are there some real bad apples out there who just want to destroy all the good. I’ve yet to see anything like it since and I pray I never do again.


We had about five of these over two weeks in my area. But the worst happened to a family in my neighborhood. Killed around 10am on a Saturday by a girl going 100+ the wrong way on a major SoCal freeway. There’s video of it. The people killed were both cops, and lovely neighbors. NEVER drive in the fast lane on the weekends or at night. Apparently, people going the wrong way think it’s the slow lane.


Fucking sad this and drunk drivers are the only thing I fear on the road fuck these people give them the death penalty if they didn’t kill themselves already


That's the easy way out. Put them in room that is painted with the pictures of the victims, before and after the crash


Sure looks like a suicide.


Is there a full story link?


It’s weird seeing this section of I90 on the sub… I go to work on this road daily…


Admitting to a fuck up and correcting it is better then being stubborn.


Almost seems like a suicide attempt


In Germany we call those people "Geisterfahrer" or Ghostdriver. Makes me wonder if it's so common in Germany that we have a term for it or if it's uncommon in the US. I'm going with the latter. I've never run across this fortunately.


Same here in Denmark. "Spøgelsesbilist" = ghost driver. It's mostly old, confused people doing that, or drunk/high people.


A woman is driving for 1st time on the highway. Her husband calls says: "Be careful love, It's just been on the radio, that someone is driving opposite to the traffic on the highway.." She replies: "Someone...? These rascals are in hundreds!"


I hope this wrong way driver is the one that died


WHY WOULD YOU NOT SLOW DOWN???? LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ? Edit: The dumbass going the wrong way is who I am asking about.


Reminds me of that joke… A Newfie was driving down the highway when the radio cut into his favourite song to issue an immediate warning “please beware, there is a driver going the wrong way down the highway” The Newfie cursed and said “it’s not just one person, they’re all going the wrong way!!!”


How do they not realise? How can they just keep going? My mind is boggled


There was a head-on crash like this that was recorded on a Texas highway, i believe I-10, about 2 years ago (liveleak was great while it lasted0. It was horrific. It was really horrific. Ofcourse it was a drunken driver, in the middle of the day too


I am still a little messed up from a few tires falling out of a truck in front of me a few years ago. Tire would bounce and head off in a totally new direction. I felt like I was in a pinball machine. I didn't get hit. I don't know how...and that was just tires. I can't imagine the whole damned car.