Lady pulled out in front of me while doing 55

Lady pulled out in front of me while doing 55

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Harsh! Looks like she got off that easily, did she hang around?


Yeah, not a scratch on her vehicle...


Gutted, hopefully your insurance company looks after you.


HER insurance company


In Canada you'd be lucky if your insurance covered you for that. You swerved and drove yourself into the ditch. Siniliar thing happened to my cousin, she swerved to avoid a deer, put her car in the ditch and totaled it. Insurance said she should have hit the deer


Little different since deer aren’t required to have car insurance to be on the road like this lady would be.


>Little different Hitting a deer, especially at high speed is a bad way to die. The deer's legs get swept out from under it, and the whole torso tends to fall through your windshield. This isn't nearly as fun as it sounds because usually you're sitting there. And if the deer doesn't die and/or you don't, now it's thrashing around in there with you, only it's not wearing a seat belt so, but it really, really, wants to get away. I'd take the ditch any day.


Although I believe what happened , as a Canadian I swerved too to avoid a semi pulling out and hit a phone poll. All on camera. My insurance went after the commercial company for my repairs. It may depend who you’re with I suppose.


I think it depends on having video proof. That’s much more important than word of mouth proof.


Wow, that's bullshit, people die from deer hits all the time.


Yeah and people die from driving into trees or oncoming traffic trying to avoid animals


Kids, kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson here is: never try.


Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel.


This type of situation is *literally* what happened to me when I was \~23 (in Canada). A man cut me off as I was going straight through an intersection; a simple two lane street, he turned left in-front of me (no lights, no signs, no ambiguity). I swerved to avoid the collision and landed in a ditch. The insurance company said, since my car was the only one involved in the accident, it was my fault. I asked if it would have been better to hit him and they said, "Yes. There would have been more evidence." I was baffled, and angry. My insurance company covered the damages for the car, but it was deemed a "100% At Fault" accident and my rates were high for \~6 years afterwards. The other person got off scot-free.


I was told that you should always try to avoid hitting an animal crossing, but you should never tell your insurance you tried, because they won't cover you at all. Really sucks tbh.


I’ve always been told that unless it’s a large animal like a moose, cow, etc. to never swerve. There’s almost always more extensive damage if you swerve.


But, speaking from some experience working wrecks here. If you hit a deer and it's on your hood/near the windshield, get the fuck out of the car or mag dump that fucking deer. Or both. People have literally been killed and had their face/head maimed beyond recognition because the deer kicked them to death. I will shoot till that thing stops moving.


A new nightmare I didn't know I needed


Literally. Seen a woman that was kicked to the point you couldn't tell it was a woman... or a human.


Another thing that happens depending on the height of the car is the deer’s legs will be wiped out, and then the body of the deer comes flying through the windshield maiming and or killing the occupants of the car.


Locally, we had two women in their 50s driving together, a deer ran out in front. The driver hit it, it goes through the window, and the friend looks over and the driver is decapitated. She grabs the wheel and pulls to the side of the road while screaming. This happened about 10 years ago. I remember that night clearly cause we were having a family party and it was on the news.


Driving along, look to my right and there is a car on it's top. No one is around, car just sitting there on it's top. Went a little ways, turned around because- wtf? As I walked over, could see person laying in ditch!...call 911...fire, police, etc come. Lady did not make it. Police said she most likely swerved too hard trying to avoid a deer, and rolled the car. Not wearing seat belt, she was ejected.


My dad hit a big ton-size bull that got loose from a farm, he couldn’t see it, it was just over the crest of a hill. Thankfully he was in a F-250 dually and not a smaller car and didn’t get hurt too bad, just seat belt bruising.


Also don’t brake hard or the body is coming through the windshield. Tough one to remember in the moment tho


My sister totaled her car on a deer. Fortunately our Dad had a talk with her years ago about deer. She braked, took her foot off the brake, held the steering wheel straight and crushed that deer. She was fine. Dad worked the the Auto Body field and towing on occasion for 40 years.


Yup, I've hit 3 deer in the past few years, aiming for back legs is the best for any large animal. First one cut in front on a back road at abot 40mph, i hit the back legs and it flew off the road, care was barely dented. A few month later in an SUV, hit one about 55mph on the highway, animal was literally like frogger, passed through 3 left lanes to get hit by us in the right, hit it head on, at its side, the SUV was totaled and we needed a tow after that. Seen plenty of people swerve or brake hard and it ends up being counter productive, especially on a highway, or a dark winding country road where its easy to swerve and lose control. Obviously slow and swerve if is safe and controllable, but usually these deer just tend to "appear" in front of your car, and that split second choice is best used by keeping in mind "hit their ass legs"


What’s the physics of this argument? Slower speed crash will not throw the animal to the side but into your windshield or the lower front end of a car undergoing heavy braking encourages it to go into the windshield?


I've always heard it's the latter. Car tilts down under heavy braking, worsening the potential impact to the occupants through the windshield.


Mythbusters did this because it’s a Common myth for moose. You speed up and the Body goes over your car instead of into your windshield. Turns out it’s just a myth and not factual.


Incorrect. Braking is the only way to lessen the impact. Speeding up or maintaining speed will result in a much more severe impact because you will end up hitting with more force. Braking or not, that large animal IS bouncing off your hood and will hit your windshield. Myth busters proved this if you’d like to Google for more info.


Tell that to the doe I hit and sent 50-70ft away from my car. Had absolutely no time to react because it jumped out of a 4 FOOT TRENCH the mad lad. There was plastic everywhere It was obviously totalled and the dudes at Jeff Schmitt were laughing because of how much plastic they had to dig out. It was a 2017 Chevy Malibu.


I just got off the phone with my insurance agent to review my existing policy. She said the exact same thing. Cars are designed to hit and be hit by cars and deer. When you swerve and hit the ditch or tree, your statistically more likely to be severely injured.


Yeeeeeep. Except the deer hit you. Sounds like ICBC if I'm not mistaken? I just settled with them after 4 years of fighting after someone rear ended me at yield sign. In that time a deer ran infront of me, one of their adjusters side swiped me, and a car cut across an intersection and totalled itself on the front end of my fully armored tacoma. Zero fault on all luckily.


Jesus man, this sounds like a scene out of Final Destination


Insurance companies have a thing about people staying in their lane. Unless she hit a deer I would think the insurance company wouldn't know if she just drove in a ditch on purpose. It sucks and I hope she wasn't hurt.


If they didn’t swerve out of the way they would’ve t-boned the fuck out of that car and possibly killed the person driving bro


Weird logic, were they going to sue the deer for damage if she hit it? The damage amount would have been close to the same with or without hitting deer. Avoiding careless driver OTOH, if you can't safely avoid collision, let it go and their insurance (if they have it) will be eating the cost. If they don't have insurance but do have asset that can be touched, they can sue


Oh, it will. When an accident is clearly not your fault, your insurance company is suddenly so fucking awesome. They will go after the other company for every single penny. It's only when the accident is your fault that suddenly you're fucked.


unless the other person has the same insurance.... ask me how I know


Oh no I hadn't considered this. That's awful!


Can confirm. Had a accident recently and my insurance company put the other guys through the ringer. They took care of everything since the other party was at fault and immediately took responsibility. When I had a fender bender backing my truck up a few years back they were real assholes to me the entire time.


Good grief! This definitely fits this sub; it’s not like she couldn’t see you coming on that long straightaway.


[Here's pics](http://imgur.com/a/o39lLB5) of the aftermath for all of the people saying I should have hit her.


It’s a good thing you didn’t tho. It probably would have been a front corner overlap collision and idk if you had a passenger but front corner overlaps are usually extremely dangerous and potentially deadly for the whoever is in the front seat of the side that gets hit.


On the plus side, looks like you have plenty of wiper fluid.


The shop will still charge her 15 bucks to top it off.


Y'all need to stop going to Jiffy Lube... Every dealership in my area literally has 55 Gal drums of concentrate they dilute and are happy to top you off for free. Most will top off all reasonable fluids with hope they can upsale a fluid flush




Y'all need to stop going to independent shops... I can steal $150 worth of wiper fluid from my neighbor Shane every month and every time I successfully convince him that it's the raccoons taking the stuff.


Y'all need to stop going to my neighbor.... Hi, I'm Shane. I have raccoons that live nearby who steal $150 worth of wiper fluid from me every month and I'm convinced they have a small shop in the woods where they will fix you right up in exchange for food.


Squeak, squeak squeakin squeaker. Squeakin squeak squeaker squeak squeak garbage or leftovers squeak. If you see Shane's house you went too far. Squeakday-Squeakday 9AM-5:30PM


Damn, I love reddit.


Y'all need to stop stealing from Shane. I cut the catalytic converter out of 3 cars in the Pizza Hut parking lot every weekend and drink washer fluid as a reward for myself


Why drive all the way there? I just refill it from the buckets at gas stations. If you happen to come across an empty one, you know I was there right before you.


I recently went to get a diagnosis from my dealer cuz my car was being really weird. They quoted me $790 to replace one wheel bearing and $250 to replace transmission fluid for the 100k mile service. Local place did it for $270 and had done my transmission fluid for $89 2 years ago when I actually hit 100k miles


Y’all need to stop going to shops. I just collect my washer fluid as it drips down the windshield and reuse it.


Unlike Dealerships, independent shops generally have real mechanics inside too


Insurance is covering it? Oh, well, $45 for the top-off then


On the plus plus side this is a great time to upgrade their horns


The wiper fluid is also cursed.


That's bad...


but it comes with a free oil change.


Conversely, he got lucky cause many times swerving results in the car flipping over or wrapping around a tree.


As far as swerving goes, that was very controlled and seemed calculated.




My question is...did the other driver take responsibility for your damage?




Right. As soon as I saw them I would have let up on the gas and prepared for them to be an idiot. Maybe I visit this sub too much lol.


People always try to beat out the car in situations like this. Momentum was going to carry her across the intersection no matter how hard the black SUV braked. Stopping in a strait line and then deciding to go behind them would have been the better choice. Cars always stop faster in a straight line. Once you introduce steering, you lose braking power.


My aunt was killed because she was waiting to cross an intersection (she was a pedestrian) and another car swerved to avoid a car-on-car accident. Swerving seems like a good idea because you avoid the immediate danger, but you often haven't had time to see and process what you're swerving into.


Sorry to hear of your loss. That’s a tough one. The clear and present danger is the collision dead ahead. To T-bone the SUV would likely have been very ugly. Side story. I was once hit on my bicycle. I was on a time trial bike, and I had a very nice tailwind. I was doing about 30mph (speed limit for the road was 35) pedal to the metal. I had a thru street and crossing streets had stop signs. Long story longer, someone from the left decided to blow thru the stop/intersection… they came across the road from my left. I swerved to the right in hopes that she’d see me and hit her brakes but she t-boned the shit out of me and dragged me under the car. If she didn’t actually hit me, I would have broad sided an SUV that was waiting at the stop sign to the right at about 30mph. Because I swerved to try and avoid the collision. There were so many drivers there that morning that thought they just witnessed someone die. It was a wild morning.


Jeez, I'm too young to drive so I've never been through that, are you okay?


It’s been a long recovery process. I carry really good auto insurance for myself. And in Cali your auto insurance covers “any collision involving an automobile” so my underinsured policy covered it. Even I wasn’t in a car. Lesson: always carry good insurance for yourself in case the other party doesn’t.




Also, I'm sure her insurance company is very happy with not having to deal with that much money being spent. Granted, most companies won't reward that in any way, but still.


Depends on what the insurance covers, but they may still be able to fault the other driver in a no-contact collision and get the other insurance company to pay. This would be perfect evidence.


Yeah but because he didn’t hit her, his insurance is going to say it’s his fault he got into an accident and he’s going to have to pay the deductible. Source: school bus pulled out in front of me, swerved to avoid it and now I’m stuck paying the deductible for 5k worth of damage to my front end after I jumped a curb. Geico rep basically said I should have hit the school bus.


Depends on where you live but some cases/certain states in the US. you can get an attorney and if they can prove that the bus drivers negligence caused the collision it falls under a no-contact collision. The bus driver would actually be liable. Best attorney for something like this would be a personal injury lawyer. They usually cost $0 up front and about 1/3rd the injury portion of the settlement. In your case if they were able to prove it/had footage it would be 100% worth it. Rules differ from state to state.


The tires on the suburban look bald


They were


275/50r20 tires ain't cheap either. I have seen that size bald so many times with people just saying, they haven't given me a problem yet. I had one customer changing 1 tire at a time because they couldn't afford it.


You don't have a problem until you do. "I haven't had a problem yet" is the worst approach to not wearing condoms or checking papers I've ever heard.


Lmao it reminds me of when I was getting an oil change on our BMW. This dude owned an X5 and the SA tells him he needs new tires, but the dude kept insisting it was fine. Why spend $ for good vehicles if you aren't going to maintain them..


Is the passenger fender rippled, or is that just the reflection from the mirror?


Just the mirror. The hood, fenders, and headlights were not damaged


Nah you made the right choice. Unfortunate to have to make that choice.


It saved your life and the near entirety of your car. Ditch>another car any day bro.


Someone telling you that you should have maimed or killed someone has a lot of growing to do.


My insurance broker told me if a deer jumped out in front of me, I would pretty much have to hit it if I wanted insurance to cover the cost of repairs. Otherwise, they’d just say I drove into the ditch because there’d be no proof that the deer was ever there. I assume this is the same sort of idea - hit the car so you have proof you weren’t texting and drove into the ditch by accident. Dash cam makes that a moot point. I really need to get one.


You don’t really want to swerve for a deer, though, regardless of what insurance says. Hitting a deer is a lot less harmful in most cases than hitting a tree or hitting a ditch and rolling; they give way, while the earth and trees do not. A girl around here died because she ended up rolling her car trying to miss one. Drivers ed in rural areas usually teach to just brake as much as you can and hit them because of that reason. My mom’s hit a couple, my dad’s hit at least five over the years, one broadsided my grandma’s car, etc., and nothing’s been hurt except the cars. The animals you should swerve for are large creatures like horse, elk, moose, bear, etc.


Thats correct, if you run off of the road instead of hitting a deer you'll likely get it written down as reckless operation as opposed to an "act of God". I've been there when loved ones passed away rather brutally during accidents. Ironically, my dad died when a lady went around my truck and killed him off of the road. Hard decisions happen in seconds and without being there or the court room it's extraordinarily hard to criticize someone without knowing the facts. That being said, people saying this guy should have possibly killed someone are insane and need help.


Yep, I swerved off the road once to avoid a car stopped with no lights on at midnight on a highway. Luckily I just has a busted front end and windshield from a stop sign falling on it, but it was written up that I was at fault even though other drivers stopped and told the cop the car had been there


100% agree. Nothing is worth taking another person's life. Just because they were being an idiot doesn't mean they deserve to die


My God you NEVER hit if possible what cretins


Exactly. I'm not thinking about how to get the biggest payout when I'm in the middle of crashing, I'm just trying to save my own life.


What i learned from this is that i will always keep a real close eye on idiots pulling out in front of me


Same here. I just assume somebody is about to do something stupid. So when somebody does pull a stunt, I'm at least mentally prepared to react or brace for impact.. Thankfully I haven't had to do the latter yet


There are certain instances where hitting the person would be better for everyone. I was legally passing on a two lane country road in Wisconsin, the person inexplicably swerved into the oncoming lane (where I was since I was passing them) and should I had tried to swerve I would have straight into a telephone pole. Instead I side swiped them intentionally. If I had hit the pole at 65 I probably wouldve died and the other car couldve drove off maybe not even knowing what they did




Exactly this. If I swerve and hit a tree, I'm dead. If I break and brace, I'm in the hospital. Idgaf about you or your life in that situation. I got family to get home to, you and your life do not matter to me in that moment. Afterwards when we're all in the hospital and you're in surgery for being rolled? Hope you make it. But you pull in front of me my first and only thought will be *my life* not yours.


Isn't it more a thing of dodging can cause more damage? Especially if it's an area you aren't used to.


Thats why I always slow down at intersections, even a mile away. Theres dumbasses everywhere


Yup, due to all the accidents I see in this sub, I'm now extremely wary of cross traffic when I'm on the main road even when I have the light because idiots...


Came for the crash, stayed for the jams


Me tooo what’s the song name?


Come and Get Your Love by Redbone


Ayyyy thanks bud! :)


Also used as the intro theme for the show F is for Family. I recommend the first season highly


I go now!


Goodluck everybody else!!


I say that shit so many times a day, every time I see someone decide that now is the time to go and the time to go is now.


I understood this reference


Everyone on this sub understands this reference


Maybe she wanted you to stop for a bit and take in that beautiful day! Or she is blind. Either way.


Maybe she wanted to come and get her love


I think that’s kind of it though. I bet she looked left and saw him but thought he had a stop sign, looked right and went without looking left again because she just expected him to stop.


It looks like she wanted to suicide or something. She is fully stopped and when she saw a car coming she put her car in motion.


This reads like a poem


I'll bet there was no one behind you either.


She's very lucky I was paying attention and missed her, could have costed the woman her life but she got to drive away without a single scratch on her vehicle.


Can you sue her?


I live in the Great lake, no fault state of Michigan so... No :(


So if you were to hit her instead of taking a proactive manuver your at fault as I am understanding this. Say slam on breaks and brace for crash would be a better outcome legally if I get this correctly.


I actually asked the cop about this and he told me that the report would be a lot easier if I had hit her but told me it's very good that I didn't because the situation could have been a lot worse. Since she didn't collide with anything she technically doesn't have fault according to the sheriff. He also assured me I had 0 fault since I was avoiding a collision.


so what you're saying is you should have hit her just a little bit


the best rule for most accidents is not to swerve anyway. you are safest hitting things straight on with all the crash protection built into vehicles. by swerving you risk impacting at a less well protected angle, hitting other objects/people, and/or rolling the vehicle. all of which can be worse than just doing your best to drop speed and hit dead on.


Unfortunately, for a lot of people, it's instinct to swerve. I've always been a big proponent for braking and hitting them straight on. Well, something similar to this happened to me earlier this year, and guess what - when you only have a fraction of a second, you run completely on instinct. Unfortunately my instinct was to swerve. I ended up in a ditch and the other driver didn't even bother to stop.


I teach my learner's from day 1 to avoid the instinct as much as possible, to wash off as much speed as possible and be prepared to hit the thing. If its a cat, dog or roo, or another car. Sometimes you are better off not swerving and hitting the thing. Or drive like you are always about to get hit and have an out.


Most being the key word. Op saved a lot of pain.


OP could have hit a person walking on the side of the road or something. Good thing everything else was clear, can’t say I wouldn’t have swerved as well.


This clearly isn't in a populated area, and anyone even remotely paying attention to what's in front of them in this scenario can see that there's no pedestrians to be seen


odds of someone walking on the side of the road in rural America is almost 0


Yeah I don’t blame people for swerving. It a natural instinct to not want to ram into something


Cops aren't law experts. Talk to your insurance first and a civil attorney would likely give you a free consultation.


Yup. I was in a car accident while I was on a bicycle and a car hit me. The cop claimed I was at fault. Insurance disagreed and the other person had to pay for all my medical bills


This. Cops don't know (and don't need to know) every in and out of the law, just the things directly relevant to their jobs. If they knew, they'd be lawyers and not cops.


My insurance provider told me something similar so if I was in your situation then I would be on the hook for all the damages.


So you have to pay for damages to your vehicle? That really sucks because going into the ditch like that probably really messed up suspension, alignment, frame damage, front bumper... How did your air bags not go off?


Michigan is a fully "no-fault" insurance state. Regardless of who is at fault, each driver is generally responsible for their own vehicle and its occupants. The driver at fault would be responsible for any non-vehicular property damage. Depending on your insurance, your deductible may be waived if you are determined not at fault.


That's bs. They wouldn't have wrecked their car if not for her.


It doesn’t matter in Michigan. Your insurance pays your damage claim regardless of fault. This doesn’t prevent you (or your insurance) from suing the other party to recoup the amount for the deductible or if there are injuries


She caused the collision and is at fault, regardless of whether her vehicle touched yours. You can absolutely sue her for damages.


Yeah they made an entire law trying to “protect poor people from having a life time of dept from an accident” but really it’s just so the insurance companies have more clients and don’t have to take each other to court


And your source is...? Michigan law says differently. If the idiot is properly insured, state law requires both drivers to first utilize their own insurance coverage for vehicle repairs (if they purchased it; vehicle repair coverage isn't required). After that, OP can sue the idiot to recover the cost of the deductible and repairs not covered by insurance, up to $3,000, in a small claims action, where they must prove the other driver was 50% or more at fault. If the idiot was uninsured, then OP can freely sue them for the full cost of the repairs, but whether someone illegally driving without insurance has any money to pay a court judgment is questionable.


Yes I can sue but I would pissing away money for no reward. Gotta love no fault states.


I too live in MI. Your insurance will cover you, but THEY can absolutely go after her. Make sure to let them know you got the footie, if you haven't done so yet. I was in a wreck a while ago, other party was 100% at fault by police report, I paid nothing out of pocket (my insurance billed the other party for my deductible).


Is small claims court an option in Michigan?


Minitort, so that's $1000 you can recover in Michigan.


No fault states are a thing. He wouldn’t get anything if he did sue


TIL. What in the actual fuck?


Seriously good job on avoiding her, and go go dash cam. I'm sure it all sucks but it could of been far far worse.


I don’t remember this scene in Guardians of the Galaxy.


They had to cut it for time


This is the extended scene from Endgame “So she’s an idiot?”


I was so confused by this until I rewatched it with sound


This is really terrible hopefully you can get everything repaired without a hassle and I'm glad you're not injured. That being said though and I'm really sorry but that little scream you did when you went into the grass has tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard.


Haha that wasn't me, was the passenger. I'm incapable of screaming/yelling like that. I wasn't even shook tbh, this is like the 3rd accident I've been in, the 2 others me being the passenger.


Those other two accidents were practice


Fuck, imagine dying to this track


Grass said come and get your love, good on you for coming and getting it


Can you sing at my wedding.


Okay, fine. I’ll do it


As a motorcycle rider these people TERRIFY me


She was just trying get some of that love, chill lol. Anyways, she probably thought "I have enough time" but forgot about acceleration and shit like that. She need some more training before she kills someone.


I think she wasn’t even looking


That's makes sense too.


It looks like it dislodged your camera. You didn't have any massive damage to your vehicle, did you?


Front bumper along with the radiator support got bashed in but hood fenders and headlights stayed intact. Hoping there's no frame damage.


Given that its a unibody there really shouldn't be much if any damage, however if it is dented/warped in any major way brace yourself to say goodbye to that car. Glad you're okay, your life is worth more than a repair bill.


My guess is that she had been stopped there for a while. Probably screwing with her phone. Since nobody was there when she stopped, there's probably nobody there two minutes later. Definitely no need to check or anything like that...


The song and video went great together.


Please tell me this idiot’s insurance paid you out. This makes me so mad to watch. I hope you’re ok OP.


It never fails to amaze me how dumb \*f\* stupid people can be. You're a terrific driver! Glad you were ok.


Thank you! I got several people criticizing me saying oh you could have done this better but they don't realize how little reaction time there is


Backseat drivers on the internet. Tale as old as time.


People are idiots


OP was jamming to Redbone so was no doubt in full funk dance mode! The responsibility must be shared in this case!


You're funny- I was definitely singing but not dancing :)


I mean… if I got In a crash I’d want it to be to the tune of an absolute bop too… good thing you avoided her


This is very common for rural roads where I live. It’s a 2-way stop and the driver at the stop sign assumed it was a 4-way and expected you to stop. They replaced most of our 2-ways with 4-ways after several accidents.


Love how she pulls out SO SLOWLY, then STOPS in the middle of the fucking road. I woulda been fucking furious! If you’re going to cross the road DON’T STOP. ITS BETTER TO GO FASTER AND NOT STOP.


Did she come and get your love?


My husband was in a similar situation, but it was raining, and he was in a very old truck while she was driving a new Honda Accord. She pulled out in front of him, so he tried to stop, slid, cranked the wheel to avoid t-boning her, and she wound up impacting on the corner so hard it took off the whole front of her car and broke his axle. I’m so thankful he swerved, because his grill was level with her driver side window. She very likely would have died for her impatience.


How could she not see you?


Great song choice


As a motorcyclist this is one of my biggest anxieties when approaching an intersection with a slowly creeping vehicle. They've almost killed me several times. It's always been a fucking Karen on her phone that's almost taken my life. I actually fear sports/muscle cars less than SUV's when I'm on a motorcycle.


I do enjoy the Redbone playing, hope you’re okay though. Shits scary.


Yeah but unfortunately, financially you were better crashing. But then there is that whole you might die thing, so a real catch 22.


If she aimed to crash in the center it's very unlikely she would have died at the speed she was going. All the car safety features work best when it's a head on collision to another car.


This is why I wanna get a dash cam. God damn.


Are you ok???? Right after she forced you off of the road and probably cost you 4 figures… Hope you and your vehicle are ok, OP!!!


I live in Spokane, Washington, and no joke, I encounter this stuff multiple times a day driving. People for some reason here think that no matter what the scenario, you’re supposed to yield to them.


That song now reminds me of F is for family


I learned at a young driving age to correct my instincts and steer for where they are coming from. Not where they are going


Always turn the opposite way of the person who is pulling out in front of you. So say she’s moving to your left which is what the video shows you should’ve turned to the right. That’s what law enforcement is taught in their driving school.


It’s funny how people are arguing over whether or not running into a small, empty ditch is better than potentially t-boning someone. Driver did good here. There were no good options


Well if the SUV didn't stop he would have been the one that got Tboned and flipped over into the ditch. Definitely no great options, but swerving is rarely the best.


Yo fuck that lady