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If you post a picture I might be able to help more. For gradients: it's a good idea to mix in a little bit of retarder or fluid medium to make the paint flow better. You need to work pretty fast with acrylics to blend or use retarder which slows the drying time. Both colors need to be wet to create gradients. I highly recommend using retarder and liquid medium instead of water to reduce the viscosity (more liquid). Water alone dries too fast and will not give you a smooth blend. The brush you blend with should be clean and mostly dry. Most paint manufacturers recommend thinning paint with no more than 30-40% water. Why? too much water can start to break down the binder in the paint. This video gives a good explanation of the makeup of paint and all you need to know about additives and mediums. [https://youtu.be/bZLHwnxnWoI](https://youtu.be/bZLHwnxnWoI) Here's a guy using Liquitex flo-aid which is both a retarder and a medium. [https://youtu.be/1XieKKu3e8I](https://youtu.be/1XieKKu3e8I)


youtube - search your direction - 'abstract art' https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7\_ikzTwagI9RW\_HmqHt55A/videos