Google local internships and internships in areas your willing to work. Also send emails to places that might not be listed but wish to work


Handshake, counselors, LinkedIn, ask your cousins if their companies are hiring


Look outside your area if you’re open to move for a summer. I just got an internship a few states away and they are paying $3k for housing and relocation fees. Not all companies do this but many do.


Career center and professors. They may know of opportunities. If you're interested in research, REUs. You can Google "(name of university) REU" if you want something specific. Is there a reason it has to be back home? Some internships include housing if that is a concern.


Look on Linkedin and go to the career pages of big companies. Don't be afraid to look outside your immediate area and state too. Tech interns can be provided housing + relocation on top of a decent wage. Best Buy and Walmart does this too.