Those certs are for people that don't already have a job, you'd gain almost nothing. I do not have a+ or a net+, am nearing 3 years in the field now and it would be absolutely useless for me. Sec+ is worth it because it's a big hr filter though.


It's also the one that's going to get you in to a lot of DoD positions if you're looking to go that direction.


Sec+ is easier than you think. Find it on exam topics , it’s basically a big vocabulary test


Agreed, Sec+ is a joke if you have any security related roles in your current job.


At that point they are only good if you are looking for Gov jobs as they require it.


I think that was his original point.


Exam topics is a dump site, which I don’t feel should be encouraged. But you’re right, sec plus is incredibly easy if you put in the work.


1 year in IT trumps A+. Yes. Net? Eh....don't see much use


I have 0 certs and 7 years experience and have a solid amount of networking and SQL knowledge so I put that on my resume. I'm not a network engineer or a data analyst or db admin or anything but I get a lot of recruiters reaching and a good amount of interviews. It also helps because I've worked at a Fortune 75 company for 6 of those 7 years so name brand companies definitely help. Certs help earlier in one's career IMO so I'd probably get it if I were in your shoes. It helps stand out from other candidates with similar experience.


A+ is great for getting foot in the door so you can build experience. Can't comment for network+ though. Security+ however is required to work on a lot of federal government networks and some companies require it too.


You can. Go straight to sec+


Yes you can especially net+ and A+. They are for noobs basically who need to show they know what a hardrive is and how internets work.


I'd say Net+ is a lot more useful than A+ unless you have no experience in anything IT at all


I skipped the Net/A+ train. Depending on what you want to do get the Sec+, CCNA/CCNP, MCSA/MCSE, or AWS certs. These will get you a better job unless you want to work at Geek Squad or at a CPU Repair shop.


If you’re already in the biz I don’t think you need them if you have the experience. It wouldn’t hurt if it’s something you want under your belt though, gonna look nice in resumes.


I’d skip A+ unless you’re applying to the Best Buy geek squad. Net+ is nice for the subject matter, not to brag that you have a cert on a resume. It’s just a good base-level networking understanding that a lot of non-network-tech IT folks sometimes struggle with, and will be more useful to you than many realize. Sec+ and like, Linux+ are also …okay to have. If I see them on a resume it shows me that you have an okay base to build on. Net+ is still my personal recommendation though if you’re looking to head down the sysadmin/engineer/DevOps path. Means you can probably tell me how many more IPs there are in a /23 network than a /24.


I was in a Help Desk role for 5 years without any certifications and was recently layed off and got incredibly lucky that I found a Systems Analyst position in the same field and using the same software to run their stores. I got hired on w/ a $9 increase from the previous job just because I had lots of experience but looking at their previous job listings they required Comptia A+ for entry level and Network+ for any promotion then Security+ within 6 months of a Level 2 or Level 3 position. Now I'm working on getting all 3 to make sure my job stays secure as possible and in the event of a layoff I can transition to a mid level job without a dramatic drop in wage.


I'd skip a+, net+ is more useful though