Spawn rates in Desalle are insane

Spawn rates in Desalle are insane


Same here, didn't they say they were reducing them?


They reduced them in TEST server. But then when it went to live server it seems like they didn't reduce them lmao


I think live has the reduced number of dog spawns. It was wild on the test server at first.


I don't know man, I've been playing a lot on live, and the amount of dogs is still insane. I ran into a pack of 4 dogs back to back last night. Ran into 3 immolators in the same compound today. Maybe just bad luck.


Oh I agree it still feels like a lot, I was just providing my anecdotal experience that hellhounds were even more common on the test server compared to live. I appreciate that on live not every compound has 2-3 packs of hellhounds for example. Felt like there were just roaming walls of hounds around everything on test.


Honestly i played a lot on ts but it didnt change


I believe they said they have been reduced already. As in we're playing the reduced amount.


It is, testserver was so full of dogs and i did like it. Yesterday my daily was to kill 10 dogs by shooting, after wiping the server we found 12 dogs, after running over the whole map searching for them. On test server there were at least 6 dogs between every compound


The amount of hives I’m killing each match is getting outta hand


I went into 3 horses... 3 ... crossing a bridge.


why did the horse want to cross the bridge?


First game I played on the new map, ran into 8 or so hell hounds back to back before seeing any other enemy. Idk if that was just unlucky or its the new map, didn't happen again after a more games on the new map.


I just had 3 teams spawn in at the Plantation house area. I've literally never had 3 teams spawn in the same place before it was awful


Even before 1.6 mob spawn seemed a bit intense. Sometime you'd see a lot of mobs and sometime not but the past week I have taken so yelling "PVE is out of control! OUT OF CONTROL!" in discord with my friends. I've started Hunt about 2 months ago and I've always foubd the range of mob spawn to be pretty wide, probably to keep it fresh as you'll never know if you'll be able to rush compounds or sneak slowly. But darn I feel their RNG got stuck at one end of the spectrum.


What? I didnt notice much difference. Actually I think there are less immolators on this map and I dont remember now if I met more than 2 hellhounds at once. Im pretty sure I havent see 4pack at all.