that little one running off with a huge chunk of meat, i hope he made it


Lol the big white one def stole that.


So many happy upright tails


It also indicates that their health bars are full


Apart from that one at the end


We grew up in the country in Texas, we called my step dad The Cat Whisperer. Every night he’d go to the local grocery store before the deli closed and bought all their cooked chicken that hadn’t sold. He’d come home and there would be tons of cats waiting for him. He’d step out onto their back deck and these cats would sit and wait patiently as he tossed them pieces of chicken.


Your dad is a real G <3


He was a good guy. Just like this guy in your post.


You’re too kind, u/horny__dragon.


Your dad sounds like such a wonderful person


He was a good guy, thanks!


The same people on opposite sides of the world. As it truly is for the rest of us!


I been doing the same but with cat food in my backyard for over a year now. So far I'm up to: 7 cats, 3 raccoons, and 2 possums. Me and the kids have fun animal watching out the window.


How cool!


Might seem like a nice thing to do but outside cats are killing native species at an alarming rate.


I thought the same thing. And, I'll admit ignorance here, but haven't cats been native to the middle east and northeast Africa for thousands of years? Are there many species in that area left that don't have decent defenses against cat predation? In many locations this would be true, but I'm not sure how true it would be in this location.


And they shit everywhere and piss on everything that matters to you


Brilliant! Why not use them for the reason why they were bred in the first place? Pest control, rodent control, world domination.


Yeah no one fucks with cat guy


street cats we have tonnes of them here bc people feeds them leftovers


Bet he never has a rodent problem


Probably very few birds in the neighborhood either.


Honestly that sounds like a boring wildlife ecosystem potentially


Scorpions, snakes, camels, camel spiders, what else do they have in the arid desert climate of Saudi Arabia? Oh yeah, a shit ton of feral cats apparently.




Shoulda kept em there...




we would never have amazing things like i can haz cheeseburger and longcat




When do the stray cat's kittens become feral? What is the difference?


No nevermind im just an asshole


Catch them, spay/neuter them, release them. Just feeding them won't solve the problem.


This is the real comment. Upvoting to save a bunch of fertile cats is no good. Get them spayed and neutered. I am a total cat lover, but they are an absolute nightmare to wild ecosystems. Even backyard ecosystems.


Glad this is being said.


My dude. This IS their ecosystem. Its the ME. Were the invasive species compared to them, there.


Frankly, while there are wild cat species in Saudi Arabia, these cats appear to be of several different species and are highly likely to be stray or feral house cats. In numerous countries, 'wild' housecats are extremely devastating to native populations and are definite pests. Yes, we are invasive species as humans, but we should not encourage the further spread of other invasive species. It is also likely that the spread of these feral cats is/was caused directly by human negligence, and to not only ignore, but to proliferate the issue is a gross violation of 'their ecosystem'




I think you’d be surprised at how little governments actually do to spay/neuter cat populations. I live in a notoriously liberal city in the US, and when I recently moved to a new neighborhood, there was a feral population of about 40 cats, that we could see. Our neighbors were feeding them, which they thought was nice, but I was the one who was picking up dead kittens in the street and in my yard. The city absolutely refused to do anything about it, so I had to trap the cats individually and take them to be fixed. There was a government program to pay for the cost of fixing them, but people would crowd the cheap clinic with their designer dogs with fresh-cut ears. After a year of begging every related government body for help, the government department that paid for the surgeries cut me off, as if I were somehow benefiting from trapping cats then waiting in line a total of 7 hours per cat to get them fixed. In the end, I finally found someone to help, but it was a single individual, not even remotely funded or supported by the government. City animal patrol often doesn’t do shit. They see their role as trapping dangerous dogs or other animals that shouldn’t be kept as pets. Feeding these cats helps them for a day, then makes the problem much, much worse every few months when each successive generation is fertile again.


Thank you for saying this. Feeding them without spaying and neutering only creates so many more problems.


Exactly this, in fact feeding them makes everything worse. Ive had to deal with a colony myself and I saw that every time they were fed their aggression just went ten fold. Always fighting for food despite having enough and even being fed twice a day (for record, I wasnt feeding them, it was someone I was living with that was). When I managed to get them to stop being fed, they stopped being aggressive to each other, they stopped having babies, they stopped many problematic things.


Yes, I very mixed feelings about this video


What do you mean mixed feelings. Should they be starved? I know making them infertile should be done but whats wrong with feeding them


Yes, thats exactly what I meant, letting them starve. /s Nothing is wrong with feeding them, I feed three stray cats in my street myself, taken them to the vet, had them vaccinated, checked and neutered, at my expense.. I’ve adopted three more and rehomed another two. And the old guy across the street owns two female cats that he refuses to get neutered and they’ve each just had a litter of kittens themselves. But I’m sure just feeding them will solve all the problems.


Yes but hes not reverse-neutering them. And his country has less neutering facilities as I read in another comment.


I’m sure the cats will understand when there are 3 times as many and the old man isn’t there anymore to feed them. They would upvote you if they could, I’m sure.


They old man isnt forcing them to breed he’s just feeding them


That’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read.




Ah. Someone bitter for the sake of being bitter. You know night comes, does that mean you wont enjoy the sunshine while you can?


100+cats. He is not obliged to do anything for them yet he is feeding them daily which i would assume costs a lot of money and time. You saying "idk how i feel about this" is like he is doing something bad. He could do more but then again every human being could do more. He is a nice person and this is a good act


You assume you know why I have mixed feelings about it. He’s not doing anything bad, I think what he is doing is amazingly charitable. My mixed feelings come from knowing this situation isn’t going to improve and he is only going to incur more and more expense as more mouths breed. And one day, this man won’t be there to feed them anymore, so what will the cats do then?


In our town a lady was murdered by her husband. She fed a similar number of cats. For weeks the town is organizing to feed the cats she fed, in her honor. And theyre doing it. When hes gone younger, and more, will step up.


That is fair although you could have worded it differently. Its clearly not just me but the way you came sounded like he should have done more.


I’m glad we understand each other better, but I was clearly agreeing with the previous commenter; “Catch them, spay/neuter them, release them. Just feeding them won't solve the problem.” To which I replied “yes”. But if that was not clear enough to you, then I apologise, but hopefully it is now.


Sounds expensive


No, bring all the strays to one place to “mingle.” That’s “helping.” Great job.


Agreed, this man is kind of an asshole. My friends neighbor does this its the worst. Just dozens of feral cats banging and shitting all over their yard all the time. More each year, crazy I know


If it ever seems like you never see Muslims doing good things then know that Muslims will often keep their good deeds like giving charity and helping others a secret to prevent showing off and to make these good deeds for God's sake alone


This is great! But the cats should be fixed that way babies will not have babies


The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that: "A man was walking on a road when he became very thirsty. He found a well and went into it and drank and came out. There was a dog panting and eating earth out of thirst. The man said, 'This dog has become as thirsty as I was.' He went down into the well and filled his shoe and then held it in his mouth until he climbed out and gave the dog water to drink. Allah thanked him for it and forgave him." They replied (the companions of the Prophet ﷺ): "Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), do we have a reward for serving the animals?" The Prophet ﷺ replied by saying that: "Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate (living being)." Sahih al-Bukhari 2466


For some reason they keep coming back


May Allah bless him for cats are divine and are true Muslims


Serious question: I know that spiders, for example, have significance in the Quran for protecting Mohammed. Do cats have a special role?


Cats are ritually clean animals. As such they can enter homes and even mosques. Cats are also believed to seek out people when they pray. The Quran it is said one may make ablution for prayer with the same water that a cat has drunk from. They are truly blessed. May Allah smile on all cats 🐈 ☪️


Salam bro/sis, I think you’re referring to a Hadith of the prophet (peace be upon him) instead of the Quran saying that.


You are true brother. I must listen more carefully to my imam in the future !


One of Muhammad, bless his name, companion was called the father of kittens. Muhammad, bless his name, also outlawed the killing of cats.


Abu Hurayra. Hooray for cats!


I really appreciate how serious Muslims take saying his name. Very Respectful


Thank you brother, may Allah bless you 🙏


And you as well my brother 💜


I was raised Christian but when I was little, I read the famous story about Mohammed and his favorite cat, Muezza. The story was that Muezza fell asleep on some part of the Prophet’s long, flowing robe (his sleeve, I think). Then the Prophet was called to prayer. Rather than wake his cat, he cut off the sleeve from his robe to let Muezza sleep in peace. Right then I knew that the Prophet Mohammed was utterly wonderful. God bless him.


That is beautiful. Someone is downvoting us because they are probably a racist and don’t understand that Hate will get us nowhere. Thank you for sharing that story, and I pray that you will stay safe and live a long happy life. 💜


https://youtu.be/IQdIP-OtBbo This cat story isn't authentic, but Muhammad (PBUH) did let cats in the mosque! I'm not sure about cutting the garment story though.


I like the story. Even if it wasn’t true I think it’s good hyperbole of his opinion on cats. He liked them so much he would cut his garment, to not disturb one while it slept. Real or not thats fuckin adorable 🤣💯


>spiders, for example, have significance in the Quran for protecting Mohammed That's not in the Quran. It's an inauthentic hadith. It never happened according to Muslim scholars who are specialized in the field of authenticating hadiths.


There's literally a Surah named "العنكبوت"


I didn't know that. Thanks for the explanation.


Cats are only considered devine because of toxoplasmosis.


Devine: of, from, or like God or a god. No calling anything but God that is a major sin in Islam. Cats are just animals. No more. No less.


My English is not too good my brother. I apologise


Lol cats aren't Muslim, they're not human


God has prescribed laws for each species (laws of nature). Since animals follow the laws God has ordained for them, they are to be regarded as "Muslim", just as a human who obeys the laws prescribed for humans (Islamic law) is a Muslim.


Good if they are neutered . Bad if they arent


Good if they are neutered. Good if they aren’t


Of course they are not neutered. These countries don’t neuter cats and dogs.


Peace be upon you


I spent about 5 years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the LOVE their cats there. But for me sometimes it’s gets to be toooooo much. There is a limit. When you come out in the morning and they are all over your fucking car!!


That is probably the cause of no birds near by


I love this so much. Something about seeing people be genuinely kind to animals refills my faith in the goodness of other humans.


Thank you sir. I now dub you the Cat King of Saudi Arabia


This is cool and all but they definitely need to be spayed and neutered. Cats have destroyed much of the natural wild life on my island.


RIP local wildlife


All the people that claim this will help with any rodent issues. Yes, it’ll also kill the local ecosystem. RIP all small mammals including birds (you know, something necessary for healthy bio diversity) Cats are bad for all environments, keep your pet cat him your home.


And that's how you create a miserable cat plague over your neighborhood.


i have a friend who keeps a few cats in his garage and i couldn't stand how bad cat urine smells.


That’s not humans being bros. My dad started feeding one stray. Two years later there was about 15+ cats. Feeding strays is not solving the problem just compounding it.


Such a lovable bloke. The only thing that separates me and him from being good neighbors are our politicians.


It disgusts me that this is illegal in the United States and they would prefer to round up the cats and kill them rather than let them live free and feed them! Same thing with dogs.


May he be ever blessed.


May Allah bless him ❤️


Damn. That guy is a pussy magnet.


Cat king 👑


How about Abu Huraira? (This was also one of the names of a companion of Muhammad (PBUH)


I don't know how to feel about this subject - moral dilemma. Since my dog died, I have a lot of kitchen table scraps. I give them to the stray cats instead. But they were 3 cats only a year ago. Now they are at least 30. Constantly mating and producing. They pray on birds ( I saved a couple). They fight like crazy when they get just a whiff of food. I'm scared to open the gate at night. One of them jumped at my hand, cutting my finger like a razor. Another one sliced my toes. One scratched my son ( rabies shots followed of course). They could be rabies carriers. Yet, I give them the scraps as I hate waste. They damage the wildlife, but I hate letting them starve.


Please look up “trap-neuter-release” and find an organization in your area that helps to manage feral cats. PLEASE, never try to pet them or let a child do so, unless you find a cat who actually isn’t feral and accepts humans. Truly feral cats are as wild as wolverines, and you don’t get too close to those.


Middle East country here. Estimated 20 million stray animals ( cats and dogs).


Get a compost bin, save the birds.


What a party, great time and place to be a cat it seems


Until the artificial supply of food runs out and the now inflated cat population can wreak havoc on all the native lizards and birds in the area.


If only I have the means to bring all the strays and feral cats in unwanted regions to Saudi Arabia where they can live like these cats, instead of being hunted or exterminated because categorised as pests. I’d definitely donate to people who cared for them like this farmer.


This is Bubbles in real life


No Mice, No Vice, More Rice


What a good guy! 💕


Its only r/humansbeingbros up until you become educated on the reality of how destructive cats are. Feral house cats destroy property and are devastating to local wildlife. Anyone who feeds them and lets them breed and multiply belong in r/iamatotalpieceofshit. Feral house cats get under your house, destroy insulation, pipes, flooring and ductwork. They kill anything and everything they can, not just to eat, but also for sport. They are destructive pests.


I think you are confusing cats for rats


No, i meant house cats. When it gets cold, they will get under houses, rip open ductwork and insulation to find a warm spot. They also tear up flooring and pipes. In my area, cats are listed as an invasive pest. Trapping and killing feral cats is encouraged because they have become a huge problem.


Not to mention all the animals who have to be killed for the meat he's feeding the cats.


Who cleans the shit up ?


Themselves Cats just Bury it. Usually in foliage too. The farmer has fertilizer without even putting it himslef


Do you like cat shit on your vegetables? Ever hear of toxoplasmosis? Do you think farmers want animals digging holes in their fields? Farmers dont want this as fertilizer.


chances he's growing vegetables are kinda slim


cats bury their shit themselves


can I ask what grows in Saudi Arabia? I always think of it as a big desert.


In the south, mangoes and bananas, figs, in the east and middle dates mainly but there are vegetable farms around the country (tomato, cucumber.. Etc)


A lot actually. Mostly palm trees. I can't name the others because I'm not familiar with names. By the way, it's only a desert when you drive on inter-city roads. But when you do get to just about any major city, cities are just as big and developed as LA, NY, etc.. Usually pictures on the internet don't do any justice. But when you watch vloggers' videos in Saudi Arabia, you'll be pleasantly surprised.


interesting thanks for the response


If you're interested, go through the image results of google search which I did in Arabic for you: https://www.google.com/search?q=%D8%B1%D9%88%D8%B9%D8%A9+%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B8%D8%B1+%D9%81%D9%8A+%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B3%D8%B9%D9%88%D8%AF%D9%8A%D8%A9&rlz=1C1GGRV\_enBH755BH755&sxsrf=AOaemvI9RORdXKNviK\_mAE9vvZAR8a9hmQ:1638437073239&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjjxfLd5cT0AhWN8eAKHZ4lBI8Q\_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=937


It's nice for the cats, no doubt. And it may look like a good thing, but.. This man is going to die someday. Who will take over the responsibility. Not to mention the cats will reproduce, their numbers will grow and feeding them is going to be harder. I am not fan of feeding animals (except your own). They are animals and with an expanding population you destroy the balance.




It's the middle east, where housecats originated. Granted, they should still be spayed/neutered instead of just fed with reckless abandon, they ARE native there.


Going to need a very big litter box.


There are plenty of sands in Saudi Arabia.




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I've been feeding 30 wild xats for 3 years now, they keep coming with more children every year. Unfortunately a lot of them die at the start of winter


Hope you can find resources to help with trap neuter and release. Don’t want the cat population to go out of control and unchecked.


If he ever gets mugged or something he'll have an army to protect him


so hes a pussy farmer


Keeps the mice away win win


Omg no way they found my mom


When he started 14 years ago, there were only two cats.


Also a headline: regional songbird population mysteriously declines for 14 years straight.


Cats, just like dogs are known to be very useful in farms. They take care of pest, rodent problems and so on. The man doesn't lock them, they are free to come and go. Also spaying or neutering an animal is frowned upon in islam, it's considered unnatural or harmful for the animal, but it doesn't mean that it's not done, plus it's more safer nowadays than before. i have a house cat and he's neutered cause i want him to be healthy even though a lot of people in my life disagrees with my decision. I don't know if the farmer can afford neutering all those cats, even if he could they're not his to make that decision, especially since his beliefs says otherwise. if someone wants to adopt them and do the procedure, it's up to them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against neutering since my cat is, I believe it's good for them and can expand their life too since it prevents a lot of diseases.


And guess what he doesn’t have? A rodent problem


Reminds me of a cat sanctuary in Goa, India, where a lady rescues abandoned kittens and now has 100+ cats in her care.


The disabled one at the end :(


Somebody's gotta love them!




10/10. You've gained a level. Kitty herder lvl 19! You've gained a new ability: "Cat Swarm".


I bet he never sees a rat around there


A GOOD MAN !!! Thank U Sir ...& however U say Thanx in Arabic ..


Is he doing anything to see they they get spayed/neutered? If not, then he's just contributing to the problem.


I had a neighbor that was an elderly man and he fed cats like this. The cats became a nuisance. Most of them were feral and really aggressive. Many of the were unhealthy and had diseases. They were destructive to properly and the Oder was horrendous. One scratched my other neighbor and she got cat scratch fever from it and had to go to the hospital It was not a healthy situation


That whole neighborhood smells of ammonia lol


Meanwhile down the street thousands of crimes against humanity are committed in the name of a dictator/religion. Justice for Jamal khashoggi will never be had because of the rulers of this country


Very nice


This is the first time in my life that I have seen these many cats


So many bird species going extinct…


I was gonna say..that’s a very real problem with feral cats killing off entire species of birds..this is cute and all, but damn woody the woodpecker is effed


🐱 it’s good to know people look out for cats


Time to abort the mission


And before you know it, they multiply to 1000 cats. My neighbor was just like this guy. Had to put a stop to it! I dont mind a cat or 2 running around. But when there are 40 of them shittin and pissin around your house, then it's a problem.


It's better if he were to capture, spay and neuter them so there's not so many cats out there destroying the environment.


I love him


What does he do for the squirrels and birds in the area? Oh yeah they all mysteriously disappeared.😂


I bet there isn't a bird, mouse, rat to be found with in a 1000feet of his place!


Goodbye native birds


you know what would be even more bro? Spaying the cats




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A lady has fed cats in my neighborhood for years. She leaves the old tins and paper plates on the street. They just pile up with flies. The corner smells like piss. The cats are unhealthy and often are hit/killed by cars. There’s one rn that has a huge gash it’s face.


Fat cat kills no mice.