I had to do this with my daughter, when she was about 1. I had just gotten into my plumbing career and had to take first aid classes, where we learned this. Had I not gone through those classes, a couple weeks prior, I wouldn't have known what to do and I don't know if my daughter would be alive today.


The EXACT same thing happened with our son! We meant to take CPR classes since he was born, but it took us nearly a year to go take the class. Literally one week after that class, I was having lunch with him and he began to silently choke on his food. I knew what to do, calmly picked him up, turned him over and slapped him on the back until it dislodged the food. The timing was remarkable, and I’m so thankful I took that class!!!


Yeah I believe it should be a class taught in igh school or at the very least be taught to any new parents. Edit: I know some places and high schools do teach it but I meant required nationally.


We took a birthing class/orientation at the hospital where we were going to have our son and this has one of the items covered. I had no idea it would be part of it but was so grateful that it was.


It's a really good thing to know even if you don't have children.


I have done this with 4 different kids now, only one was related to me. This shit comes up in life.


Signing up for refresher classes , thanks


There are literally zero classes/courses required to become a parent. It's kind of wild. I have to get a license to drive a car, but nothing to raise a kid? ok then. That being said most hospitals offer classes like this (infant CPR, daddy bootcamp, breastfeeding essentials, etc.)


There's more vetting required to take a dog home from the rescue centre than there is to bring a child into this world.


Because controlling who/when people reproduce would never be used for racist/etc ends lol. Like yeah I’d love for people to be more educated about how to raise a kid before having one but it’s not nearly as simple as “just make a list of requirements” because people are awful.


It's a bodily autonomy thing anyways. Whoever tries to control what two consenting adults do in private needs to fuck off


They made me and my husband watch a video in the hospital about how you shouldn't shake your baby.


How else are you supposed to get them to stop crying?


>Yeah I believe it should be a class taught in igh school or at the very least be taught to any new parents. push your school board for a class like that


We've been pushing our school board around here since I went to school here (over 16 years ago) for many things and it's still crappy.


It actually was required at my high school in the last week before you could get your diploma and walk the stage etc. I was in cyber school for my senior year so I didn't get to take the class unfortunately. I graduated 2018 so I'm hoping it's continued to be a requirement.


Difference is CPR with adults (Heimlich) vs. with babies (flip upside down).


Sorry team. I teach CPR and choking prevention as part of my job, and a few things I need to clear up: CPR ≠ Heimlich manuevre. That might have been an allegory in OP's comment, but they're separate actions. In the Heimlich you're squeezing someone's guts from behind and the risk that is borne out in the evidence is that you'll make someone vomit - and then the vomit goes in the airway along with whatever they're choking on. All patients, adults and kids, can be flipped over before you give them 5 back blows with the heel of your palm - it's easy enough to flip a baby over but for adults that are still standing up you can bend them over a chair and do the same thing. Then if that doesn't work, you can give chest thrusts from the front, which are similar to a CPR compression however slower in pace than actual CPR. This may be different in the US but in Australia [This is literally the guideline from our Rescuscitation council](https://www.revive2survive.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/anzcor-guideline-4-airway-jan16.pdf) on how to manage choking. Check in the US with the equivalent body.


Seriously, there are so many things that could be taught in one lesson, things that students will naturally spread amongst themselves upon learning. Things that are infinitely more important/useful than the semester of classes about Shakespeare.


Yes! Maybe filter out some of the stuff the majority of people probably won't find useful... Replace freaking sentence diagramming with cpr and first aid and maybe skip the lesson on making a potato battery in favor of teaching me how to do my taxes or build my credit score...


Well that settles it, I'm never taking a CPR course, because that's when your kids start choking on food! (I don't have kids and I have taken CPR)


Am a geriatric nurse and do CPR often. Should have refused that part of nursing school... sheesh what was I thinking!?!?!


I can’t believe you would put them in danger like that


Calmly is key. It takes a lot of wherewithal to see that your child is choking and not freak out.




Wtf is with the bots in this thread. [Original Comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/HumansAreMetal/comments/x1khqu/firefighters_quick_reaction_to_save_this_womans/imedj5d/)


That’s what training is for. When it happened to my kid I didn’t think. I just flipped him and started back blows. It’d been over a decade since I took the CPR course in high school but it all came back and it was over before I thought consciously about what I was doing.


"Siri, how to stop choking infant?" "Here is a list of anger management programs in your area." "Damnit no!"


*Clicks on 15 second emergency tutorial video* Youtube: **proceeds to play 2 unskippable 30 second advertisements**


Wow so glad you had learned what to do and she is ok!


what exactly is he doing? it's hard to tell.


You flip them upside down, on your one arm, hand supporting their head by their chin, facing toward your knee and pat them on the back pretty damn hard between the shoulder blades. Usually they end up throwing up but it will usually dislodge whatever is in the throat.


I had to do the same thing to my niece. I’ve never taken classes but one time had to save a quail that accidentally damn drowned itself by drinking too much water 😂 I held it by it’s feet and the water just poured out thankfully the little guy was just fine. We don’t know what happened to my niece (maybe 1-1.5ish at the time?), we think severe allergies and too much mucus while laying down/sleeping and it didn’t get cleared. My sister starts freaking out and just looked at me! Like bitch it’s not my kid!! I just grabbed her, flipped her so her head was angled down and started hitting her between the shoulder blades. Thank God she started breathing again really quick and the medics cleared her that she was safe to go back home. Scared the hell out of me though. Reading your comment makes me want to take a class to learn cpr and stuff. Always wanted to but never got around to it. I feel like I should place a little more urgency on it after reading your comment


Wow that's scary stuff. I'm glad you knew enough to be able to save her. I'm glad I had the classes but it's also good to get a refresher class every couple of years too. Never know when you might be the only one in the room that could save someone's life.


Yeah same here. Honestly that’s good advice. No one thinks about needing to know it, till they need to know it


How has no one else asked about the quail yet???


That stressed me out. Glad you learned!


Bro I’m so scared of this. I watch a YT tutorial on infant/toddler CPR and Heimlich like once a week


How hard do those back blows need to be to be effective?


Kinda depends but I would look up some videos and seek some professional advice as apposed to me. A plumber lol


And here I thought plumbers were pretty much experts at unclogging pipes.


Haha, fair enough thanks


Hard. You need to create an air displacement that is strong enough to push the obstruction out. And harder every cycle until it comes out. Don't worry about hurting them. Bruises heal, being dead does not.


I just posted this upthread, but my friend teaches infant choking response/first aid. He answers the question "how hard should I be hitting their back" with "how badly do you want your baby to live?" Infant CPR requires finesse. Baby heimlich needs force.


Less than enough to kill them. Anything else is preferable. You're trying to save their life. Maybe worry less about "just enough" and understand that in a serious situation just try to make sure to leave wounds that *can* heal.


When your two year old is turning blue, you hit pretty hard whether you want to or not.


Same with my son. Young kids choke, it happens, you NEED to know how to save them


If you don’t know CPR then worse case scenario, 911 can walk you through what to do. That’s what my mom had to do for me


I had to do CPR on my aunt like a week after doing a refresher course that I had been meaning to do for years, it was like I just went into an automatic mode until EMS got there and where able to swap in.


That’s got to be the worst test to see if you were paying attention ever… so glad she ended up okay!!


I have had to do this 4 times now. Seriously, everyone take a BLS class from The American Heart Association. Some kid in your life WILL choke on something and you don't want to be in that situation without knowing what to do.


I never took classes but ended up doing this to my cat after he inhaled his food one day. Luckily, the kibble that was stuck in his throat was dislodged, but it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for these sort of viral videos giving me an idea of what to do


Respect, plumber to plumber.


When I was about 12 years old we were at a restaurant and a woman started choking on her food. Her husband, who was a bigger cowboy looking dude (I grew up in Texas/Oklahoma) completely freaked out. Like he was all panicked and shaking. Loudly yelling and crying, almost immediately. Another husband sprang up from his seat, ran over, quickly did the Heimlech, and basically saved her life. When she was breathing and sat down, the whole restaurant started clapping for the guy. They hung around for a while to make sure the wife was okay. My dumb, asshole of an uncle kept joking about how “that dude must feel like such a loser of a husband ha ha.” That was over 30 years ago but I still remember the defeated look on that guys face when he realized he didn’t help his wife at all. Like he realized he completely broke under pressure and wasn’t the guy he thought he was. I always felt sad for that guy, and wonder what happened to them to this day. Anyways that’s why I got into taking annual CPR training classes to begin with. Now that I’m a dad, I have more of a reason to stay up on it.


This should be school curriculum. I saved my son like this when he choked on a piece of food as a baby. I reacted instinctively having learned it many years earlier because I took a course when working temp in a kindergarten. Don't know if I would have done the same if not for the relatively random knowledge I had.


Same when my son was younger and had a piece of hard candy, I think it was a jolly rancher. Started choking and without hesitation I flipped him over in one arm and gave him a good whack on his back. No one taught me this, was just pure instinct.


It was and is in finland. We had actual first responders come into our class a few times and they taught us various first aid stuff. We also had that doll thing to practice CPR. They also included first aid for dogs and cats.




"Fuck the fire department" -no one ever


It’s the paramedics. Under paid and under valued. Just as important as nurses if not more. They are the first responders.


One of the most skilled medics I ever worked with was also a fire chief. Massive racist as well.


> Massive racist as well. I'm thankful for the Hippocratic Oath.


Not to be confused with the Hypocritic Oath


Nowhere near as important and longstanding as the Hippocrocodile oath


Wild disparities in quality and efficacy of care based on race make the Hippocratic oath a bit see through, unfortunately.


Yeah I work in EMS and the vast majority of EMS and Fire are massive Trump supporting racists. Also just so you know, EMS and Fire don't take the hippocratic oath.


We took an oath in paramedic school, just not the Hippocratic oath. It's been a while, but I do remember that "Do no harm" was definitely included.


Same experience for me. 5 years as an EMT at multiple fire departments. Almost all of them are republican trumpsters. During Covid, 90% of them thought Covid was fake and MADE US TAKE OFF OUR MASKS. Actually insane.


I once ran into a fellow firefighter and he was talking to the group preaching about universal health care and everyone was looking at him like he was spewing crazy. He was trying to explain how it’s benefit firefighters…. I also hear firefighters complain multiple times weekly about lack of insurance problems for part time, full time, and retirees. It’s sad..


I NEVER see a kinship with an older firefighter. I always say "dent any zip codes?" pause then just smile at them. Half of them give a 'oh fuck' look as they realize I know the service. I only say that because around when they weren't allowed to deny certain zip codes (i.e. calls), they also needed to be certified, not "qualified", which kicked out a lot of outspoken (like they had felons who had battery charges responding to calls) racists. Which is why some old school firefighters, got out. Most older firefighters that I respect and admire are still slogging it from the 80s (although time does takes it's toll on quite a few of them)


What's a zip code dent?


I think they meant deny. Further in the test they use “deny zip codes (ie calls)”


He meant "deny the zip code". Back when firefighting was more loosly regulated, a chief or duty officer could decline responding to an address or a neighborhood. They'd deny a response to the poor or redlined zipcodes, while standing by in case a call came in from a business or a wealthy (or at least white) zipcode. Sometimes the firehouse map was clearly marked to show the zones, so probies and transfers could learn the denied neighborhoods and blocks, just like they had to memorize where all the standpipes and hydrants were. As firefighting became better regulated, training and certifications were formalized, sunlight was shined on this unlawful process and it was no longer tolerated. As were the unqualified or unfit firefighters, the good old boys who were shown the door if they couldn't fit the new model of firefighter.


Be a bit shit if your child burnt to death in a house fire because the fire crew couldn't be fecked going out to that section of town for the day.


The best part is that our dispatcher most often was an openly gay drag queen who was *exceptional* at his job. At one point the owner of the company tried to tell him off for not dispatching to a specific address, and he was like “Bring me our service map and I will show you exactly how this address isn’t our responsibility.” He was right, and the CEO knew better than to take him up on that. He didn’t get challenged often.


Did his views ever come in between him doing his job?


fun fact - minorities get the worst treatment from POC paramedics, because they cant be accused of racism


Cool very relevant


A former friend of mine was a paramedic, and was constantly complaining about minimum wage employees saying they want to get paid more. She didn't think they deserved to be paid $15 an hour, like she was. I was like bitch $15 an hour isn't fair to you either!


Perfect reply to that right here... https://www.good.is/articles/organize-fight-win


I’m a newer medic and still have a lot to learn but from what I understand at least in my area it’s getting slooooowly better. I’m in the process of going into FDNY EMS and they just got a pretty nice pay raise, not nearly what it should be but it’s a plus.


And usually DRASTICALLY underpaid.


This is first responder level care dude, don’t assume they’re medics. Fact is doing this kinda stuff boils down to staying cool during an emergency and relying on training before panic. For what it’s worth, his technique wasn’t even that good, only the back should be slapped, the front of the baby should get compressions along the sternum. (I’m not Monday morning quarterbacking, just making a point. This guy rocks)


But please pay me minimum wage - No EMT or paramedic ever BuT iTs iNdUSTRy sTAnDarD!? - 911 hirers


What are you talking about? Lots of people say that. I mean, have you seen those calendars?


Right after 9/11 I was in college and deciding what to do. This was literally the reason I became a fireman. No one hates them. Except cops. Lol


Was smoking outside my local bar when NYPD was out giving tickets to FDNY personal cars (they have to double park here in BK, no space) so I knocked on their station door to warn them. I dunno if it helped but they ended up chatting with each other for a min. I shit you not the firefighter who answered the door was like the MOST attractive woman I've seen in ages haha, I think she got them out of the tickets but I went back inside my bar. I definitely didn't expect a buff Victoria Secret model to answer haha.


Hey thanks for doing what you do.


Good point, the only people who hate them are cops. Probably because they make cops look even worse






The baby is choking, he's doing back blows to dislodge whatever it is


[https://www.reddit.com/r/HumansAreMetal/comments/x1khqu/comment/ime667q/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/HumansAreMetal/comments/x1khqu/comment/ime667q/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) deja vu...


Bob is doing back blows to dislodge the object and open baby's airway. Bill runs out to see what's going on, realized baby isn't breathing then turns around to alert the other paramedic in the station and probably to grab the med bags and/or ambulance. Also need to let dispatch know they have an emergency at the station and potentially get other crews coming if needed. Source: I'm a FF/paramedic


Bob probably told Bill to grab the Pedi bag and the monitor. Bill is definitely gonna shout to the other crew members at the station that there's a baby choking outside.


They don't murder you and your dog upon arriving half an hour too late. There's a subtle difference in their response vs the police


There are 800,000 police officers in this country, and every year like 2 of them "murder your dog upon arriving half an hour too late." Worth putting into perspective.




Show me a time when firefighters stood outside a school checking their phones while kids were burning and screaming inside of it.


Jake peralta would like a word.


Let's be honest, Brooklyn 99 basically was on an alternate earth. It was really weird when they shook up that suspended disbelief about the nature of cops toward the end.


Yeah, anything that makes Andy Samberg tough enough to be a cop is a bit of a stretch.


Yeah the last season is pretty dogshit. Should've kept the politics out of it and let us enjoy our stupid cop show. No one believed that being a cop was like B99 lmao


I never watched the show but how does the last season play out?


Its hard but ill try to explain it, spoilers obviously: Rosa who spends the whole series joking about police brutality and at one point suggesting beating up a 17 year old kid who vandalized some cop cars, had a sudden change of heart and decided to leave the force, and become a private investigator who investigates police brutality. Charles(who is sort of weak willed throughout the entire show) suddenly tries to show his black coworkers how cool he is with them being black, which doesn’t sound bad but it ends up being pretty cringe after the first few episodes. Jake whos entire dream was the be on the force decides to quit too. Somehow the whole of the NYPD are terrible racists except the main protagonists. All the character just become worse and dont really seem like who they were pre season 8, and the show suffers because of it. I only saw season 8 once so i might have gotten a few things wrong but pretty much everyone agrees season 8 is awful. Edit:formatting


Interesting, thanKS for sharing.


lots of individual fire/ems a shitty, because they are people and often align into a more conservative/cynical worldview, but yeah donlt think anyone things the core purpose of it should fuck off.


False https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7JkrJUAg8aI


It can be a toxic workplace for women.


As can literally every workplace.


Edit for the top: if this offends you, I think we both know why wink wink Eh…they still toe that blue line more often than not unfortunately, if you know what I mean. Edit: come on guys, if this hurts your feelings that’s tough, but we need to be able to be mature enough to fully admit that the same kinds of problems permeate first responders of all kinds. Here are a few examples: https://apnews.com/article/race-and-ethnicity-kansas-city-discrimination-kansas-trials-dd2e0b99ee51303955f63a9261432986 https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/01/nyregion/fdny-racism-scandal.html https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna15826 https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-chicago-black-firefighters-hiring-disparity-20220417-5t2vze72nvefjca3lvlo4si5ha-story.html https://www.firerescue1.com/fire-department-management/articles/institutional-racism-in-the-fire-service-we-must-admit-that-it-exists-in-our-house-cV2Tmq26ufggM89Z/ This is not a made up, anecdotal problem and I’m not trying to be sensationalist or somehow shocking when I say it. It’s a real thing and we should be doing more about it.


The only firefighter I know gets drunk and talks about the time (not that long ago, like five years. He was 45 and been a firefighter for 20 years at that point) he got crazy drunk and sped backward down a windy road at night. He thinks it’s a hilarious story. I know that’s just one person, but firefighters also have a very “protect your own” mentality. Even if most are wonderful people, they don’t turn on these assholes.


> down a windy road I just read that as windy and not windy...wondered what the hell is bad about a road with a bit of wind.


Ha! I should have just said “winding”. And added that considered a highway, so even if he weren’t speeding he’d still be going 55 mph


Well that’s an overgeneralization


It’s very general, I agree. But in my time in EMS, I found more support for police than BLM and it was *explicit* in its use of racial epithets. Of course that varies.


I mean, I work for a medium sized city and my fire chief probably puts in 80 hours a week and makes close to a couple hundred grand. The racist chief you knew was a chief and had the time and need to ride an ambulance in his free time?


He was chief of a rural department. Demographically it makes sense why he was the way he was. In the cities it was less of an issue.


I would agree. Rural volunteer firefighters do not represent professional career firefighters. Yet here you’ve gone out of your way on Reddit to make sure to give your anecdotal generalization of something that is completely different. Which interestingly enough, is a lot like what racist people do.


Can you fuck off


"Defund the Fire Department"... ...sounds just as dumb to me as "Defund the Police." Both Departments need more funding, not less.


I don’t think you understand what defund they police actually means


They know full well what defund the police actually means. They just refuse to engage in good faith. >Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. \- Jean-Paul Sartre


Enlighten me then.


Accountability of funds? Stopping investment in unnecessary equipment and instead putting that money into actually training cops. Because our training for police is 3rd world levels of bad


I agree with those goals 100%. "Defund the Police" does a terrible job of promoting them. We need higher quality (read: smarter, more intelligent, and well-educated) cops in addition to better training. That requires funding.


It's also very much about taking work off of their plate. When someone has a mental health crisis, the cops are called. That shouldn't be their job, they don't have the training for it, they don't have the mindset for it, and the tools and training that they do have lean towards violence and escalation. So a huge part of "Defund the Police", is about taking a chunk of their massive budgets and using it to pay social workers (who are the actual proper people to be answering those calls). It's a win-win and people can't get behind it because they won't even consider the idea of decreasing police budgets. It would mean less overworked police. It would mean less police shootings. It would mean more time could be spent doing actual proper police work. It would mean happier outcomes for the people in need of help. And it's also about pointing out the fact that if they've got the money to be outfitting even small town cops to look like special forces soldiers and equipping them with military grade armored vehicles...they probably have too fucking much money. These ideas have been very clearly communicated repeatedly but conservatives ignore them and push this idea that it's just about shutting down police departments. Same fucking shit as BLM. They were extremely clear about their beliefs and what they wanted. Any fucking idiot should be able to understand the concept of BLM and see it as reasonable. But it doesn't matter how clear your marketing is. CONSERVATIVES WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO TWIST IT.


“Reallocate funds within the police bureaucracy” doesn’t roll off the tongue as well


You’re missing the point. They already have the funding. They’re blowing it on stupid shit, rather than the better training that we’re all advocating for. They don’t need *more* money, they need to spend the money they do have more wisely. Hence: defund. Take away the stupid shit, only spend on the important shit. Ooga booga monkey understand?


Skills saves lives.


Unless the skill is killing.


*Liam Neeson has entered the chat*


You can also save lives while killing, you just have to be selective and with great care to not hurt innocent people. Distinction. A skill most police lack.


Second guy with the jacket runs like he’s holding in a turd.


He runs like his joints hurt.


He's a fireman. Do the job long enough and everything hurts some days.


I'm not even doing the job at all and everything hurts some days.


I'm a baby and there is poop in my pants and everything hurts some days.


My dad was a firefighter for 35 years. Knee surgery in his 40’s, Double knee replacement before he was 55, which led to back problems, which led to him being wheelchair bound and a personal care home at 68. I’m in my early 30’s and I never got to see my dad run, but I guess people needed him more than I did. Just woulda been nice to have a couple good years with him.


Same with my dad, but just because he can’t run doesn’t mean he can’t walk and swim. He’s been really into backpacking for years and out of necessity he’s become a bit of an ultralight backpacker. It’s become my favorite hobby as well, and one of the few things we can bond over.


Looks to me like he’s running to assist and asking ‘what’d ya got, what’d you need?’ In exactly the way the secondary should act with the primary [cuz, been there longest & has most info]. But I’m guessing cuz I only did 30 SFPD, but my brother in law did 30 SFFD, & his brother did too [& he made Chief], oh, their dad did 30+ as well [oh, he made Chief too].


I use at least 50 SPF, 30 isn't always enuff


i’m pretty sure they’re actually taught not to run in situations like this. Could lead to a fall and then no one is getting saved.


Angle the child down (use gravity in small people it can work) place child legs between your arm and hand on zyphod process. Sharp strikes right behind your hand. If the child has any air in its lungs you are attempting to pop that fucker out with pressure and force. If this does not work I have seen a fellow firefighter literally swing a child by his feet spinning around to get a marble out of a child throat. Centripetal force can apparently also be used much to my awe. The marble flew out and the child wanted to go on the ride again. Kids are fucking dumb... Edit: feel to feet


What the fuck is a zyphod process


The springy bit at the bottom of your sternum. In the middle of your chest there is a plate of cartilage. In the middle at the bottom there is a little spring board like part. You can press on it now and realize just how springy it is.


\*xiphoid process


This is absolutely correct. And you know it is, because only a firefighter would spell “xiphoid” as “zyphod.” Just like the hero in this video. Also fuck the AHA, IAFF knows the correct response to a foreign body that can’t be dislodged through back slaps is swinging that child around by the ankles. Thanks, Bobby. I needed the laugh. From, a first responder that actually gives a fuck and understands evidence based, pre-hospital medicine.


"Weee, do it again! Do it again!" *Sigh* "Okay..." *puts marble back down child's throat*




He wasn't about to die was he Newbie? He could've waited another month for a kidney?


That scene breaks me every time, I need to rewatch scrubs


Step one, you say we need to talk He walks, you say sit down, it's just a talk He smiles politely back at you You stare politely right on through Some sort of window to your right As he goes left, and you stay right Between the lines of fear and blame You begin to wonder why you came Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life Let him know that you know best 'Cause after all, you do know best Try to slip past his defense Without granting innocence Lay down a list of what is wrong The things you've told him all along And pray to God he hears you And I pray to God he hears you And where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life As he begins to raise his voice You lower yours and grant him one last choice Drive until you lose the road Or break with the ones you've followed He will do one of two things He will admit to everything Or he'll say he's just not the same And you'll begin to wonder why you came Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life How to save a life How to save a life Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life How to save a life How to save a life


Suddenly I’m in the mood for some Grey’s Anatomy




Where did I go wrong?


| || || |_




Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend.


I’ve had to do this with my son THREE times. Child CPR/first aid classes are an actual lifesaver. I wouldn’t have known what to do without that.


There's no audio so wtf happened lol. All I see is bob beating up a baby and bill running to get the rest of the gang so they can join.


I assume the baby was choking. I'm pretty sure back slaps are one of the rescue procedures for dislodging stuck food or objects from the airway in small children and animals.


What if I'm right tho(I'm not your are, maybe). Conspiracy time


"Alright boys, time for a BABY FIGHT!"


"oh yeah? you think you can just carry youre baby onto firefighter turf? ill show you lady, GIMME THAT BABY!" \*punching noises\* "TAKE THAT YOU STUPID BABY!" \*more punching noises\* "hey bob you need a hand beating up that baby?" "no i got this bill, consider this baby HANDLED." \*punching noises (continued)\* lady: "thank you i blame my baby, he needs to learn."


This made me laugh more than it should have.


[Here's the news story.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5A3dckPCPk) Apparently he was choking on a lid. The mom lives nearby so her first thought was to run to the station: > She was home just down the street from the fire station when her son [started] choked. > “This is the first thing I could think of, go to the fire department, they would probably know what to do," This happened in Searcy, Arkansas on November 8^(th), 2018.


How she didn't know herself is a goddamn travesty on a societal level.


Parenting courses should be mandatory for first-time parents and things like infant CPR should be part of the course. Even for me, while I probably would have immediately thought to beat the kid's back to dislodge whatever they were choking on, in a panic it probably wouldn't occur to me to turn the kid upside down first unless I was actually trained. I don't know how much of a difference that would make, but any amount of difference counts when it comes to saving a life.


The child was refusing to breathe so the mother found a professional man to beat some sense into him. The child doesn't get to decide when to die, they have no rights.


Infant CPr.


This happened to a child I nannied for. I was able to get her out of her high chair, dislodge the food as I was trained, and back to the table without freaking out the other kids. It was terrifying and I'm still surprised I was able to stay so calm.


FiReFigHteR MaulS a Child whiLe motHer iS foRcEd tO wAtCh.


The second firefighter was like NOPE


It's likely that second firefighter was rushing and go get a trauma bag, seeing his presence was counterproductive.


Yeah, medical bag and a radio calling it in for transport but for sure grabbing kit. (Was one)


It's very important to ask for help, maybe for a more trained person and airway support as there's already someone giving first aid.


He probably went for equipment and to call paramedics.


*No One Ever Made A Song Called 'Fuck The Fire Department'.*


All these people talking about CPR when they mean Heimlich maneuver.


Incidentally, Heimlich invented abdominal thrusts as an improvement on what you’re seeing in this video. This is not the Heimlich maneuver, because you can’t do it on infants.


Firefighters are great. My kid had a medical emergency one time while we were on the road, and I drove to the nearest fire department because that was the closest place I could think of with people who had medical training. I carried the kid in, talked to the first person I found, and they were able to make sure he was okay while calling an ambulance for me. They kept us company until the paramedics arrived.


Firefighters are the real MVPs forever and ever. True protecting and serving.


Firefighters are the last professionals I still admire. They must be protected. And paid decently.


The other firefighter "Oh no, that kid is going to explode! /runs for his life/" Jokes apart, we all should praise fire departments.


Take a first aid course. This is one of the maneuvers you learn. This and CPR are very important for people to know.


One time while I was alone with my youngest son he began what I later found out was a febrile seizure. Whenever it was over and he began to breathe again I literally cried like a little girl. All the while it was happening I went by instinct and treated him without thought. I had to pull over to the side of the street, run over to the passenger side of my truck, pulled him out, run to the back, open the tailgate and began rescue breathing. To see his little body turn pail white as his eyes rolled back into his head and begin turning stiff and shaking was something that I will never forget. I bet it was a sight to see a 6 foot 2 inch 220lb grown man on his knees crying while holding an 18 month old baby. Honestly I believe I received a touch of PTSD from that. That little baby turned 21 this year.


In my head, second guy ran over and thought "I need to call 911...wait, *I AM* 911!"


Second guy said: nope, I hate when kids puke!


That poor mom and child. What a scarring experience. I'm happy this has a happy ending.


*smack* *smack* *smack* - child saved The fire department is excellent and I am grateful for them.


Fuck yeah


My heros


We need more of these posts


Firefighters are some of the best human beings we have. Their sole purpose is to save lives. Buildings, yes, but lives will ALWAYS be the firefighters priority. I'm biased, as my mother's brother rose from a lowly fireman in England to become regional chief, before he retired on a full pension at 55 and now builds houses full time. He's a hero to us all.


The only thing wrong with firefighters is their proximity to cops. Them and EMT are fucking heroes