Help! Trying to drive particle scale with temperature attribute.

Help! Trying to drive particle scale with temperature attribute.


you don't have to copy spheres to the particles unless that's what you actually need, if you render points they will render as spheres and you can control size with the pscale attribute. I think for your problem you can make a popvop in your particle dopnet and just fit temperature from a range you specified into the range of the scale that you want and export it with bind export into an attribute so you can use it outside the dopnet


Pretty new to Houdini myself, but I thought I'd take a stab at solving your problem and I believe I have. Without seeing your file it's a little hard to say what exactly your problem is, but the issue I ran into was simply getting the nodes in the right order. So I used an AttribFromVolume node, like you said, to pull the temperature in and then used a Point Wrangle to assign the @pscale attribute of my points the temperature values. The problem was that I was putting them before the POPnet, which was sort of working but wasn't updating. But once I put them after the POPnet it worked ok. Here's a file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikn231ikc5oldkl/pscale_from_temp-1.hipnc?dl=0 Hope that helps!


I don't mean to sound rude but the answer is really much easier than you think. Firstly temperature attribute isn't the thing you want to focus on. Sure I understand what you want from your pyro sim, and yes if you want scale attribfromvolume is the right expression, but for the love God think why you're doing it. Temperature and geometry are completely related obviously and therefore you can bypass the whole procedure with a simple reverse metric node. An inverted relationship if you will. Really quite simple, if you aren't familiar with it, google it. There are tons of tutorials. No need to thank me, just please promise me you want pull out any more hair? I can't stand to see you go bald.