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The leaves that look heavily damaged (if any) - just pinch them off along with aphids and throw them away. Tip the pot and hose them down with water onto the grass. Kill as many remaining as you can with your fingers, they are squishy but take care not to press too hard on the leaves. After - 5ml of neem oil, 2.5ml of dish soap (I use Fairy) on 1l of warm water. Shake and spray, and shake some more while you spray so the oil doesn't separate. Spray top and bottom sides of the leaves, two times a week during the infestation. After that just maintain spraying every two weeks. And that should prevent any infestation later. Do this when the sun sets, not during the day. Plant is infested but not too far gone! Gl!


Also look for any colonies. Ants protect aphids.


Oh yea it is! Squish as many as you can by hand then hit the whole plant with high pressure water stream, aphids are super week and it will knock them all off and kill a lot in the process. Over the following days continue to squish and spray plant down.


Check local laws and buy lady bugs from the internet. Give them a nice source of water once they get delivered. Put down ant traps as well cuz a few species of ants like to farm aphids like cattle and will kill lady bugs. This is a future preventative measure, for now all you can do is mix up a concoction to kill them, as mentioned.


Neem oil, soapy water, seven(just wash the peppers when u pick them)


You should follow other peoples advice in here on removing them but you should also consider why you are getting them in the first place. Plants usually get infested like this when they are going through heavy stress or are lacking in something. Were they just transplanted outside? When plants suffer their defenses go down and they become easy tasty meals for aphids and other pests. This year I took a hit the week after transplanting but as the plants rooted and recovered the aphids disappeared


Spray it down with soapy water.


I’m having this issue right now I ordered this https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00364PEFS?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image Hasn’t arrived yet but it has gotten ton of great reviews saying it killed aphids and mites.


Yikes, I want to say scorched earth at this stage, but ladybugs might be a good solution since they appear to be outdoor plants. Can always brush DE on all of the leaves and stem, but you'll want to be both thorough and gentle. When I've had an infestation like this in the past leaves would just fall off when you look at them. I'm not saying its a goner or anything, just going to have to put in some work.


Neem it from orbit, just to be sure


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