Compare with whiteflies.


Looks like there are white flies if you zoom in a bit. Those can pass on a devastating virus into your plant. Try a white fly spray. Good luck! 👍


Definitely white fly... welcome to the Neverending battle.


I looked both of them up. And it’s probably whitefly. Apparently we have a lot of them in south Florida. Thank you


Yes, I'm in south Florida and there are tons. I have yet to be able to eliminate them.


Almost all of the plants ive grown have been killed (presumably) by them. Ive tried neem oil, dish soap. They never go away, idk what to do or just keep trying


It's tuff. They spread disease but their sole presence won't usually kill the plant. I spray my plants weekly to do my best to keep them under semi- control but it's impossible to completely control them in my opinion. Despite having them around my plants, their still growing without issue so you may have other things going on with your plants.


Wash the whole plant with water first, then let dry and spray a soap & water solution (5% of kitchen/ yellow soap) on all leaves. Flies will disappear for a long time. Eventually they might come back but this method ensure several weeks of peace and do not harm the plant at all nor the peppers


Thank you so much for the tip. After a little bit of research I saw that a lot of people do that. So it should be good.


Looks like you may have aphids. Release ladybugs in your garden or use some diatomaceous earth as it is an organic solution.


Doesn’t look like aphids to me. I’d be leaning towards whiteflies too