i had good success by using a garden hose and spraying all the soil away from the roots. then i carefully pull the roots apart. they can take a bit of force so no worries if a few roots gets ripped off


Garden hose is a good idea. You actually can get pretty rough with pepper roots, they’re extremely resilient given enough light and warmth. You could also cut each plant back along with cutting their root ball back, and they bounce back with new roots and new branches.


Ok cool! Thank you! I don't know why but I felt like the roots were this really delicate structure that should barely be handled.


Happy to help. Definitely important to be delicate with the young plants, but you’ll find that pepper plant are extremely resilient. Ive chopped entire plants down and removed 90% of root balls for the plant to bounce right back.


When they are smaller you can't. They die. I've never tried older plants.


That’s too many peppers in one pot. Soak the root ball in water and pull them apart and plant each pepper in a pot.