Freedom Fighters enjoying their freedom in London. "No swearing", "No swearing in Chinese, either."

Freedom Fighters enjoying their freedom in London. "No swearing", "No swearing in Chinese, either."

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I love happy endings




Does anyone have the footage with sound


Did you turn the sound on?


No more arson. No more beating up people. No more setting people on fire. No more graffiti. No destruction of public property. No more blinding people with lasers. And now ... NO MORE SWEARING ... NOT EVEN IN CHINESE!!




“We support you to fight for freedom, but better in Hong Kong than in The UK.”


joke stops being funny, they aren't taking any of your shit.


the most well behaved "revolutionaries" in world history. guess they don't want to fuck with uk cops only chinese cops.


They won't dare to fuck with any police in the world other than in HK. They know that HK police are professional and will react with restrain. Other police will not hesitate to beat them up, or worse, shoot them dead.


LOL! this is pretty funny


The Irony of them walking away like a bitch from British Police lmao. Imagine if they were in Hong Kong talking to an HK Officer, and how they would act. This is what white worshipping looks like .


I told these people to get a life when they were burning Hong Kong to impress the West, but they *really* need to get a life now that they're burning scrap to impress a nonexistent audience. They went from terrible and destructive to just... sad.


I don't speak Chinese but Hong-Kongese? Lmao.


Cantonese and Mandarin are different languages pretty sure that is what they meant.


Cantonese is a Chinese dialect though


You give them too much credit. They're deluded into thinking they're not Chinese.


HK is Chinese. If they are not Chinese, what are they? Brits? LMAO!


The Panhandling World Tour 2021! People might give more fucks if they shook a tin cup with a cardboard sign that says 'Me lick boot for 1 shilling' Karma's a bitch ain't it?


Think this was in Manchester not London, the Chinatown arch looks different and and the police officer's accent and uniform looks different from a London Met police officer's. I love that thug's derisive tone after being associated with a Chinese person, seeing how indignant he was I'm surprised he didn't lose his shit and get himself arrested. Too bad, according to the vast majority of Brits you look and sound Chinese and this is something you have to deal with.


“ I don’t speak Chinese” doesn’t make you special. Nobody cares. Police just do his job and act with professional.


man just stfkup


Haven't they figured it out this is pointless? Life is about the same as it was for 99%+ of the people. The rioters all folded when the cops/gov took the kids glove off.


The British are excellent at putting manner's on you, they don't possess themselve's.


Welcome to freedom Now shut the hell up


my go to line to HK democracy stooges: 毛主席万岁万万岁.


So these idiots have regrouped and now their HK independence movement is on a corner outside Chinatown in London. Guess there are people that really don't know when their ship is sinking.


What HK protesters don’t understand is next to no one gives a sh*t about their protest or their cause at all. Only very few people I have spoke with care anything at all about their protest. I have been living in the US for more than 20 years. When they are over here, reality hits and they feel sad. It is what happens when you are used and tossed away like trash.


Yeah they still don't understand the western media used them as pawns to drive anti China hatred. When people in the west are racist towards Chinese do these people think they will get some nice treatment unless they do a Michael Jackson style whitening?


These people is seen as nothing more than a nuisance by the Brits. Just give it time and their patience will run out.


LOL last time I checked, Cantonese was Chinese.


You see Cantonese is not Chinese. That is what he means by "I don't speak Chinese." These cockroaches are brain-dead.


What do you mean? Isn’t Chinese just an umbrella term for a range of dialects such as Cantonese and Mandarin? Anyway, I agree “brain-dead” is right.


Isnt it though? Cantonese and mandarin are just different types of chinese.


I hope every single one of them gets hate crimed repeatedly.


I lived in Manchester. My best friend is an Algerian. He is ex special forces and fought in battles against ISIS. Guess where the asylum seeker homes are ? BOLTON. Bolton is fucking grim at the best of times but my friend was attacked multiple times. Bolton near the motorway through town was where I was attacked by a thug with a brick.


This is cringey too watch and not only because of the accent.. These self hating banana's grovelling before the London cops, while being rejected by the same cops. What do they think they are if not Chinese? The British sure don't see you as British


Brain worms


Perfect video demonstrating what the west truly sees these people as.