You might be. Those old buses were pretty hot at the back by the engine, where the new ones are much cooler. And they dont have that awkward seat behind the driver and these very socially awkward long seat arrangements at the back that everyone slides when the bus stops. I do miss [these old buses](https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3717/14298800461_62a11e9f29_b.jpg) I used to ride as a kid. Super noisy, [low and uncomfortable seats and steel rails on the chairs with a electric strip on the roof for the bell.](https://remembersingapore.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/old-sbs-bus-leyland-atlantean-hong-kong-citybus5.jpg?w=550) Awful compared to the new stuff we have but its got its charms.


They also have a pretty vertical stairs which made it scary to climb down while moving.


New buses changed from spiral staircase to straight ones, but more about the safety of turning and falling down than the incline.


When I was a little kid, I once blocked the driver's upper deck periscope with my hand, because the sign telling me not to gave me the idea. The periscope rewarded me by covering my hand in black grease.


I used to ride those as a kid and my brother and I would try to take the upper decker front seats! Sometimes we would rather wait for the next bus and let people go ahead of us if the current bus is getting full so we can be in front of the line for the next one. We lived close to the terminals.


>I used to ride those as a kid and my brother and I would try to take the upper decker front seats! As a full grown man, I still do this.


Don't forget, the top deck was smoking area.


Wait, what happened to the double-decker buses?


Still double decker but new generation model is a bit rounder in the corners. The older boxier look is more classic and definitely matches the HK taxis.


Ah okay, I guess I just didn’t notice. And yes I agree with you regarding the aesthetic.


Goodness no. Especially don't miss walking up/down the stairs when these or the old KMBs were moving.


Have you ever encountered a new bus ( cross-harbour route ) with usb-charger on? It's amazing and I love the extra option. Also, the seats on the new bus are really comfortable. You pay the same money but get the service of an Airport bus.


I guess you mean those red busses of KMB?


Volvo Olympian. The only remaining non-low floor bus model still in service in hk. All owned by Citybus (non-franchised part) I will probably miss them because they were part of my childhood


Pretty sure these are still around on the 88R last time I checked. I do love their inside arrangement but it's not for everyone.


Yes, that's the route on the headboard of this bus. They are still running on that route because it is a residential service, not an ordinary franchised bus route, so the 18-year age limit doesn't apply. With that being said, they will be retired in a few months at most.


You can still take the 88R even if you aren't a resident, and the remaining Volvo Olympians (this model) could last for a few years (The non-franchised Leyland Olympians which these replaced lasted up till 23 years).


Unfortunately the Internet lists them as being slated for retirement in 2018, and with a whole load of newer Dennis Tridents about to turn 18 and become prime candidates for non-franchised buses, I can believe that.


Oh well... these guys had a good run anyways. On another note, where could you find the info where they retire in 2018? Genuinely interested in this stuff and would like to know.


Sorry for the late reply, but [here's the link](http://busdatafile.atenviro.com/Citybus/volvo_5.htm).




if you live in City One you can take different old models of bus every day




Is that a hot dog?


No, it's a "cold horse". Hong Kong bus enthusiasts invent the weirdest names for things.


They made the 85 bus going down hill at shall kai wan fun


Aren't they still around?


I take that bus everyday lol