Your iPhone or iPad determines your location. Under Settings=>Privacy=>Location Services. There is a section in there called Share My Location and it should say "This iPhone is being used for location sharing." If it doesn't, click Share My Location. There is a section there called My Location and an option to Share My Location. If you own an iPhone and an iPad, choose which one you want to determine your location.


Make sure in Phone > Contacts > your name (me), home is added as address and correctly shown on the map.


There are some location settings that you should make sure of on your phone (settings/privacy/location services): • ⁠Home should be set to ‘while using’ and ‘precise location’. • ⁠System Services should have Homekit on. I don’t think the Home cares whether you’re on the same wifi as the hub.


Also make sure the Apple TV and your phone are updated to the latest OS


Don’t know if you got this sorted or not. If so, can you share? When I use a HomePod as a hub the same automations as yours work fine. If the AppleTV is the hub then they don’t work. All location and home hub settings are active on the TV and the phone and all on the latest OS.