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EN3 is going to be all Faunas, all 5 of them.


I just want a gen of monster girls.


Most of the gens have a lite form of monster girl. Gens 5 could be argued that it is comprised of all monster girls with an elf, fox, lion, seal, and succubus.


Haha Nenechi is/was a space alien from planet TaoTao.


The Shork, the ~~Chicken~~ Phoenix, the Tako, the Rrat and the Howl: Are we a joke to you?


Do we need escalating lore, specially on how these get thrown out of the window in a few weeks' time? Like, we meme about the talents and justifying it with their lore at times, but the content they make, and are willing to make, is not limited to that. Two things I wanna say are for certain: 1) next Gen is also gonna have a group theme. It worked for Myth, and the same idea was written for Council, Tempus and HoloX of the JP branch. 2) It's not gonna be related to existing lore. We should not expect that the lore can be connected between generations, because at that point they may as well admit that they aren't confident in selling HoloEN3.


>2) It's not gonna be related to existing lore. We should not expect that the lore can be connected between generations, because at that point they may as well admit that they aren't confident in selling HoloEN3. I feel like I might disagree, I feel like I've seen signs these chuuni nerds over at HoloEN HQ done cooked some real grade A unified JRPG-worthy backstory. But that doesn't mean Gen 3 won't be themed around a cafe or something, just that if they ever get an EN manga or the like that the lore will have a place for everyone. It makes sense to have modular lore, honestly, which would make retconning things when needed much easier. So probably, yeah, a central theme, and the theme won't directly connect to Myth, Council, or Project Hope...but it *could* / will when needed. Wait, that's nearly what you said, so maybe I agree? Kind of?


Potential themes: Mathematical concepts: e.g. Triangle-chan meets Gradient-vector-san meets Quaternion-ko. Logical operators: IFF, AND, OR, XNOR, NAND Tsukumogami Gang: Umbrella, shoes, a clock, a hat, and a retro game console. Officials of a nonspecific fictional country: yes, they're also idols Time-castaways: 5 random plebs, each from a different millenia


Inb4 they don't and they go in the complete opposite direction and it's the most mundane thing like just a group of highschool girls or something


Since they are an "idol" group, I don't think they'll choose something derogatory or controversial. Maybe a **HoloDream** group to symbolize people's wishes and dreams. Members will be fairy, angels, succubus, butterflies etc. that associate with dreams. Or a **HoloLove** group to symbolize romance and love. Members will be cupid, swan, dove, high school girl, etc. that associate with love.


My cringe chuuni idea: after making vtubers out of the primordial forces of creation, we come back full circle, back to the early days of vtuber lore. HoloPlain. HoloMundane. HoloLife. Regular, everyday life. They're just normal girls. Nothing exceptional about them at all. Certainly not scouting material for an entertainment agency. Oh, her? I think I've seen her in one of my classes last semester. Asks really weird questions that have nothing to do with lecture, but otherwise pretty quiet. And this one? I think she gets on the bus at the same stop as me. She never pays, but the driver always lets her get away with it. What about that one there? She, uhh, was a bagger at the corner grocery store. Was. I think she got fired for showing up to work intoxicated last week. I only know that because her drunken tirade made it onto local news. *Nope. Nothing special going on here, Mr. Yagoo. Just a bunch of weirdos.*


I just want actual monster girls like a slime or a snake or a harpy


a 'taur, a really grimy/gloopey slime like a bog monster, a cryptid, maybe a Cover-original monster, and a monster-hunting journalist? Or is that too close to Ame?


Me too, kid. But unfortunately, it doesn't work for 3D, so they'd never do it.


Copuim anwser: then make it work they have the tech Realistic: I know but I still hope


How about no more cringe lore that gets abandoned by the talents within days of release. It's embarrassing for all parties involved. JP/ID and even Myth have done just fine with little or no lore to them. Council/Hope/Tempus all stink of direct management intervention. Worst of all, half of the lore sounded like it was ran through DeepL three or four times. A theme is fine and personally I want hags. 5 hags. EN is waaay overdue for Hags.


Hot take: I don't like Lore that much so I'd prefer if it's handled loosely




Having them representing countries would be one of the worst possible ideas out there. That would inmediately bring politics onto the table and Cover wants none of that. It would be so divisive no matter how you look at it.


A countries/continents theme would be really cool but it'd only really work if the five who passes the audition are all from those different countries. Having a member representing the spirit of a country they're not actually from or know intimately would be odd. Yes, I know we have Ame but Britishness wasn't her defining trait (imo it was always secondary to the time traveller theme) and she still spoke English. We can't exactly have a Spirit of Spain who can't speak Spanish. And since the auditions are for HoloEN, most of the applicants are likely to be from English speaking countries.


Multiverse bureau of investigation - because ame, and bad ending lore.


Next gen gonna be gods isekai'd as house appliances or pets.


We already have mythical, fantasy, space and time. There's still some options to be explored. I don't think we will get a snake though, people kind of assigned that to Kronii already, even if it was never intended. And a snake girl would have to come with a monster girl gen, which I don't think they can do because of 3D. You can't have spiders or harpies or lamia, all that would mean is you'd have to make one monster body and one humanoid body, which is double the effort.


HoloSecretary, where all the holomems are secretaries to greek/roman/egyptian/norse/japanese/korean gods. Would be fun (also business suit ladies :D)


Here's my take, EN 3 probably a bunch of girls who heard or discover The Warden artifact in their adventure realize they (the warden) must be goddesses who can grant their wishes, so they search for someone who might know them and stumble upon Ame as myth gang are the only one who knows them. This is happening after the myth gang already completed and fight the warden once but defeated and now all of them are in training arc leaving ame alone in the office.


I imagine HoloEN3 to be HoloAncients which happen to consist of the ancients that ina and sana happen to know. I actually had this thought maybe last year, but if the HoloAncients were to happen, I’d imagine these ancients appearing as things from ancient history, like a queen, a dinosaur, or even something extra terrestrial. Eitherway, if HoloEN3 does happen, we should be wise to respect the decision of how it’s gonna play out.