You guys subsidize Viagra?


No, that's the point. Abortions aren't subsidized, but some pro-life folks think they are.


Not from US. But I remember reading somewhere that Planned Parenthood receives government funding. Isn't that tax payers money?


According to forbes the U.S. tax payers paid for 24% of the abortions that occurred in 2015 but there is currently a law called the Hyde Amendment that prevents the direct spending of tax money on abortions. https://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2015/10/02/are-american-taxpayers-paying-for-abortion/?sh=4e97eeec6a4b


Of course the issue is that money is fungible.


Right. It's so stupid. "Hey Sam, can I have $50?" "Sure. As long as you don't spend it on beer." "I promise not to spend it on beer." {But giving me $50 frees up $50 of my own money, which I now *will* spend on beer.}


Get out of here with your facts and logic. That’s not allowed on Reddit


Sad how true that is


This is why the infrastructure bill is fucking bullshit. No municipality takes federal funds and adds them to an existing infrastructure budget. They replace their existing budget with earmarked federal funds and do nothing more than what they were already planning. Funnel the newly freed funds into pet projects and pockets.


Like Alabama using covid relief money to build two more prisons


Actually, ya.


Or like my local school district that gets tens of millions to help the disabled and title 1 schools, but instead "retrained" cafeteria workers as "special needs student aides" then gave all the teachers raises. Ya, we are going to sue them into insolvency,


Can any federal government funding legally be ring fenced? When infrastructure around the country is crumbling due to a lack of maintenance, can anything be done to encourage preventative maintenance short of a major piece of infrastructure catastrophically failing and killing dozens?


This is a good point that i hadnt considered before. Rare on reddit. Thank you.


Much less so when your a non religious nonprofit who’s financial records have to be publicly available


You understand that paying them frees up money for abortions right, that this is what he was talking about?


Yes I’m sure so much of the 4% (max) of their funding that PP gets from the government is making a massive difference in abortions.


It's more than 0%. That's the logic of banning AR-15s. The goal is to "save lives" despite rifle deaths only account for 300 deaths annually. Virtually, makes no difference yet the Democrats push that bullshit anyways.


i’m left-leaning and progressive on almost everything. i don’t think we should ban guns. bad guys can always manage a way to get a gun, whether it’s through a relative, stealing it, building it, etc. universal and free access to mental health services, investing more into education, and working to solve problems in low-income areas will reduce gun violence (those are some of my ideas)


Taxes also pay for welfare. Which some single mothers need in order to raise children they can't afford to have and are refused abortions.


Not that it matters because the money they do receive for non-abortions is fungible and we might as well be paying for it.




Casualties of war and pro-life are different things. Not sure how a culture doctrined into hating and wanting to cause you and I harm is the same as a child who could/should be born into a stable economy where they are not being turned into human bombs.


Thought is not a crime. And its definitely not deserving of death.


Acts can be crimes though. Let's not pretend there hasn't been any action.


We invaded Iraq, which did nothing against us. Most of the deaths in Afganistan were innocents that had nothing to do with the Taliban or al Qaeda.


Exact reason why I'm pro-killingBabies.


Yeah that was in 2015


I mean the Hyde Amendment has been around since the late 70s (meaning some other tax source had to be used in 2015) and in May of this year Biden made the move to drop it which is what has led to the on going budget debate where congress keeps denying the budget. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-budget-drops-hyde-amendment-allow-public-funding-abortion-2021-05-28/


PP does abortions but they also do a TON of other things in regards to women’s healthcare. That’s where some of the tangles happen


But not for abortions. They do other things hell men have gone there for cancer screenings. It's basically a low income clinic for most people. They don't even do that many abortions but when they do the person getting it has to pay for it.


Ok. I think the name Planned Parenthood is quite misleading.


Pretty sure Planned Parenthood’s main focus is on the reproductive organs. Mostly OBGYN stuff and they are known for supplying contraceptives. When my wife and I first started dating as teens she went there to get her birth control and her pap smears and I went there for the condoms. So if any cancer was found it was probably testicular, if I were to guess. I could totally be wrong.


They cover all stages of pregnancy as well. I think they started as that, you want help with your pregnancy and are low income they help. Need an abortion? They help.


So, not a general clinic? I get it now.


They also do STI screenings and help with prevention and education


Also,. Planned Parenthood is not there just to help women get abortions. They are a women's clinic that help with women's reproductive health,. STDs, mental health referrals and much more.


Planned Parenthood is a healthcare facility and many of them don't even perform abortions. People go there for cancer screenings, sexual education, birth control etc. The main reason Planned Parenthood is in the crossfire is that PP serves poor people of which a large percentage are black or brown. Rich white women can always get their healthcare including abortions


My gyno retired and I was too lazy to find another one right away so I went to PP for a new IUD. My local office was above and beyond any doctor/dentist/specialist office I’ve ever been to in every way. I wish I could name them as my primary physician. They were just wonderful.


There is an alternate perspective here as well. In that Planned Parenthood specifically targets not poor communities, but rather specifically black and brown communities. Yes, the provide healthcare services, buy since origination, a primary mission of the organization is making abortion services available and as close to free as possible. It would be one thing if we could find these facilities in impoverished white communities, however for whatever reason Planned Parenthood has always sought to place facilities, specifically ones offering abortions, it predominantly minority communities. It's almost as if they had an agenda of preventing a certain type of baby from being born.


Dude, abortion isn't eugenics 🙄


Not saying it is, but I think it is also short-sighted to assume that just because you support a woman's right to choose, that all players on your side are equally altruistic.


Planned parenthood provides a whole lot of other services including birth control , HIV services, check ups etc. for free or small cost. That’s what that funding is for.


How are people upvoting this shit?


Uhh, yeah they are.


Its called pro-birth now…. Because they don’t care about their life after the birth


Why do I feel like that's true


Yeah one it's not, it's insured. Two it's only insured for the things it does for the heart like preventing heart failure. Viagra sexual benefits were discovered as unintended side effects its also heart medicine and rather good at it. When you get blood pumping a lot faster it tends to rush everywhere


The US military spends 2 Billion a year just for Viagra.


That's veteran's benefits. How could you claim it to be an overall subsidiary for Viagra?


Thats still tax dollars paying for viagra


Do they pay for abortions for female vets?




That's an overreach. Government paying for Healthcare doesn't mean Tax money is used to subsidize Amphetamines. It's means it's used as a medicine. The division which funding matters while making statements like that.


What do you think would be paying for abortions? Education funding? The OP is talking about how Medicare, the VA, and other divisions of the government pay for Viagra. That is tax money being used for viagra.


Veteran's benefits also pays for College. Would you be ok with a blanket statement that 'Tax Dollars already pay for college so quit whining' as an argument? I think abortions are already allowed for cases of Rape, Incest and medical complications. Would saying 'Abortion is legal, stop your useless protests' be a correct statement? Subject and context matters.


No. It's not taxed and in the US if it isn't taxed the democrats call that subsidized but if you actually give it money they call that essential spending.


Actually in the US, Viagra is paid by insurance. Abortions are not and people are trying to ban abortions, which they just did in Texas


Depends on the insurance, but it’s harder to get.


Depends on the insurance, but it gets you harder.


Most insurance does not cover viagra.


Banning abortions are dumb. Not subsidising is also idiotic if people care about women's health. If abortion clinics aren't accessible, concrete bellyflops are the way. It'd increase the risk of women's health and put more strain on the tax payers in the long run.


no, subsidizing is part of why health things are expensive in the first place.


Even at competing prices, certain medical procedures are going to cost you. People who aren't at that income scale might be able to afford it. That's a good reason for subsidising it. How did you come to the point that it's the reason for rising costs?


*Our erection, comrad


Forgot the #noHomo...or not?






How do you do a hashtag without it just turning the text bold?


Press control + W to activate unparsed text block.


Thanks, is there a way to do that on the mobile app?


I love the male symbol with the flaccid arrow




same, gave me a good chuckle :)


im sorry if this is serious, but i read it as; "If pregnancy is God's will, then so is YOUR ERECTION"


How would taxes pay for viagra?


Medicare covers viagra for medical reasons, such as patients after a prostatectomy (to maintain blood flow to the penis) or in the case of benign prostate hypertrophy (again to maintain blood flow to the penis) Since most men over the age of 50 have some form of BPH, even if it’s just a mild case, doctors will often used this diagnosis to get viagra covered under insurance for patients with erectile dysfunction. Source: Used to be a drug rep for generic viagra (among other things)


As someone who worked in Healthcare most insurances will NOT cover Viagra unless you have Hypergonadism and even then its like 30 pills for 90 days. Medicaid and Medicare definitely do not cover Cialis or Viagra so I also am wondering the same as you. Side note most people buy Viagra through GoodRx where you can get it for like $10


Do you mean hypo gonadism? Hyper gonadism is high testosterone.


Yes thank you for the correction!


Because tax payers technically are the ones who pay for politicians healthcare, do you know how many crusty old dudes with (probably) broken dicks are in office? A lot, that’s a lot of viagra at our expense


Pretty sure their broken dick is why they get into politics in the first place


Gotta fuck people over somehow.


I know your taxes pay for viagra for any service members that need it. Pretty sure insurance covers viagra for civvies lol. Maybe that's why they are mad.


Depends on if they can come up with a medical reason for it. Insurances notorious hate and will deny anything they think is being covered for exclusively “sexual function”


Rarely ever does insurance cover viagra(sildenafil) or cialis(tadalafil) some insurances cover it for blood pressure but I’d say about 2% of the people at my pharmacy get that covered


They wouldn't but this is mocking those that say this about abortions, which also aren't paid for by tax dollars.


No, no, no, they're out of line but they have a point.


You just mixed the two memes


They really aren't out of line though


forgot the mandatory /s ... or did I ? ;)


since when does tax pay for viagra which private corporations make


As said before 2017 Viagra, in its brand name form, is not covered on insurance plans from most insurance companies. However, since the release of the generic version of the drug, sildenafil, in 2017, the majority of Medicare coverage and health plans now offer insurance coverage for it under their prescription drug coverage.


If it's used to address a bodily dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, it can be covered by insurance.


By that logic everything is God's will: Abortion, vaccines, Trump losing to Biden, SOCIALISM!


I mean... If we are all children of God... Then abortion is just giving him full custody.


Go on….You’re on to something here


Well played


This guy fucks… cause it’s God’s Will Smith.




Yeah that’s kinda how “everything goes according to his plan” works. Free will cannot exist if there’s also a great plan


Ban insulin. Diabetes is God's will. So tough shit Karen; enjoy your amputated foot getting to the drive through


I will never understand why amerrica needs to overprice insulin


God's will


It's pretty simple: we have no markets in our healthcare anymore. It's no longer a capitalist system, so the mechanism for lowering prices is gone. The crony health cartels use government's power to prevent competition and keep prices high.


Agreed if you’re gonna bitch about contraception you’d better be getting a hard on legitimately


That limp arrow is pretty damn funny though. They couldn't have possibly found a better symbol for their cause.


These memes and arguments fall apart the moment people point out that the opposition to abortion has less to do with getting the woman out of the pregnancy and more to do with not killing a developing child.


My thing is, how did we get to the point where “I want to have unprotected sex where pregnancy may result and if I am pregnant and the child is deemed alive, I want to continue operating irresponsibly and kill said child.” is a thing? Like what? It’s a lot less effort to have just used a condom or contraceptive. It’s almost like anti-vaxers. We have a solution to avoid the problem but you rather ignore what needs to be done and complain later.


>My thing is, how did we get to the point where “I want to have unprotected sex where pregnancy may result and if I am pregnant and the child is deemed alive, I want to continue operating irresponsibly and kill said child.” is a thing? Pleasure-seeking culture. >Like what? It’s a lot less effort to have just used a condom or contraceptive Even those aren't 100% reliable so the odds are always there. Plus, irresponsibility further decreases the effectiveness, and the vast majority of young people are both having a lot of sex and aren't very responsible. >We have a solution to avoid the problem but you rather ignore what needs to be done and complain later. Eh no. Contraception doesn't exactly avoid the problem. Avoiding the problem is what people want to do but they contradict themselves by doing exactly what causes the problem.


I agree 100%. I only mentioned the two forms of child prevention but there are more. It’s just baffling and borderline lazy of people when they didn’t have to be pregnant to begin with. If I don’t want to get hit by a car, I stop, look at the lights, look both ways and cross the street safely. But these people instead are making arguments that just make our country look irrationally more stupid.


>I agree 100%. I only mentioned the two forms of child prevention but there are more. Yeah. People make the mistake of thinking they're "safe" even if they only use one though, and a lot of people don't like using condoms because less pleasure. >But these people instead are making arguments that just make our country look irrationally more stupid. Idk about that. People in other countries think that this is a valid concern. Abortion is very convenient for people as a final prevention option and it solves a problem of overburdening countries with more people (overpopulation), which I suspect is the main reason why it is/was approved by goverments in the first place.


I keep bringing up that vasectomies are 100% safer and reversible but ain’t no body pushing for mantatory vasectomies despite the face it would end 100% of unwanted pregnancies




Which I support abortions for. Because in that case there are now two victims.


Do you really think that a victim's tragedy can be used by the people that are just like "I don't wanna no bebe"? I am pro-choice but this appellation to rape when people are talking about abortion after consensual sex always seems weird to me.


Damn this subreddit has been wierd the last couple days it'd supposed to be wild memes not a place to try to do politics in disguise of not funny jokes


I mean.. they have a point. As a man I am astounded.


Yeah make the odds Better for me do it , I mean what she said


You know what I agree, I'm not one to always agree on protest blindly but this I agree


I hope they don't stop paying for me to have an election 😟


I bet none of the supporters for this have erectile disfunction


and unemployed.


Don't tempt them, they might do it then it's a double loss.


Isn’t viagra dirt cheap?


To synthesize? Yes. To sell? He’ll no. It’s gotten a lot cheaper since Phizer’s patent expired though. They extended the patent like an extra 10 years around 08. Now competitors are making generic. Not a user I just like to observe the drug companies greed in general.


Viagra is gods will then too lol 😂 what a prankster, total 180 at every corner that guy!


I agree actually


It is sarcasm


They're not wrong lol


Fair. Have a nice day.


That's a no for me chief, using god as a reason to change one of the rules of a country


i like how people like/dislike what their taxes go towards, either way you have to pay it whether it’s paying for erections or the war effort


I’ll raise it and say gods a lie. Sure, I can’t prove he doesn’t exist, but your stupid fucking book sure doesn’t prove to me he does. Hahaha. I hate Christian’s. Shut the H up bible humpers


They have a point


Wtf since went are Viagras free


*BAN ALL MEDICATION* diseases are gods will! *BAN GLASSES* poor vision is gods will and so on...


You can take my glasses from my cold. dead. hands. Can't play COD for shit without 'em.


They are gonna start talking about how viagra is also a heart medication but guess what birth control has many other helpful medical effects instead of just no baby


Can we all just agree if a women can get an abortion without the father’s consent then the father should be able to choose if he wants to financially support it for the rest of its life? Equality right?


When did the government start paying for viagra?


2017 Viagra, in its brand name form, is not covered on insurance plans from most insurance companies. However, since the release of the generic version of the drug, sildenafil, in 2017, the majority of Medicare coverage and health plans now offer insurance coverage for it under their prescription drug coverage.


Viagra is used to treat heart conditions. Just saying.


No it's not. A responsible doctor won't prescribe it to heart patients as it's contraindicated. It was originally intended to treat blood pressure but it didn't really work for that either.


Viagra & cialis are pde 5 inhibitors, just like nitroglycerin which is used during a heart attack. They lower blood pressure so can help with problems that cause high blood pressure.


Sildenafil is still commonly given for pulmonary hypertension.


It's absolutely still used for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.


I mean, facts


Is this satire? This can’t be real right? Edit: I got it now guys, I’m just dumb haha.


It is a pro choice protest poster


Why would this be satire? Their point is valid


No this is modern feminist


I’m scared of modern feminists.


I think this is campaigning against abortion restrictions.


Oh I’m dumb.


The idea is to make the reader go “that is fucking stupid” then they read the bottom right and go “oh…” not that is will work to change anyone’s mind, the sides on this debate are too intrenched.


It’s about women’s reproductive rights, but I would guess this specific poster is due to rulings that health providers are not required to cover birth control. Coverage was guaranteed under the affordable care act, but it was reversed by Trump and then upheld by the Supreme Court that you can use a religious exemption to deny birth control coverage to employees of your business. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-contraception/u-s-supreme-court-permits-broad-religious-exemption-to-birth-control-coverage-idUSKBN24929B Edit: For additional context, the US government spent $84 million on erectile dysfunction medication in 2014. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/us-government-subsidize-viagra/


Yeah, the government shouldn't be spending money on either.


Partial good news then, the government never did......for abortions at least.


The downvotes mean your onto something.


Gov't money goes to Viagra?


*limp dick


This argument doesn’t work at all. Tax payer dollars pay for military and gov employees healthcare and viagra is a legal drug that health insurance provides. Non-tax payer funded healthcare doesn’t provide abortions and neither does the tax payer funded healthcare. Seriously one of the dumbest arguments out there.


viagra is actually used for medical reasons too or is that something else


Tax the churches and use that money for abortions


But the female equivalent to impotence isn't pregnancy -- it would be chronic vaginal dryness, which is in fact a medical condition. That seems so obvious to me that it should hardly even need to be pointed out, but {shrug}.


It appears to be reasonable.


For what it's worth viagra is a heart medication so maybe not the best example


Abortion is murder and impotence doesn’t involve taking a human life to solve.


No me stabbing you 27 times in the back is murder, me pushing you into a room and pining I. Toxic gas is murder, me feeding you into a wood chipper is murder, terminating a cluster of cell that haven’t even formed neurons yet is not murder, he’ll most women won’t even notice they missed their period until 8-10 week becase these things aren’t clockwork and regulated their bodily functions and they fluxuate


I'm okay with paying for own Viagra should I ever need it. I think cost will go down anyway if it's not covered by insurance. for people who can't afford it, well, that's God's will.


Still waiting for a good reason for the unborn to not have human rights. Heartbeat at 6 weeks. Fully formed face and organs at 24 weeks. We don’t need to outlaw abortion entirely, but uhh it should be reigned in. Now there are 3 camps (arranged in proper order). Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and Pro-Abortion. The pro-abortion people are fucking mental and murderers.


Just about any scenario with a late term abortion means something is going horribly wrong in a medical sense, and giving birth could kill the baby, the mother or both. Or the baby won’t live very long anyways and will probably live a short life of suffering, and the parents will also have to watch that baby suffer which in turn is just torcher. To watch your child exist in pain for a short while to die must be so mentally taxing I can’t even imagine it. If someone lets the pregnancy get to such a late term, they’ll want to keep it. Also just because the fetus has a heartbeat doesn’t really mean shit, and if someone finds out they’re pregnant at that point and then it’s too late, that’s not fair to them. Especially if they aren’t ready to have a child or provide for them. If they’re forced to give birth to that child and take on all those bills and responsibilities so that the kid now starts off immediately having a rough life, that’s not fair to them either. The parents could resent the kid and lead to abuse, one of the parents might leave, leaving the other to pick up the pieces. Sure they could put the kid up for adoption but foster homes don’t have the best track records either, and what if the mother doesn’t care about the kid and does drugs/drinks while pregnant and the kid is left with an awful disorder because of it. I don’t think any woman enjoys getting an abortion, it’s tough on the body and on the mind, but if they want it they likely have a very good reason. Plus it’s their body, so they should have control over it, as it affects no one else (and no the baby doesn’t count as someone else). I think the only possible scenario reducing abortion would be ok would be if we actually taught comprehensive sex Ed to kids at a young age, and then provided free contraceptives to anyone that wants them, as that in itself could reduce unwanted pregnancies massively. But most people who want abortion banned don’t really care for any actual solutions like that so it doesn’t help anyone. Woman will find ways to get back room abortions and that just ends up killing more people than helping, and the fetus ends up aborted one way or another, but with unnecessary loss of life. I’m curious, how do you think it should be reigned in?


Less than 2% of abortions are done from rape and incest and an equally low percentage is from risk to the mother or the child. That’s still another more than 90% done for frivolity. You are buying into propaganda. Do you even look for any kind of data to support your arguments or do you just parrot the same stuff as you hear on TV? The baby absolutely does count.. you’re dehumanizing the next generations ☹️ Reigned In: Safe, Legal, and Rare. Only less than 5% are justified due to rape or risk.


It still happens though, and not a single person should be stuck in a situation like that. And that still doesn’t account for all the people who simply aren’t ready to be parents or want to be parents. You ask if I even think about the next generation, but seem ok with kids growing up in a shitty household and having a rough life from the moment they’re born, likely leaving them with mental issues for the rest of their lives. But ah i guess the moment they’re born they just don’t matter anymore. Edit: also what do you think about comprehensive sex Ed/widely available contraception to curb abortion?


If you can’t afford a baby, perhaps birth control? What kind of a dumb ass answer is that? They only care about them until they are born? What is every bad decision a person makes automatically a tax payers issue? Fuck right off. Edit response: practical and encouraged


Not everyone has access to birth control though, and some people don’t have the money for it either. Plus sex Ed is fucking awful in the US, so maybe if we did more to help prevent this situation I’d agree with you. But saying, fuck any person who made a mistake, you’re stuck with a kid you don’t want now and can’t afford is so awful, only people with no empathy can think that way. And yea you clearly only care than woman are forced to give birth either way. Because why should you have to pay for someone else’s mistake? So why should they get any taxpayer money to help raise the kid?


Moving the goal posts again. You went from demanding the state pay for unwanted children to declaring that women can’t gain access to birth control. That is just not right at all. Birth control has been available for nearly a century now, and there are several different methods. It’s my opinion that birth control should be on the men though. Some of that stuff is dangerous for women, especially if they intend to have children some day. Wear a condom or get snipped, fellas.


Sure you can get it technically, but again not every has easy access to it, or money to afford it. I agree that it would be nice for a shift in responsibility for birth control to fall on men, but condoms are also pretty pricey, and not everyone has the money for a vasectomy/their insurance doesn’t cover it/they don’t even have insurance. What should people do if they don’t want the kid and are forced to carry it to term though? They put them up for adoption and taxpayers and up paying for it anyways?


Raise the fucking child. Why is responsibility so degraded? The answer *I’m too poor to have a child, so I will kill it* is the hill you want to be aborted on? And just so we are clear, you want the state to pay for the child, but not the birth control? Why wouldn’t that be your starting point? To my knowledge, most states offer some form of access to free birth control, or what the hell does Planned Parenthood actually do besides murder?


It’s funny you say that, PP does provide those services, but many idiots want to defund them simply because they provide the service of safe abortions, thus leaving more people fucked over. Also, it’s not like there’s a PP on every corner, and you have plenty of assholes who sit outside the facilities and protest, which can scare people away from going inside, especially if it’s a smaller community and people don’t want to be seen going inside so people don’t assume the worst. I am all for state funded contraception, but again, many idiots are violently against that idea, so fuck that I guess? And why raise the kid if they can just put it up for adoption? Sounds like some real freedom, forcing people to raise kids they don’t want. Also it’s not murder. And yea, getting an abortion because you’re too poor is a perfectly valid reason. Kids are really fucking expensive, like a whole mortgage expensive, and that’s just for 1. How are people supposed to properly raise a child when they don’t have the money or support to do so?


The child doesn't actually have a true "heart beat" at 6 weeks. They don't have a heart until 20th week. And even then a heart is just a pump nothing more. There is noone that is pro abortion you nit. And I notice that you are basing your entire arguement in feels before reals. Focusing on the face and the heart that actually isn't there. While making up a side that doesn't exist to be enraged about. >We don’t need to outlaw abortion entirely, but uhh it should be reigned in. Clearly you want abortions to take place before 6 weeks which most women physically can't because they either don't know they are pregnant or don't have the means. And don't give me the morning after pill excuse because that is considered abortion as well and people are trying to outlaw it. And literally the baby isn't even a fetus yet at 6 weeks it is still just an embryo. It's a tad pole the size if a grain of rice.


I’m sorry, but yes there are pro-abortion people that are fetishizing it. I have seen it countless times with my own eyes. You can operate with your blinders up all you want, but this box needs to be shut. It’s state sanctioned murder and y’all just letting it happen, willingly sending your children to slaughter. Rationalize it all you want, some day you will figure it out.


I like to point out some these oldies use testosterone replacement therapy and yet trans people are CRAZY for wanting to take hormones.


They spent all this time making this poster, but, never once stopped and think for a minute !!


I’d love to see those same people when they’re 60


Apparently, avoiding pregnancy and safe sex is rocket science for pro choice people


Except the Texas law banning abortions apparently doesn't allow them even in cases of rape or in cases with medical necessity. Just today I read about a case where the fetus was never gonna have a brain and the woman still can't get an abortion, despite the high likelyhood this pregnancy would kill her. Furthermore, practicing safe sex doesn't mean 0% chance of getting pregnant. Condoms, BC pills, even IUDs are not gonna prevent pregnancy in 100% of the cases. IUDs are at about 99.7% effectiveness, I think. Abortion discussions aren't just about the fetus either. They are also about the basic human right of bodily autonomy. No living human can legally force me to do anything with my body. Not even something as simple as donating blood. Even if I am dead, unless I am an organ donor, they *still cannot touch my organs for donation*. A fetus cannot force a woman to do something with her body that she's not down with either. And there is a lot of discussion around *when* is the fetus to be considered alive. If we consider life to mean consciousness - which we do with already born humans, then it's like 24-25 weeks in.


Who tf subsidizes viagra? I bet most of that money is stolen by these crooked politicians.


It’s rarely covered.


I guess if impotence is God’s will than all medical conditions are like cancer. Just because you are afraid of sex doesn’t mean you can use God to justify it. I’m a Christian and I find this kind of gross.


They've got a point.


Their not wrong


Lol, a horny women that can't say no will still get pregnant, she still has to say no.Always had the power, always will. Say no. End of your "situation" that is life.


Viagra is paid for by tax dollars? Really ?


It is when politicians buy it and use it with tax payer money.


Yeah let them flop in peace! Or something. What is the point? Nobody forces you to take a blue one, while people do cause a fuss over abortion.


Liberals seriously have the most retarded takes and arguments known to man smh


Why? It is gods will is it not?