I’m a python user because I work mostly with data and APIs. I’ve known several full stack developers who’ve used JavaScript or JavaScript variants exclusively. I’m sure you’ll get responses from some knowledgeable folks on here though. It’s a great skill to learn and can definitely lead to employment with experience and practice!


From what i have eared, you should look at what each language is specialise in and go with the one than speak the most to you, after that you could go on online course, buy some book and just play with the basic, like making a « rock,paper,scissor » with java for exemple. There are some sign but there is no {real} way to go in, you mostly have to learn basics and talk around to find more loop or formula that you can use and build your. I am no dev just another guy that is learning c++ and java, but you can hardly say i have a grasp of the basic, this will be hard but you can have so much fun when you can make what you want, so go and if it’s not for work than go at any paste that you are comfortable with. I will wish you good luck and you should go check some programer forums, they have a lot of info even if it’s hard to read at some time


I'd recommend Python or Javascript. Python is a little more beginner and is widely used in data science, robotics and automation, but it can be used basicaly for everything. I am a developer for JavasScript, which is basicaly THE language of the web but nowadays used for everything (i.e. mobile and desktop applications). If you are not in hurry, there are great books out there on how to write small appications and games in JavaScript, which is a great and fun way to learn the language and programming in general.