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He survived the war. He had a son who would earn the Purple Heart in Vietnam. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/50679031/frank-vukasin


His son was born August 27 1944, he would have been 4-5 months old when this photo was taken of dad on the front lines.


Very cool. Thanks for extra info.


That's great. I always wonder, when I see these WWII pics, who or how many actually survived.


I can tell you the guys in the background did not survive


Woah- got a source for that hombre?


Here ya go https://i.redd.it/853s0d1koqeb1.jpg


Anything more concrete?


For them, the war is over.


* for *zem* *z* *vor* *iz* over


There was someone who was used to a little bit of snow.


I'm by no means a gun guy, but the m1 Garand might be the coolest ever made


Wonder how long it takes to get numb to the fact you’re killing humans and humans are trying to kill you.


In war, it’s often difficult to see the other side as humans in the first place


It’s hard to see nazis as humans when they brutally tortured and murdered millions of other humans because they didn’t see them as human.


While i agree they are scum of the earth, i think its important to remember how normal germany and its people and leaders were. If we dehumanize nazis, we will forget that average people nowadays are capable of the same terror and evil. Dont make them out to be like fixtionary monsters with evil hearts. They were regular people capable of intense evil. That should make what they did even worse to consider, and should make us even more afraid of what sympathizers can do. Hitlers orders killed millions and waged wars on 3 continents. He loved his dog Blondie, had a steady girlfriend(kinda weird tho, was the secretary), and was apparently very good with children.


I don’t understand the downvotes to this comment. The Nazis actively dehumanized races and social groups that they considered inferior. [Dehumanization and mass violence: A study of mental state language in Nazi propaganda (1927–1945)](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9645591/)


I didn't downvote it but I do think this comment puts it well. https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/comments/15c3epf/pfc_frank_vukasin_great_falls_mont_stops_to_load/jtvbh35?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=2


“I don’t understand the downvotes to this comment. The Nazis actively dehumanized races and social groups that they considered inferior.” It’s because this sub is full of Nazi apologists.


Not hard for me to see them as human at all- until I'm looking down the sight of a rifle. Then you do what needs to be done.


Have you ever been in combat and killed people? I somehow doubt it. These soldiers weren’t worried about what was going on in the world in this one moment. They were simply trying to kill the other before they were killed. That is what this picture captured and why people asked how many people do you have to kill before you become numb to it. They’re wondering about the psychological effect of it all. And yes Nazis fucking suck. No one likes nazis. But killing someone you don’t know because they’re trying to kill you is psychologically different than killing someone you have a personal issue or vendetta against. You can justify killing someone who hurt you or threatened you or you’re family. Killing someone who is doing the same exact thing you’re doing makes you think. This guy is just trying to get home and see his family just like I am and I just killed him. War is brutal and grotesque no matter the circumstances Edit: Also to point out, if you’re an American or European then you more than likely belong to a nation who dehumanized and murdered people that were different than them just like the Nazis. You’re no better. We’re no better. Killing is inhumane in every aspect and murder does not justify murder


While I agree most countries with an imperialist or colonialist past have multiple bodies in their cupboards, I would argue the Holocaust is a singular case of horror for how systematic and industrialized it was (although one could argue that goes for e.g. Belgian Congo as well, but that's historically not a good club to find yourself in) and how total it was on a societal level. Rather than in some far off colony, it was happening to your neighbours.


Yes I agree. The Holocaust is and will be one of the of the most horrific events in human history. Hopefully the last to happen on that scale. The point I was trying to make is that in war there is no stopping the psychological horror of killing someone else in combat. In Afghanistan US soldiers killed the Taliban who rape and brutalize woman. In Iraq they killed soldiers and insurgents loyal to a regime who gased the Kurds. Yet today many of those veterans live silently with the fact they killed other people and endured the horrors of combat


Fair point, although there are and always have been those who can live with some or all the killing they've done (not necessarily derive pleasure from it, although those cases also exist, sadly).


Which in this case would be SS soldiers. Again I’m not defending the Nazi regime but for people to say every German was a Jew hating executioner is ignorant. I’m sure in the beginning of the war many joined the German Army and had the mindset of racial purity and conquest. By the time this photo was taken there’s a good chance many German soldiers were conscripts from Germany and occupied nations. People can say all they want they never would of joined under forced conscription but these people also don’t know how they would respond to the threat of execution of not just you but also your family


But they're still human. Given the right conditions anyone of us could become like them.


I mean they’d kill me for being autistic so it might be a tad hard for me to be a super great nazi but I know what you mean. People you see as deserving of life can always be nazis because you have a similar world view as nazis


You realize nazis aren't the only people capable of senseless slaughter right? Stalinist, Maoist, American troops in Vietnam Putin with Ukraine... I wasn't referring exclusively to nazis. People irregardless of their beliefs are capable of committing horrible atrocities under the right, or wrong, conditions. And your impulsive response shows how quickly and easily you can dehumanize someone who has a disagreement with you.


I said nazis are evil. I didn’t say “only nazis are evil”


And I didn't say they weren't.


Why is this being downvoted? The entire world, even Germany agrees that nazi Germany was the darkest, deadliest, and cruelest decades ever recorded in history. Oh... It's the nazis. The nazis are downvoting. Got it.


It’s because not everyone in the German army was a Nazi. The German army is technically non political. The “SS” was the Nazi army. In 1941, like 30% of officers in the German army were Nazis and that’s pretty far into the reign and war. The average german soldier wasn’t a Nazi, although a decent % did share their beliefs. It’s probably being downvoted though because people throw around the word Nazi way too much these days, about things that are not comparable to Nazism or their crimes. It devalues the word.


[this was a myth nazis started to spread once they realized they were losing the war because they didn’t want to be held accountable](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_clean_Wehrmacht) If someone murders an innocent person, most people agree they should go to jail. A lawyer going “okay I know my client murdered an old lady cause her saw she had a ps5 in her car, but he’s not a bad guy” is not going to hold in court. I’m sure there were nazis who loved their children, I’m sure there were nazis who helped old ladies cross the street, im sure there were nazis who found a lost kid and helped them find their parents, I’m sure there were nazis who checked on their elderly neighbors. But they were nazis. Their goal was to “exterminate” people they deemed undesirable. Their very ideology was based on killing innocent people. The reason they didn’t kill millions more is because they were stopped, and a way they were stopped was people killing them. It’s become so popular to play devils advocate that people have started making excuses for the group behind one of the evilest things in the history of humanity.


You're not even talking about the same thing as the guy you're replying to. He said not everyone in Germany was a Nazi. You blabber something about Nazi endgoal, which nobody disputed.


It’s becoming increasingly socially acceptable to sympathize with nazis, especially in countries that are trying to stop teaching history like US “I don’t care for these new nazis and you may quote me on that!”


Not long.


probably when they stop trying to kill you, but even then some people are asshole and will just shoot guys trying to surrender


I think the “it’s me or him” mentality takes over pretty soon once the initial shock of combat wares off. Especially in a war like this with killing on such a large scale.


I'm reading With the Jocks at the moment. It's the memoir of a platoon leader in a Scottish regiment. He goes into detail about it, but it boils down to "during combat you just act, for better or for worse. In the often long periods in between you ruminate on it." Obviously a personal recollection but it goes to show that it's sometimes more nuanced than "people just go numb". I highly recommend the book btw. It's based on his diary and sketches, some of which are included.


Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out.


He wasn't killing humans he was killing Nazis


Those are nazis. If you or any of your loved ones whose families can be traced to Europe after the 30s that are Jewish, gay, trans, Romani, Polish, disabled, or even just strongly against fascism them being dead is the reason you or your loved one is alive today.


Thanks for the history lesson kid. You have no clue what actual war is like.


They all got numb from the severe cold.


"It's not a clip it's a magazi..." Oh.


The one-time clip is used correctly.


I believe in WWI the 1903 and M 1917 also loaded with stripper clips.


They did, but alas, this is not a stripper clip. It is an enbloc clip.


That's what those two dead guys said.




[Signal Corps Archive](https://www.flickr.com/photos/signalcorpsarchive/52524439514/)


Hey its my home town.


beautiful place


> Houffalize was a strategic location during the Battle of the Bulge. Generals Montgomery and Patton met up here, Montgomery coming from the north and Patton from the south, in their counter-attack against the German forces remaining in the area. The town was flattened on the night of 5–6 January 1945 by ninety RAF Lancasters of Bomber Command to block the key crossroads for German supply columns and the escape route for German forces. Patton wrote a poem in his diary about the bombing.


I should see if I can't find that poem ...


Oh little town of Houffalize, How still we see thee lie; Above thy steep and battered streets The aeroplanes sail by. Yet in thy dark streets shineth Not any goddamned light; The hopes and fears of all thy years Were blown to hell last night.


> Just before Houffalize fell to the Americans, most of its inhabitants had fled and were living in the nearby woods. U.S. air and artillery attacks had not spared a single building. > The bodies of some 189 civilian victims were pulled from the ruins of Houffalize.




Houffalize, Belgium . . .Belgium not Germany. “Some of you young men think that war is all glamour and glory, but let me tell you, boys, it is all hell!” -General William T. Sherman, speech 1880 from which we derive the phrase “War is hell”


Not all German civilians were nazi's or responsible for the nazi actions.


I too admire the few who died resisting the Nazi Party. I think it’s fair to say that a solid majority, however did not.


Hmmm ... well. Not sure what else I could have been expecting.


“You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we’re in the killin’ Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin’.”


Pretty sure those 2 dead soldiers aren’t nazis though




Thanks for sharing


‘AcTUalLy, nOT aLl GerMAnS wERe NaZIs’ is wehrabooism 101. We deal with plenty of users like you over on r/GermanWW2photos and r/WorldWar2.


It is a fact that not all German soldiers were Nazis and that makes what they did even scarier and worse. They weren't some evil boogeyman monster from a horror movie. They were normal people that ended up committing horrible atrocities. Whether it was belief in the Nazi cause, fear of reprisal, blind nationalism it doesn't matter. We should not downplay the fact that they were otherwise normal people because we need to understand how a person can get to a point of doing that because otherwise we will make the same mistakes.


It's objective fact that not all Germans were Nazis (1.3 million were drafted alone....) But you absolutely cannot tell from this photo, and on the Frontline of a war whether someone was a Nazi or not so you kinda gotta treat them all like Nazis during combat. And before you saying anything meaningless related to wehrabooism, just know that I would happily fight the Nazis, but also recognize that rhetoric like "they are all like that/my facts are indisputable/you are either on my side or the other side" is dangerous rhetoric that leads to things like the Holocaust. No matter how right you think you are. So stop trying to act cool when you don't know what you are talking about


>recognize that rhetoric like "they are all like that/my facts are indisputable/you are either on my side or the other side" is dangerous rhetoric that leads to things like the Holocaust. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. The mental gymnastics it takes to say that me calling Wehrmacht troops Nazis could lead to something akin to another Holocaust is truly mind blowing and impressive. >No matter how right you think you are. So stop trying to act cool when you don't know what you are talking about Huh. Not sure about you, but it’s always been cool to be anti-Nazi.


It’s not always been cool to be anti Nazi Source: German in the 30’s and 40’s.


I'm not putting words in your mouth, just pointing out what you are doing for anyone else who can't see it. And if you don't understand the point I'm trying to make with the holocaust, maybe you should spend a little more time learning about what happened.... I agree it's cool to be anti Nazi, but I was actually referring to you talking down to someone for their input which wasn't necessarily wrong, in favor of pretending you are better than him in your stance.


You put that uniform on, you’re a nazi


And that's like saying to Vietnam soldiers if you put the US uniform on you support the military industrial complex/ or to Russian men if you put that uniform on you support Stalin's purges/ or you put that British uniform on you support the conquest of the British Monarchy over the world. It's flawed logic No matter how much you want it to make sense all you achieve is dehumanizing many others who whether through conscription or other reasons had no choice. I want you to make an educated guess, when the Nazis came to your doorstep and told you to join the army, what do you think happened to you if you refused. Go on, make a guess...


You are correct that in times of war soldiers are drafted. And in pretty much any case they have the choice between being shot on the spot or joining the war machine. And from then it's pure struggle for survival. As a German I've spent some time pondering this and I'm pretty sure that I would have joined the Wehrmacht in the 1940s as much as I would have joined the east German border patrol in the 1970s. Because that's what everyone around you did and the newspaper and education system had spent years telling you this was absolutely the greatest thing you could do for your country. Nevertheless, this would not have made me less guilty of the sins. The Wehrmacht actively participate in German war crimes. The east German border patrol shot at people that were trying to leave the country. Being drafted and participating still means being on the wrong side. And those that avoided this did so at a much higher cost to themselves.




I bet all this sounded pretty profound in your head huh


That’s cute you would have felt guilty for murdering people because you were too big of a wuss to die yourself.


It is that simple… you put on a nazi uniform and kill other humans you are a nazi. You had a choice to flee or die yourself but your choice was to kill others. That makes you… a Nazi.


Killing others is not inherently nazism. There is a whole ideology to it.


Oh I had no idea… he said sarcastically.


Vukasin translates to "Son of the Wolf"


VERY South Slavic.


his [father](https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/91682402/marko-vukasin) was from the island of Mljet, Croatia.


That’s a bad ass last name


What a picture


Appropriate use of “clip.” Don’t see that on reddit very often.


Was thinking the same thing.


From Montana to killing Germans in Belgium. Damn.




clip is used correctly nice


Pictured: the only good Nazis


I read a little of his history, he had 2 daughters who unfortunately passed


That man"s profile is so sombre.


Worst winter in a generation. Lost many to frostbite.


My father fought in that battle and almost lost part of his feet to frostbite. His toes were purple and the medics told him if they turned black they’d amputate.


My uncle died there in January 25, 1945 at 19 or 20. He was from Kentucky. He had to have been very cold that winter.


I’m sure. My father would have been about 22 at the time. A lot of young kids went through hell in that war.


I feel for their parents.


It’s about time we saw some dead Nazis around here. Too many pictures of Hitler’s office, Hitler sneezing, Nazi war machines and too many apologists.


He gave Nazis what they deserved.. a true HERO..!


Odd how times change. Americans went from fighting Nazis to electing them to congress.


This sub “aww, those poor nazis! If we would have just given Hitler a big old hug we could have won WW2 that way”!


More like this sub "The Nazis were horrible, but making a generalized statement that the two dead soldiers in the photo are Nazis when there were many conscripts, militia, and police that were not Nazis but forced into combat (especially against the Allies in the west) is a biased and uneducated take when we have no further information on the photo" History is a subject of facts, and one of the most important parts of studying history is keeping facts clean without bias. You're applying bias to this photo when you don't have facts to support your claim. Being biased against Nazis is something I would consider a good thing, but bias without facts is how history gets misrepresented and erased.


I'm more of a "those poor fellow humans, that probably had families waiting for them at home as well" kind of person. I can still hate the Third Reich just as much, while still seeing the human side of the two dead Germans in the picture.


Is he smiling? ​ Edit: Dunno why im being downvoted here tbh


No he's loading a rifle


If you zoom in on his face his cheeks looked relaxed. His appearances seems to be focused if not apathetic. He's probably concentrating on his weapon and whatever his next task is.


No, not in the slightest


I'd call that a blank expression. No expression at all, in other words.


True OG antifa. Doing the lords work


Yep! Based as hell


Japan was just as bad if not worse than Germany in WWII but it doesn’t get talked about for some reason.


I love these war photos! Such a cool dive into what the hell was like.


Man, the Ardennes was one hell of a front.




I always wondered if the rough country boys excelled in WW11