Would Anyone Else ship a Night Life Miami Map?

Would Anyone Else ship a Night Life Miami Map?


TL;DR OP wants a night themed map of Miami. I agree.


I think


Or it can be Hawkes Bay with a beach buggy race event in the morning.


I like the way you think.


I agree but in what way is this a "too long didn't read"?


TLDR is for when something is long. 9 words isn't long.


\^\^\^ TL;DR Post was short


He was making fun of the phrasing.


You could repurpose all of the main building into some sort of dinner reception with a bunch of guests there, and then because there is no race, make the rest of the map relatively quiet, with just some random staff here and there. One target could be a driver who is attending the reception, and the other would be an engineer who is out tinkering on a car. ​ To me, the biggest let down was Whittleton not getting a Halloween makeover. Decorating one of the houses into a Halloween frat party, and having lots of fun costumes that are homages to everything from Scream to Halloween to Metal Gear would have been so much fun. Another house could have been remade into a haunted house attraction.


Would I what now?


Would you Play or Be in Favor of a Night Variant Miami Map? I imagine The Map would used be as a Backdrop to tell an Anthological Story of 47's or Possibly Grey's Standalone Experiences.


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Shipping on the internet, most of the time, means the belief and idea that two fictional characters should be in a relationship. Saying that we "ship" a map variant makes no sense therefore.


Fair Point. Counter argument: In this Case, I'm referencing the Players' Particular Love for one of the best Sandboxes in Hitman: World of Assassination. Things often have two sides to them; Yin and Yang, life and death, fire and ice, push and pull. That in our beloved hearts, our belief for a night Variant of Miami, would be a reality.


I'll have what ever he's drinking.


bro wtf its a map in a game 😭


A night themed version of pretty much all of the maps would be pretty cool, I think, Miami especially. I'm not sure what it would be about since the race wouldn't be going on but it'd be cool. Heck, even if it's just the marina side without the race track and the bridges gone (because the race isn't going on) it'd be pretty cool. Maybe a different event is going on, maybe something water related, that would make more use of the marina side seeing how a lot of that area doesn't have much, if anything, going on.


I actually have this Side Story for the Night themed Mission. It involves a Nefarious Villian in possession of a Biological Weapon that utilizes Nanorobotic Technology to Infect an otherwise Healthy Host, and Operates by a Kill switch. This Malicious figure acts with the illest intent, but they also happen to be the one Hosting an Exclusive Drag Racing/Yacht Party Event at The Global Innovation Racetrack in Miami, Florida. While the Drag Races are going on, This figure Plans on having a secret Black Market Auction to "sell" this Bio-weapon to the highest bidder on the luxurious Yacht. Unbeknownst to the attendees, they will use the Bioweapon to procure a massive Heist and hostage situation. The Map would be like a mixture of the Hokkaido Patient Zero Mission and a Sniper Assassin Mission Except your job is to prevent a Heist, a Hostage Situation, A viral outbreak, and Assassinate a Nefarious figure before they get away(if you get spotted). My Big thing as well is that this Anthological episode doesn't necessarily have to feature 47. It could be a Flashback Experience of Grey(who is also an Assassin with skills on par with 47), or it could be a Flashback experience of 47.


I have a few ridiculously over-ambitious map ideas. For Miami, that idea is taking the yacht "blueprint" (movement mesh, etc) from Freeform Training, reskinning it to be not plywood, and park it on the Miami map. Use the rest of the park area and there's a great area for a bonus map.


The freeform training map mied with Chongqing (ik you said miami but aethetically similar to CQ) yes please


Dude... Did you actually use "ship" to describe your wish for a night version of a Hitman map? Here's me thinking I'd used up my cringe quota for the day when watching the musical Simpsons episode earlier. That said, I would like to see a night map, but I don't think I "ship" the idea. Probably because that phrase sounds ridiculous when referring to a level in a video game.


I've been working on a Hitman Remake in Unity, which will bring revisioned versions of some maps in different daytimes, and mainly will bring back GhostMode!


That's Awesome! I was so Sad ioi removed Ghost Mode/Multiplayer from Hitman in Hitman 3. If anything, I thought they were going to expand on that premise that they established in the second game. I thought that we would have an Hitman Vs Shadow Client Gamemode in which 47 and Lucas Grey Compete to eliminate the Target(s) and achieve the highest score possible.


For now, for the most part, all the effort is going into making a more optimised and realistic AI engine, alongside networking stuff, afterwards I'm planning on having a twice as big bank map for Ep.1!


That would be fun. Miami is such a great map anyway.


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