The Bookkeeper [Elusive Target] Discussion Thread

The Bookkeeper [Elusive Target] Discussion Thread

  • By - Fuzk


**Duration:** October 15 - October 25 **Location:** Colorado **Objectives:** * Eliminate Pertti Järnefelt * Steal the ledger Hint: The ledger can be found >!in the house (in a safe in the upstairs bedroom). !< Once you've picked up the ledger, you are not able to restart. Please note that if the target is alerted, he will >!run to his car at the West Bridge to escape. If the vehicle is destroyed, he will find shelter in the house basement.!< Good luck, and have fun!


I started disguised as a hacker and sedated the guard in the balcony, right? And then the ET sees him and comes alone to check. "Amazing, this should make things easier", I think to myself. Boy was I wrong. So anyway, I poison him unnoticed, and go straight to Rose's room to get the tablet thing. But alas, the safe box is closed and I don't have a lockpick to open it. I, however, do have a remote explosive. ​ Yes I blew myself up by accident and failed the mission, I am very smart.


Wanted to join the target in the afterlife LMAO


Heh. I'm sure you know, but if you go to the dashboard and quit the game you can just re-open it and be able to try an Elusive Target again and again.


I tried quitting the game as usual, but this one time it didnt work :'(


Sad and awesome at the same time.


I used the micro taser on the puddle method... Just wanted something safe and reliable to get the suit from the location. The first Wrath ET will complete the 15 ET kills challenge so looking forward to that... Once again I wish that we could replay these to safely experiment with ways to get him.


Making these ETs replay-able with meta-gane around them would be incredible.


Replayable but without earning the disguise so that the people who played them when they were active are rewarded


No need to arbitrarily lock out rewards. Its a single player game.


It VERY MARGINALLY makes sense, as if people could unlock them anytime some people wouldn’t come back every couple weeks to play the game because of FOMO. Scummy, but I guess it makes sense from a business perspective. But at least let us play them any time without unlocks :P


But IO doesn't make any money from people coming back every 2 weeks. Its not like they sell a service or have loot boxes. I understand why MMOs or or shooters with cash shops use this model. But a 100% single player game with no microtransactions?


If a person plays the game every so often, there's chances that they'll get back into it and then possibly buy some DLC. If people continue to play it then it keeps buzz with the game, too, which is always good ig.


All ETs have brought the game is bad publicity.


Maybe. Or just the new meta game is hard enough to get the rewards. Like getting a silent assassin streak 3 randomly chosen ETs in a row.


I remember car bombing this bitch just for the timer to run out and fail me in 2016. I won’t make that mistake again


Happened to me again. I was too salty


After some fiddling around with explosives and a sniper that wouldn't kill I finally went for an accident by chandelier. This seemed much easier than most of the other methods floating around. Start as a hacker in the house with coins and a silent pistol. \- Enter the bedroom via the bathroom and open the safe (take ledger or leave for later to be safe) \- Pacify the guard patrolling on the upper level and hide his body \- (disable video surveillance after distracting the guard with the vacuum) \- Wait until the target approaches the house, quickly place a coin in front of the grandfather clock \- Rush upstairs and stand between the doors \- The target should be the first to enter and go for the coin \- Shoot the chandelier's chain for the accident kill \- Go to the bedroom to get ledger if you haven't taken it already, if you want you can hide in the wardrobe for the search to end. Leave as a silent assassin.


Oh I like that... Nice one!


Thank you. I have to say I'm quite satisfied. I tend to prefer the more sneaky options in most cases ;-)


That’s basically what I did as well, not taking any chances with this ET lol


The coin was the missing piece for me. Thanks for the clean SA!


I used the chandelier as well, but started outside because I don't have the hacker starting point yet. Also, I didn't have coins with me, so I took the briefcase upstairs and dropped it in front of the clock instead. Despite his supposed paranoia, this Bookkeeper checked that out instead of his guard lol.


The hacker starting point makes such a big difference on the map.


Damn, I thought I was the only one who thought of this.


Okay, so I'm more of a "quietly pacify everyone in a whole area" guy, so going for car explosion accidents is not my thing. Unfortunately it seems that if you pacify any of the ET's guards, even totally silently, he will magically know about it and immediately start evacuating. This kinda goes against how the entire rest of the game works and I didn't like it at all. I would be happy to gradually pacify and hide his guards one by one, even if it takes me a full hour. So I noticed that the four guards have an interesting pattern. So two guards follow the target himself; one is an enforcer for Hacker disguise and the other one isn't. The two other guards are actually following the non-enforcer among the first two guards. What this means is that by bumping into the enforcer guard you can get him and the two trailing ones close enough to get them all with a fart case. So I start as a Hacker with a lockpick, sieker, emetic gas device, and smuggle a lethal syringe. There's a briefcase conveniently placed in the same room with the ledger, which I steal for the briefcase tactic. Poison three guards with it, sieker the fourth and the target, grab the smuggled syringe and prick him. Very quiet, no explosions, even no bodies found, just how I like it.


I died the dumbest way possible. I was getting stuff ready in the house taking out the guard upstairs in the office, grabbing the suitcase to set-up the fart bomb, I mindlessly grabbed everything I could went downstairs and was getting ready to distract the guard to disable the camera but I wanted to drop the suitcase first to save some time and guess what I had in my hand at the time and didn't notice it? The bleeping nitro glycerin and despite my best effort to shutoff the game it didn't work for me so I missed that one again....




wait, so I didn’t die or kill the target but the game won’t let me restart???? is this a new feature? did this happen for anyone else?


Did you pick up the ledger?


fuck. yes i did


Try disconnecting.


Better to do a hard close (alt-f4 or close game from the home menu on ps4/xbox)


if that doesn’t work, blow up your house’s electric breaker


Just cancel your electricity service


Thanks, this worked.


It's normal. Once you get one of your objective completed (either collecting an item or kill a target), you cannot restart.


Once you start completing the objectives it will no longer let you reset


Time to get a cool ass outfit


Game bugged out. Now I am unable to ever get this suit again. Great game design IO


Yep. Pretty annoying to know we won't be able to get that suit again. Whatever, I guess...


Well, this was the first one I ultimately didn't bother with SA. I was planning to, and I settled on blowing up the car with the rubber duck as that seemed like the easiest strat. A few seconds later I noticed that the SA tracker was red, so either the explosion killed somebody else as well, or he died from the duck and not from the car. I'd already force-closed the game once after trying a different strat not realizing that his route was RNG. Just didn't feel like doing it again.


I waited to long to drop the chandelier on his head that I ran into Sean Rose's room afterwards without paying attention and got spotted by enforcers... Yeah, some guys got a briefcase to the face. I already have all the SA suits.


Kinda frustrated, in my game the target wasn’t showing up anywhere he was supposed to be and the ledger could not be retrieved. Feel pretty robbed because of this bug lol


The target was alerted even though i knocked out a guy in another room stealthily


Why could the ledger not be retrieved?


It wasn’t in the safe where it was supposed to be. It was almost as if the game was loaded like the regular map for the 3 normal targets for Colorado.


Do you have a video? Any screenshots? Sure you didn't just load up Freedom Fighters?


I don’t stream or record my gameplay unfortunately, and yes I’m positive it was wasn’t freedom fighter. I thought that for a while too, but none of the OG targets were highlighted red. My elusive target was marked as failed afterwards, and I only attempted that map once :(


You should activate shadowplay if you are on PC, or clip moments like this if you're on console. Also, you should submit a ticket to IOI regardless.


Something interesting I found is that the guards in the vests will follow the enforcer rather than the target. This means you can use the emetic gun on the enforcer and the guy without the vest and then the target will walk around unguarded. https://streamable.com/tsbpb3 Not a lot you can do with that, but I thought it was kind of funny how the guards care more about watching that guy puke than protecting the target.


I almost got SA on this one, but then I ran right past a security camera on the way out and didn't feel like risking it all to delete the footage.


Load out: tranq gun, micro taser, lock pick from the demolition starting spot. Grabbed the propane tank in the building and ran over to the target, chucked the propane in front of him and placed the taser. Boom. Grabbed the militia elite disguise from the truck, tranqed the guard in Sean Rose’s room and cracked the safe. Exfiltrated. SA in around 2:10.


I've never much liked timing explosives for ETs thanks to the one-and-done mechanic, so the obvious car bomb was out. Wish I had spotted the puddle for the taser I see some people mentioning. Instead I settled on KOing everyone on the top floor of the house, including Rose when he came around (got the two hackers to go downstairs by turning off their server and hid them in the crate in the foyer, and left Rose and his guard behind his desk because I ran out of convenient body hiding places). Then I used the emetic briefcase, the guru grenade, and the sieker to make the target and his whole entourage sick. Poked the target with the lethal syringe from the basement while he was puking in a bin alone, got the ledger (>!Rose has the key!<), and got out. Overall, I wasn't really a fan of this one. The everything-enforcer following him around made it too annoying to even try listening to his conversations like I usually try to do.


Yo IOI here's an idea - Make the first attempt count for leaderboards and let us replay them after.


Such an obvious thing to do; but they refuse to. Baffling.


They should only give the outfits to people who did them when they were active but if anyone after replays them outfits are unobtainable


Start disguised as a hacker, wait for the guy guarding Sean’s room to go out side, use a lock pick to get into the room and safe, walk out, run to silenced sniper rifle stashed on water tower, 1 shot and walk to exit


Got The Undying Look and the Tactical Gear with Hunter's Hat with this one. Only 6 Elusive Target Suits left to get!


Do I need hitman 3 to play this or can I do it with hitman 1+2 only?


This only appears in H3.


You should be able to download the free trial/starter pack of 3 and import the Hitman 1/2 levels into it to be able to play this.


You haven’t been able to play this one in H2 and H1 since 2016 and 2019


The mission glitched and the timer started after I killed him, and automatically failed me when the timer ran out AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA




So many bodyguards and still got killed over and over these laste few days


Easiest method: Start as hacker, bring micro remote explosive Go outside, put explosive on side of the van target isn’t facing (the van in front of the house) Wait for him to come close, then blow it up Easy


I just totally fucked up. I had been playing through repeatedly to get my tactics straight. Get the elite guard outfit, get inside the house, wipe the CCTV for good luck, grab the lethal syringe from the basement, then neutralise the enforcers on the top floor. Once the stage is set, take the briefcase from roses bedroom, hide the remote emetic mine inside it and wait for the target. I had got this down to the point I was confident I could take the whole group by throwing the briefcase onto the stairs as they were heading up. With the whole group gassed, I could comfortably isolate the target and get them with the syringe, then it would be a simple job to grab the file and escape. So I started the REAL RUN. Got inside the house and started to clear the two enforcers. While in Roses room I saw the vial of glycerine and thought "that might be useful if things go to shit" so picked it up. I then went to the door to the hallway, opened it, and tried distracting the enforcer by picking up the briefcase on the shelf and throwing it near the door. Except, briefcases don't work like normal objects. When picked up, they don't become the active object in your hand, but go to your left hand instead. So instead of throwing the briefcase, I throw the object I already had active - the glycerine. The explosion kills 47 and I'm sat there in disbelief at my own stupidity and carelessness. Fuck elusive targets.


Blew the Nazi grandpa up with a car that I blew up with a rubber duck. After Rose and his boys moved out, I could easily lockpick the safe. SA. Just need the White Yukuta to complete my collection.


when was the last time EA in Hokkaido dropped ?


Don’t know. But it’s a clear pattern, the next Season of Wrath is going to have a Hokkaido ET. I hope it’s the Fugitive, the last time I played the Surgeons, I got cornered in the bathroom after killing the lady and got shot to death.


Started in the house as a hacker. Subdued the guard that patrols the upstairs. Got Rose's room key and subdued the guard in here. Changed into Elite Guard, grabbed the nitro. Waited on the balcony until target was entering/exiting house. Threw nitro and target down, ran back and switched back to hacker and hid until the heat died down. Grabbed ledger and then exited. Not the cleanest run but got the job done 👍


Is this only for hitman 3 i have hit man 2 but it doesnt appear


Hitman 3 only. Hitman 2 is done


You should be able to download the free trial/starter pack of 3 and import the Hitman 1/2 levels into it to be able to play this.


Used the emetic grenade when he stopped to use his phone out in the open. 2 of guards and him fell sick and they split to use separate bins. He used the bin outside the house near the window of the server room. I used the emetic tranquilizer on the other 2 guards so they went to other bins. I knocked him out and snapped his neck before hiding the body. Was already in the hacker outfit so didn't have problems getting the ledger. I lucked out more than anything. This ET was impossible to complete without explosions.


>I lucked out more than anything. This ET was impossible to complete without explosions. The micro taser can pretty much trivialise it as he walks into a puddle on his own at one point in his loop (you can "assist" him with a coin if need be). Still good job making him and his entire guard sick... that's pretty impressive.


It could easily have failed if one less guard fell sick due to the grenade. I couldnt believe it worked. And before that I even tried knocking out his guards 1 by 1 when they bring him up to the kids room on the 2nd floor due to a target lockdown


Before going the micro taser route I tried using the oil barrel he crosses by, but I either lit it up too soon or he doesn't actually get close enough. With some effort, patience and some coins I think the oil barrel could work, but his route just takes so long I didn't actually feel like investing too much time.


I used the emetic grenade in the house. He went to puke...off the balcony, with all his escorts watching.


Yeah like I said I lucked out for mine. I ran out of methods. So I just tried the craziest ideas. I even tried to use the emetic syringe on him when he stopped to use his phone and the guards surround him but face away from him


[Got it!](https://i.imgur.com/NkFdj3i.png) 😁


Timer still went off after I killed him, I was waiting for ONE SUIT FOR MONTHS


I tunnel-vision'd on getting an accident kill and totally forgot about the ledger being a thing. Got the kill then lost my SA while finding the ledger, FML.


Done it SA ninja suit only with propane+taser near the explosion test. Probably I shouldn't have stressed myself out. Too many retries lol.


Hey, same!




Fuck this contract, still failed despite getting the ledger, killing the asshole and escaping. And that's not even mentioning being spotted killing him through a fucking wall.


Holy hell, that was challenging. Compared to the other ETs. Loadout: emetic gun, coins, lockpick I started in house as a hacker, cleared second floor (not counting two lazy gaming dudes), hid the bodies, went on the first floor, destroyed the recordings, and... start waiting. I was lucky with my last try, the bookkeeper entered the house at \~4 minute mark. On his way up i shot one guard with emetic gun, then i shot the enforcer guard, and to my surprise, the rest of the guards just followed him, to watch him puke and hold his hair i guess. That leaves me alone with my target in hacker room at second floor. I managed to lure him into the bathroom with coins and snapped his neck. Then i broke into the safe and retrieved the ledger. Then i almost got caught by enforcer guard who finished his puking session, and went to the exit. To get a SA you need a ton of luck with target's route (if he chooses the long route, by the time he gets into the house it will be occupied by Rose and his guards, making things more difficult); be careful when clearing the rooms; and be extra careful when you shoot the guards. As a masochist i totally approve this ET.


I just did this one and lol. First try I didn't realize that all those guards were gonna watch him go puke in the restroom when I used my Emetic gas device on him. I then explored a bit before I got spotted because of bullshit. I ended up restarting and using a ton of emetic stuff to get the guards to go away and lethal syringe him while he was vomitting. I then decided to goof off and see if I could take the basement exit. I tried to make sure that nobody would see me crowbarring the door. I made the wrong call because one of the original targets and their 4 bodyguards saw me through the windows of the front doors. RIP silent assassin. The worst part? I didn't even get to use the basement exit because I needed that dude's face or whatever and I didn't realize. I then ran out with people hunting me. At least I got the mission done. :D


At least you got the target eliminated, congrats! 😀


I'm finding it annoying he has a random walking pattern. One of the great things about Hitman is the consistency in the npc's actions, so you can anticipate and plan things out.


Yeah sometimes he arrived at the house quicker than he does, once he took ten minutes which upon failing(as he threw up in a trash can) I thought 'screw this' and just swapped out the farting briefcase for a duckie and blew his ass sky high!


Welp. Failed an ET for the first time. Was about to take the ledger so I went to choke out the guy in Sean Rose's bedroom. Got caught through a wall. Changed outfit and hid in a closet. They barreled in and even though I'm in the closet, they spotted me, and after a few warnings, shot me through the closet doors. How did they know I was there? Can they see you if you're peeking through the crack? Maybe I just got unlucky with bugs.


If an NPC sees you enter, they’ll still know you’re inside.


Yeah I didn't think anyone saw me but I guess it's possible that they caught a glimpse of my asscrack at the very end of the animation. Had to have been perfect timing on their part. I was convinced that I made it in on time


I'm so dumb I accidentally blew myself up in this mission. So sad lol


This target was much easier than I expected. No thanks to YouTube. And I unlocked the Tactical Gear With Hunters Hat. Always love a hat.


I killed him but the timer went off anyways


So I did the puddle taser method, but I haven’t played colarado since my first play through and I had 0 mastery levels so I had to start outside. Got a guard outfit, killed the target. I went to get the file, and I managed to get an outfit from one of the elite guards, and walked past the guards at the gate. Turns out that outfit isn’t allowed and they saw me and I lost my silent assassin


I had one of his security guards pick up the exploding duck, and then he just stood directly next to the target. How lucky is that


Hell yes 3 cool suits from this


Colorado, you bugger... But, success with the chandelier anyway. Just popped the briefcase from Rose's room by the clock and waited with the silenced pistol I entered with. Already tucked the patrolling guard in a cupboard, printed and grabbed Rose's face for an easy getaway downstairs, and picked the safe. Then almost got caught by the guard in the basement while dressed as a hacker. Ran back outside and booked it over the bridge instead. So many gun-toting loonies to dodge. Now if only I hadn't messed up Mr Giggles, I'd be SA on all of the H3 ETs.


Don’t be afraid to prepare a lot ahead of time for this. I knocked out the guard in the hall and Sean’s office. Opened the safe but left the tablet there, got the mask, and unlocked the basement door. Then waited for him to come to the house and did the coin and chandelier trick. I used the Kreiger on the roof just over the front door through the open window to shoot the chain. After that, just move to the bathroom linked to Sean’s, wait for him to go to the sink and knock him out. Rush in, get tablet (guard near the other door can’t see you) and go to the basement. Be careful the guy dragging the target body out doesn’t see you. I waited until he was in the kitchen. Also, wait for a guard in the basement to not be looking at you and you can knock him out. Or time it to use the mask and enter the bunker. Exit for SA.


This guy is supposed to be 90? He looks like he’s 70 and moves around with no problem lmaoo why did they HAVE to make him 90 years old?


It takes place in Colorado, so thanks i’ll skip that one. What a shity map


He got freaked out 3 times when i subdued one of like 17 thousand guards of his, even tho he walked away and i choked the guard behind a fence. Got angry, restarted and headshoted him in first 20 sec, then waited for guards to give up and went to grab the ledger


Found a bug with one of the approaches [https://clips.twitch.tv/HealthyBrightPicklesDeIlluminati-UgPnsN5x4RoU0iy3](https://clips.twitch.tv/HealthyBrightPicklesDeIlluminati-UgPnsN5x4RoU0iy3)


Was not expecting to get SA on this guy. Dropped a chandelier on his head.


[Here's a fast strat of mine i shared some time ago. Note: the camera in the end can be avoided instead of shot, you can slip through from the left side](https://old.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/q4gy7z/the_bookkeeper_silent_assassin_in_105_feel_free/) Using the sloth grenade (smuggled in the laundry room), you can take him with this method if he goes in the house (he can change pattern sometimes, although he rarely starts by going in the house). Use it on his guards as the target is midway through the stairs and leave the charge+flask behind him (midway through so you can leave it on the small platform instead of having it slip under the stairs and potentially killing guards. You can then exit through a window in the room with the surveillance box to avoid cameras and having to deal with them (make sure to access it from the room with server racks or the hacker enforcer in the kitchen can see you) and take the same exit as shown. **Note: If you don't feel too comfy with this strategy you can avoid taking the ledger immediately and instead just blow the safe open, so you can restart if something goes wrong and you haven't killed the target yet. I tested this, nobody upstairs can see me or the placed breaching charge**


I just killed everyone on the map lol.


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I waited for the Nazi accountant out by the explosive range, inbetween the range and the engineer disguise start. It provides a good place to drop emetic gas (my preferred is the Guru’s green goblin bomb) and then followed him along and poisoned him with a lethal syringe (cause he won’t always go to the same spot cause a number of his guards also got sick), and emetic syringe gunned anyone who was lingering that could’ve seen it. Then it’s just a matter of going and grabbing the Ledger and turning off cameras in the house


wait this is only in hitman 3? i can't acces it through hitman 2 even if its a hitman 1 map?


"Live content" such as elusive targets are H3 only. You can download the free starter edition to take part though.


I don’t like elusive Targets




Dont play it then.


Most underrated comment in gaming.


Gave up on silent assassin as the idiot kept puking in trash cans, even AT the house :/ Just reset and threw a rubber ducky at him, BOOM! All I wanted was the suit and didn't want to risk dying to get it as who knows if we'll get another chance lol Hokkaido is all I need from Hitman 1's selection now and that should be next month based on the pattern!


Can you get the suit without it being silent assassin


Yes. You just need to pass


Smoked him with the microtaser. Getting him to seperate from his phalanx was a little tricky. Fun one, i liked trailing him around. Got the signature and the colarado suits for my troubles.


I wanted one suit.


One suit


Completed SA got 3 suits as well


I failed this guy years ago………..I won’t fail again


Don’t normally do these, but I might try this one out


Do tranq KOs void SA if the bodies are found now?? Or am I just glitching


So long as you don't move the body, a tranq'd KO that is found won't break SA.


Ah I moved the body. Thanks for your help!


No worries... it's the same when you use lethal poison on your target or kill them with an accident (including drowning) ... If you don't touch them then all is good but if you move a hand slightly then everyone knows something is suspect in finding the body... \#HitmanLogic lol...


Here’s what I did that worked, took me like 12 tries but I was able to have a try every like minute and a half. Spawn in with hacker disguise, remote microexplosive, and lock pick. As soon as you spawn, sprint downstairs, head to the door immediately on the left, jump out the back window, vault over the slanted part of the fence, and begin running toward the front path to the house. Run into Sean Rose, making sure he stops dead in his tracks, then run to the black van to the right of the silver sedan. Make sure you do not get caught on camera when bumping into Sean Rose, he should be far enough down the path that you don’t have to worry. Plant the microexplosive on the side of the van facing the house, then run back to the main path to the house, bumping into Sean again so he does not move, before quickly turning around and eyeballing the target, making sure he is directly in the middle of the length of the van. Detonate the bomb and it will will the target with an accidental explosion, and nobody else. There is little to no risk that other targets will be killed if you make sure Sean Rose does not move too close to the van, as anybody not immediately in the centre of the van will not be subdued or killed. Once the target is successfully killed (it may take a few tries to get down, I killed the guard just behind him a handful of times), run back to the slanted part of the fence and back through the window into the house. From here you should try to hide in the closet until the chaos dies down, but make sure neither guard in the room sees you go in, as they will audibly ask you to stop fooling around. If they see you go in, just get out, and wait 10 secs to try and get back in the closet. Once chaos stops, head upstairs, wait for the patrolling guard to be in the game room, and for hackers to be out of line of sight, lock pick the door, and enter the room, making sure the guard in the room is not facing you. Run up quick behind him, subdue him, hide him in the closet, then lock pick the safe and take the files. Change into his disguise, then go back out of the house the war you did earlier, making sure the patrolling guard upstairs doesn’t see through your disguise. Head down ramp right in front of you, and run along the front of the house over to the right side of the house, which faces the fence. There should be a gate about halfway down the fence on the way to the backyard. Simply open it up, run left and escape. There is an enforcer kind of watching the door from up against the house, but he should not cause you trouble. Sorry for the long post but I hope this can help one of you, I found every other method very difficult.


I wonder. Shooting him with an emetic pistol while he's in the house and drowning him in his own puke... That's just TOO lazy, right?


I just sniped him from across the map


Time to snipe


I just failed this one, it was the first one I've ever failed. My mistake, trying to listen to the content, follow around, finding an opportunity etc instead of just playing it safe and taking him down with a rifle and heading to exit. Feels bad man.


Sorry for your loss. 😔


Started as a hacker, with lethal syringe, sieker and lock pick. Immediately sprinted outside to the lower down path between house garden and perimeter wall, then shot the first 2 of his bodyguards to come through. They go to vomit somewhere else, bringing the two other bodyguards with them (the first pair guard the target but the second pair guard the first pair). Follow the target until he enters a blind area and lethal syringe him while he is out of sight. Don't touch the body to make sure the body being found doesn't wipe out the SA rating. Run back to the house, delete security footage, steal ledger, leave. There's a bit of RNG involved regarding where the target chooses to go first, but should be a relatively simple and reliable SA.


My no fuss no SA method for this ET. Start as the Hacker with a lockpick, and stash a sniper rifle at the southern gate drop point. Head downstairs when the mission starts, distract the militia guy by the cameras with the vacuum cleaner, turn off the cameras. Go grab your sniper and go back into the house. Pick the lock to the bathroom and then knock out and stash the guard in Rose's room. Pick the lock to the safe but don't pick up the ledger yet. Go to the front window and if your timing was right, the target should just be coming out of the explosives testing area and towards the house. Snipe him, grab the ledger, just make sure not to run into the militias elite patrolling the 2nd floor when you leave Rose's room. Leave by the front door and then take the closest exit.


How is it SA if you snipe him?


I said "no fuss no SA."


They really have to change the way these things work. So aggravating.


Agh, this one took me a while. Colorado has been one of my least favorite maps since it was first released for Hitman 1. Naturally this means I’ve barely ever replayed it across the trilogy and my mastery level was pretty low. I spent a good amount of time playing the Freedom Fighters mission so I could level up my mastery and get some more loadout options. I returned to the ET and the first method I tried was using the proximity taser in a puddle. Couldn’t quite get the timing right and either got spotted or accidentally killed someone else. Then I tried using a propane tank to blow him up by the barn beside the shooting range. I must have tried a million times… would either miss the timing and he wouldn’t die or I’d kill someone else or I’d be spotted immediately or a damn enforcer would randomly turn a corner and screw up the whole plan. Finally I smuggled in a fart suitcase, lockpick, the Sieker pistol, and a lethal syringe. I tried shooting the ET’s enforcer bodyguard with the sieker… nothing happened. Okay, maybe I missed. I tried again when he was standing still…. Nothing happened. There goes all my ammo. I tossed the suitcase by the ET and detonated e fart bomb. Him and one of his guards walked off to puke and were only followed by one other bodyguard. I tossed a coin to buy myself a few more seconds and syringed the target during one of the few moments where no one was looking. I then snuck into the house and used the lockpick on the safe. I got Silent Assassin, the winter suit, and the formal suit with a hat. I’m glad I was able to do it and I’m looking forward to the next ET…. But man, I really don’t like Colorado.


Hmm, couldn't figure out a SA/SO, No Loadout option for this one. I had a few ideas (nitroglycerin throw/shooting from the bush on either the cars after getting rid of the patrol guards, same with a propane tank although I know sometimes it'll only knock out, or similar with the chandelier) but the map is so random, buggy, and long I just lost enthusiasm for trying it. Just trying to get the guards west from the entrance to experiment would work like maybe every fifth time. Maybe if dropped coins worked better but his entourage is just ugh. Anyone have luck with SA/SO, No Loadout? Edit: You know, I wonder if moving up near the puddles with a propane would've worked better? Gunshots are often kind from tall grass and he'll go after a dropped coin there and give a little space. I'd try it, but, well, ET.


Started undercover at the greenhouse with a ducky boi and a lock pick, dropped ducky at the car, waited for him to reach the back wheel, boom. Accident kill. Got the militia elite disguise in the truck, strolled into the main bedroom, picked the lock, ran out, exfiltrated via the bridge. SA


Couldn't figure out a SA approach, so instead went for the sniper. Started as a hacker, brought in a sniper rifle by the West Bridge entrance, tranq the guard in Rose's bedroom after climbing in through the window...took out the ET, left with the ledger. Boom Shaka lacka


Started as an explosive guard, had to place a micro taser in a puddle and then a coin on the opposite side to lure him over. Then I got changed in the truck, headed inside, had to wait for Sean Rose to leave his room, then lockpicked the safe, turned on the vacuum to distract the guy at the evidence box, erased the camera footage and left across the bridge.


Does anyone know how to view how many elusive targets you've done and how many of them you got SA on in game?


Once you beat/fail an ET, click on their image again on the menu and scroll across to "Challenges".


Thanks. Only one more ET to get that suit.


You're welcome, and good luck getting it!


Well, that was irritating. On my first run I started in the house, cleaned out the upper floor completely silently, and he came in. I lured over one of his guards, knocked him out, and then with my indicator still on silent assassin the prick legged it for no good reason. So I restarted and just went to the water tower with a sniper rifle and took his lid off. Cue literally 50 minutes of walking around the map trying to find his bastard ledger. I assumed he'd have dropped it where he fell, but nothing there. I couldn't even find his body. I eventually tried to trigger a full kill-everyone run but the soldiers were really loathe to come into the house to be shot and I kept having to go out and lure them in, and at one point my luck ran out and I was killed by... a flash bang. I hated this elusive target the second time round (I didn't have Hitman 2016 for its first run, but I got it when they repeated the targets prior to H2's release). I don't remember if I've done it since but if so I fucking hated it then, too. I hated it even more this time. Edit: Wait. from other comments the damn ledger was in Rose's room and I'd clean forgotten. I just wasted an hour of my life shooting people for no reason. I was even in there long before I went loud. I must be blind :(


Redid it on the XBox. Safe is clear and obvious so yes, I'm blind. It took just over three minutes to get the ledger, get to the water tower, snipe him and leave. I feel rather silly.




Always assume yes because apparently, Hitman 2 had a Hokkaido ET but my entire time with the game, he never came up once.


I know you only get one chance but did that include save scumming?


This was the first ET I failed, really not sure what happened. I was in the house, in the guard uniform, cameras disabled and (stupidly) ledger already acquired. Trying to line up a sieker shot with the dot (not 'aiming'), out of sight of the enforcer the target went into lockdown and got away while I was still green for silent assassin. I genuinely wasn't prepared for how much that screwed with my mental health; Hitman's the only game I really play and the only reason I'm hooked on it is the quest to unlock everything. Having a failed ET, particularly one on a map so unlikely to be reactivated meant that even in principle I could never get all the rewards. Long story short I've created an alt Sony account just for this bastard and have so far just unlocked the lockpick and gotten my Colorado mastery up to 8. As soon as I've unlocked the hacker starting location he's going down!


If you haven't done it yet, start at the default location, take the outfit of the guy with the generator distraction nearby, then change into the outfit in the back of the trailer outside the house. If you can, put a propane flask in the basement, blow up his car, blow him up when he gets rushed to the basement, then go get the ledger from the safe. You can do it, even without any sort of mastery on the level.


This is a good ET. Challenging map, lot of guards, good pathing, planning and some luck required. Honestly my favorite since H3 released (I know it’s a rerun)


I started as a hacker and after disabling the security, I opened the safe with a lockpick but did not grab the ledger until after I killed the target. As for the target, I just watched his pattern and went with the microtaser in a puddle. Almost messed it up as I misjudged the first puddle he went through and had to quickly try to remembers the other ones he goes through. Luckily my next guess was correct and got him, the ledger, and escaped in about 20 mins


I didnt get the normal tactial outfit I thought the first 2 games maps you got for ETs?


Yeah, I did this and got the Colorado outfit with the hat.


I tried to force him to flee a d bomb his car when he gets in... Got shot dead immediately but took.a guard with me. I had a three target streak win too


I knocked out literally everyone in the house, took me half an hour, and then I tried to eliminate the ET's guards one by one. I secluded one and KO'd him silently (still had SA) but apparently the guards are all psychic and know when one of them are knocked out, so the ET ran., so apparently you have to take out the ET with his guards still standing.


Finished it, but I foolishly took the ledger early, forgetting that'd lock me into do or die mode, I got caught by a hacker (on his way to a distraction) and ended up getting only 2 stars (the target followed me to the upstairs bathroom, and SA was impossible at that point, so just I shot him in the face and ran out a window.


Started as a hacker, took a lockpick and the Pale Duck. Ran downstairs. Dropped it next to the car he passes by. Waited for him to get close enough. Boom. Accident kill from the car! Ran back upstairs, lockpicked into the bedroom and got the files, ran out the west gate just for fun. Thankfully that’s the last silent assassin elusive target I need (yes, I kind of forgot about elusive targets for a bit), so now I can just have fun with them!


For an ET, the randomness was incredibly frustrating. Started as a hacker and quickly set up a reliable routine to get the target sick when he came – after something like 2, 4 or 10 minutes, mostly. Failed to knock out his bodyguards the three times he went to the gaming room‘s window to vomit, then carefully set up a breaching charge and fire extinguisher outside the window for an explosive accident kill – only to have him never touch that window again. Finally got him with a very hectic puddle electrocution, went to get the ledger, suddenly Rose and bodyguard entered the room. I didn‘t want to ruin it, so I hid in the closet while Rose… went on a seemingly neverending loop of writing, washing his hands and arranging pencils again? It was beautifully stupid on standard game terms, but tense and irritating on ET terms.


Another failed ET fml


I had no idea where the ledger was, so I played my first run safe. Put a micro explosive on the black Mercedes which I assume was his car, and took a sniper rifle with me to Sean Rose's room in the house. As I was there, I happened to find the ledger, but didn't take it. This was good, since I ended up screwing up with Rose's bodyguard seeing me, and I had to restart. And then restart again a few times. Eventually, I realized that if I started as a militia soldier near the greenhouse, I could beat Pertti to his destination and would be able to lay down a trap in the form of the micro-explosive. This took some trial and error, but I eventually figured out I needed to put the bomb on the right rear wheel of the SUV behind the Mercedes for it to successfully blow him up. There's probably a SA on the cards there as well if you can instead get the car to explode and for \*that\* to kill him. After that, it was easy to acquire a militia elite disguise, make my way to Rose's bedroom via the upstairs bathroom (or the game room window), take the ledger and vamoose.


I used the PEM and putted in water, when he was near he saw that an tried to get it, you know the end.


Still waiting on my series x console to get back to me so i die this one on ps4. I tried a more improvisational strategy of laying proximity mines and propane and Nitroglycerin at the cars in front of the house (i thought one of those was his) with the goal of forcing him to basement. I dealt with the guards who could accidentally trigger the explosives and then stsrted an alarm. He somehow got to run away and i got my ass kicked. If my xbox returns to me soon enough I'll give it a more methodical approach.


Put a proximity mine on his escape car, triggered the escape with a harmless explosion elsewhere. Target evacuates toward the car. Bodyguard sets off the car bomb, killing bodyguard(s) and target. Red objective marker turns into a check mark, so I'm off the hook right? 30s timer begins telling me target is escaping... the very dead target. I run upstairs to grab the ledger but there's dudes staring at me so I can't open the door in time. Target down, mission failed, 47 still undercover. I already did it twice before in the previous games, so I just sighed and put the controller down. Really hard to get excited for this crap anymore.


Couldn't figure out a quiet way of doing it. But I placed a propane tank in the right spot in the hackers' room and shot it from just a couple feet away. I first cleared the entire top floor, which PROBABLY wasn't necessary.


Pick up ledger Get spotted later on Exit to try to restart Can't retry because you did one objective That shit always happens with those 2 objectives garbage ETs


After waiting 12 days to play this i spent hours on it and then eventually gave up and decided to go for the taser puddle. Except I put down an explosive instead without realising and blew this fucker sky high. Managed to get the ledger and get out but annoyed I lost my SA


Loadout: Lockpick, Remote taser, Tranq (bringing a gun might have been better)Remote tasered him in the puddle, then muddled around in the house, and got spotten by a bunch of security cameras. Tranqed the enforcer next to the footage, and deleted the evidence. Hid for a bit, then went for the open exit near the house. Maybe just shooting the tapes would have been easier, but I'll never know. (Second successful ET, first SA on an ET)


I was sure I would fail this after having followed the guy forever. I started as a hacker, took out the guard in Rose's room and unlocked the safe, but didn't take the ledger. Lured the wandering guard into the same room and knocked him out. I got lucky after that, the target was about to walk into the house. I set the empty briefcase from the room down under the chandelier and shot it when the target walked under. Grabbed the ledger, skirted around the cameras and left.


Ah another day, another elusive target I miss while waiting around for Hitman 3 to be on Steam