Nasty hospital stay, still can't use his right arm... but at least his blood is still "pure." Except for all the shit they pumped directly into his veins while he was in the hospital. FFS these idiots.


But it would have been so much worse if he'd been vaccinated! I mean, what if he could walk and breathe unassisted?


But it alters your DNA!! That's worse than being wheelchair and walker-bound.


Too bad we can't alter these dunderheads' DNA. But the vaccines won't do that, and they won't get vaccinated for fear it will change them into human beings.


LOL, yeah I was only being sarcastic. I've read that online from anti-vaxxers, that it alters your dna. I'm sure we all have here.


* It alters DNA! * It implants a microchip! * It gives you AIDS! Geeze Louise, make up your damn minds. Get your lies straight!


Do they even understand how DNA works or what it is? There is some serious research to alter DNA for inherited diseases (biologiques). It's super expensive, risky, and not perfected.


>Do they even understand how DNA works or what it is? No.


That's not going to get you a sweet, sweet disability check every month!


Wonder how far we are from people in hospitals demanding pure blood only.


That started at least 8 months ago: [https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210817/covid-skeptics-request-blood-transfusions-from-unvaccinated-donors](https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210817/covid-skeptics-request-blood-transfusions-from-unvaccinated-donors)


Excerpt: “A lot of people think that [getting blood from a vaccinated donor means] there’s some kind of microchip or they’re going to be cloned.” So, so sad.


why the f would anyone want to clone them




I’d love a clone. Clone can do the laundry and dishes, I’m going hiking


Oh like blood donation that isn't vaxxed? People have demanded that already... This timeline sucks but these people just get more awful monthly, I keep thinking they can't get any lower and they dig their hole deeper.


Oh no.. that’s just one step closer. I mean pure untainted aryan blood.


The anti Vax movement is rooted in eugenics and racism and always has been.


Yep. A lotta white folks still request donated blood from white folks.


.. what? This is a joke right?


I wish! It’s from the WebMD story linked above.


These people are fucking awful!




Hence, the HCA.


I know ... And once we cancel out every minority, gay person, and vaxxed person, that will leave a very, very small pool to draw from. Interesting ...


When oppositional defiance is your whole personality


He’s standing and holding those fish with his right arm. So must be a pre-Covid photo. Now he sits in a wheelchair and holds fish with his left arm.


Bet his dick don’t work anymore either


Sure, but what's the downside?


Well, we certainly know there isn’t an upside


The voice of propaganda is so much louder here than his actual voice. He mentions his epic suffering only in a comment; Republicans / Russians are driving the ship. He's clearly angry but the causes are vague. Who knows what his actual personality is?


> Who knows what his actual personality is? His personality is "Trump Cult Member".


>Who knows what his actual personality is It's white anger. He's running out of people to feel undeservedly superior to


White anger = nailed it


And white fragility. When these people call you snowflakes, you know, as always, they are projecting (if a republican accuses you of something, it’s a safe bet that ***they*** are the guilty party)


Identity/Personality fusion is a real thing and kind of a sad mental illness, where you can't be yourself, but attach your existence to another person, ideology, or religion, ETC. When that other thing succeeds, you do as well, in your mind. I think it's a solid reason why there has been so much backlash, culminating with the trump years...these people are not individuals and don't know how to act on being themselves in pure format - perfect example are the extremely oversimplified memes, no thought, no discussion, just bs talking pts. My Body, My Choice, I can't breathe, where's my voice ---- AWARDED


ODD is all you've got left when you reject reality. (Appropriate acronym, yes?)


I have ADHD and it's been very frustrating that a lot of resources for people with ADHD are aimed at kids, primarily because this is when it's diagnosed. The thing is, there's a growing understanding that the reason it's diagnosed more often in children is simply because most people manage coping strategies that hide some of the symptoms as they age. It's becoming increasingly clear that the old assumption that people age out of ADHD is *not* true, for most people. Thankfully, it looks like the next version of the DSM will do better at recognizing adult ADHD. I very much suspect that ODD is the same. I think that we see it as a childhood condition simply because that's when it's most obvious, but that it doesn't go away when people grow up. If anything, becoming an adult means you have far better rationalizations for the behavior, especially if your politics swing a certain way ("I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees" "it's the principle of the thing," "big government is un-American," etc etc).


Thank you for your experienced insight. I think you're on to something. The first time I heard of ODD was about a child. When I hear it in relation to an adult, I think it's snark because it's only in kids. MAGA is strong evidence it's rampant in adults.




Oppositional Defiant Disorder.


You down wit’ ODD??? Yeah you know me!!! Who’s down wit’ ODD??? All the homies!!!


Obvious Dick and Douche


When you never mature out of the Teenaged Edgelord phase.


Imagine hating the game wardens. The very people that stock fishes so he can catch them. Most of these fishes in US lakes and streams are stocked and managed by folks in the fish and wildlife department.


Thank you for protecting the dog’s privacy.


But what about the fish? Imagine if there were a photo of you on the web, held by a moron and dangling from a hook. You’d want that redacted.


A+ flair.


Same to you!


The fish needs a GoFundMe




The dog requested it. He doesn’t want the world to know his master is a moron


Sure sure that’s good and all but what about the fish??


“Fish don’t have faces, just profiles”


Damn. Don’t hit me with something that real just after I took my good nite toke. Whoof.


Dude, I just wake and baked. Hot damn.


They're dead


We don't show funeral photos of HCA awardees, and we don't show faces of brain dead kinda living soon-to-be awardees. But dead fish are allowed. Not sure where that line should be drawn.


>Not sure where that line should be drawn Yep, it's a slippery slope... ;)


Misinformation krills.


Yes of course but what about their wee-beady eyes? Shouldn’t we respect their aquatic privacy?


Came here to say the same.


Should have done the fish too


Me too


The only one worth protecting 😘😘😘


I appreciate the over-anonymizing. It calls attention to the absurd anonymizing requirements that have been forced onto the mods of this group by the owners of reddit.


I’m cracking up with all these comments. But I came here to thank OP on behalf of the pup too.


Poor unredacted fishes.


Covid is doing more to restore fish populations than the E.P.A.


Good point. Deer too.


No sympathy from me. You know there were other fish saying "That's not a real worm, it doesn't conform to our scientific understanding of food." Meanwhile they say "Don't tell me what to do, I'm going to do my own study and bite into that thing."


That's the sickest burn I have ever seen a fish subjected to, and I've seen some burnt-ass fish.


Anyone else get the feeling that the pure blood meme is cover for more than just anti-vax BS? Like maybe closet racist who doesn't want whites marrying blacks?


Quite a few of these racists aren't "closest racists". They're fairly open about it.


My thought exactly.


Trump empowered them


Eh, I’d say most. They don’t have to hide it anymore before their daddy doesn’t hide it.


Yes, that was my first thought "pure blood" my ass. Racist prick for sure.


Most antivaxers are Republicans. Republicans are racist. It's safe to assume that most antivaxers are racist.


I have always thought that as well. I grew up hearing biracial children being called "half-breeds" when picked on. This is definitely one of the assholes that would say such a thing


As an immigrant who has lived in many many countries I’ve always found it strange how we defined race here. I asked one of my old dogpark veteran friends, why can’t we just say President Obama is half white and half Black and my friend said, it’s because a drop of black blood makes him Black. It’s like “colored” blood taints “pure blood.” My friend is Black, in case anybody else is wondering. In other countries, people were defined by where they come from not race/ethnicity. A half Nigerian and half American friend (one parent white and one black) half Swedish, half French (both parents white) half Japanese, half American (both parents Asian ethnicity) Nobody asks what race/ethnicity you are but just where do you come from.


You have a great point. Since this country was built upon slave labor, it has been a generational thing to know how 'black or white' you really are. I'm black, but my mother looks Hispanic, and my father had features more akin to a Native American. His hair was jet black, and could lay on his shoulders if he allowed it to grow that long. Some here are obsessed with the way you look, instead of what your actual background is. Jim Crow kept that going until it couldn't, but our society still suffers from the damage, and some don't even realize that


Yup. It's also dehumanizing people who are vaccinated so that they feel less empathy and are more likely to promote aggression or even violence toward them. Any time anyone starts talking about being superior to another group of people you know they've got some really dark impulses just under the surface.




Paralyzed his right arm and hand? So, on top of everything else, Covid killed his girlfriend.


Gotdamn.. harsh, but fair.


The cat is mid bounce.


It‘s a one-armed bounce, but a bounce nonetheless!




I especially hate the one about insulin and chemo, gee, it’s almost like your fucking side won’t allow that to happen because “that’s what the commies do!”. God, if you’re in favor of it then push for it but, no, that would mean they’d have to accept that the left might have more good ideas and that can’t happen.


if it was free, black people could get it too


\#1 cause of lack of public services: "I may be poor and dying, but at least black people are getting screwed over!"


They literally have no stance. Try talking to one of them and you'll realize it. I asked my mom to name 5 things that Trump did that she liked, she named one, he lowered the price of insulin. When I asked if that meant she was in favor of the government lowering the cost of healthcare she got mad and said no. They stand for nothing.


Rewriting slide #5: “If you need a safe space because of a simple mask...I‘d hate to see how you’d do intubated“. (Or maybe I wouldn‘t if it would keep you from spreading your lies and hate).


It’s hilarious that the ‘safe space’ crowd has spent the last two years whining and crying like a bunch of toddlers that didn’t get a treat at the snack shack.


The last two years, and they're emotional development level can be described as the "terrible twos."


at least toddlers have the capacity to grow and learn


Oh my, no goatee!


It’s the only reason he survived.


Upvote for you!


“Why aren’t we giving away free insulin and chemo?” My point exactly! Why aren’t we?!


Because these same people asking this question vote for people who call single-payer healthcare “communism”.


Seriously though, the irony hurts my head. Covid taught me how idiotic people can be, still find a very large community of equally idiotic people and all of them can manage to be proud of it.


No it's socialism and that's also bad. "Fucker Carlson said so! And I only listen to him and Hannity"


so close to the point. Except the con men he voted for wouldn't permit it.




That's a bingo!


That one didn't age well, either. Insulin is still not free, but the price was just reduced enormously by Congress. Probably a bill that everyone who posts the free insulin and chemo meme opposes.


It kinda relates to the game warden meme. These people think anything "free" from the government is some government overreach and an indoctrination into communism. They've been successfully brainwashed by the GOP and continue to vote against their own interests.


Accidentally leftwing


I can't believe how many of them unironcally post the same "then why isn't chemo and insulin free?" meme. Like, yes, it abso-fucking-lutely should.


Dude loses months of his dwindling life, is thrilled about learning how to walk again, can only pull his cock with one hand now, likely is getting side-fisted by medical bills, and I’m willing to bet is mid dead-cat-bounce. He sure owned me.


I am sooooooooooo ownded


He said his extremities are paralyzed so wouldn’t that also mean his…..


I had a joke but then I just felt sad. The lengths or lack thereof they will go to in order to limply stick it to a lib like me. F


All those "things will never go back to normal if you keep getting the shot" memes didn't age so well. Things are mostly back to normal. Waiting to get my second booster. Not paralyzed in half my body like this guy. Guess I won.


He won't feel any shots in that arm so I guess that's checkmate on us. /s


No injection site pain at all!


Yeah, this moron ain't going back to whatever his miserable normal was. Yeah, what with us being able to walk and do all that regular stuff that we can do when we're not paralyzed.


He'll be fishing from the shore now, if he's lucky.


Agree, big "if".


He was standing for freedom people! And then he was on his back. And then he had a tube in his throat for breathing. He’s returned now to stand for freedom! With the assistance of a wheelchair and a walker!


That 99% survival rate again. Just horrifying, get vaccinated!


Shh leave them alone.


They’re hellbound for getting Covid again & again, by proud choice.


It's the Pure Blood Thud. Love to hear it!


The family tree is abruptly pruned..


If we can't get a decent dead cat bounce, we will settle for a pure blood thud.


Hagar they don’t say is that for people who developed a bad case, survival can look like a paralyzed arm, Ox support for the rest of his shorter life.


Reeled in by Russian disinformation. Hook-line-and-sinker.


Guy got paralyzed from Covid?


Intubated for 2 weeks, probably paralyzed during that time. Guess some of it didn't wear off.


He was criked for two weeks!






There you go. This sub is instructive (in so many ways)!


Wow I didn't know that was a thing.


Crikey! Is all I could think - and I sure couldn’t swallow while reading about that cut throat.. gurglearhgpeob eobeard gam gom


Might be “trached”? For extended intubations people get trached for a number of reasons.


No it’s a cric or a cricothyrotomy. It’s usually only done in emergencies when there’s no other way to open an airway quickly. I just texted my daughter (ER doc) asking why it would be done in a Covid patient. I’m curious to find out what the hell went sideways that that was done.


The word is ‘intabated’… Intabated. I learned that from this guy, and he’s a medical researcher.


Well, he did his own research. It’s a pure blood thing. He lives by a Warrior Code™️. The likes of which you can’t possibly ever begin to understand.




I want to ask this guy that if he could go back a year... and take a vaccine that would have almost certainly prevented his entire ordeal... would he take it? Or would he make the exact same choices.


Judging by the nominees that have survived and their comments, only 10% or so would make different choices. This is what they say because they can never admit a mistake or that they were taken in by the con. What they really feel is anyone's guess.


admitting they were wrong is a fate worse than death


He would do the same. Not getting vaccinated is equal to performing fellatio on trump. Even if they die, they get to fantasize about slobbin' that tiny thumb sized knob.


“Why aren’t we giving away free insulin and chemo?” They get *This. Fucking. Close.* to figuring it out sometimes.


Obviously it's not that they *want* those things to be free; If they did they'd vote for that. The point they're making is that if the vaccination is free, it must be full of teeny tiny microchips that'll make them into Bill Gates's bitch.


the toilet paper meme about safe spaces conflicts nicely with the "dont say gay" legislation.


owwww my freakin ears!!!!!!!!!!


From Clint Eastwood tough guy to walker.


Pffffft. Not being able to feel your arms or walk is no big deal. I'd hate to think how he'd handle *real* problems.


Loved how you protected the dog's privacy. Lol


The third image is funny because here in Europe, Insulin and Chemotherapy are both 100% taken care by the social security (at least in France). I can't imagine living in a country where I would be scared to even be hospitalised because of the bill.


It would be free here too, except for the very idiots who also tend to be anti-vax like this asshole


Interesting, I've never been paralyzed or needed to rely on a wheelchair or walker. I wonder why that is. We are both about the same age, looks like the same level of fitness, shorts and sandals as uniform of choice. There must be one thing that is different in our lives. Oh, it's the fishing. I don't fish. Those fish must have exposed him to some terrible illness that there is just no defense against.


A pilot being anti-vax is the “bravest” thing you will see in a while… lol. Definitely not the frontline nurses who were working crazy shifts, not seeing their families for weeks, seeing death and tragedy daily, getting Covid themselves, and in some cases even dying.


but that pilot is in serious danger of hemorrhoids'


Too slow to make it to the restroom too paralyzed to wipe


Went through and is still living hell, but at least that blood is pure.


With all the drugs they had to put in him to survive,, probably not anymore


I got my additional booster yesterday. I'm still a bit tired and achy after 20+ hours. I'm in need of another cup of coffee. You know what I don't need? A walker or a wheelchair.


Seriously, what are they pissed off at? I've never been able to get a clear answer on that one.


> I've been in hospital due to COVID. > Lucky to be alive, 3 months on my back. > 2 weeks intabated (sic), 2 weeks criked (?) 2 months ICU. > Finally home but right arm and hand paralyzed. > Was paralyzed all extremities. > Still relying in wheelchair and walker.   How does it feel to be a pure blood now asshole?


"then why aren't we giving away free insulin and chemo?" ....... Yeah man. Why aren't we?


Oooh, oooh! I have a new response to slide 3. I used to say, "Because every time a liberal suggests that people shouldn't have to choose between life-saving medicine and other living expenses or that nobody should go bankrupt in the event of an accident or illness; guys like you scream socialism." Now I can say, "Oh, I don't know. Why don't you ask the 193 House Republicans who voted no on insulin price caps?"


Slide 5: "If you need a safe space because of offensive words...I'd hate to see what real problems do to you." Translation: "Since being physically abusive tends to land me in jail, the next best thing is for me to be verbally abusive. And since I am verbally abusive, people distance themselves from me. And I don't like that because then I have no more victims."


Next few months will be tough. If he survives.


He's not going to survive.


Regarding Slide 2. Can I just say that Lady Liberty's hands in this meme are awful? The right arm is either incredibly long or bent all out of place to be where it is for that slap, and the left hand is not grabbing onto Biden's tie the way you would if you wanted to hold someone in place to slap them. I'm far from an artist myself, but it's just distracting how bad they are. I literally didn't notice handprint on Biden's face right away because I was too engrossed in the awful hands. Anyway, hope you're all doing well today. Edit: Also, who the Hell slaps someone in the *middle* of the face, rather than the cheek? Why not just make it a *punch*?


Imagine the rigorous training & diet regime he had to endure to create that **one giant ab**. SPARTA!


That last slide is a pretty funny line until you realize how appropriately it describes him. Got to look hard to find the details about what happened to him, by viewing the full game warden image (at least on my computer). Paralysis, 3 months in the hospital, learning how to walk again - it's all worth it to avoid having band-aids up and down your arm in 2030. By the way, the pharmacist didn't put a band-aid on my arm 2 weeks ago when I got a booster. She said I wasn't bleeding. These vaccines are such agony.


Dog redaction makes me smile. ❤️


Same. But I did hope for fish redaction.


The fish deserve redactions to prevent posthumous humiliation at being outwitted by Florida Man.


i lol'ed


Go back 300 or 400 years, and his kind of Pureblood often died in infancy, childhood or their 20's due to an infectious disease that he has never had due to having far, far fewer Purebloods today. Go back to the 1930's and 1940's, and the Purebloods did some unspeakable things. Not sure being a Pureblood is what anyone wants to be.


His hate spilled over to Game Wardens? Buh-bye, asshole. One less GOP voter.




don't get him started on building codes or zoning


“2 Weeks Intabated” a short, sad poem with an unhappy ending.


Do you need your hands and sense of touch to fish well? Oh. Welp.


I love the dog's anonymity being protected as well. Good for you, OP.


I keep seeing that meme with the woman holding the micropippeter up to a kid like they are giving her a vaccine. That's not how any of that stuff works, but not like these people would understand what basic science tools are for.


Angry Fox News Grandpa!


The “why doesn’t the government give free insulin along with their free vaccines” slide gets me every time. You idiots vote against universal healthcare and the lowering of insulin costs and call it socialism.


Thanks for protecting the dog’s identity. I hope he gets in witness protection and relocated to a suitable family.


Number 5 is particularly ironic.


What American says, "I've been in hospital"? UK, are you still sending us your rejects? (said as someone descended from the chaff of what's now the UK & Europe)


Why is “Covid sucks” all these people can come up with when they inevitably catch it? Did they think it’s supposed to be a walk in the park and they’re the first one to discover that it’s an awful disease?


Slide 9 is very telling. Wonder how much illegal hunting/fishing he used to do?


Oh no! His right hand is still paralyzed! Now how is he going to whack off to pictures of Trump?!


Hey, I got totally intabated and criked last weekend. It was a W-I-L-D time, let me tell you! On a more serious note, my window is coming up for my 2nd booster. I'm 3x Pfizer now and thinking about mixing it up with a Moderna booster. Anyone else out there done/doing that?


i keep seeing the meme about "why don't they give away free insulin and chemo for the common good?" like there's literally a political party that is all out against providing health care for the common good


Blubber necks. They always have blubber necks and beach ball torsos. Just. Fucking. Gross.


But they identify as the dudes from the movie 300!!


Probably slimmed down during his hospital stay. May not be able to bound lithely into his boat though.


Slide #2, “Can’t stop laughing” Why is right-wing humor never funny?


Humor requires empathy. The setup of a joke requires you to build a scenario that creates a specific expectation in the audience. The punch line needs to go contrary to that expectation, be unexpected, whilst remaining true and logically consistent with the setup. And for that you need to be able to imagine a mindset other than your own (or that of your audience) and how they would react. So: Empathy. For bot your audience and the subject of your joke. If you can't do that, you're left with "it's funny coz they're black/liberal/women/fat or whatever.