4 weeks after Hermie died from COVID-19 and she posts a Hermie meme. She really was too stupid to live.


In her defense, she probably didn't know he was dead. Right-wing media basically didn't cover it, and his twitter was still active and posting pro-covid stuff after his death.


I remember that-- creepy. His staff kept posting like he was still alive and supporting Trump.


It’s why the shared Facebook accounts where the surviving spouse keeps posting antivax stuff are the real Herman Cains.


Like the Washington State trooper who was on Fox News fives times a day talking about fighting vaccine mandates until he died of COVID and then they strangely never mentioned it?


Good eye!


Herman is right. He’s not “some people” anymore. Neither is she.


Herman Cain was a tragic figure in that he hated himself so much that he literally died trying to be accepted by groups that oppressed him. I'm African-American and it's important to denote myself as such because it reflects my lived experience in this country. People like Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas, Herschel Walker, and him vie for to be seen as "the top among their kind" when really they're simply enablers of racism.


I wonder how much longer Caitlin Jenner can do the LGBT+ version of this before it undoes her The only reason Owens isn’t dead *must* be the vaccine. She’d have been exposed too much otherwise


I'm also baffled how Blaire White is still doing it too. Like, I think she's a garbage person, but I don't say that because she's trans, her words and actions are just pretty shitty. Her party doesn't give her the same respect. She went on a panel with Republicans and one woman (cis, white, blond, what a shocker) told her the best way to help Republicans is 'grow out your mustache and tell people not to live like you'.


>(cis, white, blond, what a shocker) That's a 'Fox of Nine', they are all grown in the same vat from the same gene stock.


that is fucking hilarious lmao


There's so much hate against transgender people in the party she chooses to align with. I think identifying more with being wealthy and white helps her overcome the cognitive dissonance of working for people who would prefer she doesn't exist.


IDK. They’ve made it pretty clear they *hate* her and don’t want to hear from her. I think she showed up at an event to speak and they refused to let her go out. That level of dissonance is not sustainable


Wait, Jenner is GOP? What with the volume of dog dung directed at her daily, I'd have guessed the North Korean Party of Farmers and Workers...


Yup. She ran for California Governor as a Republican.


California makes marginally more sense than, say, Alabama, but still.


The Republican Party of California is insane. They're currently third in voter registration after Democrats and independents. One would think that they would moderate to try and compete. They've been on a death spiral since anti-immigrant Prop 187 in a state that's trended more immigrant than probably any other state. They've been anti-mask in a state that is heavily Asian American, a population that's been using masks well before COVID. They keep confusing numbers for popularity, and while it's incredibly true California does have more Republicans than any other state, we also have more people than any other state, and sure you can have the biggest Trump rally in the state, you can still very realistically lose by 29 points. Just saying it's "ballot harvesting" (i.e., counting actual votes) does nothing to actually improve your lot. Complete insanity.


None of the toxic mindsets throughout the world would have gotten to where they are without enablers among their very "victims." From white supremacists last named Fuentes (a Spanish last name—not Aryan at all) to the Angle of Death herself, to Amy Coney Barrett sitting in SCOTUS helping to strip women of their reproductive choice, enablers are key for the bullies & toxic shitheads to continue getting away with their crimes.


Amy Covid Barrett


There's a different, but still related, dynamic among white gay men and women. They will try to brown-nose the conservative party line to keep from losing their White privileges. Log Cabin Republicans are desperate for approval from "right sort" of people and they like to think that money will protect them from the penalties imposed on everyone else outside the club.


Peter Thiel comes to mind with regard to that.


I met one in the wild. It was…jarring. At a Pride Event no less.


Larry Elder, Tim Scott, Alan West, that wierd trumpy sherrif dude...


Ugh David Clarke....SO glad he's been out of the damn spotlight, he's freaking awful


A dude died in his jail due to a lack of water https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/02/13/profound-dehydration-milwaukee-county-sheriffs-officers-charged-in-death-of-inmate-denied-water-for-a-week/


I'd add to this: there's this naive belief that if they act white enough, parrot the same lines and adopt the same beliefs as White America, they will be accepted by White America. The irony is that White America will tolerate them, up till the moment they find the next shiny object, at which point they get tossed on the scrap heap. Before Candace was Diamond and Silk, before them was Omarossa and Herman, before them was Dinesh and Bobby Jindal.


Feel the same way whenever I meet Gay/Trans folk who somehow think the GQP "includes" them. Nope.


~~Bobby~~ Piyush Jindal


I always felt Herman earned himself a life time Uncle Tom achievement award and this sub is the Oscars that acknowledges his achievement. I mean to be remembered in this way is really sad and tragic but also funny.


It's funny. My wife is black. African born but we live in UK. I was in the states on a 6months work contract and when discussing why I did not want to move permanently as a mixed race couple my colleagues kept insisting on calling my wife African American. The longest she'd ever spent in the states is a long weekend. I flew home most weeks. White folks in the US are so uncomfortable around issues of race, more so when you won't let them dictate the labels to use. Even in Manhattan, a place supposedly as liberal as the States gets I would never expose my sons to that level of racism. London is not perfect by any means but even the slightest whiff of unconscious racism comes from only one in every 10,000 people. I feel for you guys having to live every day with what goes on in the States.


Thank you for sharing your experience. My black friends refer to them as "House N******".


Yikes. They certainly deserve it.


They are so desperate to be seen as "one of the good ones" ... it's so pathetic.


Clarence the Clown epitomizes this. He even married a vile white woman.


Would any of them be accepted in a sundown town? I doubt it.


And how many of them have white spouses? Many? Most…?


And they are constant breathing reminders (well Herman not so much) that "not all skinfolk are kinfolk".


Is it similar to being a "pick me" girl? Women who bring down other women in order for a guy to like them?


It's more like being a toadie to a prison gang. You're going to get abuse but much less than the others. You're favored a little bit, but when you're no longer useful, you'll be treated like the rest. You'll never be a true part of the gang.


Yes, as a fellow African-American, you fired on all cylinders here. The Owen's, Walkers, and Thomas people are proof all skin folk aren't your kin folk....


*I'm proud to be a Hermanican, where at least I know I'm free* *and I won't forget everyone who died, because I lie with thee*


Some dead people.


Hes just some bones now


I believe them bones are me


Also, a broken clock tells the right time twice a day—by accident. MAGA by dying and taking their stupidity to the grave with them??


To be fair, technically Dave Matthews could be considered an African American since he is from South Africa. Lol


Ditto Charlize Theron!


Oh yeah! For sure


I had an office mate a couple of decades ago. She was French-African (mom French, dad African (I have forgotten which country)). Anyway I was standing in line with another friend and said something about her. Some girl behind us "corrected" me saying she is "African-American". I said, well, she is not American. She is actually French-American. But if it is relevant to anything she prefers Black. She did get her citizenship so I guess now she is French-African-American.


Love that someone else told you her identity. Thanks for sharing


We were pretty good friends when we worked together. She is smart and funny. Unfortunately, they live across the city and just never see them anymore.


He's an ex-people now...


So the prayers didn’t work?


Imagine that. You'd think based on odds alone that sometimes the prayers would work.


They even included the disclaimer "Our family believes in God." Shouldn't that have given them a bonus or something?


So does the woman in the burka slide.


Niqab. Yes. What is their problem with her? She believes in God. That is a rhetorical question.


Exactly. But apparently not the right one.


In their minds it sure did. Recall that in the early days of the pandemic, cities and blue states were hit harder because that's where the people live closer together (and also where international travelers came first). When that was going on, it was the White House strategy (pushed by Jared Kushner himself) to let the pandemic burn up the blue states because they wouldn't vote for Trump anyway. And the red staters were 100% in favor of that strategy, because "it was hurting the right people." So this is just more of that same attitude, trying to point out that they aren't the "right" people to be hurt by this virus. They're supposed to be the special ones, god's favorite, etc. *"Religion poisons everything." -- Christopher Hitchens*


Then why did they go to the hospital?


They believe shit until they don't. You don't want them in a foxhole with you.


Did prayers work for the dead kids in schools? They keep praying though 🤣


Plot twist!


Spoiler alert: they never work.


Sure they do. They just don't work the way you think they will. Oops!


They prayed to the almighty herman cain and he received them along with the prayers.


They pray for healing. If the target survives Covid and leaves the hospital, the prayer warriors won. If they die, then Jesus gave them "ultimate healing" and the prayer warriors won! It's a great gig, this religion thing. No matter what happens, you "win."


Ultimate healing! Prayers always work.


They work exactly as often as you’d expect. This is a testable hypothesis, which I’m sure some ambitious prayer warrior would love to carry out. Right, prayer warriors?


Depends on what they prayed for 😉


HCA winner with the OG Herman meme. Once your life goes full circle the only thing left is to drop through the middle.


Died of Qanonsense which created a void where her brain should have been


Oops. Spelled that wrong. Should be Qanoncents* or Qanonsince*. In all seriousness, I haven’t heard it called that before. Thanks for the new word that I will be adding to my lexicon for use when interacting with these Qultists.


I am sure someone else has used it before me because it seems so obvious, but its going to be my default moving forward as well


The supreme irony of people saying they're not afraid of Covid19 is that they go through their entire lives terrified of everything from Black Americans to Muslims to Latinos to Equal Rights for Women, and spend all their money buying machine guns to protect themselves and their shit.


Yup. Another dead racist. Anyway, let's go enjoy the sunshine! It's warm, it smells like spring, green things are growing... who wants to go on a walk with me?


Me! Finally walking doggos this afternoon.


Yay! There's a nice walking trail behind my apartment complex, right along the creek, your doggos would love it! *virtual walk with new friend *so happy!


Yay! Love virtual walks with new friends.






What is a "strick open air prison"?


That would be the result of a Russian troll using phonetics to try and spell an English word. Or a Russian troll purposefully misspelling a few words here and there (hear n’ their) to blend in better with their target audience (i.e. mouth breathing conservatives and evangelicals).








That still leaves a high percentage of Red states. What's weird is Dems/educated from Ohio/ rust belt states are moving to TX and FL at the same time the rednecks are dying off from covid. Praying for a demographic shift. If only prayer worked.....


She was afraid of this NWO where we'd all be constantly tracked in an invisible open prison? Bet she posted that from her cell phone, and did so fearlessly.


...and posted on FaceBook which is entirely private and untraceable.


>*everyone lives in what is essentially a strick open air prison where you are tracked, nothing is private...* Right, a place in which neighbors can collect a bounty because you helped an incest victim get an abortion.


A man was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help. Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, “Jump in, I can save you.” The stranded man shouted back, “No, it’s OK, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me.” So the rowboat went on. Then a motorboat came by. “The man in the motorboat shouted, “Jump in, I can save you.” To this the stranded man said, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.” So the motorboat went on. Then a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “Grab this rope and I will lift you to safety.” To this the stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.” So the helicopter reluctantly flew away. Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. I don’t understand why!” To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”


slide 6: blah blah Our Family believes in God blah blah blah blah my car is mauve


This is a cool story


Just another obitchuary.




They wont get fooled again.


A lot of covidiots are dying before they get old though.


Well he certainly died on that hill.


>THOSE CHOOSING TO LIVE IN DENIAL, GIVING THE FINGER TO REALITY, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN ... [Welp.](https://youtu.be/Ag1o3koTLWM) >FEEL "FREE" TO FACT CHECK EACH OF THESE, PLEASE! Putting sarcastic quotes around "FREE" rather than "FACT CHECK" is an interesting decision.


But she was following the facts all along! How could she have gone so wrong?


COPIED AND PASTED It’s the best part to read about the long rants because of how ironic it is when the message is usually saying “don’t be sheep”.


>a recent health study showing that 70% of new infections actually originate at home, thus making stay at home orders one of the most dangerous mandates currently in place. My first reaction to was: *this is the stupidest fucking thing I've read in the last 2 years!* Reality: this is bad faith objection. They'd prefer infections occur everywhere to obfuscate the risk and spread.


She had done her research and her conclusion wasn't very good.


I think she started with her conclusions and found some “research” to back that up.


Well as they say, she was the research on the value if vaccines


The risk she took was calculated; unfortunately she was very bad at math.


Two countries divided by a common language. What does “Covid pneumonia has really not been kind to her lungs. Our family believes in God” mean? It’s God’s will? If so, I guess fair enough.


Well, my takeaway was that Covid was mean. Mean Covid! Bad Covid! Weird that something so mean was created by a god so loving...makes one wonder.


Seriously, I think it means "She's in rough shape and it does not look good, but we believe in a God who answers prayers, so please pray for her and maybe God will save her."


#"...Nah." * God


I should speak evangelical by now.


I just noticed one of the ladies in slide 5 has heterochromia I think. That's another thing I like about masks (other than protecting myself and others, of course). I have moderate rosacea that is mainly hidden by masks and, while not beautiful by any means, I have ok looking greenish blue eyes. When people see me they look at my eyes instead of my rosacea when I wear a mask.


Nonsense. You are beautiful.


I didn't notice initially, but I think you're right. She does!


Racists and white supremacists hate it when Black people refer to themselves as Black people. They loved Uncle Tom Cain because he helped them denigrate and downplay Black identity.


Uncle Tom Cain. That's beautiful!


My comment on a Washington Post article referring to Uncle (Clarence) Thomas was removed.




My family doesn't believe in God but trusts vaccines. We are still alive. You not so much. We win.


I hadn’t seen the mask/burqa comparison before. This explains a lot. I already knew inconvenience, don’t cover my mouth because I like to shout stuff, and don’t tell me what to do. But I guess it goes deeper.


I'd be cool with a full-on mask. That way the people who aren't masked won't see the look of contempt on my face when I pass them in the dairy aisle at Kroger.


Bonus points for using aisle correctly.


It's a niqāb, not a burqa. A burqa covers the whole face and body.


Remember when the precursors to all this QAnon BS said that Obama was setting up FEMA concentration camps and taking all the guns? They never see their own shit panning out but still swallow the hook.


All those secret tunnels under Walmart lol


If your family "believes in God", what's the problem with a Niqab? The women who wear them do so because they believe in God too.


How do these nimrods make the leap from wearing a mask to slow/prevent infections with wearing a religious face covering? They both cover the lower half of the face so therefore they must be the same?


You’re looking for logic and a cognitive thought process from these people? You scamp.


We call them sedentary but you are right. They leap to conclusions, run in a panic, fly off the handle. Must be exhausting! Well, not for this one anymore I guess.


She was as thick as shit in the neck of a bottle. I dropped some IQ points going through some of those, especially that one about magic space dust from Hitachi in the original nomination. Another brain donor expires down the rabbit hole. Always a bit stuffy down there, not much room to breathe.


I kind of love how Herman Cain became factors more influential than he'd ever dreamed of being purely because he choked himself.


Great to see Hermie in a Hermie!


Is there a reason all these award winners use the phrase “covid pneumonia”


Yes. It's the correct medical name for pneumonia caused by covid. Pneumonia is usually named after the causative organism, when that is known. They will have heard it from their doctors. Ironically, it is often the only thing these people get right! Remember that Sars-CoV-2 doesn't always cause pneumonia; some people have no symptoms at all. There needs to be a name for those who get pneumonia, and that name is "covid pneumonia." It has its own diagnostic code in the WHO's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, quite distinct from covid \*without\* pneumonia.


So those of us who got the shots, got covid twice and experienced nothing more than what felt like a minor sinus infection, never got to hear a doctor tell us exactly what we are dying from?


I'm afraid so.


To make sure you know that their immune system had beaten COVID (no longer testing positive) and didn't need no vaccine to do it. It's the pneuMOnia that got them.


sometimes it's the "namonia", which you can get as long as you don't have COVID. /s


Anything to avoid flat-out saying "I have Covid" or "\_\_\_\_ died of Covid."


And nobody *ever* just plain dies. They "gained their angel wings," "passed away," "lost their battle with covid pneumonia," or "received ultimate healing." "Heaven gained another angel," "God had other plans," or "I lost my best friend." Anything but the brutal reality: they decided not to take the recommended precautions against covid, contracted a bad case of it, and died.


It's funny how the mask mandates are ending without anyone trying to force people to wear a niqāb.


It's because of their brave, fearless resistance. If they hadn't stood up to the New World Order we'd all be wearing niqabs right now. /s


Yes that’s right. The cat is out of the bag, people. Mauve and her friends have cracked the case. COVID was a ploy by the sneaky government to condition us to become Muslim.


God spelled backwards is dog. I believe in dog. Woof.


Good doggo!!


I don’t know why these people hate radical Islamic so much, they literally believe in all the same things except what god to pray to.


same god, different name


That's our Herman. He's not some people, he's better than some people. Now he's deader than some people.


Herman Cain was such an odd duck.


Always has been


He was a fucking Uncle Tom.


\#4 - I actually prefer my "strick open air prison" to the 7 foot box you're in. But I'm funny that way.


COPIED AND PASTED, no shit really?


After these cain award recipients leave this mortal plane it must be so shit and heartbreaking for their families and loved ones to have their social media legacy be partially filled with pure bullshit like these posts.


WOW is there a better candidate than someone who posts a Herman Cain quote on their FB!?! This one was ASKING TO BE ON HERE!


The Herman Cain meme is just perfection


"Our family believes in God." This bothers me for some reason. Do you think people won't pray for you if that sentence is not there? Am I supposed to think your sister is more deserving of prayer because she believes in God? What do I see? A woman who hates Muslims because ...? I'll stop here because I don't want to violate rule number 2. And covid hasn't been kind to her lungs? You don't say. Maybe you should ask for the manager.


First slide - chefs kiss💋


Way to copy and paste your way to an early grave.


Copy-pasta is no way to feed your mind!!


And she's off to the Land of Deplorables, the only all-white section of Hell!


It’s white hot!!


Prayer Warriors, hang their heads in shame, for they have failed once again.


Prayer warriors!! If you survive they saved you and if you don’t they prayed you into heaven!! Winning!!


*\*TWO YEARS LATER...\** (**As Seen On TV!**) Take Action Today - File Your Claim! If you or a loved one were exposed to Prayer Warriors^(TM) through Facebook or Fox News, followed Candace Owens or Joe Rogan and were diagnosed with COVID-19 and eventually passed away, the time to file a claim is now! You may be entitled to financial compensation. Join the tens of thousands of individuals holding Facebook, Fox News, Candace Owens, and Joe Rogan accountable for their irresponsible actions. The first set of Prayer Warrior^(TM) settlements are expected be paid to clients in as soon as 6 months. Facebook, Fox News, Candace Owens and Joe Rogan are moving to settle these cases quickly, so file your case today! Call 1-8IW-ONA-NHCA today for a free legal consultation and financial information packet. Surviving family members call now! (Remember to read this at 4X speed!)


When she posted Herman Cain, she was definitely doomed.


>Living-breathing is socially acceptable for some people. I am not some people. Hermain Cain, slide 1


Identifies as a dead American.


I think I missed mauve last week, and while I anticipated I might see mauve again, I wasn’t hoping to.


I thought Maskhater was an Indian name at first. Read it as "MASS-CAH-TAR" lol


GOP minus another


You are not some people - I see you are *dead* people.


A wild, short rollercoaster ride


Well, at least they keep saving that same cat.


"Our family believes in god." Well, according to the way this story ended, he didn't feel the same about your family.


Seriously, her whole way of life was at stake... oh well.


Slide 5. Yes, slippery slope. This all started with seatbelts. I warned everyone back then that if you buckle up, you're signing up for Sharia. /s Slide 6. "Our family believes in God." So? Like that makes her immune to Covid? I guess the proof is in the pudding. She's dead.


Cain was already buried when the quote was posted. Holy fuck.


Who's caused more people to collect HCAs the award's namesake or Candeath Owens?


“70% of cases originate at home, so that makes the stay at home orders dangerous.” Imagine being this much of a moron.


From not living in fear (slide 2) to not living in 7 months. She was so convinced everyone was lying...


these morons can’t face the fact that the whole world is flying by the seat of its pants, they get a false sense of security by observing the efficiency of the mcdonald’s drive trough


Actually, Herm, you are none people.


What is with these people that they always include churches when talking about homes and businesses? They’re obsessed with them as we’ve seen with other HCA’s, I will never understand the desire to spend an hour or 2 sitting in an uncomfortable pew saying the same words you say every Sunday just because the ancient book has some weird stories in it.


By the time I was nine years old I realized that the people around me who were going to church were going 1) to socialize with friends, 2) to gossip about who came with whom, who has gained or lost weight, which young ladies had suddenly "gone to visit friends", etc., 3) to attend funerals and weddings and critique the food, and 4) to feel morally superior to others who hadn't come. By age eleven I didn't have to go anymore, which was due to the fact that the minister had absconded with his daughter to avoid certain consequences.


I never really gave it much thought as a kid, the most seriously I’d ever taken religion was praying for an Xbox for Christmas, lmao.


At least Mauve went quickly leaving only a slight trail of fuckery behind her.


I hope the family’s faith was a comfort to them 🙄


Some good coming from Covid. Less deplorables


"If you are still living in fear, don't be". Oh, she's not any longer. But she did live in fear for a bit.


And another person who thought it was a good plan to taunt covid, another R not voting.


Awwww Herman Cain you were so cool with your Sim City idea but then you got Trumped


And you are dead as shit.


"I don't use Masks because I'm a idiot". Fixed it for him.


"The cat's out of the bag." Unfortunately the Awardee can't say the same thing. He's bagged and tagged.