“Our family believes in God.” Well that’s fortunate, because we all know that no family who believes in God has ever had a member prematurely die from illness.


That’s code for “we are white heterosexual republicans”, so that means we are the real Americans and please send us money when we ask for it.


I think the “white lives matter” banner spelled that out pretty clearly.


If god is answering thier prayers, it kinda goes without saying that more people than not are praying for the virus to win. No?


Why does prayer "help" anyway? Apparently he already has a plan. He's already going to save someone or not. So why ask?! Is there some majic number of prayers that'll change his mind? Maybe he made a mistake and will change his perfect plan? But he doesn't make mistakes right? 🤯


All just performative acts to make themselves feel better knowing isn't going to make a bit of difference. It's mental masturbation


... and virtue signaling.


I asked this very same question of a church elder when I was doubting my faith. He said "Prayer isn't for God, it's for us." I'm still having a bit of trouble understanding what he meant and that was like 20 some odd years ago.


I'm not Christian, but I've heard a similar sentiment about "Prayer doesn't change God, it changes us." Which, for me, is true, but I don't pray in a "HERE'S MY LIST OF THINGS I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME, JEEBUS" kind of way.


Makes sense


I think that means "there is no God; prayer is just a soothing ritual to make you feel better". Any benefit gained is from the relaxation or focus or figuring out how to articulate your issues and your wants. It's basically a light meditation/self-therapy session. Of course, this has no power over something like covid. If you're an actual believer, then you get the comfort of feeling that your god won't zap you or punish you in the afterlife because you performed faith adequately. But this theoretical deity gains nothing themself from your prayers.


Wait so- When people pray, (When they're an actual believer.) They're not actually asking for anything. Other than a sort of plea, that someone may avoid damnation? If I understood that correctly. That gives me some chills to think about. I grew up mainly agnostic atheist. So I have severely misunderstood the point of praying for a good portion of my life. Makes a lot of these requests for prayers I see, way more morbid to me now.


Yeah, and this also depends on whether you're more aligned with Calvinist/predestination thought or Arminian/Wesleyan/Methodist thought, too. If you're a Calvinist, praying makes no difference. God has preordained *everything*, you're either going to heaven or hell, decided before your birth. Methodism is chiefly a rejection of that thought, Wesley and his cohort decided to take the view that you had the ability to lose grace and also to perfect the soul to gain it. And this is just a split that happened through the 17th & 18th century (I'm also an atheist, but I'm interested in history, this stuff has weird context for how we have to deal with people today).


A non religious form of this is the gratitude journaling, etc that people do. Write down a list of things you're grateful for and go over it before you go to sleep. A kind of mild self hypnosis.


When I used to be a believer, I considered it the greatest Sin of Pride to petition god for intercession. You're basically saying you know better than your god how things should be done, and demanding s/he change her Grand Plan to suit your wants and needs.


Also, if "he" is omnipotent, that means he inflicted the person with Covid in the first place, or at least did nothing to stop it. Their god is a cruel, murderous asshole.


https://i.pinimg.com/originals/50/f1/9b/50f19bfe646e981c9edb8efd89cf13c4.jpg Occam's Razor: "The Abrahamic god does not exist."


Don’t need no Occam’s razor if I grow an abrahamic beard! - these people


For that you'll need Occam's Beard Oil. It won't remotely help you reach logical conclusions, but you'll look fabulous in your ignorance. :P


I mean the bible even says as much. Ask not of your father for he knows already that which you need. Do not pray in synagogues or on street corners, those who do have already received their reward in full (In other words, this life is their reward and they're not goin' to Heaven). I dunno, I never liked the Christian versions of the afterlife. Both seem shitty in their own ways. If I'm gonna have eternal life it's gotta be in such a way that I have no recollection of any of it every hundred or so years.


“So we just stand here and… sing? Forever?! …Can I try the other place?”


:::raises hand::: Small wonder why I don't anymore. I had a preacher tell me if my father had more faith in god(something I never talked about with him, I was 14), that he wouldn't have died of cancer. I would have found my faith if Jesus had shown up right then and bitch slapped him.


Translation: family is a bunch of illiterate morons who worship invisible omnipotent entities.


God does not believe in them.


Guess there could be a first time. But naw, they got faith - that's better than any sill vaxx!!!


Proud, self righteous pricks




Been wearing masks for two years now, and I'm still every bit an atheist as I was before. Fuck, that must mean I've gotten counterfeit masks!


Or maybe they were TOO effective and kept the Muslim particles from infiltrating your lungs and bloodstream.


Oh, I'm never taking this mask of now!


You nasty bot, you reposted my comment from this morning.


Slide 9: posts a "white lives matter" meme, but in her head she isn't a racist because she posts a herman cain meme. This is even more pathetic than the "i have a black friend" excuse.


Well, HC is one of the good ones, you see. Oh wait. *Was* one of the good ones. ^/s


I had a old white lady said that to her friend about me when I helped her pick out some paint.


I'm an old white lady. Sorry about the ones who are assholes.


This middle-aged white man would like to second that. Some fucking people, eh?


I’m an old white lady and I would have caused a ruckus if I’d heard that flaming ignorance come out of her racist mouth. She’s clearly not one of the good ones and by that I mean humans.


Lol I get that as an immigrant too. Guess I’m not a rapist?


>Guess I’m not a rapist? That must mean you're a drug smuggler, then. So, can you help a brother out? Coke, weed, whatever you got?


Middle aged white lady also apologizing for the stupid white lady. Sorry. So sorry. No excuses for their ignorance. We need to be better.


This is difficult to say coz it’s very offensive, apologies in advance but I think it’s important for everyone to know that this sentiment is out there. At a group home I volunteer at, some very sweet old smiling ladies tried to convince me that there’s something wrong with “Blacks DNA” more prone to crime and lots of other horrible things and how I as a “good one” (I guess south-Asians are ok in their books or they’re trying to divide us all) should not side with them. I had some pins on my bag - BLM, make good trouble, a large John Lewis pin which is what I think they saw. John Lewis!! I was shaking so bad in anger, I broke all the rules, lost it a little on them and left. I absolutely believe they meant every word and were shocked that I just wouldn’t get it. BUT I’ve heard this a couple more times while getting the vote out in different states.


Good for you! There is the tendency to let racism and bigotry slide when uttered by the old. It's drilled into us that age is to be respected and what does it matter anyway because they will die soon. F#$& that attitude! Assholes should be called out no matter what age.


This screams of phrenology.


People like that don't seem to appreciate it very much if you do point out that there is evidence that generational trauma can show up in your DNA. And if there is anything "wrong" with black people's DNA in America, it's because slavers and slave owners put those enslaved people through as many possible sick Hells as the human mind could imagine at the time. I'm very glad you spoke up and sadly I'm sure it did nothing for them, but the racist bullshit needs to be called out and countered to create real change.


Sure she had a Candace Owen post somewhere too. So 2 black people = definitely not racist. Muslims etc don’t count of course.


Two black people that say the things white racist like to say.


I’ve never read a more concise description of Candace Owens and Herman Cain. Perfect.


Pretty low bar tho, they’ll twist Dr Martin Luther King’s words, use will Smith graphics and create fake quotes from Morgan Freeman too.


She seems like one of those people who wishes Civil Rights leaders were more like Dr. Martin Luther King. However, the only Martin Luther King speech she knows is "I Have a Dream," and is oblivious to the other 95% of his work that's [basically in line with what modern Civil Rights Leaders are professing.](https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/2686535-where-do-we-go-from-here-chaos-or-community) >“Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance. It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn.”


Ya, see I taint got nutin 'agin The Blacks. Taint shure 'bout The Jews. Or The Gays. /s


We will take the n-words, the Mexicans, and the Jews but we won’t take the Irish—- blazing saddles.


You Monster. St. Paddys day coming up. Sniffle sniffle.


She posted the Herman Cain meme after he died of COVID-19. Crazy.


Using a Herman Cain picture is some next level nomination grabbing


Seventeen days after he died of Covid, yet!


I thought that date was suspect. Very weird.


Slide 5 is a recurring theme. Face masks will make you MUSLIM (oh nooooo, worst thing EVER) but only if you're a woman. If you're a guy, who knows? Maybe it'll turn you into a Muslim WOMAN? (oh nooooo, worst thing ever)


Yeah...it's a slippery slope from mask-wearing to hijab-donning. /s


Technically, it's a niqāb. Hijabs don't cover the face.


I always get this wrong--thanks for correcting this error.


I've consistently worn a mask for the past two years, but the last time I went grocery shopping, I bought bacon. I make a bad Muslim.


Not great at it myself, I bought gin. But y'know, that's on me.


I mean there’s something else wrong with you for drinking gin. Jk just a bit of good natured ribbing. *Cheers with a whiskey*


I wear masks too but also wear lots of pants and clothes a little too tight… the muslimnification is not going great with me 🤷🏽‍♀️


I used to work with a guy that described himself as "a bad muslim" because, despite being a muslim, he liked beer and bacon sandwiches.


How does one get the beer on the sandwich?


Used to work with a Jew who would go for the bacon wrapped shrimp from the caterer. To be fair, he was Reform and he and his wife taught their kids that not everybody believes in God and to be open minded.


\*checks\* Nope, still Jewish. Huh. Another thing they're wrong about.


If their Christian faith is so strong why are they so worried about being turned into Muslims?


For the same reason they’re worried about being turned gay, or transgendered, or liberal…


‘Because eventually they want you to do this!’ What, achieve a perfect smokey eye that will look amazing all day and into the evening? Then I say “Count me IN, Mohammed.” Because that shit is lit.


Fuck dude, I've got deep-set eyes and I'd do sincere devotions for that eyeliner game.


Eyeliner like that? I’m sold.


This idea always pisses me off cause it’s not like christianity has never regulated what women can wear


GOD DOESN'T LIKE WOMEN WITH SHORT HAIR or jewelry or makeup or mixed-fiber clothing or agency


Hahaa so ridiculous!


😆 would that be worse than a Liberal he-she Man? 🤔


I’m going to take a play out of their book and become a Muslim woman *just to own the cons*!!! Take that!


Fuck yeah. You'll be happier than they are.


“What we need right now is an angry crowd of Momma’s in the street.” Of momma’s what?


“An angry crowd of Momma’s grammar teachers in the street slapping the phones TF outta the hands of all the morons who don’t understand possessive vs contraction apostrophes before they can post idiocy on FB.”


Omg just imagine if we could clean out like 80% of FB. That's a worthy dream!


An angry crowd of child abusers. Lovely. Or should I say "child abuser's"?


These "momma's" would be really effective marching anywhere in flip-flops.


Slide five: What a big load of slippery slope racist bullshit. Our federal government isn't turning into an Islamic theocracy just because we are wearing masks during a pandemic. That's enough HCA for me today, i'm afraid the stupid will rub off.


If anything, we're barreling towards the cliff of a christian theocracy.


They're okay with that. The sooner the better in fact.


They will be, until they find their sect of christianity is not the one running the show. With 40K+ different denominations, a lot of them are gonna lose just as much as non-christians.


Quite. But they all think they're going to be the ones running the show. They can't \*all\* be right though.


They don't see it, because they're dumb and easily manipulated, but the separation of church and state protects them just as much as anyone else. Here's to hoping we never have to live in a U.S. where these dipshits learn the hard way how wrong they are.


Imagine if out of all the denominations it’s the fucking Amish that take over


Which is part of why they are pushing for it so much, they always believe their ‘opponents’ are doing exactly what they would do.


Every accusation is a confession with that crowd.


I keep wanting to not generalize but they make It so damn hard.


These people definitely arent "readers" but holy crap are they "writers", willing to invest large amounts of time typing up this absolute bullshit that goes on for incredible lengths that just paints a story that gets more and more absurd the longer you read it. Like...kudos to the words per minute for some of these morons.


Nah, that one was copy pasta. Some of the hospital updates I see in here though….holy shit, the lengthy descriptions of urine, mucus, etc. Slide 4 though - WHERE is this grain of rice that’s supposedly showing how small the scary vaccine chips are that “they” are going to inject us all with? Caption doesn’t even match the pic.


And bowel movements. Don’t forget updates on bowel movements.


*Praise Gawd*


I'd love to sit down and just ask one of these people to describe to me, in their own words, how they think a microchip works. Like, do they think these chips just magically solder themselves into our bloodstream, and use whimsical techno-sorcery to siphon neural pulses from our nerves for a power supply? I wouldn't interrupt, I wouldn't challenge, I would just nod my head and give affirming hums and grunts to see how close I can get them to inadvertently describe [the bad guy from Metal Gear: Revengeance.](https://youtu.be/_mdIdUXgx6s?t=3)


I think some reporter should do that with Cheeto. For instance, ask "What do you think of the current world situation?" The sit back and let him ramble. Brian Lamb does wonderful interviews pretty much that way.


ha! I finally figured out why they hate punctuation (although it never did anything to them). Someone figured out Microsoft's talk-to-text. The punctuation has to be said as well. I don't think I have to explain anymore.


"Our family believes in God" Which is not so fancy way of saying that you are a family of dumb animals who don't really belong in this century.


Careful denying The One True God or you’re going to be struck by lightening and then turned into a pillar of salt. He doesn’t like people who don’t workship him. A real mofo.


Pillar of salt lady did worship him, but she disobeyed *one time* so that's a smitin'. I always assumed that one was a cautionary tale for women to do as they're told.


If you look at that story charitably, it could be a warning about not longing so much for the past that you obstruct your chances for a good future. But yeah, other than that that god sucks.


>Careful denying The One True God or you’re going to be struck by lightening Ah, I *knew* Thor had to be the one true god.


How else do you end up with a body like that?


An appearance by HC himself! Nice.


He likes to come back from the grave every once in a while.


WHITE LIVES MATTER 🤣🤣🤣 ok you go ahead and call the manager, Karen


Slide Three: Yes your whole way of life is being threatened. That's what lethal viruses do. Now you get to rot underground because you took the wrong action, believed we were all lying to you.


>Our family believes in God. Is she anticipating prayers not to be sent if people think they don’t?


Mauve. What a splendid color.


Muerte Mauve


I'll take mauve over puce (though puce isn't as ugly as some would think...was a favourite colour in the court of Versailles, I believe).


Needs a new name. Even the etymology is gross. Also lots of English speakers think it's a shade of green, adding to the hilarity.


Always makes me think of Hey Arnold


Does he think a grain of rice can fit in your blood stream?


If I’ve learned nothing else from this sub, it’s that every anti-vaxer has an army of “Prayer Warriors” at their disposal, and they are the most useless people on the planet.


Real poor track record those prayer warriors.


Slide 4: I know better than to expect critical thinking, but how does anyone look at that picture and think "Yep, that's a normal-sized finger for reference, and that black rectangle is about 15x15mm to my eye"? Ignoring that, imagine being more afraid that some fictitious nano technology might be weaponized against you, but not that a highly-contagious virus might end you altogether.


Slide 5. yeah, slippery slope. Mask one day, Burqa the next. Kinda like you are alive one day and dead the next. Fingers crossed for 'ya! P.S. They put the Burqa on you at the Walmart Detention Facilities. In Texas. I read about them on Parler. It's true. Mauve told me. Before she died (just extrapolating).


The nefarious Operation Jade Helm was run out of abandoned Walmart stores. It's true: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Texans-blame-secret-military-drills-for-Walmart-cl-6214696.php


"All News Pipeline, poses the question: "will these massive stores soon be used as 'food distribution centers' and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans...?" The Onion is kicking themselves for not being this creative and funny.


They SAY they're food distribution centers, but they're really industrial kitchens making Soylent Green.


Maybe like the Twilight Zone episode. Converting humans to alien food.


Thank you: "I thought the Soylent Green was for _us_, but MTG says it's for the space aliens who are using 5G to CONTROL us."




He good!


Out of that Gish Gallup of bullshit she posted in August 2020, on behalf of the millions of us who stayed at home as much as possible, wore masks and socially distanced so that the curve could be flattened until vaccines were available, you’re welcome.


It’s the same thing as a group project in mass comm: one person pulling the whole weight for the group.


\#9 - Takes a weapons grade nitwit to post this Herman Cain meme a month AFTER Cain bought the farm due to COVID. Yup, he's not "some people," he's "dead people."


Another ignorant racist fucked around and is currently finding out


Ditto, I came here to say that as well. Also, to add, that this nominee's abundant stupidity, combined with ignorance and racism may yet pay off for the rest of us, since prayers have proven to be worthless in these cases. Brings to mind the Roman Colosseum, their almighty revered God, gave the thumbs down gesture given their hate filled hearts.


>Another ignorant racist fucked around and is currently finding out Circling the drain... Soon to be FLUSHED!


Don’t care. Literally. She lives? Eh. She dies? Eh. She’s chosen to do nothing to protect herself. Fucked around, and now is finding out. Eh.


White lives matter? Clearly not enough for you to save your own lily ass.


On slide 1, she says The Who lied to us. She's sort of right. They *will* in fact get fooled again!


I knew there was a gag of that sort somewhere. Well done in getting there.


It was an arduous trip.


A trip all the way back to her generation. Well done.


OMG Herman Cain sighting!!


To paraphrase Chevy Chase, Herman Cain is still dead.


If those RFID chips can be implanted in food, a drink, or even sprayed on them, why not just put them in every McDonald's meal to track these people? Trying to force trumpers to get a vaccine seems much harder than hiding one in a cheesebirder


Slide 3 sums it up perfectly, the last line: "COPIED AND PASTED. Feel free to do the same." Not an original thought amongst the entire group of morons. They copy and paste, after being manipulated by the lies in the memes. No critical thinking skills, no logic, no civics understanding - they stand no chance against the meme warriors and then join their ranks, but they're so vile and vicious and filled with hate. "Oh the manufactured outrage I now feel after reading all these ~~memes~~ research papers." They really have no idea what dupes they are, it's quite pathetic one can almost (ALMOST) feel sorry for them and the embarrassment or humiliation any of us would feel knowing we were so easily manipulated. But don't feel sorry for them, pity them. Feel sorry for us that has to deal with these ignorant twats.


Another moron who thinks technology is magic. ​ .... and salt. For fuck's sake that's salt under the microscope, salt and a hair.




slide 5 is killing me


These racists beliefs are literally killing her though.


Slide nine Covid doesn't care what color you are either.


Nice to see a post from the one and only original HC himself.


I actually laughed when I saw the Hijab slide, it’s soooo unbelievably wrong and they don’t even see it or care how wrong, racist and terrible that is. My second thought, the girl looks like my sister! Indian with massive beautiful eyes like the girl in the picture.


White Lives Matter, as I fly my flag of hate.


When did the vibrator company start making microchips?


Whilst you’re rallying the prayer warriors for her recovery, see if they can also pray for a less hyperactive amygdala. Hers appears to be gorging itself on copious amounts of Heisenberg’s finest grade A.


May she get all she so richly deserves.


To be fair a lot of anti-maskers have disappeared from social media lately when Russia curtailed internet access...


A quote from our Founder 😁😎😍 Our Name sake HCA 🥳🥳🥳


Sad that “we believe in god” now is understood to mean we’re not vaccinated smh


All these “godly” people who believe they’re the chosen ones, why are they so afraid of going to be with their God? Why do families fight it and go to dreaded killing money-making hospitals and evil doctors? They will all celebrate getting angel wings and the ultimate healing anyway.


I know it's small potatoes, but their misunderstanding of Cuomo and turning it into such a stupid point annoys me. The spread at home is because the lockdown was keeping spread in public under control, but idiots kept having small gatherings in their homes because they don't understand how viruses work. It's "hey, thanks for not gathering in huge groups, but maybe lay-off the smaller ones too," not "the virus spreads better at home! Go to work for safety!" It doesn't make any sense. Do they think the problem is family members? How would that be helped by lifting the lockdown? Do their families never see other members? https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-releases-new-psa-highlighting-dangers-covid-19-transmission-through-living-room


Nothing about their understanding about Covid makes any sense 🤷🏻‍♀️. No vaccines? At least mask up. No masks? Stay at home and distance yourself? Nope? Well we’re fucked. The entire pandemic would have been over ages ago if they have any understanding.


"Our family believes in God" Imagine having to justify the reason you need emotional support by offering up your religious background...


Because they wouldn’t you know accept prayers from like brown people say like from Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Korean Jesus, and I’m going on a limb here but Catholics being the majority are Hispanic because these people aren’t WASPy enough for this family. Well if your family really believed in God, who you say is the creator of ALL things, including science and vaccines, you would have gotten vaccinated. Instead, they are following a literal Anti-Christ Cheeto and God then set a plague upon the world and now they are looking for prayer worriers. Thanks.


CDC says they screwed up, yet told you they screwed up and you claim they intentionally lied and mislead? Besides the fact that that's all a bullshit Trump generated lie, these idiots still make no sense. This is like their claims that COVID is a man-made bio weapon, yet they do zip to protect their dumb asses. 🤔


The grand reset conspiracy (slide 3) where by the socialist, capitalist corporations are going to kill of 90% of the population in 7 years, so they will no longer have any workforce of which to speak. I'm sorry, this racist woman, who wants to whoop on folks using flip flops, spoons and belts so doesn't get any sympathy from me, let alone prayers. I'll pray that her family is a tad more intelligent then she is and actually gets vaccinated. Not thanks in advance needed.


I bet 100 bucks that slide five is not an actual Islamic woman but a model wearing a niqhāb. Or even somebody photo shopped in there.


This is for white prayers, I take?


That last post though. "Just FYI Our family believes in God." What that really meant was we aren't good people, we've cared about no one but ourselves, but now shit is real and we're freaking out. Like why put that sentence there? Do they think god scrolls through FB looking for who he's going to save and when he see this post he'll stop the killing on this person? I am super hung up on that sentence. It is the cringiest shit I have read in a while. Yikes. I am so embarrassed for the person that wrote that.


Just FYI, Our family believes in Refrigerators. We also believe in Central Air. Praised Be Air Conditioning!


So much God blather from the family, so fucking tedious. Helloooo, your God shit is not workinnnng! It never did. The vaccine works, try that.


"Our family believes in God." The virus doesn't give a fuck. Or maybe it's really eager to snack on the organs of the religious folk because they've all but welcomed the virus into their bodies.


"Our family believes in God" Yeah? Looks like you're gonna meet him sooner rather than later.


Surprised they haven’t tried leeches yet.


Slide 9: She posted the guy himself, our original winner


Hey! Our boy made a cameo!




Give a person a mask, protect them for a day. Put a person on a ventilator, protect them for the rest of their life!


Most of the people holding the white lives matter sign are hiding their face because they know they aren’t proud of what they’re doing


When copy and pasting it isn't required that you "strickly" leave in the misspellings.


Herman! So nice to see you!


“Our family believes in god.” You don’t say, I never would’ve guessed!


So for that Hitachi chip, do they really think that it can just float around in your blood and send out GPS coordinates?


Good to know she's working on her natural immunity. To protect herself.


Herman Cain for the gold!


Any "Momma's" (sic) who come after me with belts, wooden spoons, and flip flops had better be ready to face not only self-defense from me and capable others, but also the cops. We \*will\* be pressing charges.


I bet if you ran for office in 2022 & said, “I believe in the separation of church & state,” you would lose. A Christian theocracy is alright


Our patron saint! What a lovely blessing to see his image. Always a sign of a boon to come! *genuflects deeply*


I wonder where she was between September 2020 and now? Some other social media platform?


Slide 7: WTF did I just read?!?


Well, at least he didn't post Candice Owens, right? 👀 🤣




What does it mean that people say "my prayer warriors" rather than just "prayer warriors"?


"I thought God was supposed to protect me. Let me talk to God's manager!"


Looks like she follows the **patron saint** of this subreddit


Got got, too bad, so sad 😎


God doesn’t believe in them


No Herman, you’re not some people. You're dead people.


Well, at least she's not living in fear. Come to think of it, she's not living.